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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and a huge surprise for a local family when they turned on the tv. >> mark: good to have you with us. a lot happening tonight. how do you show up your rivals when you're a no-show? that's what trump tried to do. this map shows how close the events were to each other. trump skipped the debate and put on his own event. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> reporter: a republican showdown like no other in iowa. >> i kind of miss donald trump. >> i have not insulted trump personally. >> reporter: donald trump boycotting the fox news debate. >> has anybody seen donald trump?
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holding his own rally for veterans at the same time. >> we raised over $5 million in one day. donald trump gave $1 million. >> reporter: trump still upset over his feud with comoderator, megyn kelly. cruz moved front and center on the stage. marco rubio also stepping up on foreign policy. >> when i am president, we are rebuilding the u.s. military, because the world is a safer and better place --
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santorum joined trump on stage. [indiscernible] we'll find out if trump's move tonight hurts or helps him when iowans cast their votes in four days. >> mark: c.n.n. had liberty university president jerry falwell jr. on today to talk about his recent endorsement of donald trump. jerry falwell says that it's because of his business experience that the country needs trump. >> i think that our country was where liberty university was 20 years ago in the 1990s. and we need somebody who is a professional and who has taken, and bought companies. he is a turn around expert. and he's something that will be tough on terrorists. the country needs somebody who
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>> mark: he says that trump keeps moving up. governor mcauliffe and republican lawmakers are set to announce a major deal on gun legislation tomorrow. mcauliffe's spokesperson says that it strengthens laws. be sure to watch abc-13 news for updates on that announcement tomorrow. >> new video shows law enforcement shooting can killing one of the men involved in an occupation of a wildlife refuge in oregon. officials say that lavoy finicum was shot and killed. officials say they had information that finicum and the rest of the group had weapons. >> george: we are going to see
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refreezing late tonight. so far this evening, the temperatures will be a bit slow to fall off. 35 in lynchburg. below freezing in blacksburg. and martinsville, you're down to 29. you were 20s for your friday morning. later, we'll let you how much warmer we'll be for your weekend. >> mark: danville police are investigating a 5-car accident that sent several people to the hospital. it happened in the 1300 block of south boston road. steven mayhew was driving and hit a car which caused a chain reaction. five people were taken to the hospital. mayhew was charged with
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side of the highway and driving a vehicle not under control. blacksburg police are staying on the search for a missing teen tonight. nichole lovell went missing and has missed doses of a medication that she needs. right now lynchburg police wants you to be on the lockout for hakeem white. he's wanted for multiple charges, including using obscene language on the phone and harassing emergency personnel on the phone. if you've seen him, call 8 (881) 598-5900. families feeling violated and believe more needs to be
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>> reporter: mark, dearington residents say that thieves have stolen, electronics, firearms, and clothing. but most of all they have taken away their sense of security. residents describe it as a quiet neighbor where not much goes on until recently. >> we haven't seen nothing like this anymore. the screen door was broke off the [indiscernible] and i knew somebody had came through it. >> reporter: once inside, greg slaughter noticed more damages. >> we noticed that the blind was broke. >> reporter: but the devastated news came when he checked his man cave. >> my p.s. four and my daughter's tablet was there.
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on this tv stand in his heart. >> i got my daughter that tablet for christmas. and so she's hurt. >> reporter: the family says that police have fingerprinted in hopes of getting these things returned. do you think they're going to get them back? >> i don't think so. i hope to get my items back. i feel like i've been doing my own investigation for this case. i've been calling the police. they won't call us back. >> reporter: the slaughters are ready to move on with or without their belongings. >> reporter: less than 24 hours ago, a break-in happened just down to street. i'll bring you the details as they become available. >> mark: courtney, thanks.
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searching for a masked man who tied to rob a bank, but the suspect didn't get in thanks to the bank manager. the manager watched the man dressed all in black run across the parking lot and go to the door. the manager held the doors closed. the man banged against the window with a handgun. the manager wouldn't let go. the police came in under a minute. >> a car drove through the front door window of a store this afternoon. the rocky mount police department responded to the dollar store on old franklin turnpike and found a 71-year-old woman inside the car and partially inside the dollar store. crews says that she may have
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>> we're looking at how
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solve a water crisis. >> george: i was looking through all the weather pictures you sent us of the ice and snow, and i was absolutely wowed by this picture. this is in lynchburg sent in from janette spears of the black water bicycle creek trail. and look at the tunnel and the icicles that formed. this was taken a few days ago.
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yet the lights are still on. for my wife and i, this is one of our favorite places in lynchburg. i think we're going to wait awhile before we ride our bicycles on that. tomorrow we're going to see a clipper type of cold front. and a clipper front is a very fast front that cools you down and brings wind. tomorrow is going to be windy and cold. saturday the warmup will begin. and tuesday-wednesday next week, we'll see rain returning. the temperature has not dropped off that much. and we still have a lot of clouds around. we'll have to waited until early morning before we see some clearing. the clipper type cold front is making its way through ohio. if you have travel plans west of interstate 81, you could see snow tomorrow. the main impact you'll notice
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we'll see a strong west wind with gusts at 20-30 miles per hour. so at 9:00 a.m. on your friday morning, most of us will have sunshine and a strong wind. so it's going to feel cold to you. as you make your way toward roanoke and they west, there'll be increasing chances of snow with the bulk of that snow on the western side ot mountains. christiansburg, roanoke, blacksburg, you could see snow flurries in the morning. tomorrow afternoon, we'll have lots of sunshine across the heart of virginia. and jumping ahead toward your saturday. sunshine and a warming trend with highs in the 50s. there'll be black ice in the morning. highs in the lower 40s. it's going to be colder with that wind, amherst, bedford
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buckingham county 45. appomattox 45. concord 45. southside, chatham, brookneal, highs in the 40s. lower 40s towards the new river valley. we'll begin cold on saturday morning with highs in the mid-50s. and sunday, highs in the 60s with mid-60s by monday. we'll be dry through the weekend. a few showers possible by tuesday. more widespread rain for wednesday. >> mark: abc-13 is giving away some good food for free. it's called the good eats contest. now, from today-monday, log on to for your chance to win. if you scroll down the home page, the link is under trending. you can also get information from our facebook fan page.
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gift card to the >> mark: well, michigan state senate unanimously approved $28 million to help flint recover from its toxic water crisis. $4 million of that will be used to treat children affected by lead poisoning. the rest will be used to pay residents' water bills and replace the water infrastructure. virginia tech tech researchers are being hailed as heroes because of this. annie anderson is live now. >> reporter: it was a packed house. the auditorium holds 300 people and there were two overthrow overthrow -- overflow rooms. in front of a packed crowd
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down who they think is to blame for flint's water crisis. >> the governor, the city of flint's water department did not rely on the information. they were at fault 10%. >> reporter: but new details said that bottled water was sent to people back in 2015. >> this is unfair. this is just not right. >> just driving it into the ground just how horrible it is. >> reporter: the crowd stood for applause several times, especially when researchers talked about how despite scientific evidence, [indiscernible] was wrong. but nobody was
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flint mom, leeian walters. >> i just want to say thank you to the student. and to mark for supporting us and listening to us. >> reporter: researchers told the crowd that the bottled water that people are sending is extremely helpful. they estimate it is going to cost $10,000 for each house for new water lines. the $28 million is nowhere near the amount that they say flint needs to cover. >> mark: reunited and it feels so good.
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family found their way >> mark: 30 miles. that's however a local family believes their cat walked from
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gabriel and his family reunited today more than six months after he disappeared. marissa para live in the studio with more. >> reporter: whether your kids have two legs or more, you know just how emotional it is when you lose one. >> i was emotionally a wreck. >> just five months ago, guy johnson's friend, gabriel, vanished from their home. >> it was two months of searching and we couldn't find one hair of him anywhere. >> reporter: he had given up hope until he turned on the tv. >> we watched tv for seconds and the story came on. >> reporter: tell me about bagel bite. >> i called my wife and told her to come home. she was at work. >>reporter: i was unmistakable.
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it was that notch on his ear he got scrapping with one of the neighbor kitties. . >> reporter: he says that reuniting is something he'll never forget. >> we didn't think we were ever going to see him. >> reporter: i spoke with the woman who was with gabriel, otherwise known as bagel bite, on our pet of the week segment today. she said that although everyone will miss him, they're happy he's at his forever home. >> mark: gabriel made it all the way.
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to bryan stinespring has new >> reporter: hi there, everyone. we'll tip it off with high school hoops at l.c.a. the bulldogs host it go g.w. eagles out of danville. first half tied at 18. anderson find beard inside for the layup. eagles up 24-23 at the break. and l.c.a. storms back. and barber with a deep three. and less than two to play. and alley-oop layup in the lead. and the bulldogs lead 51-46 over the eagles. and l.c.a. players say they were up for the challenge. >> we definitely had a little chip on our shoulder coming to the game. we knew what we were getting into just watching film.
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action at rustburg. senior night at heritage. again. this time passing into cobbs who lays it in. and pioneers get a 10-4 lead. and the red devils battle back. and control, and then fire to dickerson for the layup. and rustburg, monroe will bury the jumper. red devils down only three the break. and rustburg's dickerson hit a three three that forced overtime. and evans leads j.f. and childress, 20 points for
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[indiscernible] virginia tech win and battle number 16 in miami tonight in the castle. and young feeds garrity who drills in three of her 11. and hokies down eight. and the canes led by 13 the half. and now, 17, tech storms back. and garrity drives another three. and we're all tied at 40. and the canes outscored the hokies [indiscernible] and v.m.i. had 14 3s. and maryland knocks off iowa 74-68. and the j.m.u. dukes hired stinespring. he is j.m.u.'s tight endcoach.
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the past three years as tight ends coach and recruiting coordinator. scott downing is a former head coach at northern colorado and sterling college.
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we're coming right back. >> mark: be careful on the roads in the morning. >> george: there'll be some slippery parking lots. in the morning we'll have temperatures below freezing in the upper 20s. by 9:00 a.m., we'll be above freezing. we'll see highs in the 40s
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going to make it feel and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> jimmy: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"!
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