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tv   News 13 Midday  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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said an elderly woman was inside, but the smoke was overwhelming. at this time, the identity of the woman has not been released. stay with abc 13 for updates on the story. it has been a week since winter storm 2016, but this weekend could mean a break from the winter weather. let's check in with will stafford at the weather center. please tell us we will be in the 60s.>> will: we will be in the 60s, mona. we did see a little flurries this morning. some managed to sneak over into lynchburg and southside. right now, we're waiting on the cold front to pass through the area. after that, we are watching an area of high pressure that will build in for the rest of the week. cameras bobbing up and down because we are seeing gusty breezes. currently 41 in lynchburg. i think we will top out around
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we may crack the 50 degree mark. we feel confident about will hold back in the 30s. a little tougher to get back to 40 there with the clouds. the full forecast coming up. governor terry mcauliffe and republican lawmakers are set to announce a major deal on gun legislation today. a call of spokesman said it is a compromise that strengthens gun-control measures while relaxing others. some of the measures include acts on permanent protective orders for gun shows. next week, the governor will travel to roanoke to unveil two new economic development deals. the governor will first hold a youth conference in richmond before heading to roanoke friday. mcauliffe has been traveling to multiple countries trying to recruit new business. in his two years in office, he has announced more than 550 new economic development projects. that is 9 billion in capital investments. iowa is waking up to a final campaign frenzy.
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for presidential nominees. donald trump, who was absent from last night's debate, is also absent from the state altogether. >> reporter: with donald trump boycotting the debate, the new candidate at center stage was under fire. >> the last four questions have been rand please attack ted, marco please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. let me say this >> it is a debate, sir. >> if you ask me more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. now that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. [laughter] >> reporter: the night got rough. that is the assessment of the des moines register. >> i don't think ted can have it both ways. >> reporter: meanwhile, few miles away, national front
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[chanting] >> usa. >> reporter: here in iowa, he isn't anymore. campaigning now in new hampshire. >> you can't let them push you around. >> reporter: his absence a boom for marco rubio. >> don't matter, i'm not leaving the stage in a matter what you ask me. >> reporter: today, many iowans say they will be taking a second look at marco rubio. a strong third-place finish here would position him very well heading into the rest of the campaign. lana zak, abc news, des moines. lynchburg police are on the hunt for those behind a string of weekends.they say there have been nine burglaries in the darrington neighborhood since january 3. many happening during the day when residents were not home. stolen items include electronics, firearms, and cosmetics. police say they believe at least some of these incidents are related.
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call crimestoppers at the number on your screen. researchers say there were nearly 1000 fatal drug overdoses in 2014. that is up 38 percent from 2012. most of the cases involved prescription painkillers and here when. researchers say drug overdoses kill nearly 3 times as many virginians as homicides. the most overdose deaths occur in southwest virginia, hamptons, southside. 40 people behind bars facing more than 150 charges. the allegheny highland drug task force along with several other agencies conducted a roundup of 67 people indicted on 188 charges. it is part of an operation deep freeze. they target illegal drugs, narcotics, manufacturing, possession, and trafficking. the mosquito borne disease is on the rise with more cases
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for pregnant women, a zika infection can mean disastrous consequences. kenneth moton reports. >> reporter: the battle against the zika virus and the mosquitoes curing the disease, a major concern for regnant woman including a mother to be who contracted the virus. >> the level of alarm is extremely high. >> reporter: more than 30 people have zika in the u.s., all brought back from travel abroad.the virus, which could cause brain development issues in fetuses, is spreading through the americas. brazil, home of the summer olympics, is ground zero. doctor richard besser is in rio de janeiro. >> so far, more than 1 and a half million cases, more than 4000 babies born with severe brain damage. >> reporter: pregnant women have been told to postpone travel to infected areas. zika is not contagious person to person, but there is still a risk. >> if someone is infected and comes back to the united states and is bit by a mosquito, that
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>> reporter: in puerto rico, about 20 cases of zika. officials are warning people to use bug repellent and mosquito nets over beds. difficult. the mosquitoes that are spreading zika virus bite during the daytime and they are pretty aggressive. >> reporter: airlines and cruises are offering refunds to pregnant women. people who have symptoms are being told to get checked immediately. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. check out this crazy new video, a truck plunged over the edge of a freeway overpass in san diego yesterday. take a look as it burst it into planes as it crashed onto another freeway below. it all happened in the middle of rush hour. two people in the truck when the accident happened. luckily, they were able to climb out without any serious injuries. it has been 21 years since oj simpson was acquitted of
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he has been in and out coverage of lynchburg, danville, inferred, roanoke, and the new river valley. he is the most infamous football player in sports history. >> if it doesn't fit, you must equip. >> mona: an intriguing new claim about the man at the center of the so-called trial of the century. the doctor responsible for discovering bte, a degenerative disease for people who suffer
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simpson has the disease. bte can only be diagnosed after death. doctor bennett said he can tell based on behavior. >> explosive, impulsive behavior.impaired judgment, criminality, mood disorders. >> mona: he said this doesn't excuse simpson's behavior, but it does serve as a reminder of the life altering damage of the sport. parents welcoming the brand-new changes of the world's most famous stall. the makeover includes three new body types, seven new complexions and we will show you right now. [music] >> reporter: the blonde bombshell that has graced store shelves more than five decades. barbie is getting a makeover. mattel announcing they are
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petite, tall, and curvy. we sat down with the real expert and their moms to talk about the iconic doll and the latest transformation. >> it makes you think, like, wow, i'm really beautiful. >> reporter: when you compare the kirby barbie to the original barbie, which when would you choose? >> i choose this one because it's different. >> reporter: doctor stacy kaiser says this makes sense. >> when girls are in search of a doll, they often seek out when that looks like them. the fact that there are barbies available in a variety of shapes is going to be a good thing for the little girls. >> it is okay that we don't all look the same. we are all different and all beautiful. it doesn't matter the shape or size. >> reporter: mattel agrees telling abc news that barbie's ability to evolve is central to why barbie is the number one fashion doll in the world. not everyone is on board.
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all for diversity and positive body image, but that is not rv, is a different doll. >> barbie is more than a brand. barbie is a character also. >> reporter: the mom say they are happy with the changes and will buy the new dolls for their daughters. >> it's your choice. >> beauty comes in a lot of different packages and it is not just blonde, or tall and thin. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> mona: now they have to get rid of ken's sixpack.
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we will tell you how a forecast you can count on from ababc 13 weather experts. abc 13 giving away good food for free.
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today at monday, log on to for your chance to win.if you scroll down the home page, the link is on the trending tab. you can also find it on our facebook page. we're giving away a $50 gift card to charlie's today. we wish you the best of luck. i stepped outside and man oh man was it wendy. >> will: a little breezy today. when could be 30 miles an hour. that goes away tomorrow and it's going to be a calm day. >> mona: tell me more about monday. >> will: here is look outside. you can see the camera bobbing up and down because it is still quite breezy. the current temperature is 41. the dew point is 22. visibility at 10 miles. the wind is also wide open. west-northwest breeze sustained at 15. gusts higher than that,
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bobbing up and down. temperatures include 47 in danville. 39 in roanoke. 35 in blacksburg. 42 in martinsville. still holding onto 26 at ingalls field and hot springs. it is actually 8 degrees warmer right now than 24 hours ago in lynchburg in danville. cooler in hot springs and roanoke. earlier in the day, we had flurries in parts of the area. some of those made it as far east as lynchburg. we are watching this last little band of snow coming out of west virginia. we still keep the chance of a flurry this afternoon, particularly for the new river valley community and eventually that will go away. our attention will turn to this big area of high pressure situated toward the gulf coast.
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as we head through the day saturday. the breeze will kick up this afternoon as a cold front continues to slowly make its way across the area. we will have a good 24 hours of freezes and then they will go away. high pressure will park itself on top of the area. we will be talking about milder temperatures. the model continues to keep the flurries in west virginia. the rest of us will see increasing sunshine as we head throughout the afternoon. clear skies tonight. the wind will start to slack off after the sunset. more sunshine on the way for tomorrow and the breezes will not be nearly as bad tomorrow as they were for today. clear sky saturday night and more sunshine in the forecast sunday. let's talk about temperatures. tomorrow, 53. sunday, 62. monday, 64. even warmer on the south side. double nichols tomorrow over danville. 64 sunday. it won't just be us that will be experiencing warm weather over the next couple days. we're only going to 67 on monday. atlanta going to 66 monday.
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in d.c. monday. we will cool back down. more on that in the seven day. 45 lynchburg. 55 south boston. confident the mountains will be in the 30s. we will keep a flurry for this afternoon.overnight lows back into the 20s. maybe a few teens in the shelter valley location. the wind will continue. 40s on the map at the slopes this weekend. there's the seven day forecast. 64 is your number on monday. >> mona: i will be very happy on monday. three soccer superstars. mia hamm, kristine lilly, and tisha will host a soccer academy. every camper will receive a t-shirt and the ball. the camp will start june 30 go through the fifth.
12:16 pm are you team cat or team dog? the lynchburg humane society is hosting a food bowl competition. for every pound of dog food, team dog will get a point. team cat will get the same for every pound of cat food. the competition goes through february 7. donations can be dropped off at the pet center off old grades mill road. still to come, money talks.
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12:20 pm hello. i'm mark heiman. soon, the nfl season will come to a close. from this point on, the nfl, other major sport leaks, and the pentagon should end pay for patriotism. that is the pentagon paying for game -related activities. these have included things from surprise homecomings, and troops singing the national anthem. it was impressive that sports teams were honoring our men and women, but the story broke last year that we are paying millions for these phony displays of patriotism. i'm holding the agreement of the $340,000 the national guard pages one nfl team in one year. let's be reasonable. nature sporting events attract
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this is the target audience. commercial advertising and brochure distribution are legitimate activities. let's and the paid for staged event of a family getting surprised by love one returning home unexpectedly, or military honor guard carrying the fight for the game.some teams are doing this just because the government check cleared and not because of genuine support for the military.
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how does it go from a snowstorm to temperatures in the 60s? >> will: good question. if the three tomorrow. 62 sunday. monday, 64 for the high temperature. groundhog day tuesday, 58.
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