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tv   ABC 13 News at 11  ABC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> mark: why naked women were used in a photo. >> mark: good to have you with us tonight. lawmakers are celebrating. republicans and democrats are coming together in virginia to pass new gun legislation. governor mcauliffe and speaker howell held a news conference in richmond. their proposal strengthens some gun control measures while reversing the policy that would have invalidated concealed carry permits held by 28 other states in virginia. >> i want to thank mark herring. and i would not be here today had he not taken the actions
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>> mark: and this idea is sitting with local concealed carry permit holders. >> reporter: now, people are breathing a sigh of relief. >> the whole gun community was upset. >> reporter: maynard longhorn managers lynchburg arms. he said that when he heard that the governor changed the decision to validate guns from 28 other states, he was surprised. >> i was surprised. >> it's really not fair to be with those from virginia. i was afraid that the other states were going to have a backlash against virginia card carriers. this is good for everyone. >> reporter: everyone except gun safety activists.
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and adam ward on live tv. >> i hope you continue this plan so you can continue your reputation as a gun -- >> reporter: virginia could take away guns from anyone under a 2-year protective order and police will be at gun shows to do background checks. >> i have no problem with either one. there are some people who shouldn't have a gun. managers at lynchburg are telling me that invalidating permits from other states never slowed down business. >> mark: and we want to know how you feel about this. today's abc-13 facebook poll is how do you feel about mcauliffe's announcement today to strengthen gun control legislation?
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>> after boycotting last night's debate in iowa, donald trump defends his decision. he made it clear that he won't be pushed around. >> if you're not treated right, you've got to stick up for your rights. >> mark: despite not attending the last debate just before the iowa caucuses, trump was still on the candidates' mind. ted cruz had a rough time last night, according to iowa's biggest newspaper. >> george: good friday evening to you. do watch out for black ice tonight as temperatures for many of us are dropping below freezing. and early in the morning, temperatures will be in the 20s. 29 in lynchburg right now. 31 in danville. 32 in roanoke. here's what it looks like saturday at 7:00 a.m.
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22 for amherst. appomattox 25. danville 27. lynchburg 23. coming up later, we'll update you on how much warmer we'll be by sunday and when rain returns. >> mark: the murder trial accused of killing his 89-year-old father-in-law will go into next week. vincent spinner is accused of killing james payne. a friend of spinner testified that she smoked crack cocaine with spinner on the day of the murder. she said the only time she wasn't with him was between 1:00-2:00 p.m. when spinner was going to the a.t.m. she said spinner returned sweating and shaken. the trial will remove monday morning. the death penalty trial of
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and killing the lyon sisters has been pushed back. motions by welch's attorney included delaying the trial, hiring a mental health investigator and issuing a gag order with respect to the media attention. welch is accused of kidnapping the lyon sisters in 1975 and killing them. nichole lovell is 13. he's been missing since early wednesday morning. when she was younger, she had to have a liver transplant and takes special medication to keep her body from rejecting it. police aren't sure if lovell is a runaway or if foul play
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>> a fire on henry street claimed the life of a woman at 11:00 last night. 73-year-old katie yeatts lived alone and was not able to check it out. the mire marshal's office has not yet determined a cause. crews said the fire started in the front corner of her house. arson and foul play are not expected. >> a high school newspaper is causing a big stir in a community.
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>> mark: the city of flint, michigan is getting some much needed help. governor snyder signed a bill that provides $28 million in emergency fund that will help deal with the toxic water crisis the cits facing. the funds will go to fixing damaged pipes and the health issues of those who drank from the tap before the problem was discovered. >> norfolk police k-9s will get bulletproof vests thanks in part to c.n.n. anchor, anderson cooper. the norfolk police department lost a k-9 earlier this month after a suspect shot him. a high school newspaper in montana is causing a lot of
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the article was about breast-feeding and the article showed five topless women. school administrators pulled the paper. the woman who wrote the article is upset with their decision. >> we don't believe in censorship, because journalism shouldn't be censored. >> mark: the writer said that all who deposed were 18 or older and signed consent form. the school system says it's interviewing the people who are in the picture. tonight in louisiana, one family is getting set for an unusual wedding of two horses. it's all because of 5-year-old gave bush. his favorite horse is named butter ball. when he heard that butter ball is going to be breeding, he said no way. >> my mom said that you -- you got to get married when you have babies.
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and asked god to let butter ball have a baby. and i said well, what did god say? he said, god said, okay, gabe. >> mark: is that not the cutest thing? gabe's parents decided to make it a proper wedding complete with a cake and skirt for butter ball. a reminder about our abc-13 good eats contest. today and monday log on to for your chance to win. if you scroll down the home page, the link is under trending. you can also get the information on our facebook fan page. today we're giving away a $50 gift card to charlies. look for different prizes each
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>> george: l >> mark: it got much cooler tonight when i was outside. i was like, wow, what happened? >> george: you can really feel the temperature dropping off. and we're really going to welcome the warmer weather in the next few days. tonight, temperatures dropping into the 20s. saturday afternoon looks good. we will have lots of sunshine. it will be cool and dry, not as breezy. and saturday morning you'll barely notice any wind. highs in the mid-50s for most of us tomorrow. we're below freezing right now. so some of those parking lots where that snow has been melting during the day will be refreezing, so watch out for
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20 in lynchburg. and the wind will remain light tonight. the top wind gust today was 32 miles per hour. roanoke, 32. charlottesville, 33. blacksburg, virginia tech 29. south boston, 32. and clarksville, southside, right now you are at 30. across virginia tonight we have clear skies. and that's going to allow the temperatures to fall to the 20s. up in the north and east, there are some areas of light snow. it shouldn't be anything significant. we are going to be watching the west coast. there's an area of rain and showers that are making their way into california. changing over to show in some of the mountains. that is going to develop into a major storm system for the middle of the country. and we'll see increasing chances of rain for us on tuesday and wednesday. the main part of that winter storm is headed up toward the
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saturday morning, we'll begin with day with temperatures in the 20s, sunshine, clear skies, and light wind. we'll have a light south breeds. saturday afternoon looks good with sunshine. sunday, clear skies and temperatures in the 60s. 25 at 8:00, and after 8:00. we'll be warming at freezing. 47 at noon and lower 50s in the afternoon. here's the rest of the heart of virginia. nelson county, lower 50s. amherst, madison heights, 52. 54 appomattox and concord. gretna, smith mountain lake, mid-50s. brookneal 55. charlotte county, 55. and danville in the upper 50s.
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your sunday may be a better day. we'll see temperatures climbing by late afternoon into the 60s. the 7-day forecast shows that warmup coming. 60s better highs by late sunday afternoon and monday. and next week the mornings will be warmer as well. a few small showers possible for tuesday and wednesday. most of the rain is going to hold off until wednesday.
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wednesday for a slam dunk, pinkerton chevrolet. >> full-court press starts right now. >> and now pinkerton chevrolet
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press." >> reporter: we begin with our game of the week at heritage. devils. the pioneers took a 17 lead the half. and how about logan tielead? and mike jones held four from the first half and then heated up. pouring in 20 in the second half. nothing but net in the three in the corner. and davis' first shot won't go, but he makes it a 1--point game. and manual rebounds the free throw. and the pioneer's answer. and rosser buries a three. 1--point game with seconds left.
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rustburg holds on to win. [indiscernible] >> we come on the road and get a big win like this late in the season, it's big for us. >> we thought we were going to bow down to them in the fist half because we were down by seven. once we took the lead, we held on to it. >> reporter: the colonels squared off with the pioneers. and thorn hill drives the layup. and thornhill is going to beat his defender for two more. and the tough layup the buzzer. the colonels defeat chatham. and the bees host e.c. glass. and brookville came out strong. and hancock drilling the nice three.
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two team high 16 points. and nox drills the three ball. he led the toppers with 24 of the night. and jones had a big night, dropping in 23 for glass. and the toppers are known for their pressure,ing the steal. and hilltoppers have won seven in a right now. and paige with a pass to morgan. and over to thomas who nailed it from the outside. and nothing but net. and wildcats dominating the early game. and a pass off to aerndson. and mccain looking like he's going in. and dan river beats appomattox 73-54. >> and the vikings and the
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and the shot is missed. luckily, fox there to take it in. and staunton river the early lead. and 10-7 northside. and tucker is right there for the rebound and the score. northside 90-53. and ladies' action now. and williamsburg and william fleming. and a pass to king who shoots and misses. [indiscernible] it was fleming for the rest of the game. poindexter will rebound it and pass it to lamay who passes to
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and they fall to fleming 80-49. >> reporter: caloway takes it coast-to-coast. and the hawks start to pull away late. and glass lays it in. gretna takes down campbell 61-45. j.f. knocks off amherst county. martinsville wins big other giles. hard grave wins over cover informant. and dave spring handles christiansburg by 24. >> the lady bulldogs take down randolph henry. and the alta vista leads beat
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still to come, we've got your >> we're the appomattox cheerleaders, and you're
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woo! >> reporter: it's time for the best three plays of week inside the trifecta. number three, dan river and alta vista. chases the ball down and tips it to himself. the wild cats take the win. >> rustburg and heritage. and tyrese spins his way and takes it to the bank. >> and number one. e.c. glass's pleasure takes the steel. jones behind the back. and that is trifecta play number one. and our boys' top 13. and the northside vikings remain at number one. radford, two. martinsville, three, dan river. l.v.a. e.c. glass, alta vista, and
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>> the number one girls team remains brookville. l.c.a., magna vista, g.w. and timberlake. our "full court press" player of the week is jay barber. he has been a nightmare for opponents. he scored 21 point to lead all scores. >> this year has been a big year to show that we're going to be a big contender. we had a lot of doubt from the public schools around here thinking that they're going to come in and walk all over us. we're out here and we're going to be able to hold our own all season. >> virginia plays at louisville at 1:00. and also lynchburg is home
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randolph has shenandoah at 2:00.
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thanks f >> mark: a warm weekend in our future. >> george: it's going to be a nice warmup. i do want to point out it's going to be a cold start to the morning. >> mark: why do you want to mess it up? >> george: i don't want our viewers to be surprised. >> mark: you're being honest. [laughter] >> george: honesty if your
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20s if your up at 8:00 a.m. and then highs in the lower 50s. cool sunshine for saturday. and the highs in the lower 60s for sunday. and 60s in the next week with milder mornings, increasing rain by wednesday.
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sun seasonably and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zach galifianakis. from "dirty grandpa," aubrey plaza. and music from weezer.
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