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tv   News 13 6  ABC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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morning three days after lovell went missing. lovell's mom thinks that she left through other window in the middle of the night. eisenhauer is a freshman at virginia tech and runs for the college's crust country team. he is in columbia, maryland and last year was one of the top runners in the state. there is still no sign of nichole lovell. police are still asking that anyone who has information on this case to contact the blacksburg police department. >> whitney: thank you, courtney. and shortly after that press conference, tech sent out a statement. it said in part in the case of a felony arrest, the university has the authority to place the student on
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suspension. the entire university extends their support to nichole's family and friend. we'll continue to follow this investigation and we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them. now, to a check on our weather forecast. it was a beautiful saturday with lots of sunshine and the temperatures were very comfortable for late january. >> will: a big area of high pressure off to our south has provided us with sunshine today and tomorrow. you see the satellite radar right now. and there's a blockage for anything in the southeast. and closer to home, not even a cloud in the sky. maybe some high level cirrus clouds. temperatures not exactly in a big hurry to cool down.
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tonight and that pattern will last overnight as well. the full forecast coming up in a little bit. >> whitney: the family of a bedford firefighter battling a rare blood cancer held a fundraiser this afternoon to help raise funds. the fundraiser raised money for his upcoming bone marrow transplant. his aunt is thankful for everyone that came out. >> i want to say thank you. friend, family, and this community has been behind him whole thing. >> whitney: if you want to donate, we have a link at
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campaign to our area today with his new office on franklin road. it officially opened to the public today. sanders announced that he is also opening an office in fairfax county. >> in 48 hours, the first presidential caucus will be underway. candidates are in iowa trying to convince undecided voters that they should be in the white house one year from now. >> ted has big problem. other people have other problems. i have no problems. it's down to the wire in iowa. >> if you see a candidate that washington embraces, run and hide.
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and marco rubio ruffling feathers. >> they've never been through a crisis. >> reporter: hillary clinton is brings out the big guns. >> how are you feeling, secretary clinton? >> wonderful. >> reporter: her entire staff out on the campaign trail. clinton's campaign is reacting to the e-mails being called top secret saying that this is overclassification overclassification run, amuck. >> the question is does this undermine her electability with this being out there? >> i believe that it's one person, one vote. >> reporter: here in iowa, caucus goers are getting blasted with non-stop campaign ads on television.
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spent to court undecided voters. >> whitney: the u.s. defense department will not take any additional action against retired general david patreyas for sharing classified information with his biographer. the arizona republican shares the senate on services committee. carter's options had included demoating petrayas from a four
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general. >> whitney: breaking news out of california tonight. the manhunt there is over. the remaining two men who escaped from a jail in the santa ana area are now and custody. and now investigators can focus on how they got out in
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>> reporter: off the streets and back in custody. the remaining two california escaped inmates, harry and chu, captured today in san francisco. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. >> reporter: and a key moment in the investigation, less than 24 hours earlier, the first fugitive, young, caught on camera in santa ana after being on the run. >> we want to make sure that he's caught safely. >> reporter: investigators believe that young was in charge of transportation and stole the white van the trio used to get away. that same van spotted in a whole foods parking lot. a man alerted some park district police officers.
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van as yuri left on food. they found chu hiding in the van. >> reporter: they're now working on transferring the two back to orange county and figuring out how they got out in the first place. they think that yuri may have coaxed his english teacher to give him more than english lessons. and rabagi now under arrest for suspicion of contributing to the men's escape. the sheriff is tellingis that the men will be kept in a different area than more, making it clear that they won't be held together. >> whitney: if they escaped
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they aren't held >> will: our snowville tower camera, but it was a nice day out. you can clearly tell the snow pack there, and in the last
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snow pack is retreating back. and more melting for tomorrow. lynchburg 44. and visibility virtually unlimited. and that pressure is 30.07. 50 in danville. 45 in roanoke. 46 in blacksburg. it was warmer today than yesterday. eight degrees warmer right now than it was 24 hours ago. ten degrees warmer in danville. and nine degrees warmer in roanoke. and in beckley, 24 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago. and we expect tomorrow to be even warmer. nothing on satellite radar right now. and we have some high cirrus clouds floating around from time to time. there's an area of high pressure here that's blocking out everything else. and we'll be looking for clear skies and sunshine tomorrow afternoon as well. and then things get on the tricky side. this area of high pressure
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us a wrap-around flow. this boundary will be in towards indiana and illinois. that will be here as we head through monday and in the early half of the day on tuesday. that will give us a cool air wedge for tuesday afternoon. and then the next area of low pressure behind that is going to give us a decent rain chance for wednesday. we'll go up to 62 for sunday afternoon and monday afternoon. cincinnati, 62 tomorrow. d.c., 66. atlanta at 64. and that cool air wedge will set up shop in our area on tuesday. wednesday, a 70% chance of rain.
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looking at a few cloud floating by from time to time. a little more sunshine for sunday afternoon. a little bit more of a cloud deck for monday. monday afternoon, a stray shower here or there. and we'll get a cooler wedge setup for tuesday. so 30 tonight in lynchburg. 33 alta vista. new river valley, 30 degrees. 62 for lynchburg tomorrow afternoon. 63 alta vista, 64 dillwyn. 66 martinsville. 66 at the lake. roanoke valley, 62. and harrisburg, in the 50s. and groundhog day at 55. we're on the wedge on tuesday. and there's a decent chance for rain and back to reality
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>> whitney: i like that. actually i don't like that. i like the 60s. >> will: you like the alliteration there. >> whitney: the biggest football day of the year is right around the corner. and a panthers fan is getting ready to cheer her team on. we caught up with mary ward, 93. >> reporter: like everyone else, mary ward can't get enough of the team. >> the only time i watch other teams is when they're playing the panthers. i've got no interest in the rest of them.
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her grandson fell -- grandson showed her the game. >> i love them all, but cam is the one i cater too. and davis, he's a good player and sportsman. what i like about all of them, they all play like a support is supposed to be played. >> reporter: mary has lived in this same home in vail county has never missed a panthers game except when she's had to work. ward says that she'll watch the game with her family. >> i'll tell the coach keep pounding and keep going. he's done a good job this year.
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sports is next with a big >> reporter: hi there, everyone. u.v.a. rallied from ten points down with just 83 seconds to win it the buzzer. they wouldn't need any of that magic in louisville. hill will launch it from three. and gill, he don't miss that. and the follow upjam extends their lead to 16. and gill is going to dish it off to thompson to coby. and u.v.a. shoots 58% in the
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ranked defense in the country. again, gill and brogdon, both have 13s. and cavs win 63-47. and the hornets men hoping to keep up their winning ways in the o.d.a.c. season. winners of their five of the last six hosting eastern mennonite. and lynchburg starting to pull away. and white spins his way inside for the 1-handed layup. and a big game for a.j. hamilton. and a team high 17 points for hamilton. and the hornets get an 84-73 win. >> we just needed to turn up the intensity on the defensive end. and a lot of open shots go up. and i think going into the
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need to step it up on the defensive end. >> reporter: and randolph hosted shenandoah. and brown got the wild cats off to a fast start. and scott hits back to back jumpers for randolph as the cats try to create some separation. and the hornets will have none of that. and gonzalez drills a three. and eddie fires from behind the ark. eddie led by 15. and the hornets charged back to force overtime. the cats missed a three at the end of o.t. and shenandoah edges randolph 65-63. and the lady flames welcomed in high point, and they welcomed back ashley rienenger. she'll get the board and the layup. eight points for her in just
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but 13-4 l.u. after one. and adams is 11. l.u. holds the panther to under 30% on the field. and the lady flames win 56-43 over high point. liberty travels to charleston southern on monday. and randolph-macon in the o.d.a.c. wins. and washington lee over gilbert by three. and hamdon falls to bridge water. and randolph-macon wins against henry. on the women's side, eastern mennonite takes care of roanoke college. and macon all over hollins 80-54. and shenandoah had just 24%
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and lynchburg moving to 8 and 2 in the o.d.a.c. and the hornets traveling to roanoke on wednesday. and if you missed "full court press," we've got it for you right now on and in high school, rustburg
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>> whitney: they played >> whitney: if you're a lover of french-inspired pastries, today is your day to
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it's national croissant day. the bread is considered to be created in 1989. >> will: you are making me so hungry right now. >> whitney: i like them, but only if they have bacon and cheese and eggs inside. >> will: all right. a butter one? >> whitney: you just like regular? >> reporter: is it break time? you're making me hungry. >> whitney: it's a good day to eat one outside. >> will: tomorrow, 62 lynchburg. 66 danville. 60 in the n.r.v. and monday, 60 is -- 60 is two. groundhog day, we're in the wedge for a better chance of a
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and a potent cold front for wednesday with a 70% chance of a shower and maybe a rumble or two of thunder in certain locations on the southside. and back to reality thursday-saturday. sunshine. >> whitney welcome to a special edition of "world news tonight." the race for iowa now two days away. the final push candidates furiously crisscrossing the state. donald trump stepping off his plane and stepping up his attacks. . hillary clinton making her case to last-minute voters. tonight, new questions about those top-secret e-mails once again following her campaign. our team right here on the ground. and breaking news. captured. three dangerous fugitives back behind bars. police catching the remaining two after more than a week on the run.
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