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tv   News 13 6  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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late saturday night, the investigation led us to eisenhauer, a virginia tech student here in blacksburg. this morning, he was charged with one count of felony abduction. since the discovery of nichole and with the consultation with the commonwealth's attorney, we have just charged eisenhauer with murder. >> whitney: lovell's body was found yesterday in surrey county. lovell's body has been sent to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. he's what we know right now about the two teens accused in lovell's death.
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maryland. eisenhauer is on virginia tech's cross country team and keepers is listed on the school's rowing team. today virginia state police divers were out searching a lake on tech's campus regarding this case. there's no word on whether that search wielded any information. last night the school's president issued a letter saying that as a father and virginia tech's president, i want to reassure you that our community is supportive and resilient. it is normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed at times such as this. you are not alone. the school has not released another statement since the announcement of that second student's arrest.
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information at and our facebook fan page. well, a lynchburg teen is dead after police say he crashed his car in pittsylvania county yesterday morning. state police say it happened around 10:30 a.m. an route 40. 19 yearly cameron nicholas long's car crossed the center line, ran off the road. long died at the scene. speed and alcohol were in the factors. and long was wearing a seat belt. the crash is still under investigation. a local 17-year-old is recovering at lynchburg general after being hit bay truck last night. courtney wheaton is live and says his family is now seeking answers. >> courtney: his family says that daytona helper was walking down dodson drive when a pickup truck hit him. some of the pictures we are going to show you are graphic. helper suffered broken facial
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mouth is wired shut. the driver of the truck did wait with the boy while he was picked up by emergency responders. but was not held by the police. >> out of respect, if i was in that man's shoes, i would be here. i would be calling. i would be finding twice keep in touch with that family to make sure their child is okay. nothing. [indiscernible] >> courtney: now, according to the family, the driver that was helping the boy was hit by another vehicle when it ran into his truck while he was helping. the family is urging people to slow down to avoid accidents in the area. they say that the speed limit ranges from 35-45 but people often drive a lot faster. >> will: we saw some sunshine
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but the clouds are starting to slowly roll back in the area. and it doesn't look too far off stream before we see our weather-maker. and that's our weather-maker on the way for tomorrow afternoon. weather headlines include showers for tomorrow afternoon. 53 at 7:00 tonight. temperatures not exactly in a quick cool. 50 from 8:00-10:00 and back into the 40s from 11:00-midnight. and clouds will roll in the later we go into the evening. the full forecast in a little bit. >> whitney: firefighters were called to ruben court at 1:30 this morning. they found a storage building on fire in the woods. luckily, they were able to get that fire under control within a half hour, and no one was injured.
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the cause of the fire is still being determined. it's the last mad dash in iowa. presidential candidates from both parties are criss-crossing the state just hours ahead of the caucuses. >> reporter: the day before the iowa showdown, it's an all-out push to get undecided voters. >> hillary clinton is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: trump is several points ahead of cruz. >> trump can do anything and they'll still vote for him. >> did you ever imagine then that on the eve of the iowa caucuses you'd be leading pretty big in every state? >> the truth is no, i didn't. >> reporter: the candidates are also making the rounds on the sunday talk shows.
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is a vote for amnesty. >> reporter: and hillary clinton addressed the announcement that e-mails from her private server contained top-secret information. >> there was no marked classified information in those e-mails sent or received by me. >> we've got to pull off one of the great political upsets in recent history. >> reporter: and the candidates are pulling out all the stops, blasting the tv with ads. >> whitney: never a dull moment on the campaign trail. coming up next.
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reason with temperatures under >> will: we've got some winter today with warm weather. was wintergreen packed? yes, yes, it is. some nice slopes in winter grown. lynchburg, our current temperature is 57. that's come down from 64 earlier today. the dew point at 40.
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visibility is wide open. and the winds at six miles per hour. 63 in danville. 61 farmville. 66 roanoke valley. 62 for blacksburg. 48 in hot springs. and we have some clouds today. a little bit more than we had yesterday. we're still forecasting mostly clear skies overnight tonight. and more cloud cover will roll back in tomorrow morning. we have rain up towards the north. a bulk of this energy will misus in the north and you can see a trailing line of showers out towards indiana and illinois. that will be moving in here in the afternoon hours tomorrow. and then our attention will turn into is this system in the four corners area of vegas, phoenix, and l.a. and this will be moving in here for wednesday. and area of high pressure continues to slide off the coast. again a bulk of this energy will miss us towards the north. but the trailing cold front will not as that front continues to push through the
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we'll fire off showers for tomorrow. and a little bit of cool air wedge on tuesday. then our attention will turn to this system in the mid-section of the country on sends. that secondary cold front is going to be moving in on here. on the way for tuesday, it's going to be a mess in the upper midwest from wisconsin, iowa, nebraska. it's not going to be a fun place to be for tuesday. and you have severe weather possible for memphis and tennessee. the severe weather will miss with us. the snow will miss us as well, but we could see showers on wednesday afternoon. tonight clouds will be back on the increase. tomorrow morning we'll start out the day with filtered sunshine and as the boundary comes in we'll fire off showers.
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climb upwards on wednesday. 30% chance of rain on monday. 20% of drizzle on tuesday. tomorrow afternoon, 62 in the hill city. roanoke valley 62. new river valley, 60. and the southern shenandoah valley, 62 degrees. we'll have a cool air wedge. temperatures rebound wednesday. >> whitney: you're telling me i get one more day with the nice, warm sunshine and then after that it goes downhill. >> will: you get two more days, monday and wednesday. wednesday is going to be wet. >> whitney: thank you.
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taken from an ohio pizza shop has been returned. >> reporter: you only see the mystery man on surveillance from behind. >> he has on a full motorcycle leather outfit and a storm trooper helmet. >> reporter: the artwork caper turning more bizarre by the second. >> we all saw this guy ride up on a motorcycle. >> reporter: the employee at the time thought a coworker was stopping by. and when the helmet didn't come off, he feared they were about to be robbed. >> i went towards the alarm and by that time he sent it on the thing and walked out. >> reporter: the painting wrapped in a note by the big man himself.
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by darth vader. >> reporter: staff did not expect a swift return after a tongue and cheek social media plea to get the painting back, but believe it had something to do with it. now, keeping a close eye on the favorite in their collection. >> it will make for a fun story. >> reporter: sports is next. u.v.a. basketball is back to their winning ways.
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>> reporter: hi there, everyone. the virginia tech hokies are back in action tonight against the panthers. the tip off in ten minutes. we'll have highlights at 11:00. notre dame, number two u.n.c. and most recently, louisville. laday, hudson, and allen all scored at least 20 points. there was a 13-point loss to clemson on wednesday. and u.v.a. put up a convincing win on the road in louisville. gill and brogdon both scored 13. and the team rode that hot handed in the second half shooting 58% against the second ranked defense in the
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and bennett said the key was getting the squad to believe in themselves. >> i said you can do this. will you, i don't know. you can and you have in the past played a team like this in this kind of setting and performed and been right. will you? you got to know first you can. don't ever forget that. and they did in the first half and i said you did it for 20. will you try to do it again? you're capable. >> reporter: and last night the team members were presented with their championship rings at a fundraiser in charlottesville. while most of the team will suit up for the camps again this season, many have moved on to the big leagues. they took a chance to reflect on their accomplishments. >> i sit around with some of the guys and laugh the
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and we work every day towards that goal, when you reach it it's something different. >> it's still sinking in. when people say congratulations, i still have to think about that we won in june. and it's still an honor. and i'm very proud, and i always want to let it sink in forever. >> at the time the run that we went on was so crazy. and it just didn't seem real. >> reporter: we're just one week away from super bowl 50. and in the last hour espn reported that calvin johnson said that this is his last season. he says that after the season finale, he is done.
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australian open after serena williams got upset in the women's finals. and joko freezes murray with a four handed winner. and the second set, murray turns up the heat. and djokovic wins 1, 5, and 6 for his sixth australian open. and here's a list of the winners and their weight classes for the wrestling contest. reed stewart at 120.
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and wilkerson at >> whitney: so dave, how do you feel about the weather right now? do you like for it to be cold in january? >> reporter: i love cold weather, but i'm not complaining. it feels really nice. >> whitney: we know where will stands. >> reporter: yeah. >> whitney: we know will likes the cold weather. were you disappointed? >> will: no. these first four days, everyone is going to have their flavor of the week. 62 monday, 63 on wednesday. and 45 for thursday. and we'll have a chance of
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and back to reality thursday-sunday in the 40s. [indiscernible] >> whitney: that means the bottom falls tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the final push. just 24 hours to go until the iowa caucuses. the new poll. donald trump in the lead. we're right there with him. >> how do you close this deal? >> his daughter and wife hoping to help seal the deal. also, hillary clinton with a razor-thin lead. but can they stop sanders' momentum? also tonight, the storm moving across the country. powerful rains, blizzard conditions. here in iowa, they're preparing for a hit. and the virginia tech student accused in the death of a 13-year-old girl. his friend also under arrest.
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