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tv   News 13 5  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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before the driver crashed. >>announcer: anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on, this is abc 13 news. the arguments started today in the murder trial of a waynesboro reserve captain. annie andersen just got back from court and has the latest on kevin quick live in roanoke. >> reporter: well, it was a long by a. at :30 a judge told the sdwlir wouldn't be a day where they would be going home early giving them time call families letting them know that they will be home late tonight. each of the six defense lawyers and the prosecution can have their own closing argument. one of the main things that defense attorneys pointed to thought none of the six people on trial are charged specifically with kevin quick's kidnapping or murder. instead the charges are racketeering, conspiracy and firearm along with violent crime and racketeering charges
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including quick's kidnapping and murder. and the defense doesn't deny that the defendants killed quick but argue the gang 99 syndicate do not meet the federal guidelines of being a criminal exercisecriminal enterprise so the jury should say they are not guilty. but according to the co-contour they are criminal enterprise. the defense said it needs to be taken with a grain of salt because of histories. jury selection is expected tomorrow. we could have a in m+ istrial. members of quick's family had signs with blue ribbons. they said they needed to be put away before the jury came in. danner. >> danner: thank you. classes are back on schedule at hargrave military academy after threats claimed to be from isis shut down the cam news weekend. a story abc 13 has been covering since the news broke. valerie bragg is live in
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tonight. >> reporter: danner, mike taylor tells me there has not yet been any arrest made it this case. earlier today i drove by harearlier today i drove by hargrave just to check it out. if you remember last week, law enforcement on their campus everywhere last week. they even had a barricade set up not allowing anyone unauthorized to enter on to their campus. today just like any other normal school day. while i was there earlier, we did see one unmarked police car drive through. i asked sheriff taylor if they received any leads about this threat. he tells me his department is following up on several, and active. about 250 students attend hargrave. many of them not local. a quarter of their students remain on campus this weekend despite the threat. now we are being told -- we are not being told exactly what the threat is, but sheriff mike
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he is confident his office has stopped the threat, and he assured me that they will get the person behind it. live in danville, valerie bragglive in danville, valerie bragg, abc 13 news. you are going to want your umbrella and your coat tonight, tomorrow, and into wednesday. we have a cold rain that is headed our direction. check on the radar, we are already starting to see some very small showers developing from roanoke into bedford county and small showers and sprinkles near lynchburg as lake. danville, you have a few small showers nearby. you will gradually see rain flute the evening. temperatures are not going to change very much. we will remain above freezing. we will be in the upper 30s by tomorrow morning. coming up a little later. we will let you know how much rain we are expecting. right now, fire officials are working to find the cause of the dan river plant fire in brookneal. katie brooke is live tonight.
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month, and still no ruling. >> reporter: that's right, danner, i am told they will release the calls by the end of the week but campbell county fire marshals me ball the piles of debris back here. you can see piles of scrap, brick and various other things because piles have stayed heatbecause piles have stayed heated and small fires have sparked because of them. other than one small pile in the back of the building, those fires are out. crews battled with them over the weekend and they still have to determine the cause. johnson says he has been out getting witness statements and making sure the fire is out. >> this is under investigation and tying up some loose ends. >> reporter: we spoke to people who live around here and they say today is the first day they haven't smelled the charred remains. the air smells a lot different than when i was out here beforethan when i was out here before. at 6:00, hear from those who
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the community has become because of this. live in brookneal, katie brookelive in brookneal, katie brookelive in brookneal, katie brooke, abc 13 abc 13. >> danner: not surprised at all, good people in brookneal. opened a part of route 130 after a two-car crash in madison heights. what the scene looked like around 9:45 this morning. the driver of the blue jeep crossed over the center line hit a car going the opposite direction. minor injuries. both lanes were closed as police cleared this. driver of the jeep is charged with reckless driving. we now know the cell phones and driving, well, they don't mix. virginia tech researchers installed video cameras inside cars to find out what drivers were doing right before they got into an accident. the verdict, in two-thirds of the crashes, the driver was visibly distracted and cell phones were the biggest culprit. texting while driving led to
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dialing a call, 12 fold. eating was only double the riskeating was only double the risk. cell phones are not the only culprit. other distractions being angry and crying at the wheel also had a driver more like three crash. a big vote in bedford county tonight. in less than two hours, the county's board of supervisor also consider the funding for the new middle school after the project came in over budget. school board officials pushing it back any furtherer could threaten opening the doors for the 2018 school year. priscilla kaiser joins us live at forest mid well-more on why school officials are so adamant of not cutting those costs, priscilla? >> reporter: school officials tell me they want to avoid this. not building a school to meet the needs of students for years to come and having to put them up in mobile classrooms right next to a multimillion dollar facility.
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at the new forest middle school very soon after it opened its doors. the chairman of the school board says this is an example of cutting corners and making a project more expensive later on when you have to fix the problem. >> to have an attractive school and not make it look like a prison because it will be for 75 years, but not have a lot of lines. you want to make sure it is built at reasonable -- at reasonable cost and just a nice functional educational school that will be proud inform bedford county. supervisors who vote on a proposed $45 million cost during their meeting tonight at 7:00, that is about 7 million over budget, and the chairman of the school board says to get it down to 45 million, they had to cut square footage from some science labs and open areas.
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with who are opposed to the higher cost said an expert said it is not worth the money long-term. we will let you know what they decide later on tonight. danner. >> danner: thank you. a pharmacy with parents in mind. tonight's mommy monday show a new resource for lynchburg. coming up next, i will let you know how much rain we are going to get and when you can expect that heavy rain to arrive.
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award-winning coverage you can count on. and we are back. and we are doing facebook live here on abc 13 news at 5:00. and right now we have -- oh 150 people. so get online and follow on -- i think we have it on my facebook page, danner evans wset. and just answer your question during the commercial breaks and chat and things like that. >> george: i love it when viewers ask us questions because you are seeing it the same time we are doing it here. >> danner: a lot of questions for george. is there snow, rain. what is happening this week. more coming our way. >> george: most of this is falling as rain. children who are wanting more school days -- snow days coming up may not like that part of the forecast. >> danner: no. >> george: parents will like it better. a few small showers developing but between now and midnight, the rain will be increasing and after midnight, of course it is
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sleeping after midnight. by then a steady rain, and the temperatures are going to remain above freezing. so this means you won't have to worry about icy roads, but we are going to be seeing wet roads obviously with that rain moving in. right now we are at cloudy, gray skies as we look out over lynchburg. temperature haven't changed very much this afternoon and will slowly fall this evening. 46 degrees right now. feels cooler right now with an east and northeast wind at 5. around the rest of the area not a huge temperature range. mid- to upper 40s for most of us watching us from virginia tech and blacksburg at 42. roanoke, 45. 49, danville and 49 in halifax county. seeing small showers developing in roanoke and blacksburg. not much rain out there, but if you were driving and briefly have your windshield wipers on, most of the rain will be increasing after midnight and a huge blob of rain to our south. that blob of rain if you want to call it that will be moving in during the overnight. between and midnight, you can
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near steady rain overnight. some of this rain will be heavy. tomorrow at 6 a.m., you will likely be checking out melissa who will be updating you on the rain. a lot of rain. very wet start to your tuesday. now during the rest of your daynow during the rest of your day, a here a look at lunchtime in the afternoon. not as much rain around; however, a few showers are possible at a time on tuesday and see the rain ramping up for late tuesday night into very early wednesday morning. and overall the heaviest of rain that we are going to see is going to fall on wednesday. 3 to 5 p.m., we may see some thunderstorms rumbling their way across the heart of virginia. so for this evening, we will have the increasing rain the next few hours. we will stay above freezing and into icy roads. amherst, 38. appomattox at 40. 40 for south boston. bedford at 38. your weather, cloudy and cool all day tomorrow.
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during the morn and a few small showers are also possible during the afternoon and highs tomorrow will be cooler than today. low to mid-40s including lynchburg at 42. danville at 44. your seven-day forecast shows 1 00% rain chances. the rain ends wednesday night and thursday, and then the remainder of the week looks cool and dry with highs in the 40s. kroger has started a $3.2 million renovation of its boonsboro store in lynchburg. in addition to a new decor and paint, the store will have a larger pharmacy, expanded produce, meat, seafood and natural food section. the wine shop will be getting an upgrade. all existing checkout lanes will be replaced and new self-service lanes will be added. the renovation is expected to be complete in late summer. a straight white boys club. that is how a new report is describing the film industry.
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just days before the oscar a new study is shining a harsh light on the lack of diversity in hollywood. they studythey studied 14 films and series. of more than 11,000 studied, 66of more than 11,000 studied, 66.5% were male. 33.5% were female. 71.7% were white. 12.2% were black. and only 2% were gay, lesbian or bisexual characters. when the group looked behind the cameras found women and minorities were also underrepresented as directors, writers and show creators. this year's list of oscar nominees up for best actor is stacked. nearly all have won an oscar or have been nominated before, but many eyes are on leonardo dicaprio and whether the five-time acting nominee will finally take home a gold statuefinally take home a gold statue.
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hollywood's leading men ... competing for oscar gold. >> such an extraordinary vibe. >> reporter: this year's best actor nominees, bryan cranston, matt damon, leonardo dicaprio, michael fastbender and eddie redmayne straight off of his win last year. >> i am a lucky, lucky man. >> reporter: damon is a oscar winner picking up best original screenplay along with friend ben affleck. >> all of our friends in cambridge and everybody back in boston -- >> 18 years later, yeah, this is great and i am going to smell the roses. >> reporter: this is fast>> reporter: this is fastbender's second nomination plays the role of steve jobs. >> now you don't want my name out. >> reporter: and bryan cranston is up for his first oscar ever. >> i am deer willious about it. i am really happy about it. >> reporter: but in year's favorite is leonardo dicaprio in the brutal drama "the reverant."
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>> leo is one of those stars that is nominated every year and never won. >> reporter: leonardo dicaprio nominated for "what's eating dwil better grape." "the air ateer" "blood diamond" and "the wolf of wall street" but no win. >> it is his year. >> reporter: find out if he takes home his first oscar sunday. brandy hit, abc news, hollywoodbrandy hit, abc news, hollywood. a new business focused on family. >> i have children 3, 5 and 7.
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thinking out of the box when it all right, jump ahead to your weekend and i think you are going to like the weekend forecast. temperatures near normal for this time of year you and saturday. sunday, highs in the mid-50s and dry. when your child needs medicine to get better, it can be a lot to juggle. an amazing new resource for parents. hill city pharmacy just opened the doors and owner ryan moody designed with with his own needs in mind. entertainment ipads,
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braces, remedybraces, remedies, lollipops for expectant moms. mooney stocked the store with things you spotlight to hit the internet to find. and get this, when your child is sick, they have prescription -- prescription home delivery-- prescription home deliveries-- prescription home deliveries. >> i didn't want them to have to be, you know, sitting around somewhere, sitting in a car feeling miserable. trying wait on their description when they would be comfortable snuggled with mom on the couch back at home. that is where everybody wants to be when they are not feeling well with mom and dad and their caregiver back at home. >> have a good one. >> danner: check this out brian introduced me to what they have. you have your basic pacifier with a syringe. you get your medicine out like that. put the pacifier on top. it lies behind the child's taste buds to they don't even taste the medicine when you are administering it. this is going to be a great tool in my home, especially
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more information on hill city pharmacy right now on my mommy monday section on in three minutes, see how starbucks is overh energy efficiency doesn't pick favorites. it should apply to everyone.
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i'm an energy efficiency coordinator here in virginia. to me, it's all about being able to help our customers learn energy efficiency. this partnership with appalachian power allows us to touch more families in this region that really need it. (woman) when we first moved in, the house wasn't very livable. it had holes in the ceilings. it was very cold. they saved our house. (announcer) we may be a power company, but the true power in our communities
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starbucks is overhauling you its award program. under the old program visitors got one star per visit. and asking baristas to ring up several tran actions. the new program is placed on how much a customer spends not on the number of transactions. the name my starbucks rewards is now called simply starbucks rewards. it all starts in april. and an ub irdriver is now accused in a deadly shooting spree in michigan. >> i halfheartedly joked at him and i said you are not the shooter, are you. he said no. i said are you sure? and he said, no, i am just
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>> mark: what we know about his court appearance today. plus republican presidential candidate john kasich in hot water tonight over a comment he made about women. and. >> it not only embraces love but honoring her birth mother. >> mark: see how a local mother used writemother used writing to help kids understand adoption. >>announcer: anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on. this is abc 13 news. a michigan man stands charged with six murders tonight. >> reporter: police say he went on a shooting rampage this weekend in the middle of his shift as an uber driver. elizabeth hurr has more on his appearance in court today. >> reporter: jason dalton, a 45-year-old man with no previous criminal record is now charged with six murders. >> brian dal sfon. >> yes.


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