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tv   News 13 530  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> mark: what we know about his court appearance today. plus republican presidential candidate john kasich in hot water tonight over a comment he made about women. and. >> it not only embraces love but honoring her birth mother. >> mark: see how a local mother used writemother used writing to help kids understand adoption. >>announcer: anytime, anywhere, award-winning coverage you can count on. this is abc 13 news. a michigan man stands charged with six murders tonight. >> reporter: police say he went on a shooting rampage this weekend in the middle of his shift as an uber driver. elizabeth hurr has more on his appearance in court today. >> reporter: jason dalton, a 45-year-old man with no previous criminal record is now charged with six murders. >> brian dal sfon. >> yes.
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turned accused killer and before a judge via visitor. >> is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time. >> i would prefer just to remain silent. >> reporter: for the victims' families, condolences from president obama. >> you got families who are shattered today. >> reporter: uber confirming that dalton passed a background check. what set him off, they don't know. >> shots fired. >> reporter: in all dalton stands accused of shooting eight people at three different locations at kala zoo michigan killing six and injuring two. dalton reportedly picking up passengers in between the >> kind of driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along, and then finally once he dime a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: he said he called with dalton. that was about an hour before the first shooting. and this man who asked that we don't identify him says he was one of dalton's customers
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>> i -- i half-heartedly joked at him and said you are not the shooter, are you? and he said no. i said are you sure? and he said, no, i am just really tired. >> reporter: dalton's family released a statement saying they are deeply sorry and they are praying for everyone affected. his next court date is set for march 3. abc news, new york. governor john kasich said he had a lot of female support in his previous campaign, and today he told a crowd in fairfax that women left their kitchens for him during the state senate race in 2008. >> i went to washington following my mother's advice, and how did i get elected -- i didn't have anybody for me. we just got an army of people who -- and many women, who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me all the way back different.
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crowd later explained to him that she would support him, but she stressed she wouldn't be coming out of the kitchen to do so. today, democrats in virginia are challenging the state's voter id law in court. the lawyers for the democratic party are arguing that the law is unconstitutional. democrats filed that lawsuit last year challenging the 2013 law that requires voters to show photo identification at the polls. they claim the law illegally depresses minority voting. more than 30 states have some form of voter id requirement, and lawsuits are pending in several states. good monday evening to you. we are already seeing a few small showers developing a cross the heart of virginia, and the lane become more wideand the lane become more widespread tonight. a quick check of the radar show light rain near lynchburg. new london area. a few sprinkles. bedford county toward roanoke. the bulk of our rain is to the south, and that rain that is
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gradually increasing in intensity overnight. temperatures will remain above freezing. no icy roads but we will have wet roads. lows in the upper 30s. coming up later, we will let you know how much rain is going to fall here. >> mark: george, thanks. people have a chance to win a free roof. lynchburg roofing has its no roof left behind giving a roof to a deserving family. this year they are accepting nominations from roanoke as well. you can nominate someone march 31. this video is of last year's winner, ella arthur. if would you like to learn more or enter someone you know, we have all this information for you tonight at two pit bulls found injured at a home in bedford county are still getting treatment tonight. the lynchburg humane society says its count down to adoption won't start until it is done getting medical care. they also tell us the dog's owner has still not come forward. a woman found the dogs a couple of weeks ago injured in front
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them up, and with the help of another woman, they were taken to it the humane society. one area woman is using her experience with adoption to help other familyhelp other families. and she is doing it on the pages of a children's book. tola adamson is live in danville with the story. danner, stephanie, giorgian wrote not only to help for children who are adopted but to help other kids to understand different family dynamics. >> we get a lot of comments and a lot of questions, and honestly a lot of times it comes from kids, you know, with which is understandable. >> reporter: when stephanie giorgiani began the process of adopting her daughter katie from taiwan. she knew she had to have a way to answer her child's questionsto answer her child's questions. >> i wanted something that talks about -- for other kids to realize that they might not grow in their mommy's bellies, but they are just as much a part of them. >> wrote a seed of love. the lady bug named lulu
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out what family was ball. >> she sees a family in the park and kind of notices that they don't necessarily look alike. although you may not have my eyes or nose and share the same funny shapes of my toes. and she goes to other friends and asks them question and along the way they kind of give her bits and pieces that answer some of her questions. for me it was also important to talk about my faith. in the end you need to ask the creators yes puts families together. that is her mommy and daddy. they look different because they adopted her. that little girl you saw was born to a different mommy. her mommy also loves her very much but couldn't take care of her so took to a safe place. >> reporter: portrays real life moments in the adoption >> we took pictures when we were bringing her home. based on that wearing the same outfit. >> reporter: inspired by katie but dedicated to all children. >> it is important that nonadopted families really explain to their kids the
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>> reporter: now we have a link to buy the book at, and giorgianis me she plans on writewriting a sequel to the book and her family does plan on adopting again. live in danville, tola adamson, abc 13 news. >> mark: we wish them a lot of luck. >> danner: they bring a lot of happy continues into your life. >> mark: a lot of joy. apple ceo thanked his staff apple ceo thanked his staff. what he told them about the fight between the company and the fbi. plus, this new sport is all the talk had in wisconsin right now from the terrorism alert desk in washington d.c., i am jonathan elias. britishbritish and australian governments are issuing new terror for malaysia. australian authorities warn terrorists may be planning attacks around kuala lumur. and i siz claiming october. >>responsibility for attacks in syria that killed 80 people and
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this as secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. andkerry says the u.s. and russia agreed on a new cease-fire for syria. that will take place on saturday and it hinges on ass ad's government accepting the deal. and members of the fighter squadron joining the fight against isis.
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its first apprg, danville, bedfor river valley. >> mark: there is no escaping it. i mean, we are all seeing some rain at some point or another today. 7 to 10. 7 to midnight, we will see a lot of it. >> heavier after midnight and then another day to get rain. >> danner: we had a lot of moistureme threat of flooding in some areas. >> george: the dan have i ever toward the south side. some flashflood warnings. any areas prone for flooding near the dan river want to use caution. the rain will occur tonight for your tuesday into wednesday. and we are going to have the occasional rain, and the heaviest rain that we are going to see is going to fall on wednesday. after the remainder of the week and into early next week we will be dry and also cooler for thursday, friday, saturday and starts to warm up by sunday. right now we are looking live over the cloudy, gray skies over lynchburg, and we have a lot of clouds to look forward to. it may be until thursday before
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46 degrees right now in the east and northeast wind at 5 miles per hour. so not overly breezy but will a breeze heading out tonight. and 51 in farmville. 49 also for danville. martinsville at 45, and toward blacksburg and roanoke, your temps in the lower 40. and the radar show light rain, really not more than sprinkles making their way and high 81 and small sprinkles near roanoke and south side looking toward halifax county to charlotte county and near danville. there are showers. the bulk of the rain will move in later tonight and tomorrow and wednesday and small area of rain which is moving on top of lynchburg with a larger batch of rain very easy to see. the big ol' blob of rain in the south and east and northward and into virginia. as far as the timing of the rain, between 8 and midnight. we will see the rain increasewe will see the rain increasing
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so very early on your tuesday morning. any travel planless you have the roads are going to be wet. the rains tapering off during the morning and are not going to see that much rain around at lunchtime and most of tomorrow afternoon dry, and here it comes again. another batch of rain advancing northward into the heart of virginia. you can also be hearing some thunder as the temperatures will be slightly warmer on wednesday, especially toward south side. and rainfall totals, this map gives a good estimate. this shows that by 5 p.m. tomorrow, most of the rainfall totals will be in the near half inch range to over a half inch, and then by wednesday, one and a half to two inches common. many of you toward the south side could be over 2 inches of rain. this is going to be heavy rain falling across our area. cloudy and cool tonight. lows in the upper 30s. we will stay above freezing and most of the rain this falls
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temperatures are barely goingtemperatures are barely going to change. you want your jacket with you. upper 30s to lower 40s. roanoke at 40. appomattox at 44. your seven-day forecast. 100% rain chance tomorrow and wednesday and all the rain ends on thursday and the remainder of the week into the weekend looks cool and dry with highs in the 40s and 50s.
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newest gadgets average price of a gallon of gas has fallen $.05 to its lowest level now stands at $17lowest level now stands at $1777234$1777 in seven years. the lowest price since 2008. the latest price decline is in response to weak oil prices and stabilized and demand for gas has risen. factors that could point to higher prices to come. apple ceo e-mailed his staff today thanking them for their support. tim cook is reporting to the case of the iphone. he and his wife shot and killed 14 people in san bernandino, syed farook.
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syed farook's home and apple is refusing. tim cook said this case is more than a single phone. he say it is does not feel right b being on the other side of the government in the freedoms and liberties. and apple has until friday to respond to that court order. samsung unveiled the galaxy s 7 and edge along with the first-ever virtual reality, a camera capable of taking 360 degree pictures and videos. aptly named the 360, it can shoot vr images and transfer for he had i hading. the finished product can be geared with the headset that goes on sale this year. no word on pricing. the vr stuff is all new lingo. >> mark: it is new lingo. must-see video. >> hey! >> mark: yeah there are woman
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the heart of the church, the mission of the church, is to change our world by developing christ followers who love god and love people. everything that we are wrapped up in, everything that we do, everything that ought to drive us, the passion that we ought to have in our hearts is summed up in that statement.
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a 106-year-old has proven you are never too old to boogie down, especially when you are showing off your moves for a very special new friend. >> danner: jeremy roth has the must-see video of the day. >> hey! >> reporter: to say 10>> reporter: to say 106-year-old virginia mcwarren was excite to meet president obama and the first lady was an
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>> come on. dancing at 106. >> reporter: so excited that she booingled down with the first couple on sunday. she began a social media campaign to meet the commander in chief talking about her excitement that a person of color has been elected to the white house. check out this cute panda sliding down a slope of soft snow. the giant panda taking the most adorable tumble last week. the zoo said he woke up, saw the snow, and just couldn't help himself. speaking of snow or rather snowmobiles, folks in greenville, wisconsin have come up with a new winter sport. what you are looking at is snowmobile softball, players have a tournament on the tundrahave a tournament on the tundra. as you can imagine, there are some rules specific to the sport. fielders keep their snowmobiles turned off and the hitter's snowmobile can't fire up until the ball is hit. the tournament organizer say it is a great way to get rid of winter cabin fever.
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jeremy it was back to class for students at hargrave military academy following the potential terror threat last week that closed that school. coming up at 6:00, valerie bragg is live with what the pennsylvania county sheriff is saying about the investigation. plus ... >> it brings us together more than tears us apart in chaos. >> danner: the brookneal community coming together after
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plant. news. closing arguments are now under way in the case of the killing of kevin quick, the waynesboro reserve police captain who was kidnapped and murdered in february of 2015. >> mark: annie andersen was
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last comments to the jury. annie. >> reporter: it was a long day in court today because along with the prosecution, all six defense attorneys were given a chance for closing arguments. one point to make, the defendants are not charged with -- specifically with kevin quick's kidnapping or murder. instead, the federal prosecutor decided to make the racketeering trial along -- they are encompassing a whole list of crimes the prosecution said the group committed. the charges involving quick's death and kidnapping are violent crime and aid of racketeering. and in closing arguments, defense attorneys do deny that their clients kidnapped and killed quick, but even so, they said the prosecutor didn't prove that the 99 gang syndicate met the guidelines. and with the charges that they are, for the jury to find the defendant guilty in relation to quick, they also need to be guilty of being part of a criminal enterprise. jury deliberations are expected to start tomorrow. we will bring you any updates


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