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tv   WSLS 10 at 530 PM  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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and i'm john carlin. governor terry mcauliffe and republican lawmakers are set to announce a major deal on gun legislation. office says ... the governor and g- o-p leaders will announce the compromise tomorrow. the agreement aims to strengthen some gun control measures... while relaxing others. as part of the deal... democrats will not revoke reciprocity agreements with 25 states for concealed handgun permits. in turn... republicans will include a measure to keep people with permanent protective orders against them... permits. republicans will also agree to require state police at gun shows... to provide voluntary background checks on gun purchasers. in news around virginia... six members of the same family are dead following a murder-suicide out of chesapeake. according to police... 26-year- old cameron dooley shot and before turning the gun on himself. andy fox has the details. at the heart of the tragedy is
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who killed himself after killing five family members at 3:35 wednesday afternoon chesapeake police respond to the dooley home on wildwood road friends were concerned something was wrong when the show up they find cameron's brother 22 year old landon dead on the floor. show us your ok. show us what room you are in. turn the lights on and off, or play with the blinds. or come out the front door with your hands up. three and a half hours later a massive police operation outside this home on george washington high way-the home of cameron's grandmother police negotiated with cameron for several hours a viewer sent this video of the police operation. 14:38 person recording says - they are going in 18:05 - do something, let us know that you are ok. if you need help, show us that you need help. police eventually storm the house at 2;10 this morning to find cameron dooley's horrific acts . they find cameron's father 50 year old todd dooley recently retired chesapeake police officer dead they find cameron's mother 54 year old lori dead his sister 17 year old brooke dead and his grand mother doris
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police say cameron killed all of his own life. today todd dooley's brother mike was at the house too devastated to talk and comforted by friends headlines... michigan senators announce a plan to help families in flint who have been exposed to lead poisoning. senators announced a federal funding in flint. the bill requires the state to match federal spending dollar for dollar. the measure also calls for a center of excellence for lead poisoning to help children in flint who have been exposed to lead poisoning through contaminated drinking water. senator chuck schumer, d new york - "thousands of young children have lead coursing through their veins, to what consequence is happening in the united states, not in a third world country on the other states, that is disgraceful." the senators are hoping for
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flint can get relief fast. major changes are coming to the ferguson, missouri police department. the justice department reached an agreement with the city today. it requires more officer training and reforming the city's use of force procedures. it also requires all patrol officers... supervisors... and jail workers to wear body cameras and microphones. this comes more than a year after a ferguson officer shot and killed unarmed teen michael brown. meanwhile in the nations capital ... police show reducing excessive force is possible. according to a report released by the d-c auditor's office today... d-c police officers do not use their firearms excessively... even when crime has increased. the report did however point out .... the department is not properly investigating use of force. d-c's police department voluntarily agreed to allow a justice department review back in 2001... after the
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deadliest big-city police force in the nation. the oversight led to a number of changes and ended in 2008. turning now to your forecast... it was another pleasant day outside, but the winds will pick up overnight. let's check in with storm team ten meteorologist jonathan kegges joins us now. jonathan... the sun was out in a more filtered variety as we were being grazed by a storm system that was sliding off of the east coast. a very weak system will slide through friday few stray flurries. tonight: partly cloudy and cool with lows around 30. friday: mostly sunny and cool. windy with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. friday night: mostly clear 20s.
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thaw as temperatures make a run for the mid 50s. we caucus and tonight the remaining g-o-p presidential candidates will gather in des moines for one last debate. donald trump is still boycotting the fox news event leaving some asking if tonight's debate will be a turning point in the race. wsls 10 national correspondent mark meredith has a look at what we can expect. taking his strategy to a whole new level. donald trump says he's skipping tonight's final g-o-p debate in iowa. donald trump / republican presidential candidate - "are you worried its going to effect your chances in iowa, no i think i'll do great in iowa, i love iowa, i don't think iowa is going to care" instead the repulican frontruner plans to host a fundraiser for wounded veterans one hour ahead of the debate. but could missing out - end up hurting trump's appeal with voters? his brash exchanges - especially with host megan kelly have made for awkward yet viral moments. nat break from fox news debate in summer "megyn if you don't like it,
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based on the way you have treated me" a new poll - out today - shows iowa voters are still on team trump. the n-b-c news / wall street jounral survey sees trump with a 7-point lead ahead of texas senator ted cruz and well ahead of the remaining candidates including marco rubio, ben carson, and jeb bush. seeing a moment of opportunity , ted cruz says he's ready to debate trump one on one. sen. ted cruz / r texas - "well do lincoln douglas, mano e mano, just donald and me, he could lay out his vision for this country, and i can lay out my vision for this country, in front of the men and women of iowa" and while tonight's debate isn't likely to inlclude trump on stage - you can bet the 7 other candiates on stage will make it clear - they're ready to be the anti- trump for the country. sen. marco rubio / r florida - "i will bring us together, i will bring us together quickly, no matter what our differences may be, we cannot win if we're divided against each other" mark meredith / washington d.c. - while donald trump is promising to stay off the stage tonight - he's not boycotting fox news all together - he appeared on bill o's show last night a sign he realizes how important the media still is
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meredith. in your w-s-l-s ten exclusive timesaver traffic report... good news if you're headed out this evening. we aren't seeing any major accidents or back ups right now. still ahead in a wsls 10 consumer watch... a store at valley view mall closes its doors. the women's clothing store that's no more. but first ... here's a look at how some stocks of local interest
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you're looking a live picture from airport skycam. the sun was out in a more filtered variety as we were being grazed by a storm system that
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coast. a very weak system will slide through friday bringing with it some wind and a few stray flurries. tonight: partly cloudy and cool with lows around 30. friday: mostly sunny and cool. windy with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. friday night: mostly clear
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saturday starts our january thaw as temperatures make a run for the mid 50s. we warm things up even further heading into the upcoming week as 60s, possibly low to mid 60s make an appearance on the seven day forecast. rain becomes likely on wednesday as a stronger storm system arrives. that system will bring us back down to reality
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coming up tonight on wsls 10 at six... we're learning new details related to a shooting that happened at lynchburg general hospital earlier this month. why the family of the man who was shot is calling for an independent investigation. we'll have that story and more... next at six. wsls 10 is teaming up with
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virginia and kroger to bring you our annual "10 cares food drive." we'll collect food at the kroger in bonsack... cave spring... lynchburg... martinsville and blacksburg thursday february 4-th
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another major retailer in valley view mall is gone. new york and company has closed. the women's wear to work clothing store closed just weeks after wet seal. the teen clothing store closed as part of a company wide move to shutdown 300 stores nationwide. no word yet on why new york and company left the mall. valley view mall management as well as company headquarters have yet to respond. facebook is making more money off of users than ever before. the social media site says ... it's made more than one-and-half billion dollars in profits during the last three months of 20-15. facebook has more than one and half billion people who use the site each month. facebook makes more than 13- dollars per user in the u-s and canada. barbie is now available in more realistic body types. mattel is offering barbie in three new shapes.... tall...
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she'll also be available in seven skin tones... 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles. you can pre- order online for february shipping. they will be available in stores in march. the change comes after years of criticism over barbie's unrealistic representation of womens bodies. prom is still about three months away for students henry county but the school system is getting ready and asking for your help. used prom dresses and accessories are being collected for girls who may not otherwise be able to afford to get dressed up for prom. the is the second year of the program. the goal is to get at least 300 dresses by march 5-th when girls will be able to pick out a dress and accessories. about 130 dresses have been donated so far. monica hatchett/progr am coordinator - "we like to start the day with a really wide selections so that young ladies know that when they come in they can search for size zero to 26 and have more than one dress to choose from."
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school board office in the county administration building... at marshal's in martinsville or at either of the county's two high schools. the weekend is almost here. from the circus to a beach bash... we'll tell you what's going on round town. and we want to let you know about our 24- hour news stream. you can watch our newscasts live... or even when we're not on the air. just head over to our website -- wsls-dot-com -- and find the live video option under the blue video tab. that option is also available on our app for smart-phones and
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the weekend is almost here and if you're still looking for something to do, we have some ideas for you. wsls 10's patrick mckee gives us a look at what's going on round town. to the berglund center in roanoke for the shrine circus. see acrobats fly through the sky, clowns and animals. there are shows thursday at $8.
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2016 winterfest beach bash friday night. warm up on a cold winter night to the summertime hits of the band of oz. tickets are $10 at the door. the show is friday night starting at 6 p.m. because of last weekend's snow, downtown roanoke restaurant week continues this weekend. try out some new restaurants or visit some old favorites. there are lunchtime deals starting at $10 with dinner options for $20 or $35. th a look at what'shappening round town, i'm patrick mckee wsls 10.u can find more information out weekend events on rbsite... wsls- dot-c. lookr the event calendar the home page. speaking of the shrine circus... preparations are underway for this weekend's event. crews started unloading today and we got a sneak peek at some of the main stars. the circus features tigers... elephants... camels and horses. there are also numerous acts including ... high wires, juggling, and even a person shooting out of a cannon. this is the circus' 58-th year in the roanoke valley. richard bowyer, kazim temple: "the roanoke valley has been great to us to support our temple and the things we do there. everyone seems ti enjoy it. this weekend we got great weather. last weekend was
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to get out of the house and enjoy a show that's family oriented." the circus says they're expecting up to 40-thousand spectators this weekend. there are six shows. tickets range from 8 to 16 dollars. a north carolina man gets the trip of a life time after beating cancer. the organization making his wish possible. when you see news happen, we want to hear from you. call us at 1-800- see news or email digital pictures to news at wsls- dot-com. you can also log onto our facebook page and upload photos... or send us a message on twitter. the virginia if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza foronly 50 cents
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better ingredients. better pizza.
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natural history in martinsville expects a big crowd this weekend. the museum will hold its annual "dino day" saturday from 10 to 3. molds of various dinosaur skeletons will be on display, including new skulls. the museum's executive director says it will be a fun, interactive way for people to
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joe keiper/museum executive director "'dino day' is a chance for children, families, and parents to all kind of engage with some of the most fantastic animals that ever walked the earth, but also do so together as a family unit or on their own. the great thing is, we make science fun, we make it approachable." for more information on dino day.. head over to our website .. wsls dot com. a raleigh man who recently beat cancer... will soon get his super bowl wish. for the majority of this season .. grant lafoon -- a lifelong panthers fan .. has been sick in march .. he was diagnosed with an extremely rare brain tumor.. and after numerous rounds of radiation and chemotherapy...h e's been in remission since november. grant lafoon's been a good's been positive, it's been life-'s definitely something that i don't regret and i wouldn't change it the fill your bucket list foundation heard grant's story ... and decided to grant him his wish and give him two tickets to the
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e foundation was about to spend thousands of dollars on super bowl tickets... but before they could... someone donated the tickets to fulfill grant's wish. so grant and his mom are headed to california to watch the panthers take on the broncos. that's all for wsls ten at 5-30. your 90 minutes of news continues right now. the sun was out in a more filtered variety as we were being grazed by a storm system that was sliding off of the east coast. a very weak system will slide through friday bringing with it some wind and a few stray flurries.
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with lows around 30. friday: mostly sunny and cool. windy with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. friday night: mostly clear police step up patrols... as the search expands for a missing blacksburg teenager. plus... new details related to a shooting at lynchburg general hospital that happened earlier this month . why the family of the man who was shot is calling for an independent investigation. "people who have low incomes struggle to feed their families every month." and... providing food for those need. how you can help put an end to community. good evening and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at six. i'm john carlin. and i'm lindsey ward. the search blacksburg teenager expands to include more ground. 13-year-old nicole lovell was last seen around midnight apartment.
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zeroing in today.
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