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tv   WSLS 10 at 6 PM  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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zeroing in today. us police department. search today? police say they are approaching this case from all angles. they are not saying they believe it's worst case scenario, but they are not ruling anything out at this point. the ground search began this afternoon. it included dozens of officers from the blacksburg, radford, christiansburg, and virginia tech police departments, state police, as well as the montgomery county sheriffs office and the fbi. around one thousand virginia tech corps of cadets members joined also. police say they have spoken with numerous family members, friends, teachers, and anyone they believe could provide any clue about nicole's whereabouts. lt. mike albert blacksburg police department we ask again in these darkest hours, that's when our community
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and this community is known for stepping up. we need them to do that at this time, as we pray for the return of a beautiful young girl, nicole lovell. the blacksburg police department has set up some phone numbers for anyone with information to call. you can call in to 540-552-2222.. or call anonymously to 540-961-1819. both police and nicole's family are asking anyone who knows something.. even if they think it isn't important.. to step up and call police. live in blacksburg bethany teague wsls 10. the family of a man who was shot four times in lynchburg's centra hospital by an on-duty security guard is calling for an independent investigation of the incident. the family says both the shooter
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police and the commonwealth's attorney. w-s-l-s 10's rob manch tells us what he's learned about this ongoing investigation? in the early hours of january 11th, 28 year old jonathan warner was shot 4 times in lynchburg's centra hospital, ultimately leaving him paralyzed. the security guard involved, wes gillespie, is a former lynchburg police officer, and has a son currently serving in the department. the family argues there is the potential for a biased investigation, but commonwealth's attorney mike doucette says those fears are unfounded. in a statement today, doucette says "wes gillespie used to be a member of the lynchburg police department, but that was a very long time ago. to put some time frame on what constitutes a very long time ago, i have been working in the lynchburg commonwealth's attorney's office for 32 years and mister gillespie was no longer with the l-p-d in 19-84." but warner's attorney paul valois disagrees. paul valois, warner's attorney: 15:04:39 "even though he was employed there many years ago, in the position he holds at centra's emergency room, he interacts
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law enforcement on a daily basis and appears to have a long-standing relationship with them." and valois says the police aren't the only ones with a tie to this investigation. 15:05:14 "one of the senior prosecutors in the lynchburg commonwealth's attorney's office is married to a clinical psychologist who is employed by centra mental health services, and so again the family would prefer to avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest." valois has been investigating the case, and says he's already found a problem. 15:05:57 "disturbingly, what i found there is the narrative is significantly different from the narrative that was provided in the initial press release by the lynchburg police department." in the release, it states warner was in an active fight with gillespie when the shooting occurred. but in the affadavit signed by detective davis, it states warner quote "ran through the center" when he was shot. in response, doucette says quote "i would conclude that the affadavit, while not wrong, is inartfully drafted and the press release is
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valois says he intends to find out what happened, even if it means filing a lawsuit. 15:07:33 "many witnesses have come forward, including an eye witness to the shooting, who i spoke with yesterday. so we are getting some independent information." doucette tells us as part of his office's investigation, he is waiting on the toxicology report on warner's blood to come back to see if he was on any drugs at the time. he says that could take three to six months to complete. just over a month after governor terry mcauliffe called for the closure of catawba hospital in his biennial budget... the facility says it's at full capacity. catawba currently has 106 of its 110 beds full, leaving the other four open for emergency situations. the end of december. the hospital also says there are currently eight people on a waiting list. the hospital is coupled with a proposed addition of 56 beds at western state hospital in staunton. that would leave a 54 bed net loss,
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services. a pulaski county judge says pictures of noah thomas' body will be allowed at his mother's upcoming trial. ashley white's defense team filed several motions.. asking pictures of noah's body in the septic tank.. and autopsy be excluded from trial. white's lawyer says the photographs are irrelevant to the charges.. and would only inflame the jury. the judge denied the motions. noah's father.. paul thomas.. is set for trial in march. his lawyer is requesting all references and evidence relating to the search for.. and death of noah be excluded from his trial. the judge has not yet ruled on this motion. dozens of people in allegheny county woke up to officers knocking on their front door this morning. it's part of "operation deep freeze" ... a drug round up by the alleghany highlands drug task force. 55 officers were sent out in teams to arrest 67 people indicted on 188 charges. some investigations
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these kinds of round-ups happen a few times a year. alleghany county sheriff kevin hall says they're trying to catch these people off guard. sheriff "the element of surprise ... get them and it could possibly lead to another case and not let them know that it's coming out so they can't leave the area or the state" agencies part of today's roundup include u-s marshals service, virginia state police, and bath county sheriff's office. after researching the contaminated water supply in flint.. virginia tech professor marc edwards has been appointed by michigan governor rick snyder to oversee water testing done by the state and federal governments in about an hour -- students apart of edward's research team will present their findings to the community. wsls ten's duke carter joins us live at virginia tech's campus. duke -- you spoke to students what are they saying about water the supply? students are surprised to learn
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michigan is 18 times more corrosive than detroit's water. people in flint asked for independent testing of the water after they learned about the contamination. marc edwards lead a group of students to conduct testing on flint's water. they tested detroit's and flint's water for three weeks. after that time period, they learned there were higher levels of lead in flints water. students we spoke to say they are pleased to learn the word is getting out about the water contamination in flint. christina devine / virginia tech student i had no idea that happened until this year, the fact that people are acknowledging that this is a problem and it's a serious issue that any city in the us could face," marc edwards who is a cvivl engineering professor here at vrignia tech will also speak tonight. he was flown out to flint to help in the water crisis.
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community and share their reaction about what students learned about flint's water supply. in blacksburg dc wsls ten. working to put an end to hunger. the event taking place next week ..
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hunger continues to be an issue across the commonwealth... and right here in southwest virginia. each year - thousands of families in our area rely on food banks to feed their children. to help prevent another family from going hungry, wsls 10 is once again teaming up with feeding america southwest virginia and kroger for the 10
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feeding america stocks the shelves of more than 100 partner organizations throughout our region. wsls 10's rachel lucas went to the salem food pantry to see how big of an impact these volunteer organizations have on our community. the lines are long.... are plenty... "times are hard." one of the 53 hundred families that wait in line for a weeks worth of food to feed 00:07:18:09 "without their services it would be really difficult for us to make it." trying to better her situation, she's working on a college degree...but she's had a hard time finding work in the meantime...mone y is tight, not only trying to provide for an 8-year-old...but also trying to 07:38:00 13-18 "i just found out i'm expecting again so trying to take care of myself and an eight year old alone is really difficult." brandy's bag will include food
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old...and even the baby when the time comes. the shelves are stocked with director more those the pantry serves are children. brandy is just one of the more than 14 thousand stories workers here at the salem food pantry encounter each year. 00:12:36:17 1:01-1:17 "maybe they lost their job, maybe their car broke down and they needed to get their car fixed and didn't have money for food. could get happen. you could get sick. just normal, everyday people who just fall on hard times." serving more than 450 families a month....executi ve director jenny mccormick says they can't do it alone. they rely on feeding america to help those families like brandy and her children. 13:55:24 "we want to make sure that every food order is complete. because of feeding america we can go and get food from them and that allows us to stretch our budget so we can make sure that everybody has enough." and
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to return home to their children empty handed. in salem rachel lucas wsls10 our drive is next thursday february 4-th from 6 a-m to 7 p-m we'll be at the kroger in bonsack... cave spring... lynchburg... martinsville and blacksburg colleting food.
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the sun was out in a more filtered variety as we were being grazed by a storm system that was sliding off of the east coast. a very weak system will
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bringing with it some wind and a few stray flurries. tonight: partly cloudy and cool with lows around 30. friday: mostly sunny and cool. windy with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. friday night: mostly clear and cold with lows in the mid 20s. saturday starts our january thaw as temperatures make a run for the mid 50s. we warm things up even further heading into the upcoming week as 60s, possibly low to mid 60s make an appearance on the seven day forecast. rain becomes likely on wednesday as a stronger storm system arrives. that system will bring us back down to reality
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the sun was out in a more filtered variety as we were being grazed by a storm system that was sliding off of the east coast. a very weak system will slide through friday bringing with it some wind and a few stray flurries. tonight: partly cloudy and cool with lows around 30. friday: mostly sunny and cool. windy with temperatures in the low to mid 40s. friday night: mostly clear and cold with lows in the mid 20s. saturday starts our january thaw as temperatures make a run for the mid 50s. we warm things up even further heading into the upcoming week as 60s, possibly low to mid 60s make an appearance on the seven day forecast. rain becomes likely on wednesday as a
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arrives. that system will bring us back down to reality as 40s return for highs on thursday. we've got another battle..set for bristol.. that does not include the stars and cars..but rather..the gridiron. and we'll look back at the hokies derail louisville last night.
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carl torbush.etsu head coach:".....what are historic day i mean to be able to play et su versus western carolina in the bristol motor speedway it's a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity it's a historic day probably the first time it's ever been done in fcs football i know for sure the socon. jerry caldwell/bms gm "this was a natural to turn to and say that's a great way to support ets you and it's a great way for the rest of the region if they may not be able to make it out to the battle at
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opportunity for them to come out and enjoy the venue." one week after the battle at bristol..between the hokies and the volunteers.. bristol will host an f-c-s battle..between east tennessee state and western carolina..that's the 17th of september. the virginia tech tennessee game is set for the 10th.. even a passing glance at buzz williams hokies...year two.. will register improvement.. despite a murderer's row of acc opponents..the hokies are in---very nearly every the final possessions.. last different.. with rick pitino's 16th ranked louisville team at cassell..the hokies did nearly everything they were asked to do..except win the game. the hokies fell 91-83-- scoring 83 points against the nation's best field goal percentage defense.. they were even in rebounding..and committed three fewer turnovers.. if not for the cardinals 12 of 18 shooting from 3..virginia tech...probably wins the game-- zach leday/hokies forward:"...i
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offense we figured out what they were doing we just attacked went downhill and they just made a whole lot of threes it's hard to overcome that jalen hudson/hokies guard: "you know we were just hoping to get stops when we needed him and and obviously they made a lot of shots obviously they're a good team so they scored more than us which is not the outcome we want it buzz williams/hokies head coach: ".i think as a teacher i don't know that i'm very good at it but i think if your teacher and you're asking your students this is what you need to learn and this is what you need to do and if they do those things then at some point it has to be the coaches fault." the 4-4 hokies are at pitt on sunday. louisville is 6-1 and just one game back of north carolina for the league lead. with approaching at the birthplace of speed...i wanted to show you this.. it's been a couple years since i've been at the complex.. watch..this time lapse..of the improvement project started in 2013...that has been completed opening daytona 500...
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very very different in terms of a facility upgrade..that should make the nascar experience there...even more fan friendly.. wow.. virginia tech women..with another chance to take out a ranked team tonight.. super bowl line has gone from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 in the panthers favor.. and acc men...notre dame is at the carrier dome tonight. cut it out. calgary flames dennis wideman has been suspended pending a hearing ..after this cross check on an official.. he says his attention was elswhere..after taking a big hit...and he collided with the official unintentially...
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and don't forget join us back here in half an hour for our seven
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if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza foronly 50 cents when you order any large pizzaat regular menu price. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. tonight it's war. donald trump's big gamble that could steal the spotlight from fox and the gp debate holding its own event at the same time. high drama of the clash of the titans. the zika virus spreading explosively in the americas.
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