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"can't sleep at night ... can't eat." now at six ... a family still searching for answers following an arrest ... the latest on the search for a missing blacksburg teen. plus.... raising awareness ... how one organization is addressing human trafficking in southwest virginia. and... the flint water crisis ... how people in our area are helping those in michigan. good evening, and thanks for joining us for wsls 10 at six. i'm brie jackson. we're learning new information about a missing blacksburg teen ... a virginia tech athlete is now in jail - in connection to the disappearance of 13 year old - nicole lovell. today police arrested 18 year old david eisenhauer he faces felony abduction charges. officers say new developments in the investigation led them to eisenhauer.
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being held without bond at the montgomery county jail. as we've reported nicole was last seen at her home between midnight and seven a-m wednesday. since then police have used ground crews and drones to search for her. in our continuing coverage of this story. wsls ten's duke carter is live in blacksburg where a vigil for nicole is underway. duke what new details are police telling you about this case? people are slowly coming for nicole's vigil tonight. it has been an emotional week for the family and hundreds of people are expected to be here in front of nicole's home to show their support. details are still limited into nicole's disappearance. i attended a press conference earlier this afternoon held by blacksburg police and they are still piecing together what happened. they say 18 year old david eisnehauer from maryland has been charged with nicole's abduction. police did not say how eisenhauer and lovell made a connection ---
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montgomery county jail blacksburg police say eisenhauer is a freshman at virginia tech majoring in enigineering. school leaders informed us eisenhauer is a cross coutnry athelete and say he has been placed on immediate suspension from the team. here's what police said at the press conference this afternooon. with this arrest investigators are in the midst of a rapidly developing investigation we appreciate the public's patience as we move through the investigative process and we will continue to update the media and the public as new information becomes available, we also advise those on virginia tech's campus not to be alarmed if they see an increase of law enforcement," duke there is a vigil tonight, many people found out via social media, what are people doing to show their support for nicole's family online? police say they are still trying to figure out where nicole is. anyone with information is asked to call police. the vigil is expected to be underway shortly, and we'll have recap of what happened here tonight at 11. in blacksburg duke carter wsls ten. .
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continue to search high and low for nicole. she's been missing for several days now. here's a look back at how this investigation first started. police say lovell was last seen around midnight tuesday at her family's apartment. her mother believes she disappeared wednesday morning. family members say she's in danger because she has to take medication twice a day after having a liver transplant. with that in enforcement agencies along with organizations like help save the next girl spent much of this week searching endlessly for the teen. news of her disapperance spread across social media reaching tens of thousands of people. thousand of police officers, the fbi and members of the virginia tech --- corps of cadets combed the area. investigators focused on a one mile radius around nicole's home. on friday...searcher s used a virginia tech drone with infrared technology hoping to find the 13 year old. throughout this week...her family has stood by with hopes that nicole would be found - safe. they say they never expected to see their loved one - go
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a nightmare. you see it all on tv and you think its never going to happen to you and then here where are. going through a position we've seen others go through, its shocking. i never thought we'd be going through this. we love you nicole, we miss you.we want you home once again a virginia tech student has been arrested in connection to nicole's disappearance. 18 year old david eisenhauer has been charged with abduction. we'll have more on this developing story tonight at 11. wsls 10's duke carter will speak with people at tonight's vigil. you can also check our website for updates. virginia state police say a man is on the run following a high speed chase. according to police...the driver took off during a traffic stop in alleghany county...around 12:30 this morning. they say the driver is 28 year old andrew arnold arnold is wanted for drug charges in west virginia. the incident remains under investigation.
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more than 100 people came together to raise awareness about human trafficking. the event happened today at straight street ministries in roanoke. it included a short film and allowed parents and children to have an open discussion about the dangers of online predators. straight street wants to educate the public on trafficking and provide shelter for victims. the organization's director says human trafficking is not only a problem for young girls. keith farmer/director straight street -"whether it's a boy or a girl trafficking victim. young maybe with a child there is a number of situations to look out for so there isn't a cookie cutter description of what a human trafficking victim looks like." deanna wallace from homeland security was the guest speaker at the event. straight street plans to have more events throughout the year. some people are not happy about the circus in town this weekend. this is the 58th year the shrine circus has come to the roanoke valley. those who attended today's event were greeted by protestors.
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awareness about what they call - the abuse of circus animals. tammy britt/protestor a lot of people don't realize the treatment they endure to do these tricks for our amusement. i think if they knew maybe they wouldn't go. the group says they are not against circus itself ... meaning high wires ... but oppose the use of animals. setting up shop in roanoke city. senator bernie sanders' campaign formally opened it's roanoke field office today on franklin road. this is the second office to open in the commonwealth. virginia is one of the 11 super tuesday states voting on march 1, and the campaign wants to gain as many voters here as possible. sot: peter clerkin/virginia campaign director "we are going to be hosting phone banks here, canvases, basically it is a
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volunteers can come get some of the resources that they need. conduct a direct order of contact, a place for them to work out of as well whether it is calling voters are getting materials to go out and canvas door-to-door" so far there are around six- thousand volunteers for the campaign in the commonwealth. the office is looking for more in southwest virginia a local fraternity in roanoke is working to help with the flint water crisis. the gamma alpha chapter of omega psi phi fraternity inc and que house, a community based organization kicked off a water drive today. the non-profit is collecting cases of bottled water to send to flint michigan. collection times will be monday pm. the chapter says they feel it's their duty to help those in a crisis. mike hamlar/fraterni ty member" we feel that it is our duty to help those in need and unfortunately it's not going to solve the problem but hopefully we can put a little bit of hope back that they do have some friends here
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care about them and are looking out for them so we're going to send some things to them." hamlar says they hope to be able to fill a semi- tractor trailer by friday february 26th. they are still looking for a means to transport the water, and monetary donations to the cause. and you too can make a difference and help people in our commuity. hunger continues to be an issue across the commonwealth and right here in southwest virginia. each year - thousands of families rely on food banks to feed their children. wsls 10 is teaming up with feeding america southwest virginia and kroger to help. the annual "10 cares food drive" is thursday february 4th. from six a-m to 7 p-m we'll be collecting food at the kroger in bonsack... cave spring... lynchburg... martinsville and blacksburg. people are celebrating a huge milestone for donations. workers with united way southwest virginia celebrated with county leaders about surpassing the goal for the amount of money raised for this year. overall --- united way raised 1 point
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the twin county area they surpassed their 100 thousand dollar goal. they did really good for the first time in the last 7 years we have now been able to meet that goal and raised a 110 thousand dollars in this community which will to serve non profit organizations this year, united way of southwest virginia is a volunteer- virginia is a volunteer- directed organization. they help people from all walks of life in nearly 150 communities across more than 15 counties and cities in southwest virginia still ahead on wsls 10 at six ... super bowl sunday is right around the corner and you may be gearing up for the big game ... but is your wallet ready ... coming up in a wsls 10 consumer watch.
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and don't forget when you see news happening, i want to hear from you. send me an e-mail to b-jackson-at- wsls-dot-com. or you can message me on facebook .. at "brie jackson." or find me on twitter at "brie
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services. there's been a boost in new erin brookshier explains why experts say people are going online to look for love. it's the season to search for love...
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plays matchmaker. sot: dr. helen fisher / chief scientific advisor, match "the most active time for any online dating site is between the day after christmas and valentines day" family nagging, social media envy and time off from work can all contribute to the jump. in fact, the recent east coast snowstorm brought a 'blizzard' of activity for dating sites... types. sot: dr. helen fisher / chief scientific advisor, match "rapid with the apps, get to know somebody more with and other dating sites like that or go to a dating site where you really are anonymous and we give you the dates yourself" but a perfect match in the digital world doesn't always hold up in the real world. experts say too much messaging online before a first meeting can be problematic... so can the sheer number of options. sot: dr. helen fisher / chief scientific advisor, match "peopleleon dating sites get the impression that there's another one around the corner and they just keep swiping and they don't settle in to try to get to know the people they have already met." if you're creating a dating
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avoid photos that show drinking or too much skin. and in your description... give details to let people know who you are. sot: dr. helen fisher / chief scientific advisor, match "you'll turn some people off but you'll turn the right ones on" and when you do meet... sot: dr. helen fisher / chief scientific advisor, match "for heaven's sake, don't talk about your exes!" or there might not be a second date. with this consumer watch erin brookshier wsls 10. super bowl sunday is almost here and it could make a dent in your wallet. according to a survey by the national retail federation ... those planning to celebrate the big game tend to spend more. the survey says people will spend an average of 82 dollars on food ... decorations ... apparel and more. the federation says the number is the highest amount in the survey's history. coming up on wsls 10 at 6... alan will have another check of your storm team ten forecast...
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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30s. sunday: sunshine and high clouds. very mild with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. sunday night: partly cloudy and rather mild with lows in the lower to middle 40s. monday: a weak cold front brings more clouds and the chance for showers by the
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the mid 60s. tuesday: mostly cloudy and chilly with a northeast wind. highs in the upper 40s. wednesday: a stronger cold front brings a better chance for some heavier rain with highs back in the low 60s. thursday: behind the front, it's mostly sunny and cooler with highs in the
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friday: sunny and seasonably chilly with a high of 44. saturday: partly sunny with highs in the lower 40s. 30s. sunday: sunshine and high clouds. very mild with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. sunday night: partly cloudy and rather mild with lows in the lower to middle 40s. monday: a weak cold front
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weather closed captioning lots of college hoops action.. virginia is on the road at louisville.. we have those highlights.. and 2 big high school wrestling
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lots of area high school action going on.. we'll start with the big
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this one at william byrd high school. -in the 138 weight class... patrick henry's tombola sindihebura turns rustburg's moats luke and puts the clamps on him for the pin. -to the 145's... pulaski county's wayne donaldson with the gramby roll on hidden valley's andrew vail to get the reversal.. later donaldson uses the far-side cradle on vail for the "w". -moving up to the 152 weight class.. brookeville's morgen vair locks in a near side cradle and turns harrilla on his back to get the pin. more wrestling at the highlander invitational at glenver.. in the 113's.. rural retreat's trey boyd with the "fireman's carry" on glenvar's teon vu.. later boyd grapevines vu for the pin. -170 weight class now.. jace wheeler from parry mccluer "sinks in a half" ... turns northside's chrishaun miller to get the win. -and finally 182 pounds.. stanton
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bar" on james river's jesse carter for the stack and the pin. the uva men;s basketball team has won 3- straight..ranked 11th in the country they were on the road against #16 louisville. the white out in effect for this one..just ask cardinal's coach rick pitino.. he got the memo! - a very slow start for louisville.. but raymond spalding gets inside for the bucket. -second half.. virginia's devon hall wide open for 3... no good.. but anthony gill is there for the follow-up dunk! gill finished with 13-points. -and there's more where that came from! gill again taking it to the hoop with the slam as virginia cruises to take this one big.. 63- 47.. this is uva's 4th straight win. wvu on the road at florida.. there's some pushing and shoving before the game even starts. -but it was the gators who did the talking on the court.. doran finney-smith on the drive and the one-handed jam! -we'll see a glimpse of "press
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get the steal. the bounce pass.. and finishing it off with the basket. -florida not going away though.. gators break the press and the alley-oop to finney-smith! the gators roll 88-71 your final. to news and notes... police responded to a call that brown's johnny manziel had an altercation with his girlfriend.. he was not arrested. -angelique kerber upsets serena williams to win the australian open. -and another top-25 matchup tonight as #4 kansas hosts #20 kentucky. tipoff is at 7 on espn. in the detroit..clevelan d game last night.. lebron has a fast break for a dunk.. but denied!!! he misses. worst part is that --apparently-- the bucket would have been a career milestone.. taking him over his 26- thousand points mark. stay with us... we'll be right
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"curiosity" mars rover. the photo... which combines 57 images ... was taken earlier this month. it's a self- portrait of the mobile laboratory ... where it's been collecting and analyzing samples of martian sand. following the sand studies, researchers will evaluate possible locations for curiosity to move to and collect samples of bedrock. "curiosity" has been collecting data on the red planet since landing there in august of 2012. n-b-c nightly news is next. we'll see you back here at
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on this saturday night, down to the wire. with 48 hours to go, the candidates make a final push for votes in iowa. tonight, we go inside the war rooms and door to door. clinton and sanders neck and neck and a real battle among the republicans as iowa gets ready for the opening act of 2016. captured. three escaped inmates ck in jail tonight after two are caught on the streets of san francisco. a teacher who may have helped them break out. race against time. the growing battle to contain the zika virus on the ground in brazil as the outbreak linked to birth
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eating well why
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