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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> the worst now from the news team covering the carolinas. this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00. right now, crowds are swarming up town for the ciaa tournament. >> i'm excited and i think tomorrow is going to be huge. >> and with those thousands of people comes millions of dollars. new at 11:00, channel 9 learned how the impact of this week stacks up to other major events in charlotte. >> tomorrow will be the big finale to the ciaa tournament and tonight, fans packed into time warner cable arena for the semifinals. i'm erica bryant. >> and i'm allison latos. dashawn brown breaks down the
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>> reporter: they keep coming back because they feel like this tournament has something here for everyone. and tonight i found that also includes the city of charlotte, which could be the biggest winner in all of this. fans say it's like a reunion. >> yeah, pretty much. >> reporter: year after year and now 11 straight in charlotte. the ciaa brings in fans by the thousands. who are you representing? with lines here almost as long as the drive for fans like sharon. >> too long, 6 1/2 hours. >> i like seeing all the celebrities and just having a good time, being able to see family, which i haven't seen in a long time. >> reporter: charlotte resident is a first time vendor here at fan fest and says exposure like this isn't easy to find. >> very rarely. this is one of the biggest events, you know, that i've done in a long time. >> it is also one of the biggest events for the city of charlotte.
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the city's tourism agency last year. in 2012, the democratic national convention brought in $164 million. the 2017 nba all-star game in charlotte is expected to net $100 million. and right there on the list, the 2014ciaa tournament with the boost of nearly $47 million. >> just, you know, the atmosphere, my parents are here, my parents are in their 70s. i bring my kids here. >> i'm excited and i think tomorrow is going to be huge. >> reporter: and of course, tomorrow is the final day here in tournament weekend, organizers expect that fan count this weekend could reach 150,000 people. reporting live from time warner cable arena, dashawn brown, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you. is your source for everything you need to know about the ciaa. find a list of the events and ticket information in the water cooler section right there on
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right now, the temperatures are diving into the 20s tonight across the charlotte area. >> and chief meteorologist, steve udelson is tracking the plunge and the changes coming this weekend. >> allison, that is usually the case on a cold night, we never warmed up this afternoon. 50s is all we could muster in charlotte. that's in spite of all the sunshine. once the sun went down, temperatures have fallen steadily. our normal cooler spots below freezing. like lincolnton, it's 32. hickory, charlotte still checks in with 35. mid 20s across the high country. the clear skies everywhere but the mountains, which have had clouds the last few days. the steady winds have died down. again on our coldest nights is when we see the winds calm down. 5 to 10 degrees colder than this time last night. by the time you get up, mid to to upper 20s. average low in charlotte is 35.
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the weekend does promise a warm up. i'll show you by how much when i come back. >> thank you, steve. the union board of education is to hold a special meeting on monday. they aren't saying what this is about other than that it deals with a confidential personnel matter. this announcement comes just hours after investigators said the criminal charges will not be filed against the union county superintendent, mary ellis. we brought this to you as breaking news earlier today at 5:00. now back in november, channel 9 discovered that mary ellis is the president of a company called educatrix, when employed two top administrators. lenovo was in the middle of a contract to sell thousands of dollars of laptops to the school district. right now, police are looking for the man they say chased a jogger with a knife near downtown rock hill. investigators say the woman passed a man on a run yesterday
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he was following her down laurel street. she turned around again, and saw him running at her with a knife. she ran into the bathroom of a nearby bank to hide. this happened a block away from winthrop university, and students who jogged that way told us this is scary. >> it's sort of bad to have that kind of activity happening so close to campus. >> police hope surveillance video from the bank will help them track down the suspect. they have not released that video to us. a man accused of breaking into cars at several local fire charges tonight. today we obtained a copy of the warrant that shows a total of nine guns were stolen out of cars at departments all across the carolinas in the past two weeks. one was recovered when police arrested their suspect, johnny bing, on wednesday. police say they tracked bing through a receipt left at one of the fire stations. we reached out to the police to
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but so far, we have not heard back. new tonight, north carolina's largest health insurer broke even in 2015. despite losses related to coverage problems. blue cross, blue shield, reported today that it earned $500,000 last year. that is compared to $51 million loss in 2014. the company says improvements in businesses like its medicare advantage helped overcome a $282 million loss on plans that comply with the affordable care act. blue cross has been facing a string of issues, you'll remember, it put 25,000 customers in the wrong plan. it drafted the wrong amount of money out of more than 3,000 bank accounts. and when customers tried to sort out those issues, they were on hold for hours. the company blames a new computer system. some new developments in a standoff in washington that we have been monitoring since 5:00. tonight, officials now say that
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to be the only survivor of a shooting that left five others dead is related to the victims. authorities say a man called the police earlier today and say he shot and killed his family of four. officials negotiated with that man for three hours before he took his own life. none of the victims or the gunman had been identified. and in kansas, we reported breaking news last night at 11:00 that three people were killed there and 14 others hurt in a series of shootings before officers shot and killed the gunman. police say all this started less than two hours after officers served cedric ford with a protective order. today, a 28-year-old woman was charged with knowingly providing a weapon to a convicted felon for giving ford two guns. right now, investigators are trying to figure out what caused this crash involving a charlotte fire truck this afternoon. we first told you at 5:00 two
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right outside of levnie children's hospital. the drivers were taken to cmc. no firefighters were hurt. tomorrow, south carolina voters will head to the polls for the democratic primary. >> hillary clinton has a commanding lead over bernie sanders in the state. new tonight, eyewitness news reporter, elsa gillis explains the role that strategy is playing in this race. >> locations just like this one are ready to go for round two, but tomorrow's democratic primary looks much different than the republican primary. there are just two candidates and one with a commanding lead and each made very different in the state. strong candidates. >> and all voters we spoke with agree. >> i tie between the two. >> in tomorrow's primary, professor of political science, dr. karen says both candidates are vying for the african american vote. >> they are over half of the
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>> she says former secretary of state, hillary clinton, has a strong relationship with the african american community. but senator bernie sanders worked to solidify that vote as well. >> he's been traveling around to historically black colleges and universities. he's been appearing at a number of african american churches. >> this past week, clinton and her husband made several appearances in the state, where sanders is focused on the states that will cast ballots on the upcoming super tuesday. >> he thinks his time is best spent elsewhere. >> one supporter told us sanders is being smart. >> i think he metered himself for the longer run. he is running the marathon, not the sprint. >> but a win for clinton tomorrow could set the stage for other southern states. >> hillary clinton really sees south carolina as a position of strength and that she wants to do extraordinarily well here and win as many delegates as possible. >> the doctor says last week's primary broke records, bringing
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for this one, experts expect 400,000 people to come out. >> for the candidates tomorrow's election is really a battle for delegates. delegates will vote for the party's nominee at the democratic national convention based on the winners in the primaries and the caucuses. the democratic party also has super delegates who can vote at their discretion. the doctor says that clinton has a mass support among many of those super delegates. of course, count on channel 9 to bring you complete coverage of the primary tomorrow and who wins both on air and online at tomorrow, republican presidential candidate, donald trump, will formally open a campaign office in north carolina. a ribbon cutting will take place tomorrow afternoon in fayetteville. organizers say a number of local politicians will be there. it is unclear if trump will make fayetteville campaign stop for it as well. tonight, the high school
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principal are off the job, but police won't say why or if their suspensions are connected to a brawl caught on video at a basketball game. it happened two weeks ago. several players were suspended from game play next year because of the fight. but leaders say about 19 of them are innocent. assistant principal was suspended without pay two days last week. had principal luke brown was suspended with pay for three days this week. district leaders wouldn't say why. just in the last four hours, a candle light vigil was victim. for howard, police say she was killed last friday at the red staying. police are still searching for a suspect. new at 11:00 tonight, a developer wants to build hundreds of new apartments in south end. we have some pictures of what the complex is set to look like. it's going to be located on
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intersection of south trion street. charlotte city council has to approve the rezoning plan, which would include adding retail space and more apartments. council is expected to take up that plan in may. a few minutes ago, i showed a chilly start we'll see. when we come back, i'll show you if we warm up as we head through the weekend. >> plus, a tornado ravaged a north carolina farm that a man spent decades building. >> i'm not going to look back. we can come back again. >> new at 11:00, the selfless
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entire c tonight, a massive cleanup effort is underway to help a north carolina community ravaged by an ef-2 tornado. >> and new at 11:00, i learned strangers are stepping in to help people rebuild their lives. looking at tornado destruction like this, it can be hard to be hopeful. it took 24 years for him to build his farm in greenville county. he lost much of it in minutes. he estimates a quarter million dollar loss in buildings. thousands in equipment, and four of his 250 cattle.
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we can start and come back again. >> families like the barnes, are sifting through the rubble of their homes picking out memories, a typewriter, toy boat, a red chair. >> that was mine when i was a baby. >> but neighbors are also chipping in. wayne overton from north carolina baptist men has been here since yesterday helping with the clean up. next week, he says more members of the faith based organization will come here to help the barnes and the community rebuild. >> i don't know what the lord will do to us or for us. sometimes good things come out of bad things. >> what goes through my mind yesterday when i got here was where can i help? where am i needed most and what can i do for these folks that suffered this catastrophe? >> now the department of agriculture and the forest service are in the community helping with recovery efforts. this charlotte man is going to be in court again next month after police charged him with the murder of his 82-year-old
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channel 9 was there last night as police took erwin feldman to jail. today a judge refused to give him bond. police say he killed his mother at her home in south charlotte two years ago. police served search warrants yesterday at feldman's home and his office. >> police are working to determine if a violent robbery at this hickory store could be connected to a similar case. we first broke this story last night at 11:00 right after investigators say a robber pistol whipped and kidnapped a clerk at the fast and fresh store. >> it's horrible. i don't know what else to say, it's horrible. >> police say the case is similar to a robbery at the lucky stop a mile away. they plan to step up patrols in the area of the stores at closing time. tomorrow, job seekers can apply to work at carowinds. they plan to fill 4,000 positions about the rides, the entertainment, admissions and
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the job started a pay of $8 an hour. you can ask questions about the positions and apply on the spot. the job fair runs from 1:00 until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow at the park. you can enter through the main entrance on carowinds boulevard near cabela's. panthers quarterback hosted his inaugural basketball game at phillip o'barry high school. >> morman's team was coached by teammate, billy brown, and thomas davis coached the opposing team. the south carolina native has hosted the similar game annually in his hometown. and this was his first event in charlotte. >> i am moving into, it's the carolinas, so it's always been here and now embedded ourselves here and i love it. >> looks like it was a success. all the proceeds from tonight's event go to norman's stars 24 foundation, which provides a support system to help keep children out of trouble.
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standing by to tell us about the warmup. we like the sound of that. >> and it's about time, erica. 51 this afternoon, you'd expect that at the end of december, early january, but not by the end of february. and there is a push of warmer air heading our way that will be arriving, starting tomorrow. temperatures warm into the mid 50s, but really arrive as we head through sunday. a nice jump. not only that, it stays there through the middle part of next week. so, not only do we get the warmup, we keep the sunshine we had today. both tomorrow and sunday. bottom line is, it's a fabulous weekend to get outside and do what you want to do. still tracking a few mountain clouds, they have been pesky, but don't worry, you'll get in on the sunshine over the weekend. morning walk tomorrow, by 8:00, we'll scoot just above freezing and on our way to the lower 40s by 10:00. if you want to throw on a lot of layers, you may want to wait a little bit.
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tomorrow, don't blink, you may have missed it. one or two passing clouds, that is it. and as we head through sunday, more of the same. i mean, there is nothing but sunshine on that future cast. not a cloud to be found, and certainly no risk for rain. as far as the warmup goes, it will be a little slow tomorrow, mid to upper 40s as we head through lunchtime. mid to upper 30s, on our way to low to mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. and about 40 up in the mountains. so, ciaa tournament, final games are tomorrow and boy the weather could not be nicer. walking around uptown will be in the mid 50s. wind will be lighter than it has been. that's a plus. it will be around 50 at 6:00. if you're out for the evening game, the men's final, temperatures backing down through the 40s. you'll need a coat. up in the high country this weekend, finally the winds die down and finally get to enjoy a little bit of sunshine after a cloudy and pretty snowy week. lower 40s on saturday.
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gets underway, and with all that recent snow and the chill, meaning in the mountain resorts are making the snow. how about some great ski conditions up in the high country this weekend. probably one of the best we've seen in a long time. chance of rain is going to remain low until the middle part of next week. not that we're exactly hurting on rain fall, we end the month of february with a surplus by about an inch and a half. a surprise for those outside during the month of february. our five-day forecast keeps us in the sun and the warmth through late monday. by tuesday, the clouds win out and by wednesday, finally, some rain. but this weekend, you've got to get outside. >> oh yeah. >> thank you, steve. a massive fire at an uptown gas station. the threat firefighters averted by their quick work to contain it. >> plus, the controversial diverging diamond under
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the changes (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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ru, changes are coming to the controversial divulging diamond. leaders announced the dot is making improvements to the diamond by adding a turn lane to merge on to i-77 north. nc dot hopes to fix the congestion issue with the improvements. construction will happen in the nighttime beginning this spring. new at 11:00, police are investigating after a man was pulled out of a vehicle and beaten with a steel pipe. our partners at the gaston gazette report the assault happened yesterday morning along union road. the man told officers that he was in a friend's vehicle sitting in a parking lot when he was pulled out of the car by two suspects. >> new information tonight, the state health department reports
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that's actually far less than last year. when 218 people in the state died from the flu. health officials say they are concerned because last year the number of flu cases peeked at the beginning of the year. they also say this year's flu vaccine is one of the most effective in years. records show those who did get the flu shot were 59% less likely to get sick compared to
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last year's vaccine was last steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness
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woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt alittle forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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josh norman showed his athleticism isn't just confined to the football field tonight. the premier free agent was his familiar self. even at his charity hoops game flying around making plays and of course talking trash. it was all in good fun to raise money for his nonprofit. but norman couldn't help himself. he's always seeking out competition on the hardwood, on the football field, he's been tested and proven he's in the conversation as the best cornerback in the nfl and he expects to be paid like it as well. negotiations began today between norman's team and the panthers. they can't strike a deal before tuesday, the panthers will strike the franchise tag on him. just shy of $14 million. norman said he is fine with it, but business afterall, don't expect him to take a penny less than what he's worth. >> show me what's the top.
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ain't nothing wrong with it, you know, nothing wrong with saying that. but the tag is not going to disrupt me how i go about my daily life. >> the hornets, a win over the pacers would clinch the season series, with 3 1/2 games separating. the tie breaker could be crucial. marvin williams with the offensive burden. straight away three pointer good. a team high 26 points in 35 minutes for williams tonight. walker also on as usual. his wing three pointer good. this one went down to the wire. fast forward 20 seconds left, hornets up 1. montay ellis, it's good. pacers in front by one. seven seconds left. split to double team and lay it in. hornets up 1 with seven seconds up. pacers have one more chance. they get inbounds to george. for the win.
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hornets escape, 96-95 the final. ciaa semifinals, virginia state and orange taking on bowie state. in the hands of kevin williams who attacks. and finishes, he had 17 points. trojan well in control. it's a 12 point lead for virginia state and it's williams driving to the 10, laying it in. 81-70. they are headed to the championship game tomorrow night. the other semifinal, virginia union in white taking on livingstone. panthers quickly the other way. ray anderson, too fast for the blue bears defense, but so far the blue bears a little bit too good for union. some transition action for livingstone. darryl hits the three pointer. livingstone leading by 4. championship game tomorrow night. >> sounds like it will be a big one. thank you, phil. coming up, an uptown gas station erupts into flames. why firefighters say it could
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breaking news right now. yoko ono, just rushed to a new york hospital for a stroke. our sister station in new york reports ono who is 83 was unconscious when she was taken to the hospital just after 9:00 tonight. we'll stay on top of this breaking news for you overnight. watch eyewitness news saturday morning starting at 6:00 a.m. for the latest developments. tonight, fire investigators are working to try to determine what caused this massive fire. it happened at an uptown gas station. customers were actually inside this circle k on graham street when the fire started. crews say thankfully, the gas pumps were never a threat in the 35 minutes it took to get those flames under control. employees say they have a hunch that this was an electrical fire. >> aside from the chill, not a
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we'll take a look . quick update now to the breaking news we first told you about a moment ago. a spokesperson for yoko ono told abc news the widow of john lenen was taken to the hospital for extremely serious case of the flu and that at this point, it does not appear that she had a stroke. >> obviously, keep you updated on her condition. now a check of the weather. >> weekend looks good. we get sunshine today and a warmup on the way.
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good night. >> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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