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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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here's a live look right now. what we've learned and whether police have a suspect. i'm liz foster. >> i'm john paul. first schools will be letting students out two hours early today. they might get to enjoy warm temperatures this afternoon but the clear skies not going to last all day. >> we'll start out with sunshine but we won't end it with sunshine. we'll see more clouds and 10 to 15 degrees cooler. it's 37 in concord and salisbury. lower 30s in the mountains. a little more of a chill out there with clear skies. sunshine to stick with us this morning, clouds this afternoon. still warm in the mid to upper 60s. the rain chances start to build in by this evening and the latest future cast timeline should mostly hold off until after the evening drive and how long it lasts through the overnight hours. police say a woman was shot
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ago in northwest charlotte on griers grove road near fred alexander park. joe bruno just arrived on the scene. still very active right? >> yeah when i arrived i saw police going in and out of apartments but they don't think the woman was actually shot here. they believe she was shot near a ymca about a half mile from here. we are at the north cross townhomes. they found a woman shot in the head in the parking lot but do believe she was shot in a different location. this is just where they found her. she was taken to carolina medical center. we are unsure of her injuries but we will be asking about her condition. police tell me at this time they do not have a suspect or motive but it's an on going investigation. you can see that griers grove road several police cars lined on the street and have blocked off this road.
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alternative routes later on in the broadcast but we are going to try to find out more information about this victim and any possible motive. reporting live in northwest charlotte channel 9 eyewitness news. >> breaking this morning following a triple murder investigation in gaston county. channel 9 was first on the scene around midnight. investigators arrested this woman crystal i cannot mean bean o who murdered her husband giovanni. you can see there appears to still be investigators out at this scene. police told us they received a call from a family member around 8 last night concerned about the people living there. when they arrived they found three people shot to death. they are still working to identify the other two victims and you can see those investigators there right now. police arrested crystal gambino
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they had one child together. crystal had an adult daughter away at college. crystal is expected to be mr. court this afternoon. right now she's only charged in the killing of her husband. you can count on channel 9 to let you know if she's charged with the other two deaths. a private school will be closed again today after symptoms of neuro virus after nearly 50 teachers and staff got sick. health officials met inside the school for a lunch on friday and many of them became sick soon after. no students were at the school. crews did clean to prevent that virus from spreading inside. some unc charlotte fraternities and sororities are taking extra precautions after a confirmed case of the mumps on campus. some have canceled their meetings as a measure. students received a letter from
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the student lived off campus and has stayed off campus for seven days but students heard rumors and are worried it could spread. >> the thought of diseases you can't even detect for longer than two weeks is pretty terrifying. knowing college students and how they are that can definitely get pretty bad pretty quick. >> there are now a total of 14 confirmed and probable mumps cases. of them 3 are in mecklenburg county. just two weeks ago we told you about a mumps out break that has been linked to the lowe's headquarters in mooresville. two employees tested positive for the mumps. authorities are making sure the 4,000 people who work there stay healthy. it's 4: 35. investigators hope to release more information about this
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elderly couple yesterday on day break. they died at the hospital after a truck crashed into their home in fallston last night. the crash ruptured the gas and it exploded. the couple didn't make it out on time. >> watching her turn to walk away and a wall of fire. i'll never forget that. >> troopers say he crashed into that home driving from martin electric in kings mountain. today this man charged in a deadly hit-and-run crash on central avenue will face a judge. police arrested louis just hours after the crash yesterday morning. right after the crash rivera called 911 to say his car was stolen but when they went to his house they found the silver
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we caught up with him as he was being booked. >> no, sir. somebody stole my mini-van. >> investigators have not released the victim's name yet. this morning 12 states will be casting their vote in the presidential primaries. hilary clinton beyond donald trump are expected to secure their needed. clinton needs 1837 more delegates. there are 1015 up for grabs today. trump needs 1155 and there are 595 at stake today. a big chunk of those come from texas a state where he is trailing. ted cruz is hoping for a big win there. >> what's going to matter starting wednesday morning is delegate count. how many delegates you have. we are going to do well in texas and across super tuesday but it depends on conservatives
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>> channel 9 will monitor election results as they come in from across the country tonight. see them at and bring you complete coverage at 10 and 11. the future of josh norman could be diet decided today. ahead the cost of keeping him on the market and the alternative coach rivera is hoping for. a new sales tax like basic services like haircuts and car repairs will cost you more. >> i hope they make good use of
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bada ba ba ba almost 4: 41 now. there will be several proposals you can vote on during north carolina primary on march 15. >> today a new report could bring thousands of jobs to the state over the next few years. the connect nc bond would create 5,000 jobs most in construction and also boost other areas like retail and food service but most of the bond money would go to building and ren elevatorring buildings on college campuses. it will soon be easier for
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and children program. it's the same type of cards food stamp recipients use. nearly half of the nation infants benefit from wic and covers only certain nutritional foods like fruits and veggies. ahead at 4: 45 the reason governor pat mccrory will save
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and starting the day clear > and 4: 44 right now. a lot going on following breaking news in northwest charlotte. these are live pictures. a woman was shot in the head just about an hour ago in this area here on griers grove road near fred alexander park and crews are there on the scene. you can see they've got the police tape up as well as they investigate this. the woman was shot somewhere else but was found in the parking lot of the north cross town homes. that's what we are looking at here. griers grove road is closed off of baity forth. mark taylor will have the alternate route for us at 4: 55 and joe bruno has all of the information he's getting on the scene in about ten minutes. several sales taxes take effect in north carolina. >> that means you'll be paying
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and car repairs. lawmakers approved the tax last year. it's part of an effort to lower income tax. stylists will charge you for a hair tax and you'll have to pay a labor charge for your vehicle. some will make the services out of reach for some. >> it's a little bit scary. it's such a large hike in taxes it's going to make it hard for a lot of folks to be able to afford vital services like get you are their car repaired. >> ranging from 6.5% to 7.5% by county and it will raise $85 million in extra revenue. part of that money will be distributed to poorer counties. governor pat mccrory says
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$42,000 a day to call in lawmakers. the governor said it went too far by allowing people to choose the bathroom they want to use based on the gender they identify with. he does not think it would change opponents views. >> this would be one of those cases where legislation would not very quickly versus what normally happens because the passions are so high on this issue. >> lawmakers go back for the short legislative session on april 25. the quality nc supports the ordinance and says this is a line of attacks on the control. the department is asking the mayor to reconsider taking trash services. it would effect all complexes with more than four units. leaders say it could save millions of dollars by turning
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but residents would have to pay more fees on top of taxes. happening today people living near duke energy's river bend will morning more about the coal ash pits and having a meeting to discuss the removal of the hazardous material. river bend is a high priority site meaning coal ash must be removed by 2019. some people are concerned about the process because it allows duke to remove it safely. the state says the water is well beneath the surface and will have to test the water released back into the lake. tonight's meeting starts at 6 at gaston college in dallas. a nice start to the day. a little cooler. keith monday has a look at the forecast and where things go from here. >> the temperatures overall will be stepping down much more
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yesterday we got into the 70s again not going to be back today but we'll be close. temperatures this morning cooling back mainly north. a variety in the mountains. high cloud cover coming over the mountains now it's a bit cool. warming into the low to mid 60s by lunch time and close to 70 again if we can get the clouds to hold off long enough. a little bit of a cooler day expected overall. mountains mid to upper 50s so the mild weather is bringing on more of the tree pollen into the high category and in that season where it's going to stay at the high or very high category for the next couple of months so get the allergy medicine ready to go. clear skies through at least lunch time into the early afternoon but by the late
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the showers and thunderstorms from the west in asheville and boone about 8:00 so this will not arrive until long after the evening drive in charlotte. should be here between 10 and 11 and overnight sliding eastbound. here's 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. the rain is already out of charlotte so very little if any impact at all for the morning drive. the one thing to watch for it light snow in the mountains on wednesday. little snow accumulation expected right now. big chance of rain all dry tomorrow and thursday that high rain chance also not coming until the evening hours. we show you that coming up into the 5:00 hour. our five day forecast looking ahead to that weekend. the main story is the cool down. upper 60s to near 70s today. middle 50s tomorrow, low 50s on thursday and into the weekend starting to see the rain chances dwindle and
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to 60 saturday and back into the 60s by sunday. >> decent temperatures for the weekend too. >> pretty good for the weekend so far. >> thanks keith. the state of south carolina will get $157 million in federal aid to help pay for flood recovery. $98million will be split between state agencies. lexing ton county will get 16 million and columbia will get $20 million to repair roads homes and businesses that were damaged or destroyed in october's historic floods. channel 9 went back to those hard hit areas months later and found not much has changed since october. piles of trash bedding and appliances left outside and homes are boarded up because fema doesn't pay to rebuild homes or do major repairs. many homeowners have to rely on non profits and volunteer groups to help rebuild homes.
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will stay after announcing he will not seek a new contract with the city. the agreement he and jennifer roberts struck and what it city. and ron rivera hopeful one of his players will stay.
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contracted deadline 4: 54 now. the carolina panthers are
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>> they have until 4: 00 whether to apply a franchise tag to josh norman a move to cost them $13.9 million and a lot of money if they don't tag him he'll hit the open market but ideally the panthers will work out a long term contract with the player. coach ron rivera is optimistic about this. >> i'm not concerned about him being a worn down body. i'm excited about the direction they are going to try and hit with the situation. i'm pretty optimistic. many people are about to head out on the roads so mark taylor already has issued out there. >> we are keeping tabs in north charlotte where joe bruno is right now with the police investigation. we do have a road closure griers grove road around baities ford and asking if any additional roadways will be effected as well.
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out. keith? starting out this morning with a clear picture but the clouds take over fast into the evening. there's the rain in the middle of the country. we show you the time and how quickly it builds in tonight. and the next shot at nice weather. and a woman was shot in the head. the second in gaston county where three people were found shot and killed. the latest in both cases in just a few minutes. minutes. eyewitness news day break 5:00
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bada channel 9 is following breaking news overnight in gaston county. police arrested this woman and charged her with murder after finding three people shot to death and hours later police are still at the scene gathering evidence. this is live video from the scene north of stanley. what neighbors heard hours earlier that prompted a call to police and the questions police
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and breaking right now in northwest charlotte live look here from the scene of a shooting investigation on griers grove road that left one woman injured. the question about the search for a suspect. good morning thanks for joining us. i'm john paul. >> i'm liz foster. we want to remind all parents will release students two hours early today. let's get a check on the forecast keith monday has a nice warm up for today. >> still going to warm up well even though we are off to a cooler start this morning. neighborhoods mostly in the 30s north of charlotte. we had a cold front come through yesterday and barely even noticed it. still in the 40s in charlotte and a variety in the mountains so the day will warm things back up but a 5-degree cooler start in charlotte and 10 degrees or more cooler in the northern tier counties. so a light jacket out the door
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back into the 50s by 9:00 and close to 70 today even though the clouds will be rolling back in. we'll show you in the future cast timeline when the rain starts to roll in and how many more rain chances are coming in this week. let's get you over to mark taylor in the traffic center where we still have issues from overnight. >> that's right we are watching north charlotte very closely this morning. we do have a road closure that will effect a few folks. joe bruno will have an update in a few minutes. griers grove road is closed so use access of baities ford as an alternate. other than that very quiet. an 8 minute ride from north lake. down al arrowood road the traffic is light and clear from that county. breaking news as police scower three crime scenes in northwest charlotte. they are looking for a suspect


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