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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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back into the 50s by 9:00 and close to 70 today even though the clouds will be rolling back in. we'll show you in the future cast timeline when the rain starts to roll in and how many more rain chances are coming in this week. let's get you over to mark taylor in the traffic center where we still have issues from overnight. >> that's right we are watching north charlotte very closely this morning. we do have a road closure that will effect a few folks. joe bruno will have an update in a few minutes. griers grove road is closed so use access of baities ford as an alternate. other than that very quiet. an 8 minute ride from north lake. down al arrowood road the traffic is light and clear from that county. breaking news as police scower three crime scenes in northwest charlotte. they are looking for a suspect
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live for us on griers grove road where police found the victim about 90 minutes ago and you just spoke to police. are they telling you anything? >> in the past five minutes they dropped the crime scene tape and are getting ready to leave the scene. they told me there are three scenes right now and we made a map for you to see where exactly these are. they are all about within a mile of each other where a woman was found shot in the head. the second scene is within walking distance from here at the corner of griers ford and baities ford road. that's where police are investigating a car that was shot into and half a mile up there's a third scene where they believe the woman was shot. the woman made her way here. police believe she either drove herself or somebody picked her up and took her to the townhomes. police say she was shot in the head and does have life
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able to speak with officer eyes at this moment no word on her dimension the hospital. police are investigating to try to find any suspects and a possible motive. we'll bring you any live updates in 30 members. joe bruno channel 9 eyewitness news. also breaking news in gaston county where police are investigating a triple homicide. >> channel 9 was first on the scene overnight. they have charged this woman in the death one of the victims was her husband. angela hong is live at the scene to explain how they found the victims. >> right we are outside of the family home in alexis. you can make out the blue tarp they have up and the crime scene van looking for evidence in this triple homicide and this is right next door to the gambino family home.
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around 8:00 after they were asked to do a welfare check. a concerned family member met with the officers and found three adults that had been shot to death. one of the victims lived at the home with his wife crystal. police arrested her in stanley and she's been charged with first degree murder in her husband's death and police have not revealed a motive in this case. crystal is due to be in court later on today. police are still trying to positively identify the two other people found shot inside of this home. coming up in the next 30 minutes i'll tell you what we found out about the family and what neighbors told us they heard moments up to when police arrived at the scene. channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thanks angela. 5:04 now. we learned it could take months
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the man should face the death penalty. the capital committee will make a recommendation to the department of justice regarding malcolm hartly one of 12 suspected members and associated associates of the united blood nation gang indicted in 2014. he's accused of shooting the couple in their home. months earlier a group of suspects robbed the london's south charlotte matt recess store. a top level gang member ordered hartly to kill them to prevent them from testify inning the robbery case. new from day break police in lancaster need your help finding a man accused of attempted murder. this man shot a man on friday night on 14th street after an argument. harper shot him in the chest and drove off in a silver or
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officers do expect to file charges once he's arrested. the victim is expected to be okay. starting today people across north carolina will have to pay more for haircuts car services and more. >> that tax varies from county but will range from 6.5% to 7.5%. it's part of after enterto lower income taxes. stylists will have to charge a haircut tax. drivers will also have to pay a tax on the labor costs for vehicle repairs. >> how many more times can they get it from the working guy? you are getting it from every angle now it seems like. >> the state will distribute part of the additional revenue from the tax for poor counties schools community college and economic development project eyes find a full list of the changes at look for them on our home page.
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following for the day ahead the single biggest day in the voting season, super tuesday. 12 states will hold a primary or caucus. donald trump and hilary clinton hold big leads and while no candidate can wrap up the nomination they are expected to put a big distance between themselves and closest competitors. trump is polling behind in texas the biggest super tuesday state. >> i think trump is going to win everything, maybe cruz in texas. >> a new cnn poll released yesterday shows 49% of republican voters now support him. new this morning the chairman and ceo of nascar is now endorsing trump for president. yesterday brian france and several drivers including chase elliot and ryan new man join trump in georgia to show their
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france said trump's leadership and strength are extreme needed after the heavy jittism from an endorsement of the kkk. david duke endorsed trump over the weekend. fellow candidates blasted him after he didn't immediately refuse the endorsement of the when asked about it on cnn he blamed a bad ear piece saying he couldn't hear the question. trump did disown duke and the endorsement. count on channel 9 to follow all of the action today surrounding super tuesday. bring you complete results on air on line tonight at 11. newcharlotte snack added another brand diamond foods first told you about this back in october. the deal will add brands like pop secret and emerald nuts.
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getting shares in the land and more than $12 in cash per share of the stock they own. we expect dollar tree to release the fourth quarter earnings. wall street is thinking the company will post earnings of $1.07 per share with $5.4 billion revenue. last year was $1.16 per share and $2.48 billion in revenue. they took over matthews based family dollar next year. we'll bring you our results on t.v. 64 our sister station. the carolina state agencies have 230 days to show the federal government they are properly testing drinking water. they want to know how states are preventing pipe corrosion. last month we told you carolina water service found lead in the fox wood subdivision in fort hill and river hills in lake
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they say levels are back to normal. the they believe the lead came off pipes that serve 35,000 customers. here's keith monday in severe weather center 9 with weather he's tracking for us this morning. >> nice and clear this morning but the career pattern we enjoy now and the sunshine later this morning will be taken over by clouds as the day goes on. next storm system bringing pretty strong storms through parts of oklahoma and arkansas into missouri right now. those will intensify into the deep south but it's an evening rain chance for us and by the time it gets here it is going to lose a lot of it's steam. we'll be arriving very quickly into tomorrow but we are not completely done with the rain chances for this week. we show you the timeline for another round of down pours coming our way as the week progresses. let's get back over to mark taylor watching independence. >> traveling with ease on u.s. 74 looking out towards briar
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distance and traffic lightly traveling inbound. also out bound heading to matthews no big delays. in fact you folks out of monroe also clear of any big problems. dry and clear not a bad way to start things. drive time technology showing inbound at 48 miles per hour, 14 minutes from 485 to the john belk in brookeshire. if you are heading to 485 from matthews around east john street 66 miles per hour the average speed there and that's about a 6 minute commute. john? >> neighbors and family of a cleveland county couple killed after a crash and explosion say the home had been hit three times in the last year. >> i truly, truly hate that this has happened. >> ahead at 5:45 the explanation the driver gave neighbors for why he lost control. a busy road shut down for hours after a flat bed tractor crashed into a car while
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have a look out and why neighbors are worried it will happen again.
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today we'll be asking the district attorney if charges
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shooting that happened in canapolis. >> it happened near a church. ryan barrett's girlfriend was driving and rear ended a car robert andrews was in. the two men argued and andrews shot barrett. andrews has not been arrested for the shooting. >> this appeared to be an isolated incident. there wasn't danger of retaliation or danger to the public. it was best to gather all of the information. >> at last check barrett is still recovering from his injuries at cmc northeast. rock hill police have arrested a second suspect after a shooting that forced a school to go into lock down. thomas clark fired shots across the school on february 4 while students were inside. he faces attempted murder and other charges. they also arrested strong. he robbed someone at gunpoint.
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released the blood alcohol analysis for four students who died in a crash last fall. investigators did not say it was a factor until now. three of the four students including the driver were over the legal limit. there had been questions about whether the reports were private record or public information. the north carolina university systems new president but some students at chapel hill plan to walk out and rally today and they are not alone. opposition groups including the faculty forward network an organization that fights to improve faculty conditions plan to rally as well. controversy began when spellings was picked to head the 17 campus system back in october. some claim several members of the board secretly recruited spellings. opponents criticized her background and raised questions about her plans for the campuses. ron carly would stay on the
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out the budget even though he will not seek a contract extension. last week's announcement came after months of city leaders questioning his job performance. a state leader says she's pleased he agreed to stay on through the process and plans to take official action on the budget march 14. the price of a first class stamp will be going down by 2 cents. you don't hear that often. starting april 10 the stamp will cost 47 cents down from 49. the drop is part of an arrangement with congress. in 2014 the u.s. postal service was granted temporary permission to increase prices but only for two years. here's keith monday in severe weather center 9 and he is tracking a cool down and showers. >> the cool down and showers holding off for a while. rain chance not going to come in until tonight so all day to
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it's cooler out there and upper 40s in charlotte monroe 47 keeping our temperatures up just a little bit but 36 in lincolnton and 38 in statesville. up in the mountains below freezing. a little colder to start back out but we keep the south west wind today. won't be as breezy but will still warm us up. mid 50s by 9:00 high cloud cover building this afternoon. still warming. the high today just shy of 70. the cloud cover coming in will cap us from a cooler pattern from what we saw yesterday we hit 74 but those clouds hold off long enough we may hit 70 for another day. after today the 70s or anywhere close is long gone so at least through mid day today crystal clear. the clouds increase into the evening drive. the rain does not. still dry in charlotte through 8:00 but over to the west into the mountains the down pour
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maybe brief heavy rain lightning and brief gusty winds. looks like severe weather threats well out to our west with the timing not great for severe weather thankfully. watch how that red exercise when you get into charlotte at 10 or 11. we may have brief heavy rain between 11 and midnight and zipping quickly off to the east. the sky will clear into tomorrow morning and mountain snow showers up there. everywhere else looks very quiet into our wednesday. look at the temperatures dropping upper 60s today to mid 50s tomorrow, lower 50s for highs on thursday because more cloud cover will come in on thursday. it's almost going to be an exact repeat of what we are seeing for today. dry during the day on thursday. rain comes in thursday night. we'll show you that coming up after 5:30 but into the weekend a nice warming trend back to 60 degrees again as we head our way into saturday. our five day forecast with that weekend always in view.
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down below average this time of year 58 to 59 in the lower 50s on thursday. the next rain chance late thursday night likely out of here by friday morning. keep the mid 50s on friday, 59 on saturday and by the end of the weekend in the middle 60s again for sunday afternoon so great weather pattern expected into the weekend plans. before we get that get the latest check of the forecast and use the interactive radar to track the rain coming in for late today all of that with our free download of the wsoc t.v. weather app. let's get over to mark taylor. >> so far so good for the interstates south charlotte keith on 485 for folks heading to the interchange and i-77. from valentine and the inner loop no issues there. traffic is light through the area and dry and clear. no big obstacles so far.
5:20 am
out of the university area closer to sugar creek the southbound lanes moving right along out of rowan county south heading into charlotte or cleveland and gaston counties you folks all in good shape so far. liz? >> family members devastated as they sift through the debris of a cleveland county couple's home after an explosion leveled it. >> it was just unreal. >> at 5:45 the last question one victim asked rescuers moments after the blast. >> students at unc charlotte are on edge after a fellow student has the mumps. the reason it's concerning for health officials and what they
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5:24 now. this morning the district attorney will not file any chin charges involving the union county school superintendant and two district officials after the internal investigation involving school laptops. channel 9 first broke the investigation back in november. we discovered superintendant
5:24 am
administrators have a company which employed a sales executive from lenovo that sold thousands of laptops to the district. on friday the sbi finished it's investigation and found no wrong doing. the obama administration says technology companies hospital systems and doctors groups have agreed to take steps to make electronic health records easier for you to access. nearly all hospitals doctors offices and electronics but those often don't work with each other and improve consumer access and blocking information sharing among their systems. the driver of this tractor trailer tried to back across five lanes of busy randolph road hitting another driver. >> it's very dangerous and scary. >> ahead at 5:30 the reason drivers are concerned crashes like this will become more common. a lot of dry time for today. of course the rain for tonight and the future cast the next route that's coming in later
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it's channel 9 staying on top of breaking news in gaston county right now taking a live look at alexis road north of stanley where investigators are searching for evidence in a triple homicide. the suspect investigators have in custody now and the reason she's only charged for one of the crimes. and breaking in northwest charlotte in just the last 30 minutes our crew moved to a second scene connected to a shooting investigation on griers grove road. here's a live look right now you can see all of those police cars. what police are now telling us about how the locations are connected. good tuesday morning to you. i'm liz foster. >> i'm john paul. let's get a check of the forecast in severe weather
5:29 am
>> most of us are ten degrees colder than yesterday morning especially in the north the mid to upper 40s. 36 in mountain island lake. university at 39 but charlotte douglas at 46, 47 in valentine. lingering in the metro cold air came in last night and hovered north. high cloud cover keeping the temperatures from bottoming out too much. we will see that number drop before our morning is done here in charlotte. beautiful start to the day. really all day long stays very nice but you notice the clouds thickening up this afternoon. that's the beginnings of a rain chance coming in. very small chance of rain today. i'll show you that for the short term and how the rain chance picks up tonight and another round heading our way later this week. 5:30 weather and traffic every ten minutes. mark's got some updates on breaking news.
5:30 am
the road closure because of the shooting investigation that joe bruno has and a live update in a few minutes. the mine road is closed this morning both directions near fire stone drive halfway between peach tree and baities ford so use sunset road as an alternate around that. there's a second and third that we'll get to in just a few minutes but griers ford road also closed and part of that police investigation. the interstates moving well. looking at 66 miles per hour 77 southbound from north lake to uptown about an 8 minute commute. john? >> right now in the breaking news center monitoring the search for a gunman who shot a woman in the head overnight. officers are looking at clues from three different crime scenes. joe bruno is live where officers believe the woman was shot. joe?
5:31 am
with five minutes ago. we've seen a couple police officers leave but it's a very active scene. there are a couple evidence markers in the distance here where police think the woman was shot. there are three different crime scenes. we made a map for you to show you how close they are all within a mile of each other. this scene on mine road near fire stone drive is where police say a woman was shot and another car was possibly shot at. that car made it's way to baities ford road and griers grove road about a mile away from here. police are investigating that car trying to talk to the driver to see if they can get a suspect description from him and within walking distance of that scene was a third scene the north cross town homes where the woman ended up after being shot so police found her in the parking lot shot in the head and talking to officers. at this time police say they do not have a motive and do not have a suspect but police do
5:32 am
one soon within the morning because this woman is cooperating. here's what they had to say about her condition. >> a head injury so life threatening but she is talking and alert. >> and that woman was taken to carolina's medical center. her injuries are unclear at this moment. her condition but we are working to find out an updated status on her and continue to push police for possible suspects or motive. reporting live in northwest charlotte joe bruno channel 9 eyewitness news. >> a triple homicide in gaston county. we first told you about an hour ago on eyewitness news at 4:30 they found three people shot to death inside this home in alexis last night. >> channel 9 spoke exclusively with neighbors at the scene. angela hong is live to explain what they told us about the family that lives there.
5:33 am
one of the victims gee vanie gambino and his wife had a nine- year-old daughter together but the children are not involved in the crime and investigators are out here trying to collect evidence. you can see the blue tarp and the crime scene van and police working with flashlights to collect the evidence. this is right next to the house off to the left where police have been going in and out all morning. neighbors told us yesterday morning they heard loud bangs which sounded like a vegetable hammer. police believe those were gunshots. 12 hours later during a welfare check they found him and two other victims dead. police are working to positively identify him right now and crystal gambino has an older daughter who goes to app state. neighbors say this is out of character for her who they describe as good hearted. >> everybody says it doesn't happen in their neighborhood.
5:34 am
happened around here. >> crystal gambino has been charged with first degree murder in her husband's death. they are waiting for positive identification before there are more charges added on. in the next 30 minutes i explain who led police to the house last night. channel 9 eyewitness news. almost 5:35 right now neighbors are concerned another serious crash will happen like this again if officials don't make changes to tractor trailer rules. a big rig crashed into this car on randolph road yesterday while the driver was going to a construction site. the driver was backing across all five lanes to get into the site. police who questioned the driver say there's no regulation requiring a spotter to spot traffic or alert drivers to a vehicle crossing. with more construction on the way including a new publics on
5:35 am
about more safety issues. >> it's bad enough now i can't imagine with all of this extra construction how we are going to manage. >> police haven't released the condition of the driver. they say charmings are possible. this morning some unc charlotte students are concerned about their health after officials told them last night one student has mumps. >> some students told eyewitness news they canceled meetings to try to prevent the spread of the virus. there are five confirmed cases in our area, three in mecklenburg and two in iredale county. it can take up to 25 days for symptoms to appear and that worries students. >> the thought of diseases that you can't even detect for longer than two weeks is just, that's pretty terrifying. >> mecklenburg county's medical director says he would not be surprised to see more cases over the next few weeks. he says the best way to protect
5:36 am
vaccination is up to date. time now 5:36. today neighbors near duke energy's river bend station in gaston county will have a chance to learn more about cleaning up the coal ash pits and duke energy discussing removal of hazardous material. river bend has been classified as a high priority site which means the coal ash must be removed by 2019. today's environmental quality meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. at gaston college in dallas. this man is due in court today after a deadly hit-and- run in east charlotte yesterday morning and only eyewitness news was there when police took him into jail hours after the crash. >> no, sir. somebody stole my mini-van. i don't know. >> police arrested louis perez rivera after the crash on central avenue. after police responded to the
5:37 am
saying someone stole his van but they found his van parked outside of his apartment. we showed you the extent of the front end damage. the victim was cutting across central avenue. a nearby worker says people do that all the time. >> it's scary to think somebody would be willing to leave somebody there. >> investigators think speed played a role in this crash. we spoke with police overnight. they still have not released the victim's name because they are trying to get ahelped of his family. a story we'll be following for the day ahead the dispute between apple and the f.b.i. over unlocking the san bernardino gunman's iphone will head to capitol hill today. they are scheduled to testify at a house committee hearing on encryption technology and the balance between security and privacy. a california judge ordered apple to create software to hack into the san bernardino
5:38 am
apple has not com replied. they are hoping for answers about suspended police chief larry brown. the meeting will be held at town hall tonight at 6. residents will have a chance to ask questions. last week people who showed up for a special meeting left angry when the meeting lasted for six hours and left without answers. chief brown has been off the job for four months while sled investigators investigate allegations against him. we do not know what the allegations are and interim police chief has been serving in his place. more people than ever are planning to put tax refunds to good use. almost 80% of people will get state and federal refunds this year to $330 billion in refunds this year. of that people plan to put more than half of it in savings or paying down debt. the massive amount of refunds is due to the up swing in the
5:39 am
likely to save because of money concerns from the recession. if you haven't waited yet expect a refund because of the large number of filers. south carolina will hand out state refunds today even if you filed weeks ago giving the department of revenue time to verify documents with the irs and make sure people's refunds aren't stolen. expect them within two to three weeks of the date. weather and traffic every ten minutes here's keith monday with a look at temperatures right now. >> and cool temperatures have settled on in. we had a cold front come through rather unannounced. we still hit the 70s but in the 40s in charlotte the cold air spilling in. the real arctic stuff thankfully is not coming in but look how cold it is across the northern part of the country so as a series of cold fronts front come through it's going to tap into the mountains
5:40 am
40 at banner elk 42 beach mountain but 31 in boone. keep a mild mild day in place for today and late in the day rain chance comes up and cooler weather for later this week. a couple of incidents out there blocking roads due to investigations. mark's got the latest. >> we've been watching north charlotte closely. three scenes and a couple of road closures because of the shooting that took place overnight that joe has been talking about and another update shortly. mine road is one of them completely blocked very active with police on the scene so this is happening right now on a short stretch between peach tree and baities ford. this is caps hill mine near fire stone drive so to bet baities ford. and griers grove road closed so alternate route. and inbound lane of baities
5:41 am
minutes police cleared so all travel lanes open on baities ford. john? >> the state of north carolina won't challenge the non discrimination ordinance until after it goes into effect. ahead the reason for that decision and the impact emotions could have on possible legislation. family members are mourning the loss of a couple killed
5:42 am
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from classic to contemporary,
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today troopers hope to release more information about an explosion that killed an elderly couple in cleveland county. >> naomi and jb newton died after a truck crashed into the home. one witness told her and warned her to get out of the house but the couple was not able to escape in time. >> watching her turn to walk away from me and just a wall of fire. i'll never forget that. >> neighbors say it was the third time in a year that someone had driven into the couple's property. the mayor lives across the street from the victims and has witnessed other crashes in their yard. the mayor did ask for help from
5:45 am
was nothing that could be done. dozens of people have left prayers on our facebook page. you can too just by liking our page and looking for the top story. today how to help veterans transition to civilan life. students and the public can join the day long conference and brake out sessions and focus on understanding the needs of vets and their homes are families. that runs from 8 to 4: 20 today at the student union. we posted a link where you can register. look on wsoc t.v. for more. keith monday has a look at your day ahead. >> high cloud cover spilling in over the mountains this morning through the metro and coming and going to start the day may
5:46 am
in the next hour and a half. the next weather maker to the west pretty strong in missouri and restrengthen across the deep south expecting a round of severe weather there today. by the time it gets closer to there tonight it's going to lose a lot of it's punch and a dry sky for the majority of the day today. 46 in charlotte and 36 in lincolnton and reactioning havoc where it's clear and cooler 31 in boone and 35 cloud cover keeps the temperature up into most neighborhoods. we still up today with increasing clouds this afternoon. middle 60s by lunch time upper 60s for the high today at least around 68 or 69. a few 00s again down south up into the high country and this is the spot where you see the rain chance come in first this afternoon. clouds increasing and much better chance tonight for heavier down pours hitting the
5:47 am
south and east the clouds come in and rain chance holds off around the metro and east well after dark for tonight as rain shower chances hold off for the majority of the day. we'll see on the short term data quiet through the early afternoon late in the day a couple spotty showers west of the mountains but the big event is at 7:00 when that will start to move into the mountains with heavier down pours. between 7 and 8 from the high country to the west and through the metro after midnight for points to the east. the next round of weather is the same story. clouds building in through the day and rain to the west may mix in with light wet snow in the mountains a rain chance overnight thursday night to exit the scene very quickly into friday morning. so both rain chances this week mostly coming late and during the daylight hours a lot of dry time but the other part of the story here is the cool down. 56 for the high tomorrow. lower 50s by thursday with a
5:48 am
we do warm up into the weekend again. near 60 saturday, middle 60s in time for the end of our weekend. >> we have to just enjoy warmer temperatures today before the 10-degree drop by tomorrow. >> it will be a difference but just in time for weekend plans. >> good deal. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes let's get to mark taylor. >> monitoring the thorough fares this morning it's been a quiet one. we are near west boulevard southbound lanes getting busy but still not much happening northbound. just checked in with highway patrol in york county folks are doing well. checking some of those drive times from carowinds boulevard near the state line moving 66 miles per hour. 12 minute commute there. on highway 49 out of lake wiley heading into uptown that's a 26 minute trip taking 26 minutes
5:49 am
>> the shooting during uptown ciaa tournament is the third violent incident in the event in the last three years. ahead at 6:30 the changes to keep visitors safe. north carolina lawmakers will not hold a special session to discuss charlotte's controversial anti discrimination ordinance. the timeline for when they take up that issue and the action planned. you'll pay more for some services starting today as new tax laws go into effect.
5:50 am
(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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5:53 right now school reeders across the country including in north carolina are asking congress for more money in washington d.c. yesterday. they want an extra 35 cents per meal to cover increasing food and operating costs could you to the new rules for healthier meals for children. the group applauds the rules but it's costing schools an
5:53 am
>> in order to continue to provide those foods that children need and parents want we need the additional funding. 35 cents is minimal. >> schools can charge more for meals to make up for the added cost but fund raising prices discouraged students from buying school lunches. hosting a community job fair the event will kick off with an open employer discussion to help candidates learn about the companies and quality of the employee. more than 60 employers will be at the job fair including health and food and wells fargo. the job fair runs from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in concord. >> not as warm as yesterday morning. >> no you'll notice quite a bit. right now 5 degrees cooler in charlotte but most neighborhoods are 10 to 15 degrees cooler. you'll want a jacket heading out the door especially farther
5:54 am
lower 30s to start the day. this afternoon we are still going to warm things back up well into the 60s before the rain chance tonight. we'll have the review of the timeline of the future cast when you can expect the rain to roll in to your neighborhood and the bigger cool down. let's get you back out there on the roads with mark. >> monitoring the three crime scenes from the overnight shooting that has road closures and another update in just a few minutes. caps hill mine between fire stone drive peach tree and baities ford so use sunset road and a section of griers grove road blocked at baities ford. mcallister drive and all lanes open on inbound closed thank you is no longer the case. john? >> stay with eyewitness news day breakthrough out the 6:00 hour as we continue to follow several stories from our breaking news center. right now police are investigating multiple crime scenes after a woman was found shot in the head.
5:55 am
that could help them identify a suspect. police are investigating a triple homicide in alexis this morning. i'm angela hong in gaston geico for your boat.
5:56 am
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see we are following two breaking news stories for you this morning. this woman is in custody after a triple homicide in gaston county. she's accused of killing her husband. here's a live look now at the crime scene still active more than ten hours after police got there. the key questions investigators still need to answer. and we'll get to that just ahead.
5:59 am
i'm liz foster. weather and traffic in just a moment. >> i'm john paul. first in northwest charlotte a busy road is closed where officers are investigating a shooting. here's a look at the three different scenes that police are focusing on as they try to track down the shooter. a very active situation this morning. joe bruno is live for us on caps hill mine road with a look and what investigators are telling him right now. joe? >> well in the past ten seconds they just cleared the scene right here. they now have caps hill mine road open. this is the third scene. i want to show you this map right here. all three of the scenes are within about a mile of each other. check out these photos that i took of griers grove road and baities ford road. police investigating a car that was shot at. they say it was shot here at the third scene. if you check out this video you can see north cross town homes where they say a woman was
6:00 am
now she says that she was shot over here on caps hill mill road near baities ford road. police do not have any suspects or a motive either. they are talking to the woman who was shot in the head. she does have life threatening injuries but is cooperating with officers. she told them she was shot on caps hill mine road and either driven to the townhomes or drove herself there so those are the questions they'll be asking as they try to piece this investigation. mark taylor, caps hill mine road is open now. >> good news for folks heading through the area just to let you know exactly where this was, caps hill mine at fire stone drive is now open so if that's part of your commute you can now take it through this morning. looking at east charlotte on independence boulevard traffic looking great heading inbound towards uptown if you are


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