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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 1, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> that videotape ha watched by more than 16 million people. >> and erin told the cou today, this ordeal has himimpacte everything, even her love life. >> it was really sad, because i think he loved the other more. testifying that therelease of new videos online haunts the relationship with herboyfriend, hockey pro derick stahl. >> i don't wan to see this. >> andrews is suing her now convicted stalker and national marriott for $75 million, arguing the should have never allowed him to get a room next to hers when he made the videos. >> a lot of people is it really worth $75 million? you know what? see you naked online with
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>> on cross-examination, the hotel's defense tealm suggested that erin's career didn't suf after the peephole video, in fact it thrivvd with numerous endorsements. the 37-year-old sportscast erased into court today to avoid a rain shower and her parents were in court to support her. >> that court saw not only what erin andrews has been through, but what her whole family hass been through. >> today's te was so stressful, it appears erin andrews broke out in a rash. he 2 1/2 years in prison for making the videos in 2008. erin left the courtroom yesterday, when two of his video depositions were played in court.
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tricky, he went to thehotel, he used a edd the phone in house. >> erin testifies when she travels today, he goes through an elaborate protocol. >> i cover the peepholes and then i do a check of the room. i look everywhere. i look for lights, i look for red lights, i look for cameras. i check the bed, i check the alarmclock, i check the phon i also will not stay in an aned a adjoining room at all. >> she says she worries how she will expl that tape not only to her kids, but her grandkids someday. bachelor bob told two women that she he loves them. road.
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l-word until he puts a ring on it. >> i loved two women, but now i'm happily in love with one and now it's going to stay that way for the rest of my life. >> it will be two weeks before we get t the finale and finding out who wonben's heart. but last night's episode was completely awkward. >> i am completely in love with you. >> that woman that you have chosen, have you addressed the being in love with two women? what's that like? >> it's not always we put her through hell and back, but she's never ceased to love me and support me th it. >> all three ladie to the fantasy suite, but in the end, it was kayla who went home. >> i knew this was coming, i still love him. >> i knew i didn't want to question the fantasy night because i felt at that time we
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so i'm not dumb, he still has other women there and he has to say goodbye to people, and i know it was hard for him too. >> even though he officially announced his engagement today, we won't know for a couple more weeks. >> i want to show her off, i want to date her a while, i want to love her in public. my life is completely her and i'm exccted about th commitment, am i going to get soon. and blake sh was with party. he said working on a new album and it's going to be very personal. he said his life ended miranda lambert. >> if you follow my career even a little bit or my life, you know what's happened with me in
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months and it's all on there, it's all on the record. i mean you get to a point where you just got to, i think just got to let the past be the past and move on. >> i found blake to be sincere, open even bringing up his divorce and writing about it himself. when it comes to his music, he always seems to pour his soul into every word. >> do you like it's healing in a way? i know a lot of people feel that way aboumusic. >> i feel like i can put my life experiences, whetherrit's a divorce or my new girlfriend, when i have music, i can write songs, i can sing about it. >> gwen's been thinking about her man too and he's talking about h #bestpresentever. >> i actually got her a horse
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same time, because gwen, she loves riding and she love horses. >> and you can expect to see more of their chemistry, now that "the voice" is back. >> gwen stefani is my mentor this season, talk about an absolute legendary musical icon, and that she's been a judges on that show. hey, are you going to be my mentor? sure. gwen said do it. >> he's the ambassador for the brand and considered part family. >> it's from where i'm from, so the fact that they came to me and i got a chance to taste it and they told me that they wanted me to be a part of the making of it, you know, it's like, gosh, you know, that's -- i like vodka. >> we know you do, blak in fact i was teasing him
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interview together, he's it. did you see th on "the voice" last night? can you believe that's the star of"curley sue?" we're flashing ba to her "e.t" interview at the precious age of >> i would like to do a lovely screen. >> what does that even mean? and on ben affleck's giant tattoo? and troubled beverly hills housewife kim richards, nothing is off-limits. >> i have told you more than i will probably tell anybody ever again. and we're looking at some of the most stunning beauty looks from the oscars and what we all totally loved. and they're aal wearable trends. >> whatlet's call it barely there makeup.
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beautif wanted to have something that pops. >> brie larsen and reese witherspoon can't say about the lipstick shades. and. >> there' actually a science to perfect -- as you can see her, o expert shaped her brows and aligned them to the inner corners of her eyes, they gave her some extra definition in a so you can have red carpet rea
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ky eye was the go to. celebrating an "e.t" birthday today, jus bieber is
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exclusive, britney spears go goes fem fatal. >> forget sexy pictures she's been posting,. she's posing for v magazine's 100th issue, w barely clothed fitness model brandon white. >> well, britney has a new album cominout, there is no release date yet and she just added 24 mo shows in las vegas, tickets go on sa for that on friday, thaa's actually the theat she
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>> they turns using it. and you know houbenw you know houben. >> it's >> shocker, phoenix doesn't fly with his ex-fiance. >> i te him, what are you doing? >> this after ben's estranged wife jen garner went easier on histat. >> t always have too many colors. >>j-lo who dated aff -- >> they shouldn't be so colorful. >> yes. >> they should be, like, cooler, i don't know. >> jenny from left hand hand waving at autograph hungry fans. but. >> but will she say i do again? >> we don't talk about it much. it's always been a dream of
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to grow old with somebody, to have a marriage that lasts like we both die like "the notebook." >> we talked about the great loves of her life. she said they were ben, and her ex-husband marc anthony. >> the i love about jennifer is that she is in love with love. she's like a girl after my own heart. >> i knew you were going to say that. a suffering through some heart break recently, kim richards. can coming up the beverly hills housewife i tears over her husband's death. then from child star to addiction to a second shot at fame. we speak to grown up "curly sue." >> how much were you drinking
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girl who starred at curly 25 years ago? you're not going to believe what she's doing now. she actually pulled a shocker on "the voice" yesterday. >> she went through some tough times after being a child star, but allison told me it was a dream come true to finally fulfill her lifelong passion of becoming a singer. i feel bad i got a worried mind >> how nervous were you? >> it's sonerve-racking? it's in sane, it's your shot, you have 90 seconds. >> with allison's future hanging in t balance, look what happens just 24 seconds into her song i'm going back someday >> are you aware of that? >> honestly, i was kind blacked out the whole time. i couldn't think about huge superstars stari at me.
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the business and taking this risk, what if it didn't work outt >> allison is coming back in the business she started in as a toddler. this is wh then "star searrh" winner told us at age 6. >> i would love to do a lovely screen. that's the best thing i want to do >> what does that even mean? >> i wanttto be on the big screen. did she ever, at 8 starring in parenthood and at 10 starring in curley sue. do you feel like you missed out on some of your childhood because of that? >> honestly i don't, i think my parents made a real e in possible. i had friends and i was an average, normal kid. it was after that things got won i can. >> she her way to broadway. drugs and alcohol started taking their toll.
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everything i could get my hands on towards the end, whatever would numb the pai >> what was your worst times? >> definitely when i was using every day. >> she's now eight years sober, a wife and a full-time mom of2. >> my children sort of grounded me. they brought me into a different place. and i would never be able to have created these lives if i hadn't chang >> how about those pipes? allison is close friends with another a child jody sweeten from "full house" making a little bit of a come back of her own. on child reality star kim richard last time we sat down with her she had just completed rehab follow her arrest after a beverly hills
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since then s been arrested for shoplifting and dealt with the death of her husband and best friend. now she's about to make her debut on a high intensity reality show. the quesis, can she stay sober? i asked her about it. >> i'm defending myself. walking into it was not what i expected. >> [ bleep ]. >> was there some concern being in that kind of environment, as you were dealing with your sobriet all of a sudden you're cast in an environment where people are drinking and there's madness going on. >> it wasn't even tempting for me. when you see something like that, you almost go, whew, glad it's not me. >> it's like kim's repeating the reality tv of madness, and she's also bringing her daughter into it. so nemesis this time isn't
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montague. >> how are you going to be stopped from getting to that point? >> i didn't say i was. >> if you did, let's have an honest moment. >> there's no telling that i'm not going to go like, ahhh! >> right now in recovery and goes to weekly meetings. she's trying to heal, but it's very clear she's still raw from the pain of losing her ex-husband and best friend, monty brenson. he was glad he was going first, because if i first, then he had to be here. >> what were you final words withmonne? >> i said i love you, and i felt him leave. and it was shocking. i didn't expect it. >> you were holding him? you were right there holdin him? >> yeah. >> how did that affect you? how did it affect your life, your sobriety? when is the last time you had a drink? >> let me just say my recovery
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>> after nearly a year, ki returns to "the real housewives" tonight to face off with kyle. but i used our sit down to clear up some rumors. there was even speculation that you were at some point homeless. >> i'm living in a $400,000 hotel in santa monica overlooking the beach, and people arelike, she's homeless. aww. it's hardly homeless. >> and while drunken cat fights, we all hope -- >> i have told you today more than i will ever tell anybody again, this is the last time i want to discuss my recovery. i want to get it out there that i'm in recovery it's mean and it's nobody's business. >> it looks the car is headed the right direction, she's just got to keep it on the road, but we're definitely rooting for kim.
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of another reality show couple. that's teresa and giudice's last interview before he goes to but a really keeping a
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that's tomorrow.
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right now at, real housewives of beverly hills starring owe land da talks about her family's battle with lyme disease. and superm star henry that's all a on mpls. join us tomorrow because we're investigating hollywood nanny sex scandals. >> there's been a few. ben and jen, ryan and gavin. and we have real life nannies who have worked for stars. >> we are hollywood a's best
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