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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  March 4, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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jennifer'sinterview. >> i've gone through struggles both ways. >> finding faith after her split. for the bride. >> it's chosen. >> looking for the perfect dress as we flash back to her wedding how big is your waist? >> now, march 44h, 2016, hi, everybody. of another busyweek. >> we have more big news for you here is tonight's top st was the murder weapon found at o.j.'s home? only i tal to marcia clark today. a knife apparen found at the rocking hamm estate when demolish demolished. what's your initial reaction? >> it's a remarkable development if it does turn out to be connected to the murders of ron and nicole. i just hope the truth comes out about the situation. >> reporter: "e.t." today exclusive with marcia clark, the
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murder trial finds it baffling. >> it might be a hoax, it might be somebody who planted it an th pretended to find it. >> reporter: the knife the latest are twist into the unsolved 2-year-old murders of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron the house here on what was once o.j.'s property demolished in 1998 and police say it's possible that et when the knife was discovered. the finder of the knife apparently turned it over to an officer who was working as a se officer during production of a movie and police say he held on to it until very recently. >> within th last month lapd became aware of an item that item has been recovered by robbery h investigators. it is being treated as we would alevidence. >> reporter: do you think there could be dna on that knife? >> it's possible. they recover dna mummies in egypt, so it's entirely possible that if there is dna to be recovered it could be found, especially with today's ted
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sensitive. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: simpson was acquitted in a trial that lasted more than eight months. but could e be tried again? >> the likelihood of prosecution stemming from the evidence is very, very, very slim, so, you know, but it be -- but we have to find out what this means. >> reporter: clark's role in the case has been back in the news after the succes the fx series "the people v. o.j. simpson." >> he can't hide forever. >> reporter: clark is played by sarah paulson and it's been the number one show on cable tuesday nights. is it ironic this comes up now with the spotlight shined on the case again because of the television show? >> it really is a bizarre coincidence. it is completely strange. i have heard that the reason that he -- this person who had the knife thought of calling the police department is because of the series. next, o.j.'s lost interview. lot of elements of, you know, attrapeople,
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>> reporter: o.j. takes on media in an exclusive just unco interview with two pepperdine s it was shot in 1997 on his rockinghams estate after he was found not guilty. >> i thought the media let the american public and myself and nicole and ron down in trying to find the true perpetrators and i thought it be money maker for the tabloids and a lot people got rich. virtually every participant except me! >> if you want to learn more about the story go to seven months after bobbi kristina passed away at the age been unsealed. >> we have the documentnd went through it line by line. here's what it reveals about the tragic death of whitney and bobby's daughter. >> reporter: released today as her ex, nickgordon, wishes her a happy birthday the medal examiner's -- medical
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of death by lack of oxygen caused by drowning and drug intoxication. the drug cocktail included marijuana, cocaine, an anti-anxiety med and morphine. what's eerie comparison with what her mother's autopsy said was in her system, also cocaine, an an anti-anxiety med, along with a muscle relaxant and antihistamine. cer ril wecht said the similarities could be more than coincidence. >> maybe imitating her mother's death. both wo a bathtub with drugs. what are the odds of that happening by chance? >> reporter: another shocker, she had no less 28 small scars on her head, neck, torso, extremities. was it possible she was a cutter. >> these are very strongly suggestive of cutting and not the kind of cutting an assailant, but rather, a cuts that some people inflict
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>> reporter: another comparison between autopsies indicate a bit of a generational gap between whitney and chrissy. while she had body pierc whitney had a few. bobby was tatted, her moth wasn't. while whitney had breast implants implants chrissy's didn't. gwyneth paltrow served her estranged husband with divorce papers and they consciously uncoupled. the pair has yet to finalize things but gwyneth is moving on. carly sat down with the oscar winner to talk about her new endeavor and life in the light. >> tell us about what's going on there? >> well, it's a re frey night at my house and i'm getting my highlights done. there's violet and apple in the background having dinner. o cf1 o >> multitasking dinner. >> usually. that's how it goes. >> how it rolls in the house. >> of course the paltrow house is anything but regular. the first football game the kids
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their dad was recording with beyonce. >> i loved the instagram post from the super bowl with apple and blue ivy. >> it'sfunny, my kids' dad and blue's mom are always like doing these incredible mind boggling things and i'm always with the kids and the snack bag like baby wipes and juice boxes and it's pretty much how it is these days. >> reporter: gwyneth deals with one of the famous divorces in hollywood she has great advice for couples going through the same experience. >> you have to constantly let go of old ideas, old resentments. you have to put the kids first. if you once loved the person enough to have children with them you have to focus on what you still love about them and what beautiful about them. i know we've done it i a kind of unorthodox way but it's working for us. >> reporter: also working for gwyneth her company goop. this week she launched a skin
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>> apple is obsessed w makeup which is why i've gotten serious about trying to participate in nontoxic ma personal care. as an actress and a woman, want something that really works and is going to help with your fine lines and wrinkles. what we want to do is look our best as we age gracefully. more news to get to, starting with this. exclusive interview with the newest dancing star. >> they actually k a secret. >> just announced gma's meteorologist ginger zee and val. >> i'm a huge fan of astrology and meteors. >> that would be astronomy but he is psyched to be pair with the dancing fan who gave birth 11 weeks ago. >> the doctor gave me the go ahead. we're safe. >> obviously i don't want to push anything that shouldn't be pushed. >> reporter: the full cast will be revealed gma tuesday. what about the couple key yo and jody from "fuller hous
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she all right. >> reporter: now to that other competition show "idol" does nom j-lo have another gig. >> you have a new record deal. tell us about that. >> yes, i do. l.a. reid and i back at epic. it's another thing i'm still working right now. >> reporter: no kidding. that's on top of a vegas show, "shades of blue" and "idol" backstage for last night's elimination fox and after more than a year away from making music j-lo is back. >> working on music the past couple months and we should be putting out something soon. coming up on "e.t." -- cameron mathison w jennifer garner talking about her new faith based film and this r-rated viral video. >> [ bleep ]. >> i hope my parents don't see it. >> later in the show we talk to lady gaga's stylist showing us the oscar dress gaga didn't wear. >> what was the look left behind. >> marthat stew offers up
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so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day, every day, for life. i'm not leaving this hospital. >> that is jennifer garner in "miracles from heaven" going through a tough time when she shot this movie so we sat down for our conversation, i wanted to know, how important faith has
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>> i love in the film einstein's quote, two ways to live your life. >> see your life as having no miracles or see your life being filled with miracles. >> i never doubted. a day in mylife. >> reporter: handled her split from ben with strength and dignity and even though he movie has put her square in the spotlight, jennifer says it's lesson of faith has her saviig grace. >> this film in itself a miracle for you. >> it was a very difficult choice because i don't typically play the lead films. it takes too much time away from my kids this film i kind of went to them and said what do you allthink. i really feel compelled to tell story and my daughter is sweet and said mom, it's really your turn. we'll be okay. you should do it. >> i'm scared, mom. >> me too. plays mom kristi based on the true story. kelly rogers plays her daughter anna who is diag with an incurable disease.
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>> i'm so happy to meet you. welcome. >> i'm so happy meet you. >> favorite moments from being on set? >> favorite moments. most them are definitely with jen because we did a l of arts and crafts. a lot of braiding. >> reporter: through it all jen has never lost her sense of humor even playing the saxophone and telling off color bed "time" stories in the viral videos. >> the funny youtube video, the not seen. >> cozy and warm your bed my dear, now go to [ bleep ] sleep. it. >> i have to say what impresses me the most no matter whatshe's going to through and dealing with, her three children with ben, always come first and that is my parenting mantra as well. >> totally agree. coming up after the break, can marthat say yes to the dress. >> trade lightly.
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>> everybody needs help. >> and we talk to the queen of country music loretta, seeing
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i'm telling you. >> that is straight ahead.
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by -- in tonight's fashion lady gaga's designer and stylist gives us the secrets to her style. >> never walks into a room and thinks she is up here and someone down here never. >> brandon is the man behind the three oscar looks and the me's wear inspired outfit had to be perfect. song and so personal to so many different people so i wanted to be respectful and so did she. >> gaga made a pact with her fellow sexual assault survivors. >> one girl said, i really want to get matching tattoos. >> the 30-year-old maxwell from texas has his fashion brand. turns out he created a fourth oscar dress.
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look left behind? >> that was actually a look from the show. we di black velvet strapless mini dress with peplum on the side and did it in sort of celery velvet a long gow let's talk bridal fashion now. we cannot watch mariah to tie the knot with james. martha stewart tells us she expects you to spare no expense. >> they have match-up. one thing they have. >> she has advice for people who budget. >> i understand that you have a slight dilemma. >> every bride needs help all this brides are strong minded and wilds. >> reporter: the domes goddess helps on say yes to the dress and if you're going to ask truth. >> you tried that on. >> i didn't. >> don't think abobudget. >> from the beginning of her
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filming of the segment, she probably lost ten pounds. the dresses were not exactly fitting her perfectly. >> we have to tread lightly. can't say that's a horrible dress. i think a little rigid. >> it's fun. >> not everyone can have martha consult on their i dos but she says the next best t "martha stewart wedding ideas a inspirations". >> i don't let you use the word bible but it is the bible. >> one of the key pieces advice you give in ybook. >> you want to have a day that you will remember fondly. so we advise if you afforr it, to have a wedding planner help you with lots dev tails. >> reporter:wisely, the most costly item she says spend 40% for food, 10 to15% for the reception venue and rental and 10% for fashion including that dress, and the biggest bridal mistake. >> overreaching is one thing.
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thing, going into debt. and third is you get too nervous and to be angry and frustrated during the whole planning process.& >> she' not planning mariah's wedding but has a suggestion. >> over the top lavish lavish. this wedding i'm sure is going to be a spect marrying one of the richest men in australia. >> reporter: she got married in 1961 and a do-it-yourselfer back then. >> i made my own dress. that's me. i made thehat. the pillbox which was the style and my w is 19 inches. how big is your waist? >> why do you have to put it on me right now. >> by the way, your head supposed to be the same circumference as your waist. on your wedding d it should be -- your waist a little less than your head. >> okay. vivienne. i was born a coal miner's daughter country legend loretta lynch 15 years old when she got
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daughter 83 still going strong. her first album in 1 years just dropped today and we talked to her about everything from her music to her politics and why she thinks donald trump could be president. >> can you say, president yes. if he keeps it up on lot of things. >> reporter: an icon who says what she thinks. >> i think i worked probably harder than anybody in the business. people today are too lazy to do this of thing. >> reporter: preach, miss loretta loretta. i should have known there's nooo cf1 o use >> reporter: gwyneth adores her, so doespharrell, miranda's idol. >> loretta said exact she was going through in her music. that's why it resonates with us. >> miranda and me the same type of thing you know. >> reporter: loretta has an opinion on everybody. listen to her take on taylor swift.
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taylor, get it, girl. that's what youwant. i'm about as pop as cornbread. >> reporter: country to the core. met her in 1982 when she 50. >> when i was a little girl growing up i never dreamed about ever being a country singer. >> reporter: growing up poor, today loretta lives in this tennessee mansion. >> the place is haunted. i'm telling i did see a woman o balcony of the big mansion. 3:00 in the morning could hear the high heels click click click going up stairs. >> reporter: her abum"full circle" and american masters loretta lynch still a mountain girl premieres on pbs and last night she brought house down on fallon. she take everything >> reporter: hitting the road we hope she goes on forever. >> i feel great. and to get out there and sing. i have people from ten old to 80. >> she said there was onn song she never gets tired of singing
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still is a coal miner's daughter". >> i love that movie. >> birthdays which actress auditioned for elaine on "seinfeld" teri hatcher brooke shieldss or patricia heaton. >> the answer next week. next week on "e.t." we look
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movie on the set all n at our sneak
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all special. olivia in the hot seat. premier. aj mclean on his reunion with britney spears. >> she's still just a sweet little southern belle. the backstreet boys plan for a vegas residency. watch john and his wife getting an emotional rea from the long island medium at consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show. tonight's "e.t." birthdays which actress auditioned for the role of elaine on "seinfeld"? that is patricia heaton who turns 58 today. we're out of time but have one more we want you to check out before we go. >> have a great weekend, everybody. bye. >> ne theaters today --
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>> shakira i a singing gazelle in zoo tope ya run by animals but at home she rups after two kids. >> mine is like having twins but worse because one is 3 years old, and i have to be like running behind him all the time and the other one just learned how to walk, and he's a hazard. >> jason bateman, jennifer goodwin first bunny pol officer, the film offers a message about diversity never letting anything stand in your way. >> i am a cop. >> never let them get to you. >> we all have judy moments in our lives. when i was a little girl dreaming real big, you
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