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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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chaotic scene. dashon? >> elsa, i spoke to the neighbor who called police. and she said she heard this before the gunshots. and if you look behind me, it is all right in front of this truck. you can see it still has the boot on it. >> they were standing here the whole time. >> reporter: tiffany loveless saw the confrontation that ended in gunfire. police say around 8:30 this morning, a tow truck driver shot the owner of this truck. it happened in south charlotte neighborhood, park south station. leaving neighbors here asking why. >> didn't even look like the guy was injured. i had no idea until the cops went to my door. >> a witness captured this video, shone shown -- shown the seconds after the shooting. witnesses say the tow truck driver kept the gun pointed at the man, even after he shot him. the man who was shot was running away. >> i was surprised to wake up and look out my window and see
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especially in this neighborhood. joiz have asked police, who have not released what led to the confrontation. neighbors here say parking is always an issue. we found clear signs at the doorsteps of this south charlotte neighborhood. >> there's always spots here. but nobody can park here, unless you have a parking pass. >> and i also went by the tow truck company, or at least the address listed on the website. i called. but so far, i have not heard back from management. on whether the tow truck driver was allowed to carry a weapon. as for the man who was shot, police say he is expected to recover. reporting live in south charlotte, dasean brown, channel 9 -- dashawn brown. channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we sent out a news alert as soon as this story broke. to get updates, sign up on our alerts. just in time for saturday night plans.
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pinpointing when you'll see rain in your neighborhood. john? >> that's right, elsa. i think areas this. and maybe in the queen city as we move into the overnighttime. no rain for the most part. i facebook live a few moments ago. and even in the highest elevation,s, the mix coming in. we'll track this area in a warmup to liquid precipitation, into elville next couple of minutes. into charlotte, probably not until about 9:00 or 10:00 or so. so most of your saturday night plans look to be cook -- okay. and after this is gone, we kick off a major warmup. i'll be mapping out just how close we'll get to 80 degrees coming up. >> john, thank you.
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your phone with the wsoc tv weather app. it's free to download to android and iphone devices. happening now, friends and classmates gather to remember 15-year-old heather see. the west mecklenburg high school student crashed. yes. that teenager touched so many lives as you can see from the number of people out here. right now to remember her. this candlelight vigil. high school students started at 6:00. but people started coming. around 10:30. coming to this memorial, to light candles and to talk about the teenager, seen with three west meck students inside. she veered off the road and into the woods, wednesday. everyone in the car survived.
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today, loved ones told me they hope to gain closure in this. >> she is very, very special. my mama is bedbound. and she helped my mom out a whole lot. she took care of her dad. she's really, really a special girl. and people are expected to continually come until about midnight, i'm told, to honor that very special girl. we'll have much more comments from them, coming up tonight. at 10:00 and 11:00. reporting from west mecklenburg county, tina terry, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> police say austin lock was the one driving that morning, when he lost control and crashed. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. authorities say charges are pending. new at 6:00, authorities are investigating what caused a serious wreck on i-77, late this afternoon. several injuries were reported. police on scene said a car rolled over in the southbound lanes, near sunset road. one lane was shut down, near exit 16, slowing down traffic.
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serious the injuries are. new information tonight, in just the last three hours, cmpd told channel 9, they're not looking for a suspect, after two men were found shot in the yard of an east charlotte home. we first brought you this as breaking news at noon. tonight, authorities say someone driving by, saw the men in the grass, along carriage drive circle this afternoon and helped police. neighbors say it's unsettling. >> it just makes me feel my brothers are here. my sisters. so it's just something that, you know, when you hurt, it happens. it just makes people a little bit insecure. >> medics say both men were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition tonight. police say one is dead and another in critical condition, following an early-morning shooting in salisbury. at noon, we told you, antoine mcgee is in the hospital. his brother, devin mcgee was pronounce dead -- pronounced dead. authorities say there was an altercation before the shooting. but they are still investigating.
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of people gathered today in north charlotte, demanding peace in the community. they rallied at the intersection of sugar creek road and i-85, handing out flyers that say stop the beef, and we must stop the killing. you can see signs they're holding say squash the beef before the grief, along with signs that promote, keep the peace hotline phone number. new at 6:00, state highway patrol says one person died after a race car crash on a dirt road in rowan county this morning. they say the victim, who was from cabada -- canada, lost control, palestinianed the car and was -- flipped the car and was thrown out of the vehicle. the driver was not wearing a seat belt. speed is believed to be a factor in the crash. new at 6:00, the charlotte mecklenburg association of educators held a breakfast this morning, to discuss what some are calling an educational crisis in north carolina. the group met in south charlotte at the covenant prez presbyterian church. teachers salaries were a large
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say it's time for teachers to let their voices be heard. >> what i think we need to do is to get parents and teachers and citizens to advocate. >> we have been reporting for months that teachers have been leading the state because of low salaries. the north carolina board of education created six priorities they want governor pat mccrory to consider. they want the state to be number 1 in the south. it currently sits 11th out of 12 states. new at 6:00, a kershaw man is charged tonight, after police connected him to three different burglaries. our partner, michael faile was arrested thursday. he broke into three homes, stealing cash and other goods and stole items from a truck parked outside a home. officials are trying to connect him to even more burglaries in the area. the candidates for
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five states today, as voters head to the polls for more primaries and caucuses. in just the last 30 minutes, ted cruz was declared the winner in the republican city caucuses in kansas. ray ray mundy has the latest from the campaign trail. a near collision of candidates at a kansas caucus site. senator ted cruz rallying voters saturday, just minutes behind him, at the same location. gop front runner donald trump, with four states up for grabs today. fists were flying at the latest trump rally. as violence once again erupts. this time in orlando, florida. >> we have a divided country. the hatred, the an animosity. i will bring people together. i'm going to bring people together. you watch. >> reporter: trump's trip came last minute. after snubbing the year's biggest conservative gathering c-pack.
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>> senator marco rubio made his scheduled appearance today. >> being a conservative cannot simply be about how long, how angry you're willing to be, or how many names you're willing to call people. >> the fourth name in the field, ohio governor john kasich, staying positive and already looking beyond super saturday. >> we're going to win ohio. and that's going to create a whole new ball game. >> reporter: for the democrats, voters crushed into caucus sites early. senator bernie sanders focused on bick picking up delegates in closing the gap with rival hillary clinton. >> i think sometimes people get confused with the kinds of vicious personal attacks being made by republicans against each other, which i don't do. >> reporter: and the candidates will not have any time to rest this weekend, with crucial contests coming up in florida, michigan and ohio, within the next coming days and weeks. larry mundy, abc news, new york. >> the north carolina primary
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loved ones gather today to say goodbye to an african american man, shot and killed by a white police officer in alabama. officer ac smith. after montgomery, police say he killed gun during a struggle last week. gun's family said he was walking home from a friend's house, when officer smith said he looked, quote, suspicious the. new developments tonight on missing malaysia flight 370. today, a team arrived off the coast of africa, to test a piece of debris. it was found on the beach of mozambique on march 3rd. if the experts can't properly identify it, it will be sent to australia, for further testing. it marked two years since the plane disappeared with 239 people on board. the search continues in the indian ocean. for the first time, a mother whose daughter was killed in a horrific, domestic- related murder, more than one year ago, is speaking out.
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i heard my grandkids screaming. >> the reason she's just opening up now, and what she hopes her experience will do for others. in your neighborhood forecast. hickory and clairemont. newton calls for plenty of sunshine tomorrow. and highs in the middle 60s.
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has many of (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. overone year after the horrific cathy of her daughter, a -- death of her daughter, a mother speaks out for the first time. andrea merriman's daughter was killed by her sister's ex- husband in 2014. channel 9 told you whack then that jennifer's sister julia had just filed a restraining order against moody. andrea is trying to spread awareness about domestic violence. >> jennifer is one of those
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were not once you got to talking to her. >> they are offering a symposium to offer help, hope and skills to domestic violence victims. >> authorities say moody fled, after killing jennifer. then kidnapped a couple and raped the woman before she escaped. moody was later found dead in a swamp from a drug overdose. for the first time, andrea recounts the horrific chain of events the night her daughter was killed. hear her story and what she wants victims of domestic violence to know before it's too late. new at 6:00, in the last two hours, a busy intersection in east charlotte reopens. crews had to repair low-hanging power lines. albemarle road at east wt harris boulevard was closed for an hour this afternoon. traffic was moving smoothly again by 4:00. >> new at 6:00, d.o.t. gaston county.
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number of structural structural issues. they report the bridge on hallways street road between monday. traffic will be detoured. it's unclear when the bridge will reopen. right now, meteorologist john arens -- ahrens is tracking the showers. >> i think a lot of this rain will wait until saturday night. most of your evening plans. 9:00, 10:00, we'll start to see some of those showers outside. right now, it's mostly cloudy, making for a beautiful sunset in charlotte. still fairly mild in the middle 50s. good temperatures out to the east over at albemarle. over at hickory down to the west. over to shelby at 55. starting to cool off a little into the high country. and this is actually leading to a few snow showers. here's live early warning
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it will stay that way for a couple of hours. but there is rain all over low nor, right now, up to gainville, collegeville, byrne, morgan rock, morganton. drexel and these showers pushing to the east at a fairly slow rate, over in taylorsville, hickory, should be around 6:28 for you. and beyond that time, i think statesville will start to see some of that rainfall as well. overnight tonight is when we see rainfall opportunities pick up just a little bit at harrisburg and east charlotte. and over in through monroe. let's take you to tonight. checkers game, uptown. i should say just to the east of charlotte. we're looking for quiet continues -- conditions until after the game is over. mostly cloudy skies, down to about 47. after that, i think things are going to get a lot better for us. future cast has that rain. about 9:00. moves on. a little frozen activity up across the high country. and even that clears out.
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get to the gulf tomorrow. it's going to be wonderful, high temperatures near 60. a lot of sunshine out there. 49ers, baseball. taking on my old alma mater, kent state. 60 will be the high by the time the game is over. down to the south, we'll have an east wind. neighborhood forecast for chesterfield will probably not be as warm as it could be. getting up to about 61 up there. up to the north, a little wintry flip early on. and then here looks pretty good. for ski lovers, i think this is really the best weekend you have. because after that, we're looking for a major warmup. that, of course, is going to kick up the allergies. it's in the moderates categories. i'm starting to feel that. and major warmth will keep that allergy flood all the way through next week. and look at these temperatures. up near 80 degrees by about thursday. we're going to get close to those temperatures reaching record levels.
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our weather app, one thing we're not going to be seeing a lot of is rain. i know we might have a few showers tonight. i think most of us are going to dodge that bullet. and then you look at the rest of the week. it's going to be a quiet one. and elsa, that is fairly typical for march. it is a quiet month for us. which means the allergies will start to kick in. >> but i'm ready for those 70s. >> oh, my gosh. everybody talks about it on facebook. >> we got that taste last week. and now i'm like, bring it on. winthrop eagles are in action. big south tournament.
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the smaller schools are deep in the tournament play. in the deep south, winthrop. semifinals up. just two wins away from making the dance for the first time since 2010. to campbell university we go. winthrop's big man made his presence felt down low early. sky hook for two. later. josh davenport, threatened the needle. winthrop will play for the big south championship tomorrow afternoon. 82-69. in southern conference, quarterfinals action. it's western carolina, versus wofford. justin browning gives the catamounts the lead. then 20 seconds left to play. waford with the ball. then going to knock down the 3. leads by 2, 73-71. but western carolina tied the game up by a pair of
6:24 pm
second overtime. brumich, strong in the second basket. wofford loses to carolina. 88-83. first half action. catch trailing by 1. not for long. brian vul van, giving -- brian sullivan giving davis the lead. second half, jack gibbs heating up. blown by the deal with the easy land. it's tied at 34-34. 13 minutes to go. it's gibbs, showing off the touch. wildcats finished 10-8, with an 87-80 win. we have final four actions in hoops. combine for 40 points. sage had 32. as east lincoln defeated horrist -- forest hills. meanwhile, class a, number 1 north seed connect. charlotte catholic, first time
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they'll play march 12th. charlotte hornets. shart picked up the last 9. the victory keeps the hornets in 6th spot in the eastern conference standings. nick patoon. both scored over 30 points. first time there's been two or more players scoring 30 or more. walker continues to shine. dished out 10 assists. steve clifford says his point guard is playing an an extremely high level. >> we'll have more later tonight. then we'll be back in action monday. >> before we get another check of the forecast, we have breaking news for you. a tow truck driver has been arrested for assault with deadly weapon, inflicting serious injury. police say jarvis sympton shot a truck owner. we'll bring you more details as it develops. >> thanks for joining us. have a steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars!
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ssants welcome to "world news tonight." super saturday. five states voting and the early
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tensions rising on the campaign trail. >> the republicans are eating their own. >> republicans teaming up to take down one man. >> where i grew up, if someone keeps punching people in the face, eventually someone has to stand up and punch them back. >> at this trump rally -- >> but are donald trump and hillary clinton now on track to win it all? the fbi closing in on the band of thieves who made off with millions. new details on their high-tech heist, how they tracked the truck. and got away with the gold. the young girl who went jogging 36 years ago and never came home. tonight, a suspect who may have confessed back then, now under arrest for her murder. why did it take so long? and from trash to treasure. from baseball cards to audio tapes, could there be a jackpot hidden in your house, too? good evening.


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