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tv   Eyewitness News Midday Weekend  ABC  March 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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now from the neuse team covering the carolinas, this is channel 9 midday. a man kid along i-485 while trying to help a driver in need. breaking at noon, the moments that led up to this deadly morning crash. plus, a man is recovering after being shot by a tow-truck driver. the parking mishap that started it all. and as you heard former first lady nancy reagan has died. she was 94 years old. she had been living in bellaire california and was failing in health in recent years. she married former president ronald reagan in 1952 and she served as first lady from 1981 to 1989. we'll continue covering her passing on the air and online at next, channel 9 wants to prepare for you for week again. vicki graf has a big warm up common day. >> plenty of sunshine already today. a beautiful start to the afternoon. temperatures are warming up
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it was a cooler start. right now we're 54 in charlotte. 52 concord. these temperatures just updated. 51 salisbury and 43 in boone. as we go throughout the rest of the day, we'll climb to around 60 degrees here in charlotte. that is right where we should be this time of year but i'm tracking a major warm up on the way. i'll pinpoint when we could see temperatures close to 80 degrees. we are getting new details about a deadly crash that blocked several lanes this state troopers confirm a good samaritan was killed trying to help a woman with a flat tire. we brought you live pictures from the interstate this morning as officers blocked many lanes there on i-485. since then we learned a man stopped to help a woman whose tire blew out. he was standing near her car
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that van's driver voluntarily took a breathalyzer test and alcohol is not a factor in that accident. the lincoln county sheriff's office released information about a chase and arrest. arrest nearly dragged a detective with his car and then led officers on a high-speed chase. narcotics detectives pulled him over along the 1900 block of gastonia highway on friday and saw what appeared to be crack center console. with mentions at this gas station say they saw it all happen. boyd refused to get out of the car and instead rolled his window and trapped the deputy's arm. thankfully he was able to get his arm loose. he did not make it too far before his car broke down and police were able to arrest boyd.
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he has since bonded out of jail. a charlotte man is recovering after being shot by a tow-truck driver in south charlotte. allison latos has been following up and you have been in touch with the victim. alexa. >> reporter: yes. this victim is a 31-year-old man and this morning he told me he came here to park south station to visit a friend and he parked his truck in a visitor's parking spot but that a tow truck company booted his truck. we showed this video that showed the moments after this shooting as you can see it appears the tow-truck driver still pointing the gun at the victim and the victim running away. this morning, the victim told me the tow company booted his truck last night and the driver now charged with shooting him identified by police as jarvis simpson came to remove it from his truck. that is when this confrontation happened.
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the bullet exited his body. right now he is resting. he didn't want to talk on camera. we have been calling the number for the tow company but no one has answered. we of course will follow nis investigation as it develops. thank you. this morning, we're asking police what led up to a double shooting in east charlotte. two men have life-threatening injuries after both were found shot in the yard of an east charlotte home. we first brought this to you as breaking news at noon yesterday. they say someone driving by saw the men in the grass along carriage drive circle and called police. police told us they are not looking for any suspects. starting tomorrow mcdonald's will donate $1 for every big mac value meal sold to support the families of two managers shot and killed last week.
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murder accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and cody watts, outside that hickory mcdonald's. restaurant. family members said they dated for years and had two children together, but the relationship recently fell apart. results from supersaturday are in. voters in five states cast their ballots yesterday. donald trump won in kentucky and louisiana. ted cruz took home the victory in maine and kansas. on the democratic side, hillary clinton took louisiana and bernie sanders came out on top in nebraska and kansas. the results show hillary clinton is standing strong in states with more diversity. cruz is quickly becoming a strong opponent against donald trump. but rubio barely made a dent in the numbers and trump is calling for him to drop out. >> marco rubio had a bad nice and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race.
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cruz one on one. that would be so much fun. >> rebound you is not dropping out. hillary clinton and republican front-runner donald trump will both make campaign stops in north carolina. we do know she will be in the state thursday. she plans to encourage early voting which lasts until march 12th. donald trump will be in north carolina tomorrow. he will stop in concord and will visit fayetteville on wednesday. >> bill clinton will speak at 4:15 tomorrow. drivers, listen up. we're tracking a story that will affect your morning commute. they will close this bridge on hoiles creek road. this is between dallas and stanley. according to our partners at the gaston gazette, an
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traffic will be detoured and it is unclear exactly when that bridge will reopen. they are standing with student a signment. ahead, the action they are expected to take this week. a panthers player is using his time off the field to give back to the community.
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nd right now we're asking police if they have a suspects after two brothers were shot. breaking news yesterday. from his injuries. his brother was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the shooting happened at the jc price legion post. investigators say there was an altercation before the
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but they have not made any arrests. today family, friends and classmates will say good-bye to a 15-year-old high school student kid in a car crash last week. they will hold a visitation today from 4 to 6:00. her funeral is monday. that is not open to the public. yesterday, friends and family gathered to honor her. shea died tuesday morning when the car she was riding in went off of the road and into the woods along windy grove road. loved ones say she was a very special person. >> she made an impact on everyone's life. if you go to her schools, her guidance counselors or upset about it. >> just trying to console them to let them know things will get better. i'm having a hard time consoling my own daughter and i just wanted to be here for all the young people. >> shea was one of three students from the high school
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road tuesday morning. two others were seriously hurt, but survived. police say austin lock was driving the car. when he lost control, he crashed. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police say speed was a factor. authorities say charges are pending. tomorrow north carolina health officials are expected to release new numbers on mumps cases in our area. there was a second student diagnosed with the mumps. that student has been in isolation and is no longer showing symptoms. there are 15 confirmed or probable cases. >> a player kidnapped in north carolina. how police say the criminals were able to hold him against his will. plus his team releases a state on his current condition. i just showed you future cast on temperatures climbing to near 60 today is charlotte.
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by-hour forecahour- by-hour
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breaking inches last ten minutes. detectives in rock hill arrested a man for his involvement in a deadly shooting. they say this man was driving a car and exchanged gunfire with another person at the corner of keels and black. this is video from that scene on friday. we told you last week 18-year- old jarius harding was in that car and he was killed. porter was also struck in the leg. he is charged with attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. he is being held right now without bond. you can count on us to continue following this breaking story. we'll bring any new details as soon as they are available. davidson, huntersville will vote forest lusions regarding cms student assignment. schools are reviewing the assignment and they do so every six years, but parents are concerned possible changes to the plan could send their children to schools outside
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the three town boards are behind the parents and support school choice. they are looking at splitting from cms. you can count on channel 9 to let you know when that vote happens and what is decided. happening tomorrow, there will be a meeting for the operating budget. all are welcome to attend. leaders will outline the budget priorities. the meeting begins at 6:00. if you miss tomorrow's meeting, throughout april. the association of educators held a breakfast for some calling an educational crisis in north carolina. the group met yesterday. the mayor was also there. teacher salaries were a major concern at the meeting. we have been reporting for months teachers have been leaving the state because of low salaries. the north carolina board of education created six priorities they want the
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they want the state to be number one in the south for teachers' salaries. right now it sits at 11 out of 12 states. a planned apartment complex will help new teachers find affordable housing. 28 units are expected to be built and opened by the summer of 2017. it is a $2.5 million complex. ashville city schools and bun come county schools are among the partners behind this project. today is the beginning of severe weather preparedness week in south carolina. schools and government buildings will hold tornado drills to practice their emergency plans. last year there were nine tornadoes, 133 reports of flash flooding and almost 550 severe thunderstorms with strong winds or hail. a chicago based meteorologist professor discovered how to predict tornadoes two or three weeks in advance.
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warnings when there is immediate danger. victor says he found a link between changing atmospheric wave patterns and tornado. he predicted ten out of fifteen touchdowns. normally this time of year there are 15 tornadoes across the u.s.a. week. the professor said this year he expects 22 with high chances in the southeast. certainly something to think about as we make sure we're prepared this week. >> out tout west they are expecting storms and heavy rain, but we won't deal with that until next weekend. right now enjoy the sunshine anniversary temperatures are warming up nicely. in the mountains it is 45 degrees in boone. 42 in jefferson. 52 taylorsville and 54 in mooresville. in charlotte, we started at 35 degrees. 54 right now. 53 rock hill. 55 in lancaster. if you're standing in the sun, boy does it feel good.
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the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. on live early doppler nine, it is quiet. we have clouds off to the east, but during the afternoon, lots of sunshine even from grandfather mountain looking spectacular. a beautiful afternoon getting under way. we'll see highs reaching 60. this is going to be the beginning of what will be a warming trend over the next several days. your hour-by-hour forecast for this evening if you have plans maybe going for a walk, 7:00 low 50s. 9:00, mid-40s but we'll keep the clear skies overnight and we'll cool into the mid-30s for the morning. bus stop forecast, the kids will need a layer. 6:00, mid-30s. 40s by 8:00. we'll see more clouds as we go throughout the afternoon. still quite a bit of sunshine.
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highs getting into the mid-60s here in charlotte thanks to a shift in wind direction. over the next several days looking good to go. rock hill, upper 30s by 7:00. warming into the upper 50s by midday. highs in the mid-60s with more cloud the by the afternoon. over the next several days, here is the warm up. by tuesday, we reach the 70s. then as we head towards thursday and friday, upper 70s. some neighborhoods especially to the south across rock hill, chesterfield, you could be week. a bit of a string preview and we are not going to see the threat for rain anytime soon so if you have been sneezing, coughing more than usual, all thanks to that pollen count. they are starting to go up. the main culprit, maple trees. next weekend the chance for rain staying bone dry here. next rain chance by possibly saturday and sunday.
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forecast, you can keep track with our wwl-tv weather app and there. he will have more updates on the next rain chance on today. your five-day forecast shows a beautiful end to the weekend today. can. grab the sunglasses. warm ups get under way. 70s. saturday. possibly tracking the threat for rain on sunday. keep in mind, next saturday night before you go to bed you have to set the clocks forward an hour. i think i have six or seven alarms set just in case. >> i may need you to call me. >> police say jacksonville jaguars defensive back was kidnapped for a short time while visiting fayetteville last month. he is from north carolina and
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range rover. thankfully he was not injured. physically. new at noon, peyton manning is expected to announce his retirement tomorrow. we are learning he will speak at the denver broncos headquarters. an exact time has not been released yet. the quarterback played 18 seasons and made 4 super bowl trips with two titles, his latest in super bowl 50 with the panthers. he will retire as the nfl's all time leader in passing touchdowns, passing yards and quarterback wins. it may be the offseason but josh norman found himself in the spotlight for a good cause. this weekend norman and wide receiver calvin benjamin had a basketball event at norman's elma matter in south carolina. it was so packed, some people were turned away at the door. >> they are here.
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we're bringing guys, they see them on tv. >> this is great. i want to do something to give back to them so they know we care. >> we interact with people and we are regular people. we come back to show everyone. >> the event will benefit the charity. it is a nonprofit that provides enrichment through community events and youth programs. attorneys for bowe bergdahl want to speak with donald trump.
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comm attorneys for army sergeant bowe bergdahl want to speak with donald trump in yale. investigators say the taliban captured bowe bergdahl after he left his post in afghanistan. he was held prisoner for five years.
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for his release. he is now awaiting trial on addressed his case and called him a trait tor and said he should have been executed. they are worried about the possible concern on their case witnessness. >> he has made himself a witnessness and i think it raises serious question as to fair trial. >> hit attorneys say he hopes trump will agree to testify in court. if not, he will have him a >> service members and their families can get information about medical services in the area. they will begin hosting military mondays at local starbucks. those events will happen from 1 to 3 p.m. people can get information about disability compensation, survivor benefits and much more. for a complete list of
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click on this story. let's take a live look
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vicki said it was going to vicki said it was we have a lot of sun out. just a little breeze but overall really nice. >> picture perfect day. temperatures climbing into low 60s. right now in charlotte 54. mid to low 40s in the mountains. beautiful all over. don't forget your sunglasses. highs today in the low 60s.
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lemme get a mcpick 2 bada ba ba ba right now on hot topic, this young man disobeyed his
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seems his own life. a horrific crash on camera, good camera, good news for those involved. >> and a little girl has a six- month medical history but blowing her nose may have solved it. it's on tv, facebook, twitter, everywhere you look, political to it - - chatter. a lot of people are not happy about the prospect of trump or clinton for president. searches for how to move to canada has what - - gone up to the - - >> we have a serious problem, people are problem, people are interested in moving here. >> like that's what canada wants, all wants, all


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