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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  March 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> mike: 4-30 from three. steph curry 1-10 from three and the los angeles lakers stun the now 55-6 warriors 112-95. one of the more shocking games in the nba. why did it happen? >> hubie: give them credit. they played the three ball as well as anybody could play it. they put terrific pressure out on the shooter. and then they didn't care if you went by them off the dribble. then offcame off the screen looking for the three. they trapped you and forced you out and they indefinitely intimidated the shot. so i want to give them a lot of credit. you say well, why didn't they go over the top and then they have the advantage and take advantage going to the basket? is they tried that but you can't have the amount of turnovers that they have, you know, just kept mounting from 10 to 12 to
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what you're seeing here is the defensive game plan was excellent, and also, the forcing of the turnovers was major. >> mike: kobe bryant, the lakers get the win. here's heather with kobe. >> heather: kobe, congratulations. you guys hand the warriors their sixth loss of the season. how would you measure the impact of this type of win? >> i think it helps our growth obviously. you know, our bigs did a fantastic job. coming back and making sure they don't drop and show early. that's very hard for bigs to do. but they were pretty consistent all night long. >> heather: this has got to be something that is a bigger win in the win category. against the defending champs. how much extra mileage can you give this young team with this kind of a win? >> i think the learning curve comes from trusting the defense, right, and trusting the effort. paying attention to details. those things for young players helps tremendously when they see results. >> heather: this is your first game at staples since february 2nd.
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playing in front of your fans that have followed you for so long? >> quite a bit of energy. i just feel terrible not being game. it's been tough laboring through the shoulder a bit. for the last year if i could give it a go i'll try. >> heather: then there were 18. dwindle. how does your perspective change zero? >> every game you try to appreciate it more and more and more right? you know, just go out there and compete and do the best you can. while soaking it all in. >> heather: thanks for everything you have done. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> mike: 18 games left in the kobe bryant farewell tour. it happens with a win in los angeles over the defending champs chasing their own history as the warriors lose for the sixth time. local news coming up for most of you.
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remembering nancy reagan and her impact on american history. >> i congratulate you, sir. >> the former first lady of the united states, and national icon, died today at the age of 94. >> she loved this country. >> nancy reagan's life is being remembered across the country and right here in charlotte. i'm blake hanson. tonight alexa ashwell spoke to a man who worked for nancy reagan in the white house. >> reporter: this man's name is ken baron and calls charlotte home, but in the 80s he was often side by side to nancy reagan, a woman he still kept in touch with sometimes by letter. >> the last one was something like you always surprise me when i least it suspect it with beautiful flowers. >> reporter: last week ken says
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be the last thank you letter from his dear friend nancy he's been sending the former first lady for the past decade. and today it was his son who informed him of her passing. >> he said, dad, you're not going to -- this is not going to make your day. >> reporter: baron, who is chief of staff for the billy graham association in charlotte, was in his 30s when he first met nancy. he showed us pictures of major campaigns they worked on together, including her drug awareness program, just say no. nurturing woman with high expectations. >> one of her great lines to me was, ken, that's why they put erasers on pencils. the other was, never assume. >> reporter: one of the many life lessons he said he gained from the former first lady. now he's finding comfort through his faith that nancy
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>> i pray that she's with him right now. i pray that. because that love affair deserves to be in heaven. >> reporter: i asked baron what he wants people to remember most about nancy reagan, and he told me that she loved this country. alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> billy graham released this statement -- >> during her time in the white house, nancy reagan was often seen in designer gowns, she even redecorated the white house, drawing criticism. but it was her tackling of tough, heart breaking issues that stuck with many of us today. she was by her husband's side
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alzheimer's and after his death, a advocate for stem cell research on the disease. president obama had this to say -- of course people marveled over her and her husband's relationship till the very end. in 1949 she was a young actress whose name appeared on a list of communist sympathizers. seeking help, she met with the president of the screen actor's guild, a man named ronald reagan. they were married 52 years. after his death, she focused her time on his presidential library. >> there are people who told me that it gets much easier. well, maybe for them but not for me. i miss him more now than i ever did. >> nancy reagan died of heart failure. she will be buried at the
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right next to her late husband, ronald reagan. governor mccrory tweeted about her death -- south carolina governor nikki haley also tweeted, saying -- we'll have more on nancy reagan's death and her impact on the country and the carolinas on eyewitness news at 10 and 11. new developments in a rock hill homicide. detectives say a friend of a teenager killed friday afternoon has been charged with attempted murder. police say the 23-year-old porter was driving with harding in a passenger's seat when porter exchanged gunfire with someone outside the vehicle. investigators say that person was standing at the corner of keels and black street.
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porter was hit in the leg. his bond has been denied. hours before that shooting, shots were fired into three different rock hill homes thursday night. we've been checking with rock hill police. so far, none of those cases have been connected. new information tonight, highway patrol identified a good samaritan when he stopped to help a motorist on the side of the road. investigators say he was standing near the woman's car when a van hit him. it doesn't appear alcohol was a factor, but highway patrol is still investigating. north carolina's transportation secretary heads to texas tomorrow to see how a toll road project there is failing. we told you earlier this week a subsidiary of the parent
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toll lanes filed for bankruptcy in austin. officials there also signed a 50-year deal to operate like north carolina did here. governor mccrory ordered the trip. authorities say at least one person was trapped inside an overturned vehicle in lancaster county. emergency crews said the person was trapped and was unconscious. right now we're asking what caused the crash, and if anyone else was involved. today dozens gathered in raleigh to hold this prayer walk to remember a man shot and killed by a police officer earlier this week. the group said their purpose was to pray for both perspective and peace in their community. >> we feel like that the city needs to be healed as a whole and that the community needs to be healed as a whole. that we can't think in terms of us, them, that these are our
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>> raleigh's police chief says the officer was trying to arrest the 24-year-old when the two got into a struggle. a report says the victim was trying to remove a gun from his waist band, but his family says he was not armed. a nuclear plant caught fire in oconee county. duke says employees and neighbors weren't impacted. they say they'll investigate. a tow truck driver charged after police say he shot a truck owner will be in court tomorrow. police say jarvis simpson shot the owner yesterday morning after booting his car in south charlotte. simpson is charged with assault what deadly weapon -- with a deadly weapon and inflicting
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sheriff and mischief will meet with with the town administrator in pageland. more than half the force walked off the job. brooks laid out a plan to patrol the streets while working to convince some of those officers to come back to work. this week three towns will vote on resolutions to send a clear message to cms leaders that they want neighborhood schools intact. tomorrow the towns of huntersville and cornelius will vote. tonight we're hearing from the attorney for army sergeant bowe bergdahl about why he wants to call donald trump as a witness. while on the campaign trail, trump called bergdahl a traitor
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>> he's made himself a witness, mr. trump's comments, in addition to being de famitory, i think raises a question whether my client can get a fair trial. >> bergdahl is awaiting trial on desertion charges. the campaign for republican presidential candidate marco rubio opened an office in cornelius. the nc primary is a week from tuesday. tomorrow donald trump will be in the charlotte area, scheduled to be in concord for a rally at noon. candidates on both sides in
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>> been a lot of talk on social
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get close to just in the last two hours we've learned marco rubio will win the republican primary in puerto rico. meanwhile, democrats are casting their ballots in maine. >> i believe that our next president of these united states. >> reporter: hillary clinton making the sunday morning rounds at a church in detroit, hours ahead of the next democratic debate. >> i want the entire world focused on a community that's been literally poisoned because of government indifference and neglect. >> reporter: the former secretary of state addressing the water crisis in flint, the town where she'll face off with
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polls give the front-runner a commanding lead in michigan. >> we have come a very, very long way. closing the gap nationally. >> reporter: sanders claimed victory in two of the three states super saturday. but clinton still neted more delegates. still, the senator says he can win the nomination and presidency. >> sanders versus trump, clinton versus trump. who is doing better against trump? sanders is. >> reporter: donald trump is focused on his fellow republicans. he split saturday with ted cruz, claiming two states a piece. now trump is calling on the rest of the field to drop out. >> marco rubio had a very, very bad night, and personally i'd call for him to drop out of the race. i want ted one-on-one. >> reporter: despite not winning any state so far, john kasich claimed a big endorsement today, arnold schwarzenegger. >> we need john kasich to take
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>> he gave me this jacket, i am officially the gov nateer, too. meteorologist john ahrens is tracking a major warmup for charlotte. >> that's right. temperatures soaring into the middle 70s the next couple of days. unbelievable warmup across the south and east. and maybe some of us might get close to 80 later this week. as we track this warmth, and i was talking on facebook and twitter, there will be one piece of the puzzle that might slow this warmth down. i'll talk about that in just a second. now it's an in uptown charlotte. to the north in statesville clairmont 54. 55 lancaster. up town charlotte a weak weather maker moving through, just high cloudiness.
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tonight, nothing to worry about. there's no rain and as you conclude your sunday night, everything looks great. mostly clear later this evening with the temperature down to 47. heads up for tomorrow morning's drive, some of us might deal with a little fog and we're talking about mainly eastern communities. salisbury, down highway 52 and rich field, into albemarle might be tough. chesterfield as well. something to be mindful of. i don't think visible will be too bad in charlotte but the fog will be around and that's as we add moisture back into the atmosphere. chilly at 35. then the sunshine will take over and warm us up. a great morning for us tomorrow, but later on in the day you'll see high clouds boone, morganton. that will slowly spread into charlotte by about 4:00. starts out bright tomorrow. over. i think that's the piece of the puzzle here later on this week,
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adding more clouds as we start to warm it up. i think that's going to keep us from seeing 80 later on this week. but we're going to get very close. charlotte tomorrow, 65, with mostly cloudy skies by the end of the day. more sunshine pretty much all day meanwhile up in rock hill at 76. to the north, going to be more clouds here, into boone, colinsville, a little bit cooler as a result, up to around 61 with your neighborhood forecast in the foothills. big threat is even though we're going to get extra clouds later on, no rain relief. this will be a tough allergy week. i think it's going to be pretty tough, especially wednesday and thursday, as the temperatures really quick up. not a lot of rain here. five-day forecast is dry and warm. 78 the high by friday. weekend is always in view. as you make your plans, don't forget to set the clocks ahead
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and also plan on rain by that point. we might see showers and storms saturday. >> going to be pretty good looking ahead. >> it's a spring preview no doubt about it. >> thanks, john. eagles are a win away from punching their ticket to the big dance for the first time since 2010. steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that'amazing! that' amazing! (shrieks)
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maria, that delivery felt alittle forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for atuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going tobelieve this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you. they've been one win away from making the big dance three straight years. now the winthrop eagles find themselves in the big south championship today against unc asheville. a win gets them to the big dance for the first time since 2010. johnson, one of the leading
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8-point lead for winthrop. for johnson his only bucket today. one of 16. eagles lead at the break. looks like a win is in their sights, until the bulldogs turn rabid. 47-46. they never look back, outscoring the eagles in the final half. unc asheville dancing for a fourth time in school history, with the win over winthrop. north carolina tar heels are regular season acc champs, claiming the number one seed in the conference tournament after beating duke for the first time in four years. the blue devils made the game interesting at times. the overall dominance in the paint and glass by the tar heels was too much. johnson scored 18 points and tallyed 21 rebounds in the 76- 72 win. >> i told them it's been done before and we can do it again. i tried to give our kids
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that could play good on senior night and win, and it was us. captain linebacker thomas davis mentioned norman is worth every dollar he gets. before the beginning of last year, norman turned down a contract worth $7 million a year. we caught up with norman at a charity event last night and he said he's proved how much his worth was all year long. >> want me at a respectful rate. want at a respectable number where dictates come of what i put out on the field and the product. it's the league, and it's fun, and it's my job and profession and i want to be the best at
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so far i've been doing that. denver broncos announced the old sheriff, the gun slinger that is peyton manning informed the team of his decision to retire. the five time mvp is one of only two quarterbacks to beat every team in the nfl. the other was brett farve. manning is the only quarterback to win two super bowls with two teams and the most touchdown passes, 539 and most passing yardage, just to name a few of his records. we caught him playing the panthers, unfortunately a loss for carolina, but you get to see a legend along the way. >> no surprise he's going out on top. good weather week ahead. >> the only thing, a rough allergy week. not a lot of rain. warm air will be building up that tree pollen, especially maple and juniper. temperatures near 80 degrees the next five days.


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