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tv   Eyewitness News at 600  ABC  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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jobs back to this country. >> job growth was a central thermoses trump addressed a crowd of mostly supporters. trump blasted an employer for relocating jobs to mexico. he'd tax a company 30% on products produced from mexico. >> i guarantee you carrier will call quickly and they'll say what, mr. president, we're moving back into the united states. >> trump's typical harsh language was the mainstay. it had protesters rising and interrupting every few minutes. >> we have another one over here. another single get out of here. outside, we found people who routinely protest his events. critical of his comments on immigrants and muslims. >> we're concerned about hate against vulnerable groups in
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unfairly associated with other groups. >> i asked trumps media reps for a one on one or media availability. but was told that wouldn't be possible. the primary there is tomorrow. blake hanson, channel 9 eyewitness news. former president bill clinton spoke about what makes his wife the best presidential candidate this time around. alexa ashwell is in west charlotte with more. alexa? well, here at jcsu bill clinton labeled his wife hillary as the change maker, the only person who can reach across parties and get things done. the former president spoke before a large crowd of supporters for about 30 minutes here. key things he touched on, voter rights, gun laws, mentioning the shooting at the charleston church, college tuition, making it free for some, more affordable for others.
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the refinancing of college loans. he touched on prison reform, specifically for nonviolent offenders, immigration reform. and the need for more women in the work force. as you may know, johnson c smith university is an historically black college. political experts stress hillary clinton is relying heavily on the african american vote to win the democratic nomination for president. bill clinton said his wife has a track record for helping all people succeed. >> what i want you to believe is that we can all rise together for the first type. >> i want somebody who knows how to navigate the political system. >> coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00, more reaction from people who attended today's rally. reporting live in west charlotte, alexa ashwell, channel 9 eyewitness news. and eyewitness news is your source for the north carolina primaries on air and online at follow us on twitter and like our facebook page for breaking developments as they happen.
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breaking news out of north charlotte since 5:00. we want to you show you live pictures of this warehouse fire along north trion street just outside of uptown charlotte. we can tell you that all lanes of north trion between dalton avenue and 30th street are now closed as crews are still trying to get this under control. in just the past 20 minutes we spoke to a woman who was inside when the fire broke out. >> people were running. knocking on doors trying to get everybody out. when we heard the fire truck, we were told to come outside immediately. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. no one was hurt. breaking in the last hour, this school psychologist at monroe middle school has been charged with assaulting a student dale rust faces assault charges in the next 30 minutes, channel 9 plans to speak directly to his accuser. the 14-year-old monroe middle
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assaulted by rust last thursday. our coverage continues tonight on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. a man accused of punching a woman in the face is locked up. he punched the victim so hard he knocked her front teeth out. this happened around 2:45 this morning. officers found her car later. police are calling this domestic violence. food left on the stove is being blamed for this large charlotte. chopper 9 found smoke and flames pouring from the roof of the home on rock well boulevard around 10:00 this morning. investigators say the red cross is helping the two adults and three children who were there. the fire caused $20,000 worth of damage. a plane carrying a nascar team back to charlotte made a safe emergency landing at the main airport in memphis after
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hendrick motorsports owns the plane. said its team members were heading home after the race. no drivers were on board. the passengers were moved on to another plane. right now the head of the transportation for north carolina is heading back to the state after investigating a bankrupt toll project in texas. transportation secretary nick tennison met with texas d.o.t. officials this afternoon. a company formed by centra filed for bankruptcy. they're the parent company over seeing the construction of the toll lanes on i-77. today's meeting was about four hours and tennison said it'll be a whim before he has a report ready for the governor on what they discussed today. meanwhile, the developer of the i-77 toll project has a new minority shareholder. british infrastructure firm john lang paid to invest in the
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i-77 mobility partners is the u.s. subsidiary of spanish company centra. the tow truck driver accused of using deadly force after booting a truck in south charlotte faced a judge just hours ago. police say hey fired one shot at a man this weekend. eyewitness news reporter dave faherty spoke with the victim in this case and other tow truck operators about why they carry a gun on their calls. >> jarvis simpson's court appearance lasted only a few minutes in charlotte today. the man he's accused of shooting told me by phone this afternoon that when simpson showed up on the call, he all ready had a gun on his side. in this cell phone video moments after the shooting, you can see the victim run off seconds after police say jarvis simpson opened fire at the park south station. that victim declined to discuss what led up to the shooting where he says he was struck in the side. he did explain his truck was booted earlier saturday morning
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called rescue tow in charlotte to have it removed. ronny runs a wrecker service where he wears a give up on calls as a precaution. and he showed us his concealed carry permit. >> i hope i never have to draw it. >> deputies and state troopers say there's no law preventing a tow truck operator in north carolina from having a gun. even without a concealed carry permit. some companies don't allow it because they tow out of state where laws are different. drivers tell us there are times they don't feel safe. that's why this operator is thinking about getting one. >> you go out, some people they want to call and get you out there in the middle of the night just to do something wrong. so it's always good to have a back up plan just in case if you run into something like that. >> we reached out to rescue tow several times this afternoon. but no one there returned our calls. in fact, no one even answered
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i can tell you that jarvis simpson was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. channel 9 eyewitness news. new tonight, an attorney for the family of a gastonia man killed in a crash with a logging truck says the speed limit on the road where it happened is way too high. 43-year-old robert jones was killed when a logging truck veered over the yellow line on ferguson ridge road and hit his pickup truck head-on. the accident happened within 100-yards of the south carolina state line. and the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. the attorney for jones' family said the road is too winding for that speed. and that the speed limit drops in south carolina to just 35 miles per hour. the family has not decided whether they will consider legal action. tonight we're working to find out if the grand jury will indict a stanley woman accused of killing her husband and two
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the da said he planned to seek indictments for crystal. police say she shot and killed her husband and jeffrey and stephanie sanchez. crystal told her family members she caught her husband with another woman. tonight u.s. and world leaders are remembering former first lady man nancy reagan. she died of congestive heart failure at the age of 94. former president says miss reagan was fiercely loyal to her beloved husband and that devotion was matched by her devotion to our country. coming up after eyewitness news tonight at 6:00, the other way that leaders across the country are honoring her memory. that's tonight on world news with david mueller. happening now in york county, neighbors in fort mill are sharing their ideas about the plan to transform the site of the old knights stadium. the property near the intersection of i-77 and gold hill road is owned by cato fashion company. it wants to turn the land into a major development similar to
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it would include offices, stores, and homes. some neighbors say they're worried that it would cause a spike in traffic in the area. the cornelius police force could soon have a new way to patrol. the town board of commissioners is voting tonight on whether to purchase a police boat. the boat is being purchased from marine solutions for $207,000. and they say it could be ready by september. people on this commuter train in west mecklenburg county were delayed by 2.5 hours when the train hit a car. we brought this story on daybreak. it happened at 1:30 at the crossing near old dowd road and marshal acres drive. nobody was hurt. the car was empty and reported stolen. it took a train coming in to clear out the tracks. it's been a beautiful day if you're heading uptown. with the hornets playing the t wolves, it looks nice as well. as the warmth builds, i'll show you if we'll approach records.
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light on a cluster of rare eye cancer cases in huntersville. after two years of questions, we uncovered plans for environmental testing at a local school. we came to an understand that it's in the community's best interest for us to do testing. our investigation continues
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pack to breaking news in north charlotte where north trion between dalton and 30th street is still closed down because of a warehouse fire. we brought you live pictures from the scene for over an hour now. the fire is now out we see crews going in and out of the building and we're asking what started the fire. we've been investigating rare cases of an eye cancer. and mecklenburg county leaders are closer to environmental testing in area. bradley is live at the health department with new developments. cms met with elected officials in huntersville and the head at the mecklenburg county health department. we're told the consensus was to go ahead and do testing around the area trying to see if
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cases up there that are getting national attention this question has never stops asking questions about the disease that's taken sight from her left eye. >> is there something in the environment that could be contributing to us getting ocular melanoma they've been calling for environmental testing in the area. the county commissioner says testing is coming cms said they're willing to pay for it. >> now he's in the process of helping cms find a credible laboratory to do the testing but there are important questions to be answered about
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strikes just five in a million people question don't know a lot about what causes it. one of the things is what do we test for? eye cancer patients are glad to see the ball rolling on testing. >> it makes me feel better to know that the community is trioing to find out if there's anything contributing to our disease. >> cms would have to sign off on testing. they say they're continuing to follow the lead of county and state health officials. he expects there will be testing and expects it will happen soon. >> what are the chances that this testing will find a link to that cancer. >> not very high. still the people requesting the testing and the health director says there can be a benefit for
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nothing is found because it would ease minds up there. a lot of people who are worried about what's going on we have gathered all of jim's previous investigations and stories that are all come fired together so you can watch his reports from the beginning. look for the links under his latest story on our home page we're covering the carolinas county by county for you tonight ground breaking for a middle school in kannapolis is wednesday. in will allow the school to add sixth grade students to the seventh and eighth graders there now. in iredell, dozens of cats rescued from a home last week are up for adoption. we were there last thursday when animal services rescued 88 cats from a home in mooresville. they put the shelter over capacity and can't accept more animals until they find homes.
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for health issues, including cancer and respiratory problems. >> right now we go to steve udelson for a look at the forecast these clouds being lit up by a beautiful sunset. not a lot of cloud cover. it's going to disappear as the evening goes on. 66 in matthews. your local warm spot. 63 in harrisburg. as well as in belmont. look at this. even up in the mountains. mid 50s right now. the first week of march and the sun's about to set by morn, 10 degrees above average. we'll be in the mid 40s. 30s across the high country. mid 40s a at 6:00 a.m. by the end of the drive, mid 50s. and it's off to the races tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. more than we had today with most of the clouds for now being shoved to the south. check out the warm up.
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lunch time, all ready in the upper 60s. some neighborhoods like hickory, down to rockingham and chesterfield, pushing 70. and we'll all be in the 70s. east of the mountains as we head through tomorrow afternoon and in the high country in the 60s. take the chance to get outside and enjoy it. even if you just have a little lunch hour. one of the many greenways in charlotte, briar creek outside of uptown, weather looks great. mid 60s at the lunch hour. mid 70s through the afternoon. up toward rock hill, liver walk area, temperatures in the mid 70s tomorrow. absolutely gorgeous, a mix of sun and high clouds. even in the high country, temperatures managing to warm well into the 60s. incredible. on wednesday, a few more clouds early. but all the action remains off to our west. this time wednesday evening, showers and storms, you're going to hear a lot about this this week. not only the risk of severe weather, but localized flooding. we're talking upwards of 6 to 10 inches of rain. the problem, this area of rain not moving. which means we enjoy more
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and the warm up continues. how about temperatures in the mid 70s? right through thursday. these are the highs. the record highs. they're safe. but we're still more than 10 degrees above average. five-day forecast, next shot of rain comes in over the weekend. and it's really not a big chance. only 30%. both saturday and sunday. and don't forget on sunday, we spring forward. an hour less sleep. but the sun won't go down until 7:30. >> the mid 70s. that looks great. spoors thanks steve. north carolina's second in command wants lawmakers to meet as soon as possible to take on charlotte's controversial non- discrimination ordinance. new at 10:00 and 11:00, we're asking what it would take to call that special session
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ahead. 's the charlotte hornets home stand continues tonight. the hornets red hot and rolling. winners of 11 of their last 14 games. they welcome the minnesota timberwolves to the hive tonight. charlotte is coming over a win over indiana. kemba walker has been a big reason why charlotte finds themselves three games out of first place in the southeast conference. walker has scored at least 20 points in 11 of the last 12 games. >> playing at a high level. i'm extremely confident. i'm just working on my game. we have a really good team that plays very well together. >> the acc tournament fires up in washington dc tomorrow as nc state battles wake forest in the tournament opener. the winner will play duke on wednesday. nc state head coach mark says tournament play means it's a few season with a chance to
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to the big dance. >> it starts with the tournament. and it's up to us. and so, it's been a tough year. we get it. but we can rewrite the story. wolf pack guard averaged 33 points per game. topping 30 points eight times this season. it's been a month since super bowl 50. cam newton took to social media voices his appreciation for broncos quarterback peyton manning. on instagram he posted a picture with manning at super bowl 50 saying i'm grateful to have shared the field in your last game but most importantly, grateful to have mimicked your style you created to bring out the best of me. and that style is mastering preparation. the carolina panthers have restricted mike remers.
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since arriving back in 2014. he's worth $2.5 million. they announced they resigned stephen hill to a one-year deal. he was on injured reserve after suffering a nying in training camp. super bowl next year. guarantee it. maybe. >> guarantee a warm up this week. that i can do. mid to upper 70s. and the next chance of rain not coming until the weekend. don't forget. spring forward this weekend.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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we have several breaking stories this monday night. the race for the white house. michael bloomberg says he will not run because it may help donald trump win. trump, and his message for ted cruz. and hillary clinton, what she just asked of bernie sanders. and a major victory for erin andrews.
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after suing her stalker and a major hotel. deadly storms tonight, powerful winds, flash floods, and lightning strikes. and the system moving from the south to the east. one of the most famous athletes, her secret revealed, and her apology. and what they're now planning to do for mrs. reagan. good evening. we'll get to the $55 million verdict in just a moment. but first, michael bloomberg saying he will not run. his reason -- he says a bloomberg campaign will help donald trump or ted cruz take


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