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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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reported in the last 10 minutes in huntersville this morning keith. it was reported off sam furr road right now. something we are watching, in fact we are going to head to the accident scene and let you know if it is causing any big problems for now. we'll watch the interstates as they roll right along this morning. 77 southbound from mooresville around 150 heading south down into sam furr road, 71 miles per hour. that is a 9-minute trip. it is quiet now with the exception of the one accident we just mentioned and we'll continue to update you on twitter. john? channel 9 is following stories for your day ahead. another mecklenburg county will vote tonight on the cms student assignment plan. >> leaders want every student guaranteed a spot within their own neighborhood school. angela hong, two other towns
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>> reporter: cornelius and huntersville unanimously passed the resolution. if davidson passes theirs today all three plan to present their resolutions to the cms board here at the government center. channel 9 has extensively covered the student assignment issue. it is very early in the process and the goal is to reduce overcrowd and go break up concentrations of poverty in schools. however leaders want cms to guarantee the student will have a seat in their neighborhood schools. the resolutions serve as a strong message to the cms board and the town leaders hope the resolutions will influence the board's final decision on student assignment. >> i think people are looking for predictability and stability in their student assignment. and if you are not going to include a guaranteed home school, you kind of throw that
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reported last week matthews and mint hill are exploring ways to try to break away from this cms district. it is a move that would require legislative action. channel 9 eyewitness news. also happening tonight, a group will ask cms to protect hundreds of undocumented students from deportation. channel 9 told you in february immigration officers arrested 19-year-old jeffrey soto on his way to the bus in south charlotte. tonight members will be pushed to take a stance against his and other students deportation. we'll bring you complete coverage on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. this rome middle school psychologist is accused of assaulting a 14-year-old doesn't. dale russ is charged with
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the boy's father doug tyson says a school resource officer saw russ put his hands on the boy and called him to come to the school. >> i'm thinking at that point my son is misbehaving maybe i need to go out there and talk to him or something. she said he is not in trouble but i need you. she said she don't know what came over him, he just snapped. >> tyson said another one of his sons at the same school complained about russ. tyson what wants details of the assault to be private for now. the school district will not comment on the arrest of russ or his future with union public schools. the cabarrus sheriff's office needs your help finding a missing woman. robbed da barringer was last seen at her home march 1. -- rhonda barringer was last seen at her home march 1. deputies haven't found anything. they are concerned she might be in danger.
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this morning the union county board of education is holding a special meeting to discuss its search for a superintendent. mary ellis announced her retirement last week, following a state investigation. since november, the sheriff's office had been looking at a possible conflict of interest. ellis is the president of a company that also employed a sales executive from lenovo which had a laptop contract with the district. no charges will be filed against her. channel 9 will continue to follow stories for your day ahead. tonight mecklenburg county commissioners will update a plan to end chronic homelessness. channel 9 was there when volunteers walked around uptown to count the number of people living on the streets. it is estimated more than 400 people are in need of permanent housing. duke energy has finished selling off the common stock connected to its acquisition of piedmont natural gas.
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than 10 million shares, but it has closed out that offer now. the closing will give duke $766 million in proceeds. in january federal regulators signed off to duke's buyout of piedmont. customers will still get bills with piedmont's name and rates are not expected to go up. today leaders will dedicate a markner statesville to honor six men buried alive while digging a sewer line. today marks exactly 109 years after the cave in. it is known as the ray street tragedy. the marker reads may their sacrifice be remembered. the dedication starts at 11:00 a.m. today we could get an update on the missing malaysian flight 370. the plane disappeared two years ago today with 239 people on board. 12 families of relatives on board the plane filed a lawsuit
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they want search teams to work longer. a team of experts is testing debris believed to be from the missing flight. it was found washed up on the coast of mozambique last week. if the experts can't properly identify the piece it will be sent to australia for further test snag a deadly crash in gastonia is raising concerns about the speed limit at the crash scene. 43-year-old robert jones died when a logging truck veered over the yellow line and hit his pickup truck head on. the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. the attorney for jones's family said the road is too winding for that speed and the speed limit drops in south carolina to just 35 miles per hour. relatives have not decided whether to take legal action. it appears plans to put new homes and businesses at the site of the old knights stadium will move forward. the herald reports the york county council approved a
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that will allow kato fashion company and lincoln harris, a charlotte developer, to build 240 apartments, a hotel, stores and offices at the stadium site in fort mill. some are concerned the project would cause heavier traffic and hundred of more students at nearby schools. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. we'll see a lot of people out and about today because it is so nice. a lot of people out there break out shorts and t-shirts in the next couple of days. a big time preview is coming in this week. nice, clear skies. high clouds. many more high clouds to the west are all filtering our direction all coming off this slow moving weather maker bringing strong storms into texas and oklahoma. the system is not going to move from out here for the next couple of days. it is a slow mover. so before it gets here, you get the big push of warm air.
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the rain is going to hold off for quite some time. back over to mark taylor watching the roads this morning. >> the interstates are checking clear of any big problems. smooth sailing on 85. check this out. coming from concord and kannapolis, looks like you are moving at least 65 miles per hour. we are monitoring one accident scene off to the north. in huntersville, no big delay as of yet. and checking some of the other thoroughfares heading inbound on brookshire from mountain island lake, 46 miles per hour. a 15 minute commute. just got word of a stalled vehicle. happening today, north carolina officials will be in charlotte to talk about building a state monument to african-american achievement. serious talks about the monuments started after last summer's charleston church shooting. officials say it will be built at the state capital in raleigh. public hearings are being held
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shape this monument should take. today's hearing is at the harvey gantt center on south tryon. speakers will be asked to sign in. right now channel 9 is checking wall street futures for you. the dow dropping back quite a bit. 96 and a half the nasdaq down 36.25. a pregnant woman attacked while waiting at the bus stop. >> i'm worried about my baby. i'm like oh my gosh i'm pregnant. >> on daybreak, the distraction the attacker used to grab her purse and the fight the soon to- be mother put up to protect herself and her valuables. i would be frustrated. >> these parking tickets look official but they are actually fake. tricking dozens of people in one north carolina city. all new and ahead at 5:30, the
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running into trying to pay for these bogus tickets. a cluster of rare eye cancer cases in huntersville. the next the new steps leaders are taking now to find a possible cause, and who will
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a clear picture from our hd charlotte cam. temperatures right now around the 40s and 50s for most of our area, and it is going to really warm up, get all the way up into the 70s today. get your forecast from meteorologist keith monday in minutes right here on daybreak. environmental testing for possible links to a rare eye cancer could begin this spring at a local high school. channel 9 has been investigating for two years. elected officials in huntersville have been pressing the school system to test at hopewell high school after a dozen cases of a rare eye cancer have been diagnosed in two years. cms and huntersville leaders, environmental testing is coming. >> we all came to an
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community's best interest for us to do testing. >> cms will foot the bill for the testing. the health department is helping the school pick the testing lab for this and assign what substances to test for. cancer cases extensively. you can read our past coverage at look on our home page. a federal lawsuit filed against the city of ferguson, missouri could soon be settled. leaders will discuss a potential agreement with the government. the doj sued after an investigation into michael brown's shooting death found problems within the city's police department. federal officials want to overhaul the department. they say the changes will not create a financial burden on the city. police in raleigh are calling for calm one week after a deadly police involved shooting. >> a town hall was held at this church last night to discuss the tensions between the community and police.
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officer dc twitty shot and killed aquila 10-k capitol gains. 10-k capitol gains family said he was shot in the back and was unarmed. twitty said he was reaching for a gun. last night emotions boiled over. >> they don't want to see us do nothing but kill each other. >> officer twitty was put on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation. new this morning, student leaders at winthrop university want more security on campus. the rock hill herald reports they have signed a petition to add an emergency phone box behind a residence hall. last year police investigated a sexual assault in the area and last week an armed robber targeted a student there. the university administration said it will hold a meeting to discuss the safety concerns. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. if you haven't seen the 5- day yet, we have a decent week on tap.
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morning. most of us a lot warmer than early yesterday. boone is the exception here. you are 33. everybody else closer to 50 degrees as you head from statesville, salisbury. 54 in concord. colder in lincolnton. chilly in albermarle. the wind is most calm and you are finding a little more of a clear picture and colder picture to start the day today. a lot of sunshine to start out. it is going to be the clouds filtering below the sunshine as we head through the day. 69 by noon. that is warmer than we saw throughout the entire day yesterday. we are back in the mid 70s. south and southeast breezes warming us up to the mid-70s, well above our average for this time of the year. the only downside you can find, in this, of course would be more of the pollen starting to blooming for sure. our future taft is a quiet scan
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and there. late tonight through tomorrow morning as more moisture returns from the south. we are going to see clouds morning, rain in the afternoon. enough sunshine to warm us up into the mid to upper 70s for tomorrow thursday and friday. overnight numbers, closer to 50 degrees or above. this is going to be a big, big change. you may start to feel a touch of the mugginess coming back in toward the end of the week. it leads up to a better rain chance heading in through the weekend. by friday night the rainshower chance will slowly pick up mostly through the mountains. saturday scattered showers. ahead in the next half hour, i'll show you the storm system where it is now. it is not that far away. it is amazing how far it is compared to how long it is going to take to get there. the temperatures are going up, staying close to 80 for tomorrows and thursday. high clouds are the only thing
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the 80s next week. the rain chance for saturday looks less intense than it did yesterday, may spread into sunday morning. a reminder we set the clocks ahead this weekend as daylight savings time does begin. track the number, the current conditions and a look at the interactive radar toward the end of the week. all that on our weather app. back over to mark taylor now for another update on the roads. a stalled vehicle reported off to the north this morning. this is happening right now in mt. holly hunterville road just up from mt. holly road. not expecting a big delay there. something to look out for. and other than that, the interstates are rolling right along. it has been fairly quiet. that includes 85 coming in from gastonia, 19 minutes, 66 miles per hour is the average speed. if you are coming in from york county this morning, we are looking down in fort mill. here's the northbound commute
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southbound coming out toward rock hill. no issues out of mecklenburg county heading south into york county. john? police are looking for the man who attacked a pregnant woman days before her due date. >> he could have had a knife a gun. >> a statement the manmade before grabbing the woman's purse and kick -- the man, made before grabbing the woman's purse and kicking her in the face. fewer homes are for sale in the charlotte area. frustrating potential home buyers and the two steps they
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a live look from our speedway cam. it feels very comfortable when you walk out the door this morning. we are going to warm up in the 70s and see that for the week. your forecast from meteorologist keith monday, including when we will see a chance for more clouds in that forecast, coming up in a few minutes. action 9 has found fewer homes are for sale. in the past three months the
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gone down steadily each week from 13,000 to 10,000. it is so low real estate agents say sellers seem to be in total control and buyers are feeling it. prices are 7% higher than this time last year. >> we have a lot of frustrated buyers out there right now because they can't find anything and every time they do find something they like it is expensive. >> agents say there are two things you can do to get a jump on the competition. start your home hunt early and get prequalified. we went through the numbers county by county. all of them tell the same story. it is a seller's market but some counties are less one sided right now. for aloeser look, go to our -- a closer look, go to our facebook page. the obama administration plans to release how many
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drones since president obama took office in 2009. the report, which will be released soon, will not cover areas with active hostilities like syria, iraq and afghanistan. dozens of people in one north carolina city are trying to pay these parking tickets. but officials say they are not real. >> we tell them hey this is a scam. >> ahead in 10 minutes, the key differences between these fake tickets and official ones and the viral prank this scheme is connected to. the rain is going to hold off this week, i'll show you how quickly a little bit of mugginess may be creeping back in. the election spotlight is on north carolina after visits
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the glass is broken out, you can see some bricks down at the bottom too, as this is all taped off right now. and looks like yeah, the thief broke in here, this is a smash and grab. this is fix's jewelry store and also looks like employees who have been called in to check on exactly what happened inside. we are going to keep an eye on this right now. we are not hearing about any suspects. we are working to get more information. as we get that, we'll bring you more. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. a check now on your first forecast, meteorologist keith monday joining us now in severe weather center 9. temperatures are going to soar today keith. >> some of the warmest temperatures on the entire map. 54 in mint hill. 53 from harrisburg. 47 down in york.
5:29 am
little bit cool tore start the day but everybody is a lot warmer than we were this time yesterday morning. here's a timeline for your plan for the day ahead. a plan for near 70 degrees already by lunch time. sunglasses still needed today, maybe more high cloud cover at times like we saw yesterday afternoon. but back in the mid-70s for this afternoon. ahead, we'll talk about this warm up and keep rolling along as we head through the week. while it has been very dry for now the moisture is going to increase, timing the atmosphere for a weekend rain event. how soon we'll see the mugginess. time is 53:00, back over to mark taylor in the traffic center. how are things? >> reporter: no big issues. i want to get folks caught up on storm drainage work that is supposed to last until may 18th. that is down to one lynn at mcdowell -- one lane at mcdowell street.
5:30 am
this is scheduled to start about 7:00 this morning. some of your options include dillworth road or lexington or kennelworth avenue to stonewall. we are expecting that to have an impact later this morning. on the outer loop of the john belk freeway, 62, the brookshire 53 miles per hour. you can get caught up on construction projects we just mentioned and other issues anytime on our website at wsoc- click on the traffic tab. a story we'll be following for your day ahead. today republican presidential hopeful ted cruz will be in kannapolis as the candidates prepare for north carolina's primary next week. >> cruz is trailing behind donald trump in the state by nearly 10 points. joe bruno is live outside the church in kannapolis where today's campaign event will be held. >> reporter: donald trump is
5:31 am
carolina right now but ted cruz is going to change that when he speaks to reporter here at central baptist church later this evening. cruz is trying to emerge as the front runner and is making his first appearance in north carolina since last june. he expressed support for building a wall and water boaring terrorists. cruz spoke in mississippi telling people it will take someone with more than just a catchy slogan to become president. >> the real question is you understand the principles and value that his made america great in the first place. >> reporter: the other two republican candidates for president, governor john kasich senator marco rubio do not have any events coming up in north carolina scheduled as of right now, but senator marco rubio did open a campaign office in
5:32 am
and on the democratic side, presidential candidate hillary clinton will be in north carolina later this week, aiming to drum up voter support. yesterday channel 9 was there as former president bill clinton campaigned for his wife at johnson c. smith university in west charlotte. hundreds gathered for that event, where he touched on several topics, including voter rights, gun laws and college tuition and expressed why his wife would make the best president. >> yes it would be a good thing to have a president who would be immediately respected and trusted around the world, that's true. but the real reason you ought to be for her is she is the single best change maker i ever saw. >> political experts stress hillary clinton is relying heavily on the african-american vote to win the democratic nomination for president. bill clinton said his wife has a track record for helping all people succeed. today presidential candidates are aiming to win in
5:33 am
primaries and caucuses. that includes michigan and mississippi. just head over to our special election page at a north carolina transportation secretary is back in the state this morning after a trip to meet with texas d.o.t. officials. in an almost 4-hour meeting yesterday nick tennyson questioned officials about centra and a toll road that went bankrupt outside of austin. centra is building the i-77 toll road. now tennyson is trying to figure out what legal and financial options we have regarding the i-77 toll lane project. >> we are down here at the request of governor mccrory to come and learn the context of the project s h130 and how that might affect or have an impact on the projects that we are carrying out in north carolina. >> this is not the first centra highway to go bankrupt. another project in indiana
5:34 am
two years ago eyewitness news anchor scott wickersham traveled to dallas where centra had just opened a similar toll road. critics there said it was a tax on the poor and called it unfair, but dallas leaders told us their population is booming and they could not afford to build roads to handle the traffic. the i-77 toll lanes will stretch from charlotte to mooresville. lake norman residents have spoken out about the spanish company to the governor and transportation leaders for years. they say centra's failure in texas comes as no surprise. widen i-77 will hold a meeting to discuss the toll lane project. meanwhile the d.o.t. plans to meet with governor mccrory to discuss yesterday's trip and will release more information as soon as that process is complete. we have been following every development over the toll lanes for years. you can follow our continuing coverage at it is under the news tab. 5:35 right now. a tow truck driver accused of
5:35 am
charlotte is out of jail this morning. jarvis simpson faced a judge yesterday. cell phone video shows the victim running away seconds after simpson soaped fire. the ventricular arrhythmia would not discuss what led up to the -- opened fire. the victim would not discuss what led up to the shooting. >> some people, they want to call and get you out there in the middle of the night, just to do something wrong. so it is always good to have a back-up plan in case you run into something like that. >> reporter: simpson is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and inflicting serious injury. bogus parking tickets are being left on market cars in downtown asheville. >> some people are taking the tickets to city hall to try 20 pay them. but when -- to pay them. but when they scan the code it goes to a youtube video.
5:36 am
we got past the 80s, i thought. >> apparently not. authorities say there are a few ways you can tell the ticket is fake. it is larger, the date is wrong, the officer's id is fake, it has a q r code, the city's tickets do not have q r codes, and the fine costs 10 times more than it should. a warning this morning. the north carolina attorney general's office says employers need to be extra careful with worker's personal information like w-2s. this comes after a sudden rise in data breaches. the attorney general's office counted 26 so far this year, compared to 8 all of last year. several of the breaches this year involved employee payroll information. it told channel 9 this is a newer twist on the crime. marine archaeologists have made a huge discovery near north carolina's oak island. an iron hulled steamer.
5:37 am
identified just yet but it is the first civil war era vessel to be discovered in decades. the ship was used to break through a wall of naval vessels in the port of wilmington. nc state head coach mark godfrey says today's game is a start at a new season with a chance at the tournament. >> starts with the tournament, and it is up to us. it has been a tough year, we get it. we can rewrite the story. >> nc state guard kent barber has been named all first time acc. he averaged 23 points per game topping 30 points you may not need cable to watch nfl games later this year. facebook is biding to live stream thursday night football. but don't get too excited.
5:38 am
streaming leaders are also interested. the nfl is negotiating, but previously reached a deal with cbs and nbc to broadcast the next two seasons on tv. the thursday night football package is worth about $450 million. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist keith monday. we have some warm temperatures on tap again today. >> yeah we do. the last little batch of chilly air out of here this morning. 50 in charlotte. the warm stuff all streaming in in the southwest. this little pocket of cold air settles in from boone, granite falls , lenoir and morganton. almost 50 this morning up in banner elk. our number in charlotte is close to the same number you see in the mountain counties. a significant warm up is on the way. ahead, i'll have the futurecast timeline to show you that we actually warm up almost by
5:39 am
have for the entire high temperature yesterday afternoon. so far so good, quiet for the major arteries, the thoroughfares, secondary roads. no big issues thus far. drive times this morning, 64 miles per hour coming out of huntersville south of sam furr. the same from 85 southbound from kannapolis and concord. if you are coming from row want or cabarrus county from salisbury southbound into charlotte, all free and clear. 77 looking good between the brookshire and john belk. 67 miles per hour. gaston county, gastonia 85 northbound where the traffic bit. shelby. stephanie? a patient accused of stealing an ambulance and nearly crashing into a north carolina home. ahead at 6:20 the call paramedics were responding to when the patient jumped in the
5:40 am
the new method a former sheriff's deputies plans to use to protect fellow drivers during high speed chases. still battered and bruised. a pregnant woman opened up to channel 9 after a stranger beat her at a charlotte bus stop. >> he started kicking me in the face, telling me to shut up. >> how she and her baby are
5:41 am
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the ikea kit we just got new information about this scene here, birkdale village in huntersville. we told you about this at 5:30. police told us a van backed into the tink's jewelry store. look at the doors from the damage. they use that had van to get inside this jewelry store and steal stuff, breaking up display cases. there is a look at the damage, a lot of damage there. right now police are inside, looking at surveillance video of this crime.
5:44 am
to see what exactly was taken, maybe trying to get fingerprints out of there as well. angela hong is on the way to the scene to gather more information for us, hopefully talk with investigators on scene. she will have live updates throughout in morning on daybreak as we learn more. police are searching for a suspect they say beat a pregnant woman who was just waiting for the bus in west charlotte. >> look at olivia ono, she is days from giving birth. now her face is covered in bruises. she was standing at the bus stop on ashley road when a man, possibly in his 30s, tacked her. >> he came up and said i'm waiting for the bus just like you. i was like okay. he smacked me on the butt to disstorm tracker 2 hd radar me and grabbed my purse. >> she said the two wrestled and ended up on the ground and then the man started kicking her. thankfully mother and child are expected to be okay. again police are searching for
5:45 am
this morning police are searching for an iredell county man who hasn't been seen in more than a month. roger bowman may be in either charlotte or new york city. statesville police have been in touch with law enforcement in both cities. police haven't released further information. some of the dozens of cats rescued from a home last week are going up for adoption. channel 9 was there last thursday when animal services rescued 88 cats from a house in mooresville. the cats put the shelter over capacity. doctors have screened the cats for health issues, including cancer and respiratory problems. weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. >> we are about to have a time change and it seems like a season change too. >> spring is right around the corner. more haze out there from our lake norman camera.
5:46 am
than that the next couple of days. a hint of the mugginess, not going to feel humid, but the moisture is going to return throughout the week. 50 in charlotte, 54 in concord. a couple of 30s here and there. those will be out of here as we head off through today. most of us will be starting off in the 50s for the rest of the week as much warmer weather is working in. by midday, we are already in the upper 60s. that was the high yesterday, 68. so we are already there by lunch time. that means a day in the 70s expected. futurecast keeps us around 73 our forecast at 74. mountains into the mid-60s. going to be a fantastic day here in boone today. numbers warming up, should say around 65 degrees as opposed to 56. looking ahead to more of the high clouds coming through, rain-free skies expected in monroe and union county. big warm up. 75 degrees expected today. the records in the 80s for this
5:47 am
but we are looking ahead to a significant jump. well above average we are going to stay through this week. we are all dry today. our futurecast shows a lot of yellow, which we are on the dry end of the scale. watch these colors change into tomorrow. the yellow moves north, the green starts to shift in from the south. by tomorrow afternoon more humid air starts to work its way in again. it is not going to feel humid out there but the sign of change is coming in through the rest of this week. 77 the forecast high for tomorrow. that will be more of a normal temperature that we would see in may, as opposed to the early part of march. don't get too excited though about planting just yet. our average last frost is actually into early april. maybe hold off for awhile but we are all kind of getting that inch to do outdoor activities. back in the mid to upper 70s with the weekend always in view. nighttime numbers closer to 50
5:48 am
for the weekend the rain chances extend to beth days, saturday may bring the better opportunity for scattered showers but not going to range all day long and of course we lose the hour of sleep this weekend as daylight savings time begins and usually it takes a week or sometimes even more to get your body a just. >> how about when we go and get our hour back? >> 10 minutes. taylor. >> stephanie, we are checking conditions in rock hill this morning, folks are doing well heading north into fort mill and even up into the state line near cherry road. if you are heading out the next couple of minutes, drive time technology not picking up on any slowdowns. carowinds boulevard 12 minutes, 67 miles per hour. not bad. lake wylie commuters, a 23-
5:49 am
speed of almost 40 miles per hour. john? a south carolina highway will be shut down again today after this deadly head-on crash involving a logging truck. at 6:30 on daybreak, the disturbing name firefighters have for this area, because there has been so many accidents. north carolina's second in command wants to tackle charlotte's controversial nondiscrimination ordinance right now. tsa has a warning for
5:50 am
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every the tsa is warning travelers security lines will be longer this summer. >> yesterday the head met with officials in atlanta about the growing lines at security checkpoints. he said the agency has stepped up training and security procedures, but is short
5:53 am
passengers. >> it is an arithmetic problem. more people traveling, more peak periods than you have had in the past and a certain level of staffing. >> reporter: tsa says they have expedited the hiring process and enrollment in their new tsa academy. american airlines pilots say the toxic culture between management and employees is returning. in a letter the pilot union outlined several issues. they say they are contributing to the poor labor relation, including crew scheduling and payroll problems they have been seeing. a spokesperson says the airline is in the middle of a $6 million investment in wages and benefits for employees as well as customer service products. such beautiful weather that we'll see today. >> lots of sun, warm temperatures. something to be watching all
5:54 am
going to linger out here to the west. it is going to hang out across the middle of the country basically all week, bringing severe weather. already this morning there have been a couple of severe tornado warnings through central texas and that is going to bring flooding rain and it is going to take until maybe saturday. we'll show you that coming up at 6:00 a.m. and how high we climb with the week. just got a new wreck in the last 10 minces. 3100 block of south tryon. we have green conditions so drive time technology and the traffic flow is not picking up on any big slowdowns but we'll let you know if that changes. 77 looking good heading north from carowinds to uptown just 12 minutes. all new and ahead in 30 minutes on daybreak. gift cards are popular but retailers are making it tougher to buy them the new restrictions many shoppers will face.
5:55 am
huntersville. live look here after someone used a truck to smash through these doors and get inside. reporter angela hong is just
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
about there channel 9 is following breaking news in huntersville where police are investigating after a vehicle smashed into this jewelry store. you can see the doors kind of hanging off at this point right now. the new information we just learned from firefighters. for the second day in a row another town will vote to send a message to cms. north carolina's lieutenant
5:59 am
special session to deal with charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance. the reason some believe it is politically motivated. thanks for joining us, i'm john paul. >> and i'm stephanie maxwell. thanks for joining us, meteorologist keith monday is joining us, keith? >> reporter: a few high clouds from our lake norman camera a touch of haze, and we are going to see more of that haze building up throughout the week. warmer temperatures and a little more mugginess will start working its way back in. we have fallen back in the 30s in lincolnton and albemarle. so kind of a wide variety of temperatures out there. have jackets ready to go early. this afternoon you will not need them at all. 55 already by 9:00 back in the 70s today. quite a significant jump from yesterday afternoon. ahead we'll talk about the futurecast, where the storm system to our west is now and
6:00 am
get here with the rain chance. a few minor problems out there this morning. the latest from mark. >> reporter: one of the trouble spots is south tryon. about the 3100 block, an accident between clanton and remount. 77 in the area looking good, in fact from the state line we are moving freely this morning. lots of room actually. 77 northbound heading from carowinds boulevard. northbound all the way to south charlotte, no issues there. as these issues start to come in we are always updating them in realtime. on twitter. a jewelry store burglary at huntersville, we brought you the first live pictures from the scene in the last 30 minute of the since then eyewitness news reporter angela hong arrived on the scene. tell us what you have learned there. >> reporter: john i just


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