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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 430 a.m.  ABC  March 9, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EST

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they're not so bad right now. but 7:00, 8:00, we could see fog developing, especially on some of the backroads. check out the temperatures just now. updating you in the weather center. it's 55 degrees in charlotte. 48 in lincolnton. low 40s in boone. it's already a warm start to the day. that's a preview of the afternoon. for your morning drive, though, that he it slow on the roads. by 7:00, dealing with patchy fog, but it lifts by 8:00, 9:00. going through the afternoon, plenty of sunshine, it's going to be another warm day with highs in the upper 70s. i will show you when it leads to the threat of rain coming up ahead. stephanie? we begin this morning in the breaking news center,a violent end to the night in charlotte, where somebody shot a woman in this northwest charlotte neighborhood. she was the fifth victim in four separate shootings yesterday. more on what we know about the latest shooting in a moment. but first, we made a map laying
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they both started yesterday around 4:30, when two people were shot on brookshire boulevard. then another shooting off the plaza. the third shooting happened around 8:30 last night on barrington drive. around 11:00 last night, someone shot a woman on brook tree drive. we were at the scene on brook tree when officers collected evidence and spoke to neighbors. police say the woman wound up at a different scene about two and a half miles away on darby avenue. investigators won't say how she got there, but say she refused to go to the hospital in an ambulance. police won't say whether they have any suspects or what prompted the shooting. earlier in the evening, on the opposite side of town, police say someone shot a man on barrington drive near sharon pines apartments. deandre brown was walking back from the store and heard gunshots. he says he tried to duck and was hit in the leg. a person was shot outside a gas
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boulevard and another victim injured at his home less than a mile away. the second scene happened about an hour later, at this shopping center were neighbors were told a man and a woman were shot in a car. they say it doesn't matter what led up to this, they just want the violence to stop. >> i don't know what's going on. it's not the same charlotte it used to be. >> one person has been detained in connection with the shooting off of brookshire. as we get new information, we'll bring it to you here first. and a court date four years after someone shot a pregnant teen and her unborn child. they say this man shot and killed the woman in 2012. police said since the beginning, the e-mail shows that he thought brown could
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we'll talk to police and find out what new information led to the charges and to his family about the arrest. there are major changes within the police department, days after the chesterfield sheriff took over the police chief's job. he got body cameras for the officers, shut down the jail and is doing away with the rule book that he calls, "ancient." officers are spending more time patrolling the streets now. last week, most tuft of the police force quit when the chief returned from leave. charlotte mecklenburg school leaders want to pay for construction projects. yesterday, they discussed which older schools need major renovations. they also want to alleviate overcrowding. overnight, republican donald trump won the hawaii caucus.
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>> the big story of the night over hillary clinton in michigan. clinton was ahead in every state poll leading up to the election. sanders spoke about the campaign stop last night and said it shows he has momentum to win the nomination. trump will be in fayetville today and clinton in raleigh tomorrow. yesterday was the busiest day of early voting in mecklenburg county. so far, more than 6,000 people cast their ballots. that brings the total to 25 ,500. early voting ends on saturday. we have a list of early voting sites on our web site, along with everything you need to know about the candidates. go to and click on the news tab. 4:35 now. today, people in california can pay final respects to former first lady nancy reagan. she'll lie in repose today and tomorrow. the current first lady will
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will be held on friday. nancy will be buried next to president ronald regan at the library. she died sunday at the age of 94. next week, a popular restaurant will honor an employee who was hit by a car nearby. they will dedicate the patio to kelly putnam. there will be a dedication ceremony next monday night. . police say a man hit and killed her when she was walking in january. he is charged with felony death by vehicle and dwi. finalizing plans for an expansion in rock hill. the church there finalized the deal for the developer for the $9 million project in the city's river walk community. the church has been meeting at a middle school, but says it's outgrown that. it is expected to be done by december. despite the governor
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back early to fight charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance, 15 thy they're not walk -- some say they're not waiting. a community is mourning the death of a beloved mother of two killed in a horrific crash in lincoln county. >> it's heartbreaking. >> at 4:45, remembering her and the driver -- and the charges the driver who hit her is facing this morning. and a girl was being assaulted. how the person knew something
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every day, for life. 20 minutes until 5:00. a group of national guardsmen is being called heroes for rescuing a girl they say was being sexually assaulted. >> the sergeant says soldiers were training at the armory in kings mountain on sunday and heard a girl screaming. the soldiers ran to the street and say they saw a man pulling her skirt down and grabbing her. they say he ran away, but they held onto him until police arrived. >> he could not -- it was not the first time it happened. >> police charged kyle moore
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and second degree battery. the accuser says she never had seen him before. a woman will spend a year and a half in prison for driving drunk and causing a crash that killed the love of her life. they say she got into a fight with her girlfriend and crashed into a tree on 274 in gastonia last year. falls was thrown from the car and died. >> there is nothing that i would not do to trade places with her or anything i could give have her here, too. it doesn't matter. i would take her place in a heartbeat. >> falls' family says they feel sorry for redcare. and monitoring zika virus in the state, but not overly worried. there is a concern that has other healthcare officials sounding the alarm on a global scale. and cmpd's chief says the officer shown in this video did not break the law. patchy fog this morning is
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into charlotte. i will take you through the
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4:44 now. cmpd's police chief says the officer seen in this video here punching a suspect on the ground didn't break the law. he says he watched video from body cameras during malcolm elliott's arrest and decided not to charge the officers
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he says the officer was using the technique they train for to handcuff someone not cooperating. he says wants to build trust in the community, but also needs to trust his officers in cases like this. >> in the end of the day, when there's a criminal suspect who flees, the cops have to get him. i have to support them in doing that. >> he says he won't release the body cam video because it's part of an internal investigation. and a man accused of killing two people outside of a hickory mcdonald's was indicted. he's charged with murdering two men last week. he used to be in a relationship with leo. next week, opponents of the i-77 toll lanes will have a chance to share concerns. state transportation leaders gave city and town leaders until monday to point out parts of the contract they want to have examined. construction is already under way for the 26-mile toll lane
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and a meeting with texas d.o.t. officials. they were questioned about a central toll road that went brunt outside of austin. -- went bankrupt outside of austin. they will share the reports with us in the coming weeks. remembering a mother of two, killed in a crash in lincoln county. dozens of people gathered at the church yesterday evening to honor candice helms. she died in the accident along highway 150 yesterday morning. her 7 and 2-year-old sons were in the van and they're still in the hospital. friends say helms was active in the community and they're praying for her family. . >> she meant a lot to the community. she volunteered at the school, as well, as pumpkin center schools. a lot of people want to show their love in return. >> the crash happened yesterday morning along highway 150 near old mill road. troopers say helms was hit head- on by a pickup truck. david boyd is charged with
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vehicle and driving left of center. north carolina lawmakers are coming up with ways to manage the spread of the zika virus. yesterday, the department of department ofhealth and human services secretary gave them a report showing how the state is monitoring cases. >> we're well-prepared and there's really no reason to be -- to be concerned. >> there are only five confirmed cases of zika in north carolina. but the world health organization now says sexual transmission of the zika virus may be more common than once thoughts. they reviewed reports and investigations from several countries. they say there's also growing evidence zika is behind a spike in serious birth defects. it's mostly spread by mosquito bites. many parents warned their children about listening to loud music. new this morning, doctors in north carolina are saying they're seeing an increase in the number of millennials with hearing loss. they say it's not just listening to music too loudly,
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ear buds. they're potentially more dangerous because the speaker is closer to the eardrum. turning to weather now, meteorologist vicki graf has our forecast. we're starting pretty mild, vicki. >> yes, it is a mild start to the day. temperatures just into the weather center, it's 55 now in charlotte. 51 in jefferson. you don't need to worry about the winter layers this morning. as we go lou the day today, we will warm up quickly. this morning, though, fog will be a problem in some spots, especially on the backroads. by around 7:00, that's when we could see visibilities dropping, but then heading towards 8:00, 9:00, the fog will start to lift and we will see more sunshine as we go throughout the afternoon. check this out, though. by 9:00 this morning, we will be close to 61 degrees here in charlotte. that's where the average high for this time of year will be. we will continue to climb into the mid- to upper 70s today. some high clouds, but we will
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that 80-degree mark. your neighborhood forecast for weddington, fog early on, but by midday, 73 degrees and highs for today getting into the mid- to upper 70s. so a nice preview to spring. we don't have to worry about the rain. it's going to be a little bit breezy, though, as we go throughout the afternoon. right now, quiet on live early warning doppler 9 and staying quiet throughout the day today. other than high clouds streaming through. we're tracking this storm system to the west and you will hear about this on facebook and on twitter. this is going to bring up to about a foot of rain across parts of louisiana, arkansas and texas over the next several days. that system is heading our way, but it's really going to start to weaken by the time it gets here. so as we head into the end of the week, that's when we're tracking a better chance for rain, heading to saturday and sunday, so, yeah, that is in time for the weekend, which is always in view, but it's not going to be a washout here. we certainly won't be seeing the flooding rains like they
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saturday, 70s, off and on showers, but a better chance of showers going to sunday. still staying warmer, though, highs in the lower 70s. you can track changes to the forecast with our wsoc weather app. you can also get your hour by hour forecast in there, too, but really over the next several days, staying nice and warm, upper 70s, then don't forget going into the weekend, set your clocks forward an hour for daylight saving time. >> every time we hear about that, we just moan and groan. >> i will be tired sunday morning. >> i bet you will. cornelius police purchased a new patrol boat to use on lake norman. it's an all-weather boat with a heated cabin. it cost a little more than $2,000. the department says they patrol the lake throughout the year and needed a boat to protect the officers from the elements. the current boat is 25 years old. you may see more children walking to school today as part of the 5th annual south carolina walk to school day. the event emphasizes the
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physical activity for children as well as pedestrian safety. more than 150 schools are expected to take part in the walk to school event today. panthers set charles johnson from the scene, he is back. and at 5:00, the major carolina. and next, the step lawmakers will make this week to prevent the anti- taking effect.
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very quiet on the roads so very quiet o if you're doing everything rightbut find it harder and harderto get by, you're not alone. while our people worklonger hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economyand democracy that works for all
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4:54 now. >> lawmakers could meet this week to start drafting legislation to look at the non- discrimination order naenst. >> the head of the senate is appointing a group to tackle the issues. bob russo is part of the group, so is jeff tarp, who says there are still questions about what any legislation would target. >> does it say purely on the issue, or really looking at the entirety of the ordinance. >> the governor says he would not call a special session because it would be too expensive. he says he has a group ready to meet with senators to have legislation in place as soon as lawmakers go back into session. republicans say lawmakers in south carolina are rejecting several of the democrats added
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one democrat says the current proposal doesn't give enough money to fix roads and only guarantees funding for a year. republicans offered a proposal to raise $400 million for roads through the general budget instead of raising the state's gas tax. a lot of folks about to head on the roads now. let's check in with traffic now. >> looking at 85 over north charlotte, just out of the university area, the traffic volume is light this morning, dry and clear heading south towards the interchange with i- 77. no accidents for the major arteries. we had a utility project completely blocked over in northwest charlotte. we will check on that coming up. also reports of a stalled vehicle in south charlotte. we will see how that's impacting the ride coming up next. it's already a warm start to the day. we're in the mid-50s here in the charlotte area. fog is going to be a problem, not until really around 7:00, 8:00, so be aware of that as you head out for the morning drive. through the afternoon, lots of sunshine, warmer, highs in the
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you will be close to 80 degrees in chesterfield. i will break down the hour by hour forecast in the next half hour. but loving this warmer weather. cmpd investigating four different shootings that injured five people, all of them over a seven-hour period. what we learned about the latest shooting late last nights that left one woman in the hospital. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. eyewitness news daybreak 5:00 a.m.
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also, try our grilled menu featuring new tuscan tilapia. for full meals starting at just $4.99, it's gotta be d's. starting in the breaking news center this morning, overnight someone shot a woman in north charlotte. it is the fourth shooting cmpd is investigating in less than 24 hours. the string of violence spanning across the city and the progress police have made tracking down the gunman. this man will face a judge today, accused of murdering a pregnant teen nearly four years ago. the e-mails police say made him a suspect from the very beginning. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm john paul. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. let's check on the first forecast now with vicki graf. already warm this morning and communities are seeing fog. >> that's right, stephanie.
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as you head outside, just coming into the weather center, it's a warm 54 degrees now in charlotte. 51 in jefferson. you don't need to bring out the heavy winter coats this morning. and going through the afternoon, it's going to be another nice and warm day. we're tracking the potential for patchy fog this morning. especially by 6:00, 7:00. that's when visibilities will drop, but already by 8:00 it starts to lift. so for the bus stop forecast, just be aware, there could be fog, especially on the backroads. going throughout the afternoon, warming quickly. we will see highs for today in the upper 70s. some neighborhoods close to 80 degrees. i'll show you when we trade the warmth for rain in the next 30 minutes. first, weather and traffic every 10 minutes on eyewitness news. let's look at the roads now with mark. >> we're dealing with an issue in south charlotte and we had construction, work going on in northwest charlotte. it blocked freedom drive inbound early this morning.
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all travel lanes are now open heading inbound. you can take the normal route. south, we had a disabled vehicle near 77. not seeing a big delay here as traffic volume is light. lots of room to move around. this is what it looks like on 77 heading in south charlotte. no accidents or stalled vehicles coming out of york county. stephanie? right now in the breaking news center as cmpd investigates the fourth shootping in less than 24 hours. overnight police say someone shot a woman in this northwest charlotte neighborhood. joe bruno is live outside headquarters. joe, she's the fifth victim in a series of shootings. >> reporter: 24 hours in charlotte have been filled with violence. police are trying to figure out what led to all of the shootings now. >> we made this map to show you where they were. the first shooting injured two people. police found one person shot at a gas station off brookshire boulevard and another victim at his home on mcginn grove drive.


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