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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 600A  ABC  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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second tow truck just arrived on the scene two vehicles involves in the accident scene. it was an suv that hit a utility pole and then hit a van. right now we have utility pole that's leaning on the lines at this time. we just checked in with duke again there are no power outages but very busy scene as you can see, this is happening on hovis near hoskins road. right now you can get through. the road isn't completely shut down. in the meantime still a good idea to avoid it. happening on hovis near hoskins and you can take reliance coming up from bradford or use rozzelles ferry as the alternate route. we'll tell you when that clears, in the meantime 77 building but at 70 miles per hour coming down from lake -- north -- up to uptown eight minutes not a bad commute at all. stephanie? tonight cms board members will meet to talk about results from the student assignment survey. >> many are concerned it will lead to the kids not attending schools in their neighborhoods. so eyewitness news reporter
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mecklenburg county government center with more. >> reporter: good morning, from the very beginning cms leaders said they want feedback from parents before tackling the issue of student assignment. tonight they will get that feed bank. they will moon -- back. they will meet tonight to go over the results of the survey they sent out to 19,000 families and asked parents questions about school diversity, choice, and bus routes. now there have been several community forums on this topic and a lot of parents have already told leaders they want racially and socially diverse schools. but a lot of parents want to know if that will require busing students to difficult schools. also tonight leaders will take up concerns expressed by huntersville, cornelius, and davidson. this week those towns passed resolutions asking cms to keep a seat open for every child who
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school. p@pppp@pppp@pppp@p``xpppppp`p`pppp\pp@pppp@pppp@p``xpppppp`p`pppp\ppt@pp @(hhh 00000p(0*f@h``` we've been checking in with duke and there are no outages so good news and no serious injuries. we do have a lane closed on hovis road but it's passable at this time but we've been asking folks to go ahead and stay away
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hoariest near hoskins road is where it was happening and you can actually bruise bradford -- use bradford or rozzelles ferry as the alternate route. a new wreck happening in east charlotte. this is just coming in the in the last five minutes on albemarle road near mint hill road. no big slowdowns but minor delays only at this time. the family of the driver charged with hitting and killing a lincoln county mom says they're devastated by the crash. i am so sorry that it happened. and i know he is too. >> and at 6:30 the mechanical problems she says her husband was on his way to have fixed right before the crash. >> if you're thinking about selling your home you could get money during the two weeks you list it. >> if you're dealing with allergies you are not i loan. last good to here, next this
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the steps yose and monitoring breaking news in hoskins in northwest smart. live pictures here. take a look at that pole. it is leaning and after an suv crashed into it. so now duke crews ron the scene and they're going to get this thing fixed but that will likely take some time. we've watched as the tow truck
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a minivan that was -- damaged in this as well. and they got those out of the way. you can see traffic is still moving as we watch that school bus go through on hovis road. but this will probably be intermittent because once they get more crews on the scene, they're likely going to have to shut it down to fix that pole. i'm not sure if they're going to be able to bring it back upright or if they have to replace the whole thing. also talk with mark taylor about the alternate routes as it gets busier out there this morning. a chester detention officer is off the job accused of having sexual contact with an inmate. she was supposed to be supervising. >> deputies say witness statements and video and other recordings led to dominiece white's arrest. they wouldn't say what the video showed or if it happened more than one time. people outside the jail and the courthouse called the charges disappointing. >> i just think that's terrible. like -- people supposed to look up to her you know. >> i think it's bad to be a
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-- community for our officers to do that. >> white's boyfriend said the allegations are not true. no action on the ordinance that addresses transgender path room use. city officials in asheville have gotten a lot of calls since charlotte passed the ordinance. during last night's meeting the city already has protections in place for lgbt people. a driver of a pickup truck is dead after a south carolina school bus collided with that truck head-on. it happened yesterday afternoon in lawrence county. southeast of greenville. none of the passengers on the bus were hurt. the driver however was hospitalized of the bus. authorities are trying to figure out what caused this crash. a north carolina mother says her child's name was left off the ballot for her school's student council because of her race and that she was not the only one. four african-american juniors at high school in raleigh ran for office. but they're names were left off the ballot. officials say a computer glitch is to blame for seniors posting
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the website. but parents say racism is to blame. >> if you have four african- american students that are not on a ballot, that points to race. that's not -- that's not a technical glitch. >> school principal says it was a mistake and the re-election process will be starting over. a date has not been set for that new election. new research is taking aim at one of the most commonly used standards for assessing health. scientists at the university of manitoba told the "washington post" that body mass index or bmi which measures the person's height in relation to weight does not give a true picture of health. they also say it does not provide the best method of determining risk factors like heart disease and diabetes and other conditions. some health experts recommend a new standard that takes into account total body composition. fat muscle and bone. many of you have probably
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it is here. and full swing. channel 9's meteorologists tell us your allergies may actually get worse this week because the wind will pick up and blow all those allergens around. well, they advise showering at the end of the day the wash all that pollen off and to pay attention to what time you go outside. >> try to run in the evening. early morning 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. is when the pollen counts are the highest. >> stay indoors until 10:00 a.m. doctors say the allergy season is late this year because of a cold february. the miss and allergy foundation -- asthma and allergy foundation ranked charlotte 30th worse in the nation for allergy sufferers. >> my poor friend here is not doing well with spring allergies, we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's find out if we get any relief in sight. >> yes, from meteorologist vicki graf. good morning. good thursday morning, there will be a little bit of relief on the way but in the meantime, just take advantage of the spring-like weather if you can. it's a beautiful and warm start to the day.
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59 in concord and 57 in lancaster and 59 in monroe. so don't have to worry about the layers this morning and we'll warm up quickly in the afternoon. and i want to take you through futurecast and it shows by around 2:00, 3:00, already in the mid- to upper 70s. points southward from chesterfield rockingham and easily reaching 8 # degrees again today -- 80 degrees again today. the difference between today and yesterday though is that you will notice more clouds as we go throughout the afternoon. but that's not going to hold those temperatures back from warming up quickly. your neighborhood forecast for but then by -- a nice start, but then by midday # 0 degrees the mid- to upper 60s and that's going to stick around really over the next several days. on live early warning doppler 9, we're dry right now. and you can see the clouds hanging overhead. that's going to be the trend throughout the day. but we're still focusing on this storm system out to the west. and this is going to bring some very heavy rain, flooding and even some severe storms across parts of louisiana, arkansas and that threat will shift eastward as we go throughout the day today.
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it's a slow moving storm though. taking you through futurecast you'll notice this heavy rain it just sits on top of the deep south. really through tomorrow. and that's going to bring all that flooding. then as it moves eastward it starts to lose a lot of that moisture. so for us, some showers by friday evening. and then as we head towards saturday, again, can't rule out an isolated shower or two for the first part of the day. but we're looking at sunday as a better chance for seeing some rain and again, relief from those allergies. but you'll notice the spring- like temperatures, they're here to stay. upper 70s through tomorrow. once the rain moves in by saturday and sunday, it will be cooler. low 70s. but still, warmer than average. so we'll be watching the rain as it approaches as we head into the weekend. you can track it too with our wsoctv weather app and don't forget saturday night we need to spring forward for daylight saving time. we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's get a check of the morning drive with mark. vick ski still monitoring northwest charlotte as we deal with the accident scene.
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pole that is leaning against the lines as well. no outages still we keep checking with duke. so good news there. we're going to watch as they repair or replace that pole 689 and if they block the roads we'll lot you know. this is hovis road near hoskins. traffic can get through in the area and a good idea to stale avoid id -- to still avoid it. use reliance or rozzelles ferry as the alternate route. down south a wreck in lancaster, this is happening on 521. this is going to be just south of the state line near louis mac atier road. no huge up pact for folks heading inbounds to charlotte. a charlotte man will travel to california today to pay final respects to former first lady nancy reagan. ahead at 6:30, the special interaction he had with the first lady. >> two families torn apart in lincoln county after the deadly crash.
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>> ahead at 6:30. what the driver's wife says caused the crash and how that story differs from witness accounts. >> knowing when to sell your home could put more money in your pocket. next this morning the specific time frame researchers say could close the deal quicker.
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>> the dow is up (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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prove this message. the new research shows that they might be on to something. >> according to the "washington post," homesite zillow analyzed the sales of more than 20 million single family homes over the past seven years temperature company found that homes -- years temperature company found that homes listed from may 1st through the 15th sell faster for 1% more than the averagelessing. you may remember though we told you last week action 9 found in the past three months, the number of homes for sale in our area has gone down steadily each week from 13,000 to 10,000. prices are 7% higher than this time last year.
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you can do to get a jump on the competition. start your home hunt early and get prequalified. channel 9 went through the numbers county by county this week and all of them tell the same story. it is the seller's market and some are left one seeded right now. for a closer look at your county head to the wsoctv facebook page and we have posted a breakdown there. a charlotte man who worked with former first lady nancy reagan will be in california for her funeral. >> mrs. reagan. she was the lady who gave me a chance and i always reminded her of that. >> next this morning the correspondence they staired when he began -- shared when he began to suspect her health was deteriorating. >> a slow moving storm that's bringing flooding and severe storms out west is scheduled to move into the carolinas by the weekend. i'll pinpoint how much of the weekend we will be dealing with showers. >> reporter: toll protesters are keeping the pressure on ncdot. the event being held tonight
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toons th overnight we learned the name of a woman hit and killed by a car. the mistake police say she made and the actions the driver took
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tonight groups oppose today toll lanes on i-77 will meet to discuss their concerns about the project. the research they believe will show the true cost to taxpayers. good thursday morning to you. -- i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. let's check the first forecast and meteorologist vicki graf is in severe weather center 9. we're seeing something we like to see this time of day, beautiful sunrise. >> that's right john. and if you can turn your eyes to your tv screen for just a minute here and take in this beautiful sunrise getting underway. we're about ten minutes out from that sun officially up. but it is going to be another nice and warmer day. what you'll notice here though, we have clouds in place. and that's going to be the trend as we go throughout the day today. so more clouds, but still warm. and it is warm already. upper 50s to low 60s right now. you don't have to worry about the winter layers and as we go throughout the afternoon, it is still going to be on the warmer side for this time of year. some patchy fog is possible early this morning. by 9:00, not a problem. and then as we go throughout the afternoon, highs today close to 77 degrees. it's also going to be a little
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i'll take you through futurecast coming up to show you when we could have the strongest wind gusts and also when rain is on the way. we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's get a check of the morning drive with mark. watching northwest charlotte this morning. vicki had that accident that hit this power pole which is leaning up against these lines right now. the good news now all lanes are open on hovis road near hoskins roads stilt not reporting any power outages and we're waiting to see if they will close any more lanes. for now, you can take your normal route hovis road at hoskins or near who is dins i should say. we are dealing with some new problems and we're getting the scene now on sunset road near statesville road. we're seeing some minor eastbound delays at this time. we'll keep an eye on this. and heading 77 this morning, still looking good southbound at 67 miles per hour from north lake to uptown and eight minute ride not bad at all. then off to the east, there was minor delays, albemarle road near mill grove mint hill. tonight the group will present its finds from an
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look at how the toll roads operate. >> opponents of the plan for tolls for i-77 are stepping up their fight. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live with more. joe? >> reporter: the group widen i- 77 has been fighting this toll lane project for years. tonight, members will go over why they think the project will fail. the decision to put toll lanes on i-77 has been highly con verbal. once -- controversial. once complete the lanes will stretch for 26-miles from uptown charlotte to mooresville. but crediting says the project is bad for the local economy and doesn't solve the congestion problem and make it harder for the state to add more lanes in the future. according to a recent public policy poll, more than 80% of lake norman residents are against the project. but even if they don't use the lanes the project still may cost taxpayers money. last week i uncovered the state struck a deal with the i-77 mobility partners to pay up to $12 million per year.
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enough money. i also obtained a report that shows the developer's expecting to make $5.1 million in 2018 when the project opens. in 2019 that number jumps to $24.6 million. and in 2020 it goes even higher. $34.5million. widen i-77's presentation is tonight at cornelius town hall at 7:00 p.m. reporting live, joe bruno, channel 9 eyewitness news. thank you joe. right now no one is charged in a crash that killed a woman crossing a north charlotte street. police say kameka collins was wearing dark clothing when she tried to run across west sugar creek road near rutgers avenue last night. they say she was not at a crosswalk. police say the driver tried to swerve and avoid collins but hit her with the right bumper. we spoke to a witness who didn't want to show his face. >> that really, really scary you know -- that big situation. i'm -- for nobody. >> police say the drivers not
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under the influence. attorneys representing a north charleston police officer just filed two motions. a witness captured the video of the april shooting investigators it shows this officer michael slager shoot and kill walter scott as he ran away. slager's attorneys requested information and documents from the state newspaper including a cnn interview and pictures that investigators took and also asked for some of scott's brain tissue for an independent analysis. today community leaders in raleigh will announce suggestions for police reform. this comes one week after a similar deadly officer-involved shooting there. officer dc twitty says he shot and killed akiel denkins in self-defense but witnesses say den kins was shot while running away. the investigation is ongoing but community leaders expected to recommend police use body cameras and strengthen antibias training. to children are out of the this hospital this morning. the crash happened tuesday near old mill road.
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crossed the center line and killed the children's mother candace helms. the truck driver david boyd says he was trying to swerve to avoid hitting a deer. but two other witnesses we spoke with don't remember seeing a deer. boyd's wife defended her husband. >> he would never ever intentionally hurt anyone. and -- i am so sorry that it happened. and i know he is too. >> boyd is charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and driving left of center. we found two previous dwi convictions on his driving record. investigators took his blood to have it tested and count on channel 9. hundreds left prayers and messages for the family on our wsoctv facebook page. and you can too. just like our page and look for the top story. early voting in north carolina continues through saturday and so far, wednesday
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nearly 6400 people casting their ballots. that brings the grand total to more than 31,000 ballots cast already. in college students are not missing out on the chance to be heard. they're holding several election events from voter registration drives to debate watch parties. one group of davidson students is even taking a step further. vowing to protest all donald trump rallies. >> it will bible says love thy enable and it doesn't say love the neighbor unless they are muslim or jewish or from mexico. >> the most recent survey "usa today" poll shows trump and clinton are leading in north carolina. the primary march 15th and less than a week from today. before you cast your vote read about the candidate where is they stand on the issues that matter to you. go to and our social media pages for information. you may want to check your pantry this morning. health officials say at least 1 # people across nine states were infected in a salmonella outbreak linked to pistachios.
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recalled. including paramount farms. trader joe's and wonderful pistachios. salmonella causes abdominal pain and diarrhea and fever. the cdc is working to find what caused the outbreak. corona is recalling some bottles of beer because they could have pieces of glass in them. several corona ex12 packs and -- extra 12 packs and 18 packs with clear bottles have been recalled because of the sate issue. it also -- safety issue. it also says the recall only impacts one tenth of 1% of the bottles in the marketplace. we do have more information on it is under the water cooler section. u.s. attorney general lynch has cast new doubt on president obama's effort to close the prison camp at guantanamo bay. she testified before a senate panel yesterday she said federal laws prohibit moving prisoners from guantanamo bay to u.s. soil. congressional approval for that. he made a campaign pledge to
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it's a recruitment tool for foreign terrorists. south carolina state lawmakers are concerned about the idea because the detainees could be transferred to a naval brig in charleston. republicans and democrats are both against the idea. kansas and colorado are two other states that could receive prisoners. governors hailey and governor pat mccrory promise the fight the president on this plan to close the bay. a charlotte man will travel to california to attend the private funeral. ken baron worked with her in the '80 and he was a former addict and says she gave him a chance. he helped with her drug awareness program called just say no. baron sent mrs. reagan flowers often and would always get a thank you note in return. >> looking at the letters, i -- i'm saddened by that. but it also brings a sense of peace that there was also a friend. and it just happened to be nancy reagan.
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signature was a sign of her health declining. she died sunday at age 94. nancy reagan will lie in repose for a second day today so the public can pay their respects. at the ronald reagan presidential library. today governor mccrory november will make an economic development announcement in sellly and sheiking at the -- shelby and be speaking at the legrand center at 12:30 this morning. we will be there and have all the details on eyewitness news starting at 5:00 p.m. about 20 minutes until k 7:00 now and -- until 7:00 now and we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. >> here's meteorologist vicki graf. a gorgeous sunrise and more clouds than has been the last few days. >> that's right john. and that's what we will see throughout the day today. more clouds. but it's still going to be warm. and in fact we'll still make it into the upper 70s and as you're heading out the morning, we're 57 degrees right now in charlotte. that sun comes up in about a minute. and we are starting to see those winds shifting from the south at 3 miles per hour. it could be a little bit windy
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and that wind is going to tap into some warmer air so as a result we're going from upper 50s to low 60s right now and highs for today, again, in the upper 70s. taking you through the commute forecast this morning, could see some patchy fog by around 7:00, 8:00. that will start to lift by 9:00 and as we go throughout the afternoon, mostly cloudy but making it into the mid- to upper 70s. eventually this warmth will lead to the threat for rain and i'll have the timeline of when that arrives coming up. first, we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's get a check of the morning drive with mark. vicki that accident over in east charlotte happening on albemarle road at will grove mint hill. just got an update. it blocking the right lane inbound and that's why we have some delays now as folks are coming inbound on albemarle road. i would avoid this this morning as we're seeing those significant delays. parkton road could be use as the alternate route. also other issues not as severe causing as big a backup. sunset near statesville road up
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delays this morning 77 from cornelius at 27 miles per hour. heading towards sam fur. that's where we're looking at now. congestion into huntersville and gilead road. the better your ride will be the closer to 485. a florida doctor rushed to charlotte to help a friend she thought was being held hostage. ahead on day break the way scammers convinced her the threat was real and what stopped her if following through. >> reporter: plus, results on a controversial student assignment survey released today.
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board issueif you're doing everything rightbut find it harder and harderto get by, you're not alone. while our people worklonger hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economyand democracy that works for all
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check that out. look at your screen here. 6:44. the sun just popped up over the horizon. got some clouds in front of it. this is picture-perfect. >> i like it. >> you don't sew something like this every day. beautiful sunrise right now. and take a look at that temperature. 58 degrees out on the screen right now. it's going to start warming up fast too as the sun is coming up over charlotte. we just wanted to show you that picture, really cool stuff there. a major story channel 9 for the day ahead. tonight cms board members will meet to discuss the results of the district's student assignment survey. >> eyewitness news reporter tina terry is life at @ government center to -- live at the government center to explain. >> reporter: you know folks survey results will really help cms leaders make a decision about student assignment.
6:44 am
the results from 9,000 families that's actually 19,000 families. they also plan to address major concerns expressed by towns nellies and davidson. this -- cornelius and davidson. this week the towns passed resolutions saying they want cms to allow students the stay at their neighborhood schools if they want to. leaders in matthews and mint hill talked about creating their own district and for the first time tonight cms leaders are expected to address communities. reporting live from uptown charlotte, tina terry, channel 9 eyewitness news. tina thank you. a man and a woman caught burying a bod in albemarle are expected in court on monday. overnight investigators searched for clues in and around this home. they believe tony hearne killed his uncle tico. he and linsey lentz were arrested while trying to bury the body anularia way in alexander county -- an hour away in alexander county. hearne said he choked his uncle to death in self-defense and both suspects are charged with murder. count on channel 9 to
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day and watch eyewitness news tonight starting at 5:00 for the latest on the investigation. today a man accused of scamming local car dealers is due in court for a probable cause hearing. charlotte-mecklenburg police arrested this man bernard gray last month. they say he used bogus credit card to buy cars at three different lots. they say when he put the number in the credit card key pad each sale was approved even though they weren't. he's out on bond and charged with obtaining property by false pretense. some residents say north carolina's new sales tax is confusing. this, businesses like car repair shops started charging more for the work at the beginning of the month but analysts say it created an uneven playing field between those who work in a store and those who work ungenteelly. services provided by those who don't work for a certain business are not taxable. mecklenburg county senator says he's receive many calls about the unfairness and the confusion. we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's get a check of we have traffic and weather together
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here's meteorologist vicki graf in suite center 9 for us -- severe weather center 9 for us this morning. getting a good lack at that. >> just a beautiful start to the day. we have some clouds hanging overhead but no crane that's going to be the case through the day today. however with the warmer start, we still do have some clouds overhead. and we are going to keep mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. temperatures still will be warmer. close to 80 degrees in some spots. and take a look at the temperatures as you head outside this morning. we're in the upper 50s to low 60s right now. you don't have to worry about the layers, maybe a walk or run as well. then throughout the afternoon it's going to be another spring- like day. by 9:00 63-degrees. as we head towards midday, close to 72 degrees. might be a good afternoon to enjoy your lunch break outdoors. and highs for today well above average. close to 77 degrees. some neighborhoods close to that 8 # degree mark. flush -- 80-degree mark. your neighborhood forecast for hooversville. we -- mooresville.
6:47 am
skies and mid 70s and also a little bit windy during the day. that's when we could have wind gusts up to about 20, maybe even 25 miles per hour. we have plans this evening maybe going to the checkers' game, it's looking good. some cloud but mild. no layers again if you have plans tonight. staying in the low 60s by 10:00. through futurecast tomorrow, again, it's going to be a cloudy day. some showers possible for the first part of the day in the mountains and watch what happens as we head through the late afternoon and evening. a few isolated showers will try and come close to charlotte. i think futurecast is overdoing this just a little bit. but we will keep the threat for some rain as we head towards sad and really -- saturday and really sunday will be the best chance of rain over the next several days. for those suffering from allergies, this might bring some relief as we head into the weekend. but if you are also heading to green on the green it's a 5k, it's saturday afternoon just keep an eye to the skies. we might have to be dodging a
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it's sunday that we will be watching closely. this will be the best chance for rain as of right now though the flooding and storm threat will be low. if you have plans outside through the weekend, download the wsoctv weather app so you can keep track of the forecast and also use that interactive radar to track the showers as they approach. through the next several days staying warmer than average. not as warm as we head into the weekend and don't forget we spring forward saturday night into sunday morning. but all in all, not a bad forecast. and again you can stay on top of the weather with our wsoctv weather app. download that at the app store and google play. and you can also get your hour by hour forecast as temperatures climb quickly to the upper 70s today. >> people struggling with allergies are excited about seeing just a little by of rain. >> any bit of rain will help. >> exactly. all right thank you. we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's get a check of the morning drive with mark. >> john, checking south charlotte this morning, 77 around nation's ford road traffic is slow. we're seeing the merging delays and got a minor issue down here
6:49 am
and out of the travel lanes maybe an added onlooker delay. but no reason to alterer ride at this time. also some also oariers. about ten minutes ago was providence road out to 485. although 485 on the inner loop a little heavy gnat area but then right of schedule. this was on al bemile an hour road inbound blocking the right lane and even slowdowns but nothing major. you can use parkton road as the alternate route but again just having a minimal impact at this time. checking wall street futures for your thursday. is nasdaq up 7.5 points. a florida doctor flew to charlotte to help a friend. she thought had been kidnapped. next this morning, the way scammers used her social media to try to trick her out of $50,000. >> and we're following breaking news out of pennsylvania. where officers are investigating a shooting that left five people dead. two others injured.
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the in a live look now at 6:54 and you can see this is -- i-77 right at nation's ford road. looks like we have a bit of a slowdown and also there's a police car to the right of your screen. not sure if that's a wreck or what's beginning on at this point. we're going to check in with traffic team 9's mark taylor in a few minutes to see what's causing the slowdown on the screen. charlotte police were able to stop a bizarre scam before it was too late. they say thieves convinced a florida doctor her friend was being held hostage and dr. cynthia bush said a man reached out to her last month on linkedin and even sent her flowers. but this week he contacted her claiming he was being held hostage in charlotte and his captors wanted $50,000. she flew 600 miles and spoke with police at the charlotte airport who stopped her from
6:54 am
>> dr. bush is back in florida this morning. she said she'll be more skeptical of who she meets through social media own professional sites. we're following details about the victims in a deadly mass shooting it happened outside of pittsburgh and within the last ten minutes police tell us that it was a four women and a man who were killed. at the cookout in wilkinsburg right near pittsburgh. the two men are in critical condition. two other men in critical condition and a woman also hurt. those three though are expected to recover from the shootings. police are searching for at least two shooters this morning and they say opened fire and they're calling this an ambush. there's no motive and tune into "good morning america" for the latest on the continuing manhunt. tonight a group fighting the i-77 toll lanes will share its research on private toll projects across the country. this comes after a texas company in charge of a similar project filed for bankruptcy. widen i-77 is concerned the
6:55 am
and worry it would cost taxpayers. the income dot says taxpayers will not -- ncdot says tax patzless not be on the -- taxpayers will not be on the hook. the meeting is open to anyone tonight. we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's get a check of we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. mark? 77 in south charlotte this morning, stephanie we're looking prior to 485 northbound. we've got traffic is a little heavier than we're typically used to seeing at this time of morning. that's because we have a wreck and it's causing additional onlooker delays and happening 77 northbound closer to nation's ford. it's off tom shoulder here but as we just showed you traffic is slow heading northbound and you can use south boulevard or south trion to get around this. it's a beautiful start to the day and as soon as you step outside you will feel the warmth already in place. the sun will be shining brightly. but we will also see some more clouds going through the afternoon. temperatures just updated at 56 in charlotte and close to 60 in some spots. and highs for today in the upper 70s and we should be in the low 60s so what we're seeing now, that's where our afternoon highs should be this time of year.
6:56 am
>> let's say where we are though. >> the local news continues with eyewitness news this morning on tv 64. >> a look at the steps cms
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
as they review findings and a they review findings and good morning, america. state of emergency. more than a foot of rain drowning the south. devouring homes. sweeping away trucks and buses. nine states now under flood watches as the northeast faces record high temperatures. >> breaking overnight a deadly rampage. at least five killed after a gunfight breaks out at a backyard barbecue. the massive manhunt for the killers right now. making headlines, hillary clinton and bernie sanders trading blows overnight. >> madam secretary, i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> my dad used to say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> when donald trump dances his way to the gop nomination making headlines with his tough talk about muslims. >> i think islam hates us. >> the front-runner's campaign facing new questions and now an abc news investigation into his modeling company as the republican candidates prepare to
7:00 am
steph curry at the buzzer sinking a half-court basket with seconds to go. the record-breaking streak that can't be stopped. is curry too good for the game? good morning, america. okay, it is official. game. >> absolutely. >> come on. it's incredible. >> beyond half-court. right at the buzzer. have a little bit more on that coming up. >> should have called glass, though. >> bam. >> all right, also we have a lot of big news to get to including that huge night in politics. bernie sanders and hillary clinton facing off in another debate and it was a fiery one. >> oh, yeah, not just what they said was on everybody's mind. take a look at this. the internet is in quite an uproar over the color of bernie sanders' suit. everybody wondering black, brown or perhaps navy, even some


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