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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  March 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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road closure which is for instruction. harris and north trion very busy with lots of turn restrictions in the area because of the blue line and overnight starting tonight from around 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. through thursday nightly you'll see the intersection of harris and north trion is going to close so heading westbound you access north trion and back to harris. and eastbound take harris over to 29 to 49 back towards harris so either way will take extra time for your overnight commuters so look out. current conditions on 85 from the university area rolling right along the average speed just 11 minutes heading into uptown. stephanie. in just 90 minutes north carolina voters will head to the polls. >> joe bruno is live outside a polling site in university city. they moved the primary to make voters more influential in the
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>> yeah and both are very competitive. this is the first time that voters will head to the polls in north carolina in march instead of may. and this earlier primary brings more importance to north carolina in the political world. you can see that yesterday when donald trump, bernie sanders and hilary clinton visited the state. political experts say north carolina is once again a swing state this year meaning no matter who the nominees are the tar heel state can expect several more visits before voters head to the polls in november. >> i think states like ohio and florida have been used to this. this is routine to them. north carolina is experiencing a whole new ball game. >> it's also a unique year in the fact there will be another primary coming up in june. this is because the congressional primaries had to be pushed back to june s because the judges ruled they are unconstitutional. coming up in 30 minutes in
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casting a ballot even without acceptable form of identification. joe bruno channel 9 eyewitness news. >> joe thanks. presidential candidates will be spread out across the country anxiously awaiting the results of several primaries today. three top contenders in our area yesterday pushing for the has minute votes. channel 9 had cruz and hickory and hilary clinton and bernie sanders. the candidates touched on several topics aiming to sway voters still on the edge. >> i'm just angry that the fact america doesn't win anymore. we don't win in trade, with the military. we can't take care of our vets who are so important. >> i'm going to do everything i can to help more young people get apprenticeships, more young people get the skills they need and let's fill those jobs with young americans. >> we have the most unequal
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income of almost any major country on earth. it is worse today than at any time since 1928. >> today channel 9 will not only be watching for the primary results here in north carolina but also florida, illinois, missouri and ohio all voting today. watch eyewitness news tonight at 11. the polls open at 6:30 this morning. find your polling location in our election section under the news tab at the breaking news center xd following w3an overnight shooting in north charlotte. here's video we got at the scene of north trion. police say the victim was sitting on a wall when someone shot him in the leg. medics took him to the hospital. he is expected to survive. police have not made any arrests. a story we'll be following for you today. right now deputies are investigating after finding a couple dead in their home.
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breaking news last night on eyewitness news at 10 and 11. eyewitness news reporter brittany johnson is live outside of that home now in clairemont and brittany police say the couple's young daughter wasn't at the home at the time. >> that's right, john. you can see there is still crime scene tape surrounding this home this morning and right behind it a sheriff deputy vehicle standing guard. family members told us the couple had a ten-year-old daughter and she was not at home when her parent's bodies were discovered. authorities are calling the death suspicious. a family member discovered the r couple inside of a home yesterday after they didn't hear from them over the weekend. investigators are trying to determine if someone forced their way into this home and relatives are stunned and have a message for whoever is responsible. >> this is crazy because you just took two lives, whoever you are. you took two lives and these
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a ten-year-old daughter who now #sqyhas both parents gone. >> we checked in with the county sheriff's office overnight and are expecting to get more information about the next step in this investigation later this morning. live in county brittany johnson channel 9 eyewitness news. >> brittany thank you. tomorrow the mayor will be arraigned pleading guilty in 2014 to corruption charges. a judge sentenced him tootle and a half years in prison but before he went to prison he voted in the november 2014 election. he was not allowed to vote because he was considered a convicted felon. they voted to extend the contract and give him a raise. council members made that vote last night. his contract was supposed to expire next month. we told you he would not seek a
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agree to stay through june to help iron out a budget. mecklenburg leaders will talk about ways to cut the impact of tobacco this friday. a year ago the city went tobacco free on greenways and talk with health professionals about the next action to take to improve people's health. they are talking in uptown at 7:30 a.m. last night storms caused lightning strikes all throughout the charlotte area. >> and rneighbors in valentine think lightning caused the fire there. lightning hit the roof of the home and caused a furnace to explode. the fire spread quickly. >> i live one street over and by the time i cut through the back yard of my neighbor across the street t(and got here the flames were coming through the roof. >> no one was hurt but two people have to find somewhere
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damage to our west is far worse causing massive flooding in louisiana. floated by some of the homes. 5,000 homes damaged by flooding across the state. at least four people were killed and the national guard has rescued 3300 people. president obama declared a major disaster area for the state. weather and traffic every ten minutes keith monday in severe weather center nine and that storm long gone from our area. >> yeah long gone and you were like what happened last night. you didn't see much of the rain hear much of the thunder. boy charlotte south though huge down pours last night. a little bit of light weather in the mountains and mist higher far north drying out already and we are going to see a lot of sunshine back into the 80s this afternoon. temperatures likely get even warmer as our day goes on not just today but also tomorrow.
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weekend plans and the rain chance coming back and the cool down how much further down the scale for weekend activities here in just a moment. time coming up to 5:09 and traffic moving along. >> 77 this morning around uptown where our volume is still light southbound heading over to the john belk. northbound moving towards the brookeshire freeway and damp roadways that's going to be about it. a quiet start and checking the delays southbound heading into huntersville drive time technology showing 72 miles per hour heading towards sam fur. 66 miles per hour closer towards gill yan. if you are rheading in uptown around the john belk and brookeshire 277 from the john belk to wilkinson boulevard to third street and independence bou&vard turning into brookeshire on the inner loop
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stephanie? >> cleveland county. people gathered at the boiling springs town hall to discuss the station and roger's energy complex. those specific coal ash ponds have been labeled low risk which means they don't have to be closed until 2029. when people can't take a bath or drink water that should be an extreme priority. >> we are focused on closing our ash basins throughout the state in ways that put safety first, protect the environment, minimize the impact on the community and manage costs. >> well water near coal ash ponds are safe to drink they say. this is video only on channel 9 showing the moment a local store owner stole hundreds in tax payer dollars. >> upwards over $100,000 easily. >> at 5:45, 9 investigates the
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for more than a year and community leaders are standing behind him. shooting three films in this state right notch. new at 5:30 the biggest factor making the state attractive to hollywood productions. family members shot after a man shot and killed--shocked after a man shot and killed his stepson and turned the gun on himself. the strange behavior loved buns
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crime. if you're doing everything rightbut find it harder and harderto get by, you're not alone. while our people worklonger hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economyand democracy that works for all
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the pow right now giving you a live look from our lake norman cam. we are trying to dry out after the overnight storms and showers but we are really going to see a major warm up today. meteorologist keith monday has that forecast. how long the temperatures will get how long we will keep them right here on day break. autopsy are scheduled today for a stepfather and stepson found dead in lancaster. >> he shot and killed his
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then turned the gun on himself. they found price's body then heard a gunshot and discovered he had just killed himself in another room. his cousin was with him just hours before he died. a man who he says always encouraged him. >> i looked up at him as a big brother. he made sure that i was off the streets and gave me money or anything i needed. >> family members told us they had been out together the night before and he seemed upset and acted strangely. it appears an argument got out of control. an uber driver charged in a shooting spree told investigators he was being controlled by the uber app on his phone. jason dalton also told his wife she would not be able to go back to work and his children would not be able to go back to school. he told her to watch the news and she would understand why. that warning came after the
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six people were killed in the february 20 shooting, two others hurt. dalton charged with murder and attempted murder. he carried out the shootings in between picking up uber clients. more prescription ms and those drugs are costing a lot more. spending rose 5% last year. report also found the average price of brand i]name drugs increased more than 15% in 2015 and jumped more than 98% since 2011. that report also predicts drug spending will rise 6 to 8% annually through the year 208. doctors are to combat the rising costs. doctors in cleveland are using a dollar sign rating system to show how expensive a drug is so they can look at other options. mergers between companies that
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drugs are part of major price hikes. we'll have to wait a little longer to see if a school could be placed where the eastland mall used to be. charlotte mecklenburg proposed a school on the site. they decided to wait to make a decision until april. leaders are also trying to find private developers to build apartments and retail space on the280-acre lot. there was hope for a movie studio there but that proposal fell apart. city leaders were concerned with the developer and questions about financing and construction cost. weather and traffic every ten minutes keith monday temperatures returning to the 80s today. >> and big warm up on the way today and lasting for a couple of days before we see a cool down into the weekend. 54 in the charlotte area. lower 50s in the mountains and high country that was left over from last night really drying up fast.
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the region also quickly going away as well. we have the primary election and looking to fill the skies around lunch time today to head to the polls already in the low 70s so pack the sunglasses today 3or sure. plenty of sun and warm temperatures. not a record today around 80 degrees but we may be looking at record temperatures coming our way as we head through this week. 83 tomorrow. that's about 20 degrees above our average for this time of year but notice as the week rolls on towards the weekend we start to fall down to that average by saturday so see things begin to cool back down. a couple days to enjoy warmth before we get back to more typical weather. tomorrow's high temperature forecast 83 tying the record set back in 1945 so unusual warmth coming on through after thunderstorms last night. we get the real spring to early summer time out there for today into tomorrow. into this weekend things are
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little bit. we have the st. patrick's parade in uptown on saturday. temperatures cool back into the 50s to start things out on early saturday morning and the highs barely into the low 60s with the are you not chance starting to kill--the rain chance starting to spill in xd this afternoon. no big watches this weekend but the shower chances will come back in. at 5:30 we'll talk about how we start the cool down process and looks like a rain chance for st. patrick's day on thursday a&c& and now a full dry middle of the week. temperatures go back into the 70s on thursday for st. patrick's day. 60s friday, lower 60s saturday into the up coming weekend and then a big chance of rain and shower collapses from the forecast model leading more to saturday rand sunday. keeping an even chance for both days and an eye on it as we head through this week. stay on top of the weather pattern all week long on the weather app from the app store
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the latest current conditions forecast and interactive radar there at your fingertips. let's head over to mark to see how things are moving along on this tuesday. >> independence boulevard looking prior to the brookeshire split. you can see not much happening here. a little damp out there and if you are heading out you are anal able to take your--you are able to take your normal route. checking drive times out of mint hill it's 14 minutes, 45 miles per hour. similar to the mountain commuters heading too uptown charlotte and coming into the south end that's 14 minutes and 38 miles per hour. stephanie? >> this store owner is now behind bars for stealing hundreds of tax payer dollars in a food stamp scam. in 25 minutes on day break the step officers are now taking
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outside the store. today is the first time voters will have to show an id before casting a ballot. in ten minutes the new information showing the law is not keeping voters away despite wide back lash. and siri and other smart phone assistants may be good for finding a gas station but kp &c& bad at crisis and the improvement doctors want to see. checking wall street futures now american workers brought us back from the crash. now, let's move forward. we need jobs that providedignity and a bright future.
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and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs andindustries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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we are back right now, 5:24 taking a live look here i-77 at tivo la. no t(issues out there right now. you might find a few spots of fog and polls open in about an hour on this primary tuesday. we've got it all covered for you here on day break. dylan rooff the man accused of killing nine people in a charleston church and his friend who knew about the planned attack will appear next month. a district judge has scheduled a meeting on april 5 in
5:24 am
as for this morning neither rooff or joey meek have filed a motion to the to be present. federal prosecutors have not said if they plan to seek the death penalty. a former south carolina trooper faces up to 20 years in prison after shooting an unarmed man at a gas station. here's the dash cam video that shows him shooting jones in 2014. jones did survive. he was charged for assault and _ battery of a high and aggravated nature. yesterday he pleaded guilty. new this morning smart phone assistants may be able to find you a nearby restaurant but a new study shows they may not help you during a real crisis. researchers prompted four popular assistants with personal emergencies. the assistance often failed to
5:25 am
health and safety. one popular smart phone assistance and the response saying the weather effects you. they should give a place to get help as quickly as possible. three movies being filmed in western north carolina right now bringing in millions of dollars into the economy. all news ahead on day break the other benefits the state will see for years to come. and quickly this morning from last night's rain. i'll show you how the next front will be pretty much rain. >> more people can vote for
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it's gotta be d's. voters make sure to grab your id before you head to the polls for the north carolina primary. the exception allowing some to cast their ballot without proper id. >> good morning to you i'm stephanie maxwell. >> i'm john paul. keith monday is in severe weather center 9 and the weather will not stop anyone. >> not at all.
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you may find a few damp spots but it is dry. 58, 55, 54 off to a mild start to begin the day. the fog has moved out. the clouds quickly clearing out as well. hang onto the polls. here's your timeline for the day ahead. the morning in the 50s, 71 at lunch time and heading out there later today after work around 80 degrees. we are going to see a very warm day ahead, unusually warm for this time of year to start out. still a little bit of moisture in the year for now. drying out considerably later this week as we start the cool down process for the weekend. how is the traffic rlooking so far? >> so far scooted. quiet conditions throughout the boor so if you are heading out this morning traffic volume continues to build but down towards jake alexander boulevard towards china grove this morning you are at 68 miles per hour, five minutes.
5:30 am
from china grove over towards nc 73 heading to davidson and concord at 66 miles per hour and once you make your way on the up the change back closer to town on 77 you can see traffic starting to pick up now at 5:30. no accidents for the secondary roads as well. as north carolina voters start filing into the polling places you'll have to show a photo id before casting a ballot. >> it's the first time the voter id law will be implemented. joe bruno is live at a polling site and show you that law is not keeping voters away. >> no more than 680,000 people head to the polling location like this one in university city for early voting but of all of those people only 862 people didn't have a proper id. but north carolina election officials say you can still vote without one.
5:31 am
they claim an impediment that allows them to vote if their id is stolen or hasn't arrived yet or because of an illness or lack of transportation to the dmv. they are encouraging people to come to the polls even if they are unsure. poll workers zvwill make sure everyone can have their voice heard. >> bring the id that v:you have with you and let our officials help you. we don't want people deciding not to vote. >> coming up in 30 minutes the extra attention north carolina voters are getting today they haven't received in the past. reporting live in university city joe bruno channel 9 eyewitness news. >> thank you joe. as voters get ready to head to the polls drumming up last minute support in several primaries today. channel 9 spoke with several voters campaign events across our area and many are still undecided who they wanted to be
5:32 am
>> considering all u!the candidates across the spectrum. i went to the donald trump rally to see how it is. >> marked by the arrest of six protestors and clashes between supporters and opponents. halfway through the speech we saw one man assaulted and another wrestled to the ground by police. >> they are just trying to bully their bernie sanders crap on me and i ain't go to take it. >> others like this bernie sanders supporter never made it into the speech. he used his cell phone to record the moment he was turned away at the door. away because of lack of space. for the majority of people who turned out the protests were peaceful. later today the city will
5:33 am
and state parks across north carolina. that includes $9 million for a new million energy plant and $90 million for unc charlotte and will not require a tax increase. we'll have results tonight at 10 and 11 as well as facebook and twitter pages. police are still searching for the person who robbed a pregnant woman and kicked her in the stomach. the victim told officers she was on farm hurst drive in south west charlotte where the robber threatened her!gith a gun and hit her in the face. the attackers stole her qpurse and some cash. this is the second time in a week a robber targeted a pregnant woman. a robber assaulted a woman last week who was due to give birth any day now. the man grabbed her purse and forced her to the ground and kicked her in the head sewural times.
5:34 am
purse and the woman and child are okay. these stories are on help find the robbers and search for qour stories on u!the home page. new developments of a winston salem arrest. it shows travis page running from officers as they responded to a shooting. he fell and officers pepper sprayed him. he was unresponsive rand police tried to perform cpr. he died. running from police falling and struggling was too much for page's hyper intensive heart. he was the shooter and did not respond to police commands so there was no police wrong doing. north carolina is landing more movie productions. the western part of the state attracted three movies including a remark of dirty dancing. tourist and officials say all three rproductions will bring
5:35 am
aside from the revenue from jobs and spending business experts say there is more. >> tourists want to come where the show is but it lives 9 people still want to continue to see the filming location in western north carolina. >> it makes one of the state's most competitive in attracting t.v. and movie t(production. senators plan to consider a bill to discourage foreign refugees from moving to the state and would require them to register with dsa and state police to t(track them. they don't want people to come from places where terrorists are welcome. nikki haley and pat mccrory asked the federal government to stop sending syrian refugees to their state. north korea plans to test xda nuclear war head and he ordered tests of rockets that can carry
5:36 am
last week north korea threatening a strike after they started doing military drills. they are expected to last eight weeks and are the largest ever. new this morning the marines have changed their xd dress policy that unintentionally discriminated against female recruits. the marines will now allow women to wear crew neck t- shirts under the uniform. they pushed for the change because the marines would not accept a recruit because of her tattoo just below her collar bone. they don't accept anyone with visible tattoos. federal investigators will look at a camera for a reporter on board an amtrack train going from los angeles to chicago yesterday morning when at least seven cars jumped the tracks. 32 people _on board were hurt.
5:37 am
said friend, you are right what's going on and he said is there any blood and i shined my cell phone light and his face was very bloody. >> the train engineer noticed a problem in the rail and hit the emergency brake before the accident. sheriff deputies are looking into an unreported car crash might have damaged the tracks. they are looking at the tire tracks. this series of crashes that involved more than 130 cars. troopers now say the crashes on i-40 sunday afternoon were caused by high speed, following too closely and drivers not paying attention to road conditions. there were four initial arrests wrecks in the eastbound laned and when drivers slowed down to look there were a number of crashes in the westbound lanes. keith monday has nice temperatures.
5:38 am
fog issues early on my drive in. light fog from our lake norman camera clear as can be. a couple high clouds up above will lunger from time to time. mid 50s in charlotte. big surge of warm air coming in from the south west. bumping us up to around 80 for this afternoon. most much us starting out in the 50s but won't pocket the cold air in avery county this morning. 40s near beach mountain but while we see the warm stuff for now i'll show you the outcome for temperatures towards the end of the week struggling to get into the 60s by the time we head into this up coming weekend. time now about 20 minutes until 6. mark taylor with construction issues. >> keeping tabs in the blue line construction. more starting tonight for the overnight commuters. harris boulevard and north trion through the university area lots of restrictions turning and we'll see a road closure as well.
5:39 am
this is going to be happening overnight at north trion between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. through thursday so if you are traveling west and head through the area between those hours you'll take north trion to jw clay back to harris boulevard and east take harris boulevard to 49 back towards harris so keep that in mind. you can see this on our website click on the traffic tab. the job rate has not changed in four months at 5.6% only ra fraction lower than january. north carolina added 23,000 jobs since december. the national unemployment rate sits at 4.9.
5:40 am
as december 2015. south carolina added 2600 jobs since december. a man shot a fellow driver during a road rage fight. at 6:20 the reason they charged the man who was shot instead of the shooter. sending a strong message to cms about student assignment. at 6:15 the three options leaders may consider to keep students in neighborhood schools. and a local store owner committing food stamp fraud for months.
5:42 am
thousands of tax payer dollars.thousands there are two democratic visionsfor regulating wall says it's okay to take rmillions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to playby the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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5:44 taking a live look from uptown from our charlotte cam. got a nice calm morning out there. showers moved through last night. you might find a few damp spots out there but 57 degrees right now. wait until you see what keith has to tell us about the high for today.
5:44 am
a charlotte store owner accepted a plea for stealing more than 100,000 tax payer dollars. >> exclusive video when thomas taylor pocketed that money. he ronly wanted to help but police say at his corner store what he was doing was committing food stamp fraud. he would give them a cut and keep the rest for himself. one former store employee we spoke with says taylor still has commute support. >> i don't have anything to do with that because he's not the only one that's done that in charlotte. he's not the only one. so my thing is why target this man when you got 20 other people doing the same thing in charlotte right now. >> he pled guilty to 11 charges and will serve 90 days in jail and ordered to pay back $75,000 in restitution. since they shut down the store crime in grier heights as gone
5:45 am
the building is scheduled to be torn down and become a pre- school for the neighborhood. college basketball the right to be part of the 64 teams in the ncaa tournament. four others will try to play into the tournament tomorrow. the winner of one of today's games florida gulf coast and farley dickenson will take on the east region number one _seed north carolina. that same day the blue devils will take on wilmington as they go for back-to-back championships. weather and traffic every ten minutes. our weather has kind of been march madness. what's going on in. >> it's been all over the place, pretty typical for early spring trying to see things even out from late winter early spring basically all that in one week. visibility southward a little fog on the highway 9 from
5:46 am
pretty good fog up around and we've seen fog around checking with the speedway camera there. visibility looks fine. any fog that's around here early will zip out after 7 or 8 most of it is gone and things stay very clear. work our way through the rest of the day. 54 degrees in charlotte. 55 in monroe, lancaster, chesterfield with the fog in place. 62 this morning into hickory. the warmest spot on the map. drying out after light rain overnight into the lower 50s and see those temperatures warming up fast. we are already at about 70 degrees by lunch time. future cast pumps us up close to 80 for the high today. forecast right around 80 in charlotte pointing south. cooling back into the highs in the mountains. a little cloud cover will dry things out nicely close to 70 degrees for part of the day. over davidson your neighborhood look beautiful lots of 70s lunch time upper 70s in the afternoon heading out to the
5:47 am
picture perfect weather will be around all day long. the next cold front is going to come in from the west that's not much with it. light rain will roll into the mountains and fall apart as it moves through. left over showers popping up into the east tomorrow afternoon so not a lot advertised with it and the moisture is going to move out fast. look at that cold front. tomorrow afternoon it's going to race through here wiping out the humidity level and keeping us bone dry as we head our way through the end of this week. one thing we also do and touch more on this in the next half hour is start to cool things down quite a bit your five day forecast st. patrick's day plans on thursday looking nice for the mid 70s starting to cool down but still very mild. upper 60s on friday with sunshine. looking ahead to a bit of a rain chance for this weekend. not a lot of rain around no big thunderstorms but cooling down to 60 by sunday and close to
5:48 am
but in the meantime we keep the warm weather in place. there will be many weather changes as we head our way to the end of the week. the latest forecast with our wsoc t.v. weather app. >> people have the air conditioning on and they may need the furnace this weekend. >> right. >> it's all over the place. >> it ris. thanks keith. weather and traffic every ten minutes. here's mark taylor. >> reports of a stalled vehicle on myers park and providence road south of queens near dartmouth place. still seeing the screen conditions so not anticipated a big delay. drive time technology coming in from south town about 15 minutes. if you are heading into south charlotte on 77 the next couple of minutes here's the northbound commute getting on the ramp necessary issues here. southbound folks heading into york county rock hill and fort
5:49 am
a teen accused of trying to help isis faces the death penalty after he murdered his neighbor. >> he was such a wonderful man. he didn't hurt anyone. >> at 6:30 on xdday break the one message the victim's family has for the teen. and break away from cms unless the district guarantees neighborhood schools. the next step until their fight after passing a crucial resolution. a couple found dead inside this home.
5:51 am
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giving you a live look at our speed way cam. it got really loud overnight from severe weather and some just saw the rain. everything starting to clear up and it's going to make for a very warm day. that forecast and keith monday in a moment. j new documentst for dozens of employees at airports nationwide for pote\tial terrorism ties. 73 employees were allowed to
5:53 am
have access to all terrorism related data bases to allow workers to get to secure areas. >> if anyone gets caught at a tsa check point or is working at the airport we failed on so many different levels. >> none of the employees were on a terrorist watch list and don't believe any of them are a threat. since the report came out the tsa has been given access to all terror related data bases. the federal aviation operating authority through mid july and approved a bill that would set policy for six years. the centerpiece would take air traffic control operationst and spin them off into a non profit corporation that we controlled by airlines and other users. >> we are way above normal. >> big time rtemperatures rolling in today and cloud
5:54 am
keeping an eye on a few fog issues still qarriving far south. more about that at 6:00 a.m. how that will have an impact on the morning drive and record setting temperatures on our way through a good part of this week. a cool down coming in before too long. time approaching 5:55. 85 uptown folks moving right along the brookeshire freeway southbound into gaston county. we are checking drive times from 321 and gastonia about 20 minutes heading north at 64 miles per hour. the stalled vehicle down in myers park at the top of the hour. john? >> a father cried in court after learning his son charged with murder will face the death penalty. at 6:30 the true feelings he
5:55 am
while keeping a calm composure. a couple found dead in heir home while their--in their home
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
the ques months of campaigning and debating comes down to today. north carolina voters head to the polls to help choose the presidential nominees. this year makes it more relevant than ever. a couple found dead inside heir home. the tip that led deputies to the scene and the major questions they hope to ranswer today. good morning. thanks for joining us.
5:59 am
>> i'm stephanie maxwell. keith monday with your first weather. great together go out today. >> no weather getting in our way here. maybe a few spots of fog left over most of which is far south from the hi 1 corridor. chesterfield has improved in the last hour. up around 85 concord and canapolis not finding any dense fog to get in the way of the morning drives. it's mild temperatures in the mid 50s. a little light rain in the mountains overnight that has ok moved along. looking ahead to dry skies for our morning drive. any wet roads out there are drying up quickly. temperatures bakk!into the upper 50s by 9:00 keep it sunny and close to 80 for this afternoon. we'll talk about record high temperatures working our way for the next couple of days in just a moment. let's get over to mark taylor watching that morning drive.
6:00 am
>> one issue we are following a stalled vehicle in dartmouth police south of queens but still not seeing any delays. watching the traffic flow so if you are heading out the next couple of minutes traffic is there. watching the interstate providence road from matthews on east john street the inner loop at 70 miles per hour a five minute ride. checking 485 closer towards west charlotte near i-85 coming in from gaston county both interstates looking good. haven't seen any issues here. northbound cleveland and gaston counties charlotte all free and clear. stephanie? >> in 30 minutes polls will open across north carolina for the presidential primaries. your votes are more relevant than ever this year after the state posted election day up to march. >> and several campaign stops right in our area. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno live outside of a polling site in u!university city to explain.


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