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tv   Eyewitness News at 500  ABC  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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happened on the east side, all of charlotte should be concerned. >> the fact is that we have got 13 and 14-year-olds out there carrying guns and we as a community don't always accept that's our problem. it's our problem. >> reporter: right now cmpd is not saying if it knows where the guns came from but the issue of teen violence is something people the police chief and mayor and community groups have been talking about taking a close look at. we are looking at it as well that's coming up tonight at 6. live in east charlotte jim bradley. >> the city of charlotte what curfew in place for juveniles under 16 since 2011. children under the age of 13 cannot be in a public place or business without an adult from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. any day of the week. now teens 1 to 15 can't be in a pub -- 13 to 15 can't be in a public place or business after 11. we have a link to the ordinance and a timeline of the violent
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look for this on the home page. former charlotte mayor patrick cannon is still behind bars at the mecklenburg county jail after he pleaded guilty tovoter fraud yesterday. we have been checking with the jail but right now, it's stillnot clear when he will be taken back to federal prison in west virginiap he was brought to charlotte for the first time since he started to serve his 44 month sentence on corruption charges. his punishment for the voter fraud charge is 1 day behind bars and that will be included in his current prison term. because cannon is still in mecklenburg county it's not clear yet how much taxpayer money was spent total on his court appearance and his transportation. but channel 9 has learned that it cost 157 dollars and 4 cents per day he stays at the jail. the department of public safety says it will be able to give us a final price tag on transportation once cannon is back in west virginia.
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machines were seized and the money could benefit children in gaston county. today, ale officers and policearound the county took the machines from 48 different businesses. the owners are suspected of giving illegal payouts as a gift. those are misdemeanor charges but after the owners are prosecuted the money in the machines will all go to the gaston county school system. all new tonight a woman told police someone pointed a gun at her while she was driving on a major highway. this happened tuesday around 5:30 at 9 near i-85 by the weighstation near the mecklenburg gaston county linech the 24-year-old said she was in the north -- line. 24-year-old said she was in the northbound lane and another driver .ed a gun at her they never fired the gun and have not been caught. activists in the lgbt community pushed back against north carolina lawmakers trying to stop charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance. >> they used their stories to
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ordinance is necessary. "eyewitness news" anchor alison laa -- latos has more. >> reporter: lbgt advocates held a news conference in an effort to stop the general assembly from calling a special session to act against the ordinance. charlotte city council approved the nondiscrimination ordinance last month. a controversial part of it allows transgender people to use bathroom of the gender they identify with in public places. one transgender woman from our area talked about being physically assaulted and fearing for her safety. she said she sees the ordinance as a protection for her. >> i have no recourse against anybody. and any time i would raise a complaint which we don't want to do we are not out there to cause ripplesp we just want to -- ripples. we just want to feel safe. >> reporter: some lawmakers want to call a special session before the ordinance goes in
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house speaker moore says he has the 3/5 support but a date has not been set. the governor doesn't support the ordinance and calls it an invasion of privacy. but he maintains he doesn't want a special session called because it would be too costly. more than a third of people in north carolina want lawmakers to overturn the ordinance. we told you about it wral poll last week that found 36% want the state to act. 30% said lawmakers should let voters in mecklenburg county decide with the referendum and 27% said the state should leave it alone. erica. >> allison thank you when we have been following every step of this controversial ordinance on air and online at find all the past coverage there. just an hour ago the state released a new report showing the number of mumps cases in the area has gone up. there are now 16 confirmed andprobable cases in
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that's up one from the last report. and there are 7 confirmed and 9 probable cases. the state is not released which countity new confirmed case came from. the mumps outbreak began when two myees at lowe's corporate office contracted the illness. just in a huge fire at a popular mexican restaurant in east charlotte has been ruled an accident. the investigators say a plumber was using a blow torchp to work on the pipes and at the restaurant on albemarleo road this morning. look at this video. one of the directors at channel 9 shot this while they were driving by that restaurant. you can see the flames coming up from the roof there. fire investigators say it started near the kitchen and the restaurant lay out made it hard for them to fight it. >> the biggest challenge is the size of it. and the way that they are laid out. this restaurant has been so you get tighter smaller areas. >> it took half an hour to put it out and caused $60,000 in damage.
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tonight. a measure that would make it easier for the public to see dash camera video and officers- involved shootings is moving through the senate. it comes after state police refused for three months to release the video of an officer shooting and killing 19-year- old zachary hammond in seneca. a senate panel approve the bill yesterday requiring the video be released unless investigators can convince a judge to keep it from the public. a man is accused of breaking into a woman's home in west charlotte threatening her and firing a gunshot. police arrested johnny simpson after they say he went into the victim's home on due berry terrace tuesday without her permission and fired a gunshot into the floor. it's not clear if the man and woman know each other. today the u.s. officially determed isis is committing generaloside.
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joe side of --ieno side. they -- genocide they meet the definition of acts to detroy a group of people. >> the entire world view is based on eliminating those who don't subscribe to their perverse ideology. >> it doesn't require the u.s. to teak additional action but could spur other nations to get involved and he also promise to prosecute tear grist a march -- terrorist. a fire at a gas station was a accident. it broke out when customers were inside the circle k on graham street. investigators believe an electrical problem between the roof and ceiling most likely started the firech the damage estimated -- fire. the damage estimated at 800,000 dollars. gas station is it still -- is still closed. part of independence boulevard will stay closed through the weekend after shutting down tomorrow a leaky
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down this morning to do prep work out there. it's the same spot they shut down back in february because seeping water iced over creating a very slick danger for drivers. the area will shut down tomorrow night through the weekend and they say it should be back opened a monday morning in time for rush hour. it's taken dozens of firefighters to try to contain a wild fire that is burning in the north carolina mountains. tonight, it's 70% contained and it could be several more days until it is completely out. as havingy-- [audio not understandable] >> reporter: that's right that's just -- dish was checking on the current conditions in granite fall was the wos -- wsoc. ctv weather amp the humidity is low. that's sign of dry air in place and combined with strong wind gusts up to 17 miles per hour,
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an enhanced fire danger threat today. you can feel it in the air dry conditions and strong winds across the carolinas are leading to an enhanced fire dangerthreat today. >> the woods are ripe to burn with an ignition and we are expecting higher fire occurrence. >> reporter: channel 9 was on the scene of this fire in hudson yesterday. and today, this fire in asheville is burning a large area and spreading so quickly they had to bring in helicopters start dousing the flames. you can see just how dry the ground is here from where i am standing. as temperatures warm up any small fire that starts from say a cigarette or a match will spread that much faster with strong winds. especially in a wooded area like this one. >> we are forecasting a slight chance for rain this weekend. however the rain won't add up to much so the fire danger threatcould continue. >> reporter: officials are urging people to use extreme caution for any fires outside and inform possible, wait until
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>> i recommend that today folks put matches away and wait until either next week or monday after the rain comes and gives us moisture before they start burning debro and leeks. >> reporter: fire season started a little later this year due to a wet winter and it's expected to last until april. meteorologist vicki graf. >> recent dry weather and gusty winds not just calling fire but pollen issues. pollen count literally doubled overnight. we will need rain i will show you when it will come. 9 investigates your morning commute. backups crashs and slow downs all on the same stretch of i- 77. >> highway patrol medic and fire heading to 77 southbound. >> aid mess of a road. >> we are asking what's being done to clear the road problems and protect drivers. >> i never been hit with a rake over my head but if they do
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>> a local community being held hostage by birds. the daily threat to neighbors
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they are using rakes umbrellas and helmets. neighbors living in fear and won't leave home without it because of two hawks. the attacking birds have been holding a hickory community hostage for years. >> and they are back at it. "eyewitness news" reporter dave faherty is live out there tonight is it safe for you to be out there? >> reporter: well erica after hearing the one person had to get stipes on their head igrabbed this fire helmet --
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grabbed this fire helmet and it's not just helmets like these people are reaping for items to keep themselves from being hurt out here. we could see fred griffin carry a rake out to the mailbox and he doesn't have plans to do gardening but is trying to keep two hawks from hitting him in the head. >> hold the rake over my head to make myself look bigger roz and he he is not the only -- >> reporter: and ease not the only -- he is not the only one with eye to the sky his neighbors carry an umbrella or wear a bike helmet. >> he was weeding and saw a shadow and kept on and pretty soon it came and nudged at his head. >> hit me by the creek and the bird was not damaged. it was like i had been hit with a basketball. >> reporter: north carolina wildlife says they have laid eggs and are taking turns protecting the nest. this is the 6th year they returned to the area of northeast hickory but because they are federally protected
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harm and the nest can't be disturbedch fred griffin says it's frustrating for him and his neighbors on guard for the birds. >> it's nuisance when you can't go out in your yard and worry about getting hit in the head. i wish there was something they could do to move them somewhere else. >> reporter: and i am not seeing any of the birds flying around behind me right now. i did see them flying earlier though back off in the distance. north carolina wildlife told me earlier today they plan on reaching out to u.s. fish and wildlife to see if there's anything that can be done out here to make things safer. reporting live from hickory dave faherty channel 9 "eyewitness news." >> keep on the hat. we are covering the carolinas county by county tonight and in gaston county, pastors are working with the police to try to improve their relationship with the community. the gaston clergy and citizens coalition and the police signed a pact in gastonia this morning. it follows police shootings and
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the group says it wants gaston county to continue to be a model for the rest of the nation about fairness and justice. >> we believe our law enforcement agencies have a highstandard. let's hold one enough to the high standard. >> the clergy will be pushing for better funding and proper training for the police department. both groups have hedged to -- pledged to hold each other accountable. in rowan county it's easier to check on police activity in salisbury where they live. police launched a police to citizen website in salisbury that lets people see daily bull fins and -- bulletins and look for crimes and see arrest reports and can report nonemergency incidents like vandalism or having loproperty. we have a link at our website click on the news tab and scroll down to the latest links. >> outside another unusually warm day but many people are loving it. this is the view from the charlotte cam. here's the chief meteorologist steve you hadelson. >> tracking a few high clouds
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moisture from mother nature. it's the warmth that takes center stage in matthews local warm spots at 80. 77 university city concord down towards ballantyne 77 gastonia and readings in the 60s even up in the mountains. again, well above average. and we still have that gusty breeze vicki was talking about helping to fuel the fire danger and take look at the humidity. there is no humidity. incredibly low when you see the relative humidity in the teens that's as low as it gets. the air is dry and that adds to the issue and blowing around a lot of pollen and that pollen is caused major concerns. temperature as we head through the evening slowly back down through the 70s and into the 60s and sundown after #:30 this evening. and when you -- 7:30 this evening. when you get up it will feel like mid-march readings in the mid-40s in the charlotte area lower 40s up towards i-85 and i- 40.
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salisbury and in the 30s to about 40 in the montins. tomorrow, again, plenty of sunshine. few afternoon clouds is all we will see pushing up from the south and west. a sign of the next weather system trying to give us rain as we head into the weekend. temperatures starting in the mid-50s at 9 a.m. and it will manage to warm into the upper 60s tomorrow afternoon again above average. average eye only 63. neighborhood forecast in concord grab the sunglasses one last day. temperatures around 70 or so is out towards lancaster afternoon high temperatures in the 70s and cooler than we have grown used to and the trend will continue. quickly let me take you through the start of the weekend. saturday lots of clouds. not much rain early but as the afternoon goes on and certainly into saturday evening rain will push on in and so with your weekend always in view, we will cool it down dramatically over the weekend. upper 50s saturday and the bulk
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early on sunday it's out of here. high temperatures in the mid- 50s. 30 degrees cooler than just yesterday. the five-day forecast one more mild day tomorrow. and we will be around 70 and then a stretch of, well late winter weather. spring officially kicks off on sunday. >> all right mother nature mixing it up. >> a little bit on the weekend. >> shame on her. >> not good timing. two local deputies are on leave after shooting and killing a man. >> i tried to let him down he had a gun. >> how a drink of mountain dew may have led to the officers shooting plus... >> a belmont woman accused of keeping her three children out of school for throw years speaks out in court today. >> ield happened is the devil's playmate. >> what she is doing while they missed class. >> a north carolina man says his family's life is in danger. after domed trump support -- donald trump supporter was caught on video punching him in the face and deputies were
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folks have some questionsabout my spicy, freshly-preparedworld-famous zinger sandwich. like,"is it freshly-prepared?" yes. "is the freshly-preparedzinger sandwich available in a $5 fill up?" if you have five dollars, yes. what a great limited time deal! it's finger lickin' good!
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a protest here was captured on individual -- protester who was captured on video being hit by a donald trump supporter is living in fear. he he was being led out of a rally in fayetteville last week when authorities say jim mcgraw elbowed him in the face. jones says that he still is continuing to get threats against him. but he also says he has some piece of mind -- peace of mind after five deputies were disciplined for witnessing the atag and not doing anything. the attack and not doing anythingng >> i applaud the sheriff department for the work in finding the deputies responsible. >> now three of the deputies were demoted and suspended without pay for five days. and the other two were suspended without pay for 3 days. and in the meantime, donald trump is saying that there will be riots if the republican party tries to block his nomination. some gop leaders are fighting the possibility of him becoming the presidential nominee if he
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delegates needed to secure the nomination republican lead kers can nominate someone else. north carolina signature sis respond differently to -- agencies respond differently to records question. several asked for all private e- mails to conduct public business from september 2015. the audit found agencies discouraged private communications and there's no way to enforce keeping the e- mails on file. and it can be up to individual workers to provide their own e- mail. other agencies don't have any policy in place. newly released e-mail shows hillary kinton wanted a secure government can -- clinton wanted a secure government smart phone but it was denied. the documents show a month after her request in 2009 she used a private e-mail account on her blackberry and she faced a lot of scrutiny for using the private server. we have all new stories next. tonight 9 investigates a
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again and again on i-77. >> big problems for interstate 77. one on each side. i did tell -- can tell you traffic is slower than it typically is. >> the tieup that is even keeping state troopers from making a difference. complaints against north carolinaa largest health insurer why customers are still dealing with the headache months later. >> a man and woman got into an argument camping here on this secluded lake when deputies were called they shot and killed the man. >> it started going off. >> the details his girlfriend
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what news" a all new tonight a mountain dew days of fasting and fights may have led to a deadly officer-involved shooting. >> i don't know. i just know the bullets started to fly everywhere. >> tonight two anson county deputies are on paid leave after a shooting last night. i will allison latos. >> new tonight reporter greg suskin spoke exclusively to the girlfriend of the man who was killed and she told him she was afraid for her life. greg. >> reporter: that's right linda jones says she and her boyfriend dennis penny had been camping out since saturday and he choked her and punched her
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kill her and she heard gunfire when deputies shot him. >> i was just trying to be a good girlfriend and do everything he asked me to do. >> reporter: when we found linda jones she was shaken and says she and dennis penny with camping here at this spot on drew it's falls lake and fasting and he got angry when she had a sewed after a -- soda after three days breaking the fast and he hit and choked her and she wanted to leave. >> i am scared. so i was planning on leaving and should have left earlier but, i can't swim and it was dark. >> reporter: when anson county deputies arrived one stayed with her at the tent site and two others kyle beam and josh confronted him and penny exchanged gunfire and both deputies shot him. jones says she warned deputies he had a gun and heard the shots. >>i don't know i know the bullets started flying everywhere. >> reporter: she was
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at the lake by herself overnight alvin blake saw her at the lake. >> she was upset and crying. >> reporter: jones said she was seeing him for five months and he died this morning at cmc. >> i kept asking was he all right. last time the office are said he was in critical condition and then about ten minutes later he come tell me he died. >> reporter: the sbi isn't saying how many shots were fired between the three men where penny was hit and what gun he had. now the two deputies were not hurt the sheriff says martin has two years of experience in law enforcement and beam has 15 years of experience. they are on leave with pay until this is solved and the sheriff told them this afternoon from with a he knows right now, he supports his deputies and believes they he acted properly. live in wadesboro greg suskin channel 9 "eyewitness news." a candle light vigil will be held to rather young man shot and killed in east charlotte. michael jefferies junior was killed a week ago at a apartment complex on parkland circle.


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