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tv   Eyewitness News Tonight  ABC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now from the news team covering the carolinas. this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00. now at 11:00, a major chill across the charlotte area tonight as temperatures are taking a nose dive and will continue to plummet. thanks for joining us, i'm blake hanson with meteorologist, john aarons who has been telling you for days about this cooldown. and john, you're tracking more than just cold temperatures. >> tracking rain as well. it will be a tough day tomorrow. there's one bright spot in this forecast.
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better look to your car for tomorrow morning. right now, live early doppler 9. showers across the city. it's light rain fall for the most part. it will be enough to get some of that yellow coating off your car. right now, we see the showers cruising through south park and south charlotte. pineville back into steel creek. out to the west. light rain fall over elsewhere at this time. to the north, showers, pushing on other into landis and also through fair view and unionville at this point. we'll put a track on this as it pushes off to the east and areas like wayns borrow will start to see some light rain fall to help out your car. maybe not your allergies, but your car. while we track that rain, we are watching cooler air moving straight over i-58 from raleigh expo hold those temperatures in the 40s. look at this how we drop to 45. it feels very cool out there.
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almost, well over 20 degrees cooler than what we had earlier today. and this all happens as spring gets ready to start. after the midnight hour, we'll be mapping out how long we'll deal with winter-like temperatures when we come back. >> thanks, john. you can stay on top of the changing weather conditions. down load our app for free in the app store and on google play. another major story we are following for you. two homicide investigations in just one day in charlotte. both happened in busy areas, including right next to a ymca. then hours later, police were called to a deadly shooting on donald ross road. eyewitness news reporter is at cmpd headquarters with new information on the victims. elsa. >> reporter: blake, police are still searching for suspects in both of today's shootings. as they continue their investigations into the city's
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spoke with say this violence has to stop. >> just before 11:00 saturday morning, charlotte mecklenburg police were calledded to east charlotte where they found jeffrey johnson with multiple gun shot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. it happened just yards from a busy area full of restaurants and people going about their day. concerned about the nearby violence. >> my niece, i have her all the time. and i usedded to be out here in the streetings. >> just hours later, before 2:00 in the afternoon, another deadly shooting in west charlotte. 27-year-old davis was also pronounced dead at the scene. for hours, cmpd collected evidence as people close to davis rushed to the area devastated by his death. the west charlotte shooting happened right next to a ymca where families were coming and going all day. >> i was just going into the building and then a lot of police start showing up around
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>> no eyes and they could kill innocent child or somebody coming to get their child. it's bad. it's bad. >> area residents tell us they want the violence to stop. >> it's a continuous thing. >> does it scare you? >> yes. because i have two aunts, yes, it's frightening. >> police say the west charlotte shooting was not a random act of violence. there have now been eight homicides in the city of charlotte in 2016. reporting live from cmpd headquarters, elsa. >> the increase in violence has the police chief asking for more help on the streets. asked city council for 125 additional police officers and 80 support staff positions. it's a $17 million request, city council members are putting together a budget and haven't been able to determine how to pay for it. we sent out a breaking news alert as soon as we learned about both homicides in charlotte. you can find up for those on
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>> we are following a couple breaking news stories right now. within the past 45 minutes, charlotte mecklenburg police say they are searching for an attempted murder suspect who they say cut off his electronic monitor. officers are looking for christopher. they say he cut off his monitor around the university city boulevard area. he was ordered to wear it on a condition of a pretrial release. along with the attempted first- degree murder charge, he faces robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges. then in shelby, troopers confirmed to channel 9 in the last hour that a 16-year-old girl was hit and killed early this morning. they say the teenager and a 24- year-old man she was with got out of their car at the intersection of borders and oak grove roads around 1:00 this morning. troopers say the two were in the middle of the road when a car hit both of them. they say the 16-year-old died at the scene. the man was taken to cmc and charlotte.
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stopped or kept going. we will bring you any information as it comes into our newsroom. >> all new at 11:00, a south charlotte apartment complex doesn't have any power right now after a car slammed into it. a neighbor told channel 9 he heard a car engine racing at the complex on shady oak trail near south boulevard. when he looked out the window, that car crashed into the building. the resident wasn't hurt. medic took the female driver to the hospital with life threatening injuries. it's not clear how long it will take duke energy to restore power at the complex. a vigil tonight for a south carolina police officer killed in the line of duty. people in greenville are turning 28-year-old officer, allen jacobs patrol car into a shrine. they stopped by and left flowers and other tributes. he was shot and killed yesterday by a 17-year-old self- proclaimed gang member. authorities say jacobs was questioning him about a gun
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jacobs was an iraq war veteran. he was married with two children and a third on the way. the white house revealed today that two americans were killed in suicide bombings in a busy shopping district in turkey. they were among five people killed and dozens were injured in the attack. their identities have not been released. a spokesman for the national security council condemned what he called a heinous attack. new at 11:00, the only surviving person accused in the deadly paris terror attacks said he'll fight extradition to france. salah abdeslam faces charges after he was captured during a raid yesterday. today, he told investigators he wanted to blow himself up, but backed out at the last minute. the attorney representing some of the victims hopes he'll be back in france to answer the charges.
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themselves. they want and need, they will ask to have an answer. they have a lot of questions. >> the attacks killed 130 people in paris. france has issued a new european arrest warrant with more charges to speed up his extradition. >> the battle over north carolina's governor seat could be the most expensive gubernatorial race in the country. political experts are making that prediction after governor pat mccrory and roy cooper won in the primaries. the two campaigns have already raised more than $13 million combined with cooper ahead. upping the anti, experts also expect that race to be tight. tonight, another flurry of attacks in the presidential race as some republicans try to stop donald trump. candidates are pushing for votes in utah ahead of this tuesday's contest. demonstrators in both new york and arizona created chaos in the streets this weekend,
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donald trump. this as former presidential nominee, mitt romney announced he supports senator ted cruz. trump reacting, questioning romney's faith. >> are you sure he's a mormon? are we sure? he choked. he choked. >> that has no place in politics. that is wrong. it is disgraceful to call into question the faith of another. >> trump has said in the past that no leader should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. dozens of people marched in the streets of charlotte hoping to call attention to an 18-year- old in the mecklenburg county jail. they say he was targeted by immigration officials while he was heading to school. eyewitness news reporter, dashawn brown explains their next steps to try and free him. >> in pueblo -- >> they have come together to form a sea of support. for hours, protesters marched through the city of charlotte for immigrants like jeffrey
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>> it worries me that charlotte will be part of the city where this is happening. >> among the crowd, we met joel marching for his cousin. u.s. immigration officials waited until sorto waited 18, targeted him, and say they arrested him at the bus stop. >> it hurts me, because we are all equal here. you know, we can be different race, culture, but we are all the same from the inside. when you see an 18, 19-year-old being a parent, to me, this is a child in criminal jail. >> organizers tell me their efforts won't stop with these steps, they are on to their next one. jose hernandez is executive director with the latin american coalition and says he is working with members of congress, attorneys, and hopes to petition against sorto's removal. >> this youth were unaccompanied minors. when they went to immigration
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>> at least for today, they'll march. reporting in south charlotte, dashawn brown, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> an ice spokesman told channel 9 a judge ordered sorto's deportation and said officers picked him up outside his home. officials also said ice tried to avoid taking action in sensitive areas like churches and schools. it's a facebook post that shocked a community. two children hands and mouth duct taped. tonight, the outrage and the mother's explanation for that punishment. then, an investigation tonight after deputies say a local fourth grader sent a nude video to strangers. the apps investigators say he was using and why it may be hard to find the person who convinced her to do it. >> days in the 80s, now we have a freeze watch on our hands.
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those plan this is channel 9 eyewitness news. covering the carolinas. >> tonight, investigators are trying to figure out who convinced a local 4th grader to share a nude video of herself with strangers. the cleveland county sheriff's office tells channel 9 the girl was on the app when she came across pornography. that's when someone made contact with her and told her
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investigators say once there, strangers then convinced the girl to record herself and share it. the video is now online. investigators say they might not be able to figure out who the strangers were. >> this is a lesson learned that many people need to understand that, you know, technology is getting to the point where some things we just cannot get a conclusion to. especially if they are using a certain type of internet access. >> the sheriff's office says the girl is doing okay. her parents came forward and contacted law enforcement after discovering the video on the phone. >> new at 11:00, a facebook post has gone viral after she posted add picture of her children duct taped. she said it was a joke. check out the picture of two toddlers with their hands and mouths wrapped with duct tape. kids for sale, 45% off because they bad.
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>> that's no joke. that's nothing to play with. i find it offensive. >> i could not breathe. it took my breath away. caused extreme emotional distress. these are children. these are human beings. >> memphis police are investigating. the tennessee department of children services says they have limited information, but are looking into the situation. the irs has issued a consumer alert saying it has seen a surge in scammers trying to take your money this tax season. the alert says thieves are sending out e-mails and texts aimed at getting your personal information. the irs warns links included in such messages may include mall ware that can affect your computer. the agency says it has seen in about 400% increase in phishing and mall ware incidents. the irs does not contact taxpayers by e-mail. police in lanore are
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be thieves posing as utility workers. they received calls from concerned residents during the past month about people claiming to be city workers. officers say there should be no reason for a city utility worker to go into your home to check or test the homeowner's water. a million dollar yacht that has been stuck in the mud in the middle of lake norman is finally free tonight. the large crane removed the boat today after it was stuck in less than 6 inches of water for a week after governor's island in denver. it was towed back to the all seasons marina. the boat owner says he was on the lake at night and his gps had failed before his yacht got stuck. today, the irish ambassador served as grand marshal for this year's st. patrick's day parade. ambassador ann anderson visited with a small group of businesses and community leaders at the charlotte chamber before the parade
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europe at a time of change and challenge. >> so many issues out there. a lot of people have questions for me, not just about what is happening in ireland, but the wider european context with issues about migration. >> ambassador anderson says it was an honor to serve as the grand marshal. she says it was her first time leading a parade. after we were spoiled this week, meteorologist, john aarons is tracking much cooler temperatures now. >> tomorrow will be tough to deal with on many fronts, blake. spring begins in an hour or so, or a little less than that. actually, 12:30, but what we're going to notice will be not just the lack of warmth, but we'll see cooler air take over, plus rain fall. all things considered, not going to be the best day. however, what we will improve upon is the look to your car, you're probably going to see that yellowish tint wash away. live early doppler 9. some
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also through elizabeth and meyers park. pushing over into the east side. over in through parts of shannon parke right now. also to the north over cornelius. those showers pushing east. got a wine here, waxaw, that is pushing east in spots like mt. gillon, troy, and rockingham. south carolina meanwhile to be after the midnight hour. after that, we might take a break, but it will be short lived. we're going to see more opportunities for rain fall tomorrow. looks like another shower spins around here by 12:00 or so. and then maybe late in the afternoon evening, this line might give us a good steadier rain. one thing that won't go away at all, period, it will stay consistent will be the cloud cover. all day long, those clouds locked in with the north to northeast breeze.
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and that's going to hold these temperatures. so watch what happens tomorrow morning, we fall down to 43. very chilly. and there will be no improvement in the temperature department at all. clouds and rain means jackets all the way through palm sunday services. you got to bundle up. into the afternoon time. showers, yes, but the rain won't be along all day, it will come at you in spurts. the cold temperatures will be with you and it will get colder over time. it will be cold enough for snow in the appalachians. scattered snow showers here with a high of 35. even down south and through lancaster, it's going to be cool and dreary. almost 30 degrees colder than we have seen the past couple of days. up to the north in statesville, north carolina, we'll see cloudy skies and temperatures staying down in the 40s. pretty much all day. meteorologist, vicki graf, she'll be looking at the latest computer models.
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charlotte neighborhoods in the 40s all day. you can track that along with us, show us what's going on in your neighborhood with the wsoc weather app. it culminates overnight into early monday as some areas get into the lower 30s. charlotte should avoid that one, freezing temperatures will be in the city after that. tuesday morning, the temperature drops to 31. not the way you want to start out springtime. it's going to be maybe a hard freeze. in places like mooresville, davidson, statesville in through hickory. with e have showers, maybe a few here or there. we'll clear out after that. cold air really starts to settle and by monday morning in through tuesday morning, it will be very cold. springtime, 12:30, we'll see the temperatures drop down into more winter-like territory instead. we'll finally warm it up later this week. >> all right, thanks, john. the north carolina tarheels are in action as we speak. the new blue devils find
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what coach kay has to say about oach kay has to the north carolina tar heels had their chance to make their 30 second sweet 16 birth over providence. talk about a tight win. carolina took a lead into the locker room at the half. all five starters have scored for carolina as they are starting to pull away mid
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johnson and joel berry leading the charge. over 40% from the field so far. if the tar heels hold on to win. they will battle indiana. knocked off kentucky 73-67. one win away from making the sweet 16. they were well on their way. allen goes right around the defense. extending the duke lead to 8 points. blue devils in cruise control in the first half as yale struggled. brandon playing like a veteran. the 18-year-old drains the three. duke leads by 23 points at the half. 48-25. second half, a little bit of a different story as yale battles back. under 12 minutes to go, mason driving, he can't get the basket to go, but justin sears is there to clean up the mess. it's a 15-0 run by the bulldogs. 54-47.
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muscles in the end. marchingram, 25 points in this game. duke advances with the 71-64 win. their third sweet 16 appearance in the last four years. >> i told my staff at halftime, i said you know, we have kind of like fools gold a little bit. and that we think we're playing better defense than we are. you know, the weight of the world was on our kids. and for a young group, so we did have a heck of a team. >> brandon starts hitting his first shot, i hit my first shot and it can go like that for us where guys can get hot. >> i think as a team, we feed off of each other. >> duke will head to anaheim for the sweet 16 and play the winner of the oregon, st. joseph's matchup. the charlotte hornets battle at home. doom their chance at picking up a 40th win of the season.
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c wealth management team. in the middle of a playoff chase, it's hard to stomach losses to nonplayoff teams, for the charlotte hornets, they will be reaching for the pepto. the hornets back at the hive in an important game to keep pace in the hunt to host in the playoff series. walker puts charlotte out front early. three of his 15 points. later in the first, walker with the dish to jeremy lin. lin going around the defense. charlotte cuts that cuts their deficit to 2. thanks to d.j. drive in, lin whistled for the foul. 24 points as charlotte falls at home by 8. 101-93. charlotte will play san antonio on monday. for the first time in a month, the winner of nascar's exfenty
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he was leading and he blows his left front tire. busch's push to lin dashed, but his teammate took the lead for a brief moment. he would run out of gas. how about that? pulling off to the apron trying to shake all of the fuel he has left in the tank. busch would retake the lead with a busted tire. who is going to catch him? he's on three tires. how about the two-car of austin dillon. busch tries to hold him off, but narrowly squeaks by. he led one lap in this race, obviously the lap that counted. >> i just stayed focus. they said he had a flat. i was worried about our fuel. stay focused and they trieded to screw me at the end. proud of these guys. man, that was fun. >> joe gibbs racing, matt topped the final practice at fontana with a speed of 184 miles per hour. the opening practice and have
11:32 pm
he was 24th in his backup car. now the winner of the exfinty series race, austin dillon is the man on the pole. it's the first time dillon has poled since the daytona 500 in 2014. i don't know, busch owns exfinty series racing right now and that was priceless. >> perfect, thanks.
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in about an this is going to be tough to wake up to. temperatures in the lower 40s and we will not recover with all the clouds. and occasional showers. i think it's going to stay for the majority of the day in the 40s. late afternoon, we might get lucky enough to hit about 52. >> all right, thanks, john. that's eyewitness news at


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