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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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monitor until his trial which is pending. >> it creates a huge public safety issue. >> i think it sets a very dangerous precedent for community safety. >> reporter: a cmpd spokesman told me they enforce and track monitors after a court order. he isn't the only one who has cut his off. so far this year, 20 suspects cut their monitor. at the same time last year, 15 had. last year a total of 78 cut their monitor compared to 43 in 2014. i just checked active warrants online. he does not have one. i e-mailed cmpd to ask why and i have not yet heard back. liz foster, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> here is another look at the
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share his picture at and our facebook page. most of us are under a freeze warning. keith monday is tracking how low temperatures will fall again tonight. >> we have a perfect set up for a night that's colder than we saw this morning which was the mid 30s in charlotte. we may drop another five degrees by tomorrow morning maybe even getting below freezing for a while. we have very clear conditions, barely a cloud to be found. the wind is gusting a little bit but it is calming down. once the clear sky and light winds combine setting up for a cold night ahead from charlotte to the foothills we are under a freeze warning through 9:00 am tomorrow morning. south you have a frost advisory. you may not get as cold. frost like you had this morning will be around again. for most of us, temperatures will drop quickly well down to the mid to upper 40s by 10:00, mountains are getting to the freezing point. i will show you what you will wake up to tomorrow morning and when the next rain chance will roll in.
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raleigh working on a plan to reconvene legislature this week to take up the controversial nondiscrimination ordinance. last week we were the first to tell you that house speaker tim moore wants a special session this week to deal with the issue. so far senate leaders have yet to go along and the governor has declined to use his authority. protesters rallied outside the state capital asking the governor to reconsider. the keep nc safe coalition is upset about a part of the ordinance that allows people to use the restroom that fits their gender identity. protesters say men will abuse it and prey on women and children. >> i am not saying that transgenders are the predators. i am saying there are count less of men who would use this as an excuse to prey on the innocent. >> the group says charlotte's ordinance is also unconstitutional.
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have been covering the for months. you can see both sides of the argument inside all of our past coverage. just look on firefighters are trying to figure out what started a fire at a duplex in moores ville. they arrived to smoke coming out of this home around 4:30 this morning. they say is looks like the fire started in the back of the duplex. one person was inside but got out without being hurt. there is a search tonight for the person who held up a south charlotte gas station. investigators say the robber went into this kangaroo express at the corner of park and woodlawn before 3:30 and held up the clerk at gunpoint and demanded cash. it is not clear if customers were inside. still no arrests made after a former cmpd dispatcher was found shot to death in east charlotte. officers found the victim near some woods off central avenue saturday morning. our eyewitness news reporter has been pushing cmpd for
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>> reporter: we reached out to cmpd regarding johnson's and their investigation. while they confirmed he was a dispatcher in the past but they didn't give us more information. as far as we know no arrests have been made. johnson was found suffering from gunshot wounds in the 4900 block of central avenue in east charlotte saturday morning just before 11:00. he was pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors who live near the crime scene told me they heard gunfire much earlier actually around 2:00 saturday morning. johnson lived in the neighborhood near where his body was found and according to his facebook page, he worked for cmpd from 2003 to 2010 and most recently worked in security at the government center. we reached out to his current employer but have not heard back. i spoke with friends of johnsons all devastated by his death and completely shocked. they told me he often walked around the neighborhood and was a night owl but never looked for trouble.
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friend and popular in the community. everyone wants answers in the shocking death of their friend and we are pushing cmpd for more information on the case. >> thank you. the east charlotte case is one of two murders police are investigating that unfolded this weekend. in west charlotte police say davis was found shot to death on donald ross road. investigators do not think it was random. the shooting scene was right next to a ymca where families had been visiting all day. no one has been arrested. channel 9 is dedicated to staying on top of both of these investigations. you can sign up to have alerts sent to your phone when new information develops. go to and scroll over news and click on alert sign up. republican front runner donald trump is in washington, dc for the first time since voting began in february. he met with current and former republican lawmakers to try to gain establishment support today.
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a speech at the american israel public affairs committee, a powerful pro israel lobby group. hundreds of rabbis are saying they will walk out of the meeting. channel 9 spoke to one who says he will stay and listen. >> we should be respectful no matter how disrespectful a person who might be on the stage can be. we don't believe we should sink down this their level. >> even with his attempt to gain jewish support, trump wouldn't commit to continued financial support to israel when asked at a press conference today. four other candidates variety of injuriesing for presidential -- vying for the presidential seat today all addressed the aipac convention. arizona is a winner take all primary. the latest numbers show trump ahead in arizona. authorities say a suspected peeper shot a police officer during a scuffle at the durham
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mcmillen was arrested this morning and authorities say officer turner noticed mcmillen reaching for a gun in the back of his pants after his handcuffs were taken off in the booking area. they say mcmillen fired a shot during the scuffle. the bullet grazed the officer. he has been treated and released from the hospital. in less than 30 minutes, four cornelius police officers will be honored for actions during a shoot out with a suspect. authorities say gray son feral shot lieutenant james cattlebalm last may when he went to a home for a disturbance call. he survived. three other officers responded to the shooting. all four will be recognized for their actions that went above and beyond the call of duty. gastonia police are asking for your help to find a missing woman. we have a picture of hill, last seen in a white passenger car after a doctor's appointment tuesday.
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seen in in jeans and a blue shirt. her family says she has medical conditions. heart breaking details involving the death of a six month old child. the infant's father is accused of killing her. today the baby girl's mother took the stand and testified why it took days before the couple got her any help. >> reporter: also charged with a child's murder, today the 24 year old took the stand as a witness in the murder trial. police were called to a motel in 2012 and found six month old not breathing. doctors say she had a fractured skull and ribs but one says the child stops breathing the day before officials were called. >> he said she was not breathing. >> what did the two of you do after he agreed she was not breathing? >> we went to go smoke a cigarette.
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says they had worked out a story. >> he told me to tell them that alaya was helding her and dropped her. >> reporter: the child's father is representing himself and in a bizarre scene he was able to question the woman who police say was also responsible for the child's death. >> you said you haven't received anything for your testimony, correct? >> correct. >> he frequently turned to a man behind him in asking questions and procedures in court and seemed to focus on a letter where she said he had nothing to do with the child's death, a letter she claims he made her write. >> that is not true. i always felt like you made me do things i did not want to do. >> i was incarcerated. >> i thought i was in love with you. >> testimony has wrapped up for the day. she's expected to continue her
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opinions on plans to raise fares this summer. cats could add $.10 it transit fairs, raise weekly pass fee. it's holding a public hearing wednesday at 5:30 at the government center on east 4th street. we h!ve posted information to sign up to speak on this is a danger channel 9 has investigated for months. this construction zone for toll lanes on i-77 is causing crashes, delays, miles of back ups. 9 investigates the problems putting drivers at risk and changes the state now wants to make. >> it was chilly all day. at least the sun was out and still is. a great evening is taking shape. we'll talk about the factors keeping us cold. dry air, light winds, humidity is 22%. i will pinpoint our next rain chance coming our way. >> protesters stage a die in
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energy in what they say energy in what a dramatic image outside of duke headquarters. a die in designed to send a powerful message to charlotte energy giant and the state.
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before local residents who are still scared to drink their own water face state officials. >> new tonight, our eyewitness news reporter jim bradley dug into the growing dispute. >> reporter: the protest this morning happened out here. it had people playing dead all over the sidewalk just outside the front door of the duke energy center. they were trying to drive home their point that well water around coal ash ponds is not safe even though the state which last year told people not to drink it now says it is okay. stirring up a murky mixture of what they call coal ash kool- aid environmental activists filled the sidewalk in a mock die in right outside duke energy's uptown headquarters. they're angry because the state descended the do not drink recommendations for hundreds of patients who live near the controversial coal ash ponds. >> i am concerned about the impacted communities having to drink the water. >> reporter: state letters
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same water residents were told not to drink last april is safe to drink now. in her home filled with bottled water that duke's been delivery amy brown remains skeptical. >> this letter telling me my water is now safe means absolutely nothing to me. >> reporter: environmental groups say brown and others have good reason to worry because they claim levels of the chemical called hexavalent chromium linked to cancer is many times higher than is safe. >> these people are at really elevated risk for getting cancer just because of hexavalent chromium in the wells not to mention other metals. >> reporter: today officials stand behind the decision to declare the well water safe. >> i would drink the water. i would let my family drink the water. >> reporter: duke energy which was watching the die in says the protesters' science is wrong. >> this is not impact the the neighbors' wells and water is
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>> reporter: big differences of opinion on this. all the activity today is of course in anticipation of a big community meeting tomorrow when residents around belmont are asked to give input to the state about what should happen with the coal ash at the allen steam plant, whether it should stay in place and be capped or removed. it's likely to be a very lively discussion. >> jim, thank you. another controversy as the governor's decision to disban the state's coal ash commission. the commission was put together to oversee duke energy's closure of coal ash ponds but last week the governor's office said it will handle coal ash clean up from now on. the move came after the governor won a court battle where he accused the legislature of over stepping its authority by appointing the commission. we posted a letter sent to residents at you can see all our coverage of this story. just look inside jim's story on our home page. the duke health system is restricting visitors to keep
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duke will only allow adults who are immediate family of patients and who don't have any flu like symptoms. children will not be allowed to visit. several north carolina hospital systems have also enacted flu restrictions. the flu season has been less deadly than in years passed. so far this season ten people have died in north carolina. this time last year the flu killed 197. in south carolina, 19 have died so far this season. that's down from 147 this time last year. at least the sun made a return from a gloomy sunday. let's check with meteorologist keith monday and see how we are doing outside. it looks good. >> we got a late day surge of the numbers. most temperatures continued to climb between 4:00 and 5:00. that's good news. it's 59 in matthews. mountain island lake got in the 60s today. we capped it out at 58 in charlotte.
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once the sun goes down, numbers will drop quickly as we head our way into the evening. tracking our temperatures hour by hour, we have lower 50s over the next hour to hour and a half with mid 40s by 9:00 and near freezing out the door if not below early tomorrow morning. we have the freeze warning in charlotte to start the day. at 6:00 i will show you which neighborhoods will get the coldest and how quickly all of us get at least close to the freezing point. here is the rebound for tomorrow. it s fast. by midday, 12:00 on futurecast, 40s to mid 50s. we are close to temperatures we had for highs today. we do shake the chill off quickly. futurecast will keep us in the low 60s tomorrow. i will add three degrees to that from my forecast with 66 in charlotte. the mountains get well into the 50s tomorrow. that's it. we rebound pretty well and i don't see more freezing temperatures coming our way for the rest of the week nor much longer in the distance for that matter.
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we'll have the upper 50s by lunchtime. wall to wall sunshine is expected again tomorrow. as we head to the middle to end of the week starting up late thursday into early friday, during daylight hours both days, little chance of rain. most of that will come overnight thursday night and into friday. tomorrow and into wednesday i will be tracking the storm system to the west which will bring more snow across upper midwest into wednesday. it's a slow mover though and will not approach until late thursday. the clouds are building up thursday afternoon but the showers are mostly holding off to the west until the nighttime hours heading into thursday. that's our one rain chance for the week. what it will do is reset temperatures to seasonal average after a nice warm up coming our way into wednesday and thursday. we bounce up to the mid 70s. it is not the extreme warmth we saw from last week, just a bit of a cool down as we head toward the end of the week. the ups and downs this week are easier to handle i can say. be.
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and craziness we had last week. >> thanks. i am in a semi riding through the i-77 construction zone, an area many truckers say is dangerous. 9 investigates what the state is doing to make the area safer. >> danny ham brook called two women and will be tried again
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whatr new debit cards now for children as young as 8 years old. this is tied to mastercard and allows you to track your child's spending habits. >> some worry it may give strangers too much information about your child. our action 9 investigator asked what information the company
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>> candy cane has two girls, 10 and 1, and tries to protect personal information. >> i would not put any of her information online. you never know who could get that information. >> reporter: if you sign up for nickel you have to give information like your address, social security number, driver's license and your child's name, e-mail, date of birth. >> would you do it with your child? >> no. >> the better business bureau president says if you do at least read nickel's privacy policy first to see what nickel does with the information it collects. >> they're very open and up front because legally they have to be about who all is going to have access to the information. anybody that they have a relationship with, a third party that's connected to their company, here you go. have at it. >> nickel's privacy policy says the company shares information with companies it hires to help
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processing companies but that it doesn't share with advertisers. i double checked with the head of the company. he and i exchanged multiple e- mails. he reiterated nickel doesn't collect children's social security numbers and doesn't sell personal data to anyone. it encrypts all the data it gathers to protect against thieves. nickel tells parent as soon as children make purchases so they can spot anything that doesn't look right. maybe you are comfortable with that. maybe not. at least now you can make a more informed decision. some breaking news, channel 9 just got off the phone with the speaker of the house in north carolina. we know there will be a special session to address charlotte's lgbt nondiscrimination ordinance this wednesday at 10:00 am. tim moore says both the senate and house got the 3/5 majority to call special session and have agreed on a language for the bill that would overturn
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we'll have more tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. a 9 investigation uncovered a rise in crashes at the i-77 construction zone. next at 6:00, an up close look at how narrow lanes have become and safety changes the state is
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starplac t know you can deposit checksv right from your phone. transfer money to someone quickly and easily. speak to a financial professional when it's convenient. and pay for things using android pay. know that with pnc's convenient solutions, at least your finances will be easy to control. months of construction and miles of headaches. an investigation uncovered a spike in crashes in the construction zone on i-77. >> tonight, our investigation hits the road, digging even
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dangers drivers face firsthand. we have spent months pressing the state about safety concerns and the i-77 construction zone. for the first time today, they told us some changes are coming. >> and our latest investigation, our anker gives us a new look at the problem and breaks down what they are doing to keep drivers safe. >> reporter: a lot of drivers have complained that it is very narrow on those lanes through i- 77. but 80s even worse if you are on 18 wheels. we went along with a truck driver to see what it is like from their perspective. >> this trucking company allowed us to tag along with one of their drivers. >> in an area he doesn't like to drive in. >> it is the most narrow construction zone i have ever scene. >> we had two cameras on board.
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to see how narrow the lanes are -- some are inside to see how narrow the lanes are. >> the first thing you notice is how wide it is. it is about the same width as the lane we are in. it creates issues for truckers and other drivers. >> look at the view from the side. >> it makes for a bumpy ride. >> it is rough. there are groups. i think it is dangerous to be honest. >> we drove well under the posted 65 mile-per-hour speed limit the whole time. >> we were asking questions about safety for weeks now. the state sent us this statement today acknowledging that the lanes are narrow and said they will drop the speed limit to 55 as construction picks up.


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