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faces charges.. after she confessed to investigators.. about the child's death..and impromptu bubual. the body of the child.. was found near cherokee circle.. and sioux street. holcombe has been charged with murder..and the unauthorized removal of a dead body. 7 news reporter "krystyne brown"..takes a look at south carolina's "safe haven" law... another option for those who may have unwanted..newborn babies. in the release today.. about the mother's arrest.. the anderson county sheriff said he was unclear about her situation.. but he did know.. south carolina's safe haven law.. was a good option.. for an unwanted newborn. community locations.. like a fire department..already have procedures in place..if a baby is left with them. daniel's law was designed to provide a safer option for aandoned newborns. it is also to give the mother a safe option.. without punishment. the law was named after a child abandoned in a landfill.. that was able to recover in a hospital. under the law.. a person can not be prosecuted.. if they leave a baby.. up to 30 days old.. unharmed .. at a designated safe haven. that includes hospitals.. law enforcement.. a house of worship.. an ems provider.. or a fire department. many of
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ready.. if a newborn is turned over to them."so lives can be saved. that baby will have a chance to live and can be taken in to dss custody and maybe turned over to another family member or relative that can care for the baby, care for them properly and give them a good home." the person who leaves the child.. does not have to reveal their identity. but these safe havens.. do ask for medical history.. so that they know how to provide care for the baby. then the newborn ll be turned over to d-s-s custody. now there is a confidential hotline..for any body needing more information.. you can call 1 888 510 baby. in anderson county.. krystyne brown 7 news. "holcombe".. is in the anderson county detention center. because of health issues.. her bond hearing has
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last night's rain .. has given way to some sunshine.. but it will get chilly tonight. 24-7 meteorologist.. "dan it will get. we are just.. a day away... from kickoff.. and clemson's final destination.. on the "drive to the championship". the clemson tigers.. are
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the big game..tomorrow night. we have our crews .. in arizona..following the team.. and the fans. 7 sports.. "todd summers".. is glendale, arizona ... where the sons..of clemson's head coach... are also..enying the ride. dabo swinney has 3 boys enjoying the ride :20-:25 trt: :35 seconds out: "...there normal." tvu out: "...what they've
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c cemson's high-powered offense wouldn't go anywhere without the big guys up front paving the way. and when you're that good.. you have a nickname. in this case .. they're called "the beard gang." in a sea of clemson football players.. it's easy to find an offensive lineman. they haven't shaved since august. eric mac lain and
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leaders.s.linebacker ben boulware has noticed the stragglers .. or perhaps they're scragglers. 22:24:25 "i love jay guillermo, but his beard is awful. and mitch hyatt's looks like a 13-year old's." 22:51:19 "i was really worried about mitch hyatt. at the beginning of the season, his beard was terrible." 22:58:33 "when you look at mac lain and you look at norton and you look at yours, do you feel ok? theirs ... it's a whole other level. i'm just trying to get there. this is freshman level. i'll get there eventually, but it'll be awhile." 22:54:04 "when do you plan on shaving? right after the national championship.i'm talking in the locker room we said were going to shave them. burn em!" certainly the line hopes that's what they leave in arizona .. as they take a national championship trophy home. if they weren't college athletes.. i'd think one of the razor companies
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deal right now. in phoenix.. fc.. 7 news our coverage of clemson's showdown..with alabama.. continues.. leading up to the game. we invite you to watch our preview specials coming up tonight at 11.. and then tomorrow night at 6 p-m... that's a full hour long preview on game night. that's all here on "7 news". you can also follow the tigers in arizona.. by logging onto our website..wspa dot com. who wants to be a billionaire? that's the question now.. after no one... got the winning numbers... in last night's powerball drawing. we'll tell far
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wednesday's drawing.. the anderson county sheriff's office.. is investigating.. after two people were found dead. deputies say.. it happened around midnight saturday.. in the 100 block... of "pierce and amy" road .. in the town of iva. the coroner's williams".. and "kasey waddell" were found with gunshot wounds..inside a camper. "we're told.. "waddell" was shot in the head.. "williams" was shot in the chest. the independent mail.. reports deputies have ruled the deaths..homicides. rescue crews in macon county say they have recovered the body of a georgia man .. ..who fell from a walkway at a waterfall into the.. cullasaja river .. in macon county. rescue crews have been searching since noon
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located the body of 45 year old "sean kasey" .. around 1-30 this afternoon. you now have.. a "billion" reasons.. to join powerball fever..and buy a ticket..before the next drawing. as brian webb reports... no one matched all drawing. do you feel lucky? the largest lottery the world has ever seen is up for grabs this wednesday. and i think im that one. im a lucky guy. im a lucky guy for real. no one numbers after saturdays drawing even though lottery officials say about 75% of all possible numbers combinations winning the $1.3 billion dollar prize? 292 million to one. powerball signs like this are stuck at $999 million because they cant register into the billions.its never been done before. the powerball has ballooned since its noveeber 4th starting point of $40 million. im going to get me a ticket now, thanks to you. the winner can choose either annual payments over 29 years, or a lump sum cash payment of 806 million, with a chunk going to federal income taxes. that
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beginners. and powerball players dreaming of what they would do with all that cash. i'd pay off my kids houses and take them all on a vacation. i'd keep my circle real tight as tight as i could.and, probably change my name and move to some island somewhere. people living in 44 states, as well as in the district of columbia, the us virgin islands and puerto rico, can play powerball. the next drawing is this wednesday.good luck. brian webb for cbs news. there were a few .. smaller winners on saturday. 25 tickets.. paid out $1 million dollars .. three others were worth $2 million. an upstate soldier.. came home..and surprised his family
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clemson basketball game. we'll show you...the touching
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a rally.. in greenville.. is working to fight against discrimination .. in the upstate. the islamic society of greenville .. organized the rally ... called "united against demagogues".. "united for america".. people downtown greenville ... along main street .. near the peace center. people held signs
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out.. to defend civil liberties .. and protect the refugees. "were getting alot of postive response, we're hoping to mobilize and energize people to stand against what is bad and wrong. what is not affecting muslims but what is affecting the entire country. and were trying to mobilize them about what is good!" the interfaith community... "meeting point"... also helped organize the rally.. the family.. and girlfriend.. of an upstate soldier.. got a big surprise at clemson's basketball game.. against louisville today. they thought they were simply enjoying "military appreciation day".. at bon secours wellness arena.. when their loved one..captain trey kennedy..surprised them.. by walking out onto the court. kennedy graduated from clemson.. and joined the marine corps in 2008. he's been deployed in afghanistan.. for the past eight months. "i saw the back of him first on the video and i
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we were prepared to meet him in another time and other state." "i saw him at the back of us and saw him walking up. i just wanted to find him as fast as i could, saw him and i just wanted to hug him." kennedy's girlfriend is also a clemson grad.. the family says it was the happiest military homecoming.. because it was also..shared
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coming up in sports.. clemson is again an underdog.. against another elite team.. but their recent past.. shows no worries there. we'll go back out to arizona.. as todd as more on that. and clemson hoped to have a hall of fame coach seeing red this afternoon.. pete has the highlights just
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g it was the end of the talking... it's the eve of the game and as the tigers and tide are likely anxious to finally kick things off
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back out to arizona where todd summers
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and of course coming up tonight.. while clemson's football team has been making its championship run ......the tigers basketball squad has beenrepairing its season and looked for a third straight a-c-c win this afternoon against number 16 louisville
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>> glor: sean penn's latest role, el chapo's hollywood connection, did their secret a meeting in mexico lead to the fugitive drug lord's arrest? and if the oscar winner now in any legal trouble. the powerball jackpot bounces to over a billion dollars. leading g llions to try try again. >> good luck. >> glor: the fbi b bted a young woman accused of stealing millions of dollars of jewels. and the playboy mansion may be up for sale with a hefty asking price. and guess who gets to stay after it's sold.
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