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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  January 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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mushing marathon tradition alive . this captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor, tomorrow might campaign 2016 gets its first roasks reality check when voters select which candidate will represent them at the republican and democratic national conventions this summer. starting at 7 p.m. local time, caucuses or meetings will be held across the state. republican voters will write the name of their preferred candidate on slips of paper, democrats will stand in different parts of the room, supporting candidates in groups. because iowa goes first, it's a highly anticipated event. one that could be complicated by a blizzard due to arrive just as voting begins. our election team has iowa covered starting with major garrett and the republican race. major. >> jeff, here at ted cruz's iowa headquarters the workload is constant and the stakes are high.
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donald trump's momentum and rubio. the cruz and rubio campaigns are pelling out all the stops even resorting to some hardball voter turnout tactics. >> the leader in iowa a month ago ted cruz is now running behind donald trump. damaged by trump's canadian birther allegations and charges he's a calculating, not consistent conservative. >> we don't view any state as a must-win much i think we are iowa. >> the latest bloomberg politics des moines register poll has 23. cruz will visit his 99th iowa county on monday. he has he lab ralt files the most-- of evan get kales and tea party enthusiasts. the campaign sent this flyer with their voter propensity score which looks like a government document but isn't. the point, shame supporters to caucus for cruz, and bring friends listed below their name.
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>> i never even heard of anything like this. it is so dishonest, it is so dishonest. >> reporter: trump attended church this morning and for the first time said he would appoint supreme court justices to overturn gay marriage, a big issue for iowa's social conservatives. >> i don't like the way-- i disagree from the supreme court from the standpoint they should have given the state, it should be a state's rights issue. >> reporter: trump's frontrunner status and rule-breaking ways allowed him to skip the final televised debate here and attract the two previous iowa gop caucus winners rick santorum and mike huckabee. >> i'm endorsing myself, the firs thing out of my mouth is done a trump and i are competitors for the caucus but colleagues when it comes to supporting veterans. >> santorum told us he tried to steer clear of trump. >> i think i was pretty clear that night when i stood to the side of the podium and said i don't want to stand behind a trump sign because i'm
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and i intend to run a vigorous campaign. >> i'm nancy cordes. >> there is no poll that can tell you-- which democrat has the better ground game. >> i'm glad to hear you will support the governor. >> reporter: and in a race as close as this one. >> i'm excited to have you today. >> reporter: there is nothing more important. >> the candidates made their closing arguments today. >> and there's a big difference between what i believe will work and what the republicans are selling. >> reporter: clinton has done more than 100 events in iowa. sanders isn't far behind. >> and the man that our government starts working for all of us, not just for 1 percent. >> reporter: the newest des moines register poll shows the two separated by just three points. that means former maryland governor martin o'malley who is maker. >> i would love to be the second choice of the sanders or clinton people. >> reporter: caucuses allow
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one another. come tomorrow night, both the clinton and sanders camps will try to convince o'malley voters to work with them. the longer his people hold out, the more leverage they have. >> my message to the o'malley supporters across this state is this. hold strong. at your caucus. >> reporter: his troops know their marching orders. >> i'm holding strong on kaw caucus night. >> this is our con vings. >> nancy is a volunteer and saw the strategy work before when she was a precinct captain for president obama. >> i remember in 08ee, went to talk to the biden group. and not only got him to come over but two other people there ended up being two of my top volunteers for obama. so it's playable. >> reporter: so o'malley's final tally tomorrow night could outstrip his poll numbers if the other two swing supporters his
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each other's delegate count it is very complicated and makes things very unpredictable which is why even at this hour here at sanders headquarters they are still sending volunteers out into the streets to knock on doors and drum up support. >> glor: thank you, nancy gordest, major garrett and our entire team in iowa. peace talks aimed at ending the war in syria are getting under way in geneva, switzerland. as ale enpizzy reports nesheses are beginning as syrians continue to die both inside their country and trying to escape. we warn the footage is graphic. >> reporter: this turkish beach is a long way and no distance at all from the would-be peace talks in geneva. even as the participates argued over whether or not to actually get down to business, drowned children and their families fleeing the conflict washed up on shore. by some counts, 35 times for people have tried to make the perilous crossing from turkey to greece compared with january last year.
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have drowned this month alone. this is the kind of horror that makes them take the risk. dozens of people were killed in damascus today when a car bomb went off in a predominantly shiite suburb. two suicide bombers then struck rescuers adding to the carnage. is claim to have sent them. >> syria today is an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe. >> reporter: in a video message secretary of state john kerry called on participates in the peace talks to seize the opportunity to bring an end to the conflict. the talks are supposed to begin in some form on monday. >> this conflict could easily engulf the region if left to spiral completely out of control. that is what the negotiations in geneva can prevent. >> reporter: but so far the parties to the talks are refusing to even speak directly to each other in spite of the messages from a damascus suburb and a turkish beach. allen pizzy, cbs news, rome. >> glor: two virginia tech
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weekend in connection with the death of a 13 year old girl. as jericka duncan reports, police believe she was murdered. >> reporter: police say 13 year old nicole lovell of blacksburg, virginia, was abducted by 18 year old david eisenhauer. they say 19 year old national ally keepers helped him dispose of the body. today keepers was arrested. blaksberg police department lieutenant mike albert. >> based on evidence collected today, we have determined that eisen huaier and nicole were acquainted higher to her disappearance. >> reporter: saturday authorities charged highs enhawr err with murder. pli say they found lovells remains about 100 miles from her home. lovell's family reported her missing on wednesday, and say her dresser was pushed up against her bedroom door. a missioning child poster noted she required medication daily for her liver. friday her father posted this message to facebook.
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this, if you are out there, you can come to me. i'm not mad at you. i'm worried about you. your family is worried about you. just come home. >> reporter: nicole's facebook page shows she was a member of at least one teen dating group. but its' unclear whether she met eisenhauer online. last march the track and field state champion was recognized as student athlete of the week by a local news station. >> i will personally not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> reporter: investigators spent nearly four dedays searching for lovell. state police continue to search for evidence on the virginia tech campus. >> virginia tech released a statement extending its support to lovell's family and friends. police have not released a motive or cause of death. the coroner's office tells cbs news the autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. >> glor: jericka, thank you very much. the super bowl teams arrived in the bay area today one week ahead of the big game. the denver broncos landed about
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behind the scenes teams in federal and local law enforcement officials are fine tuning their security plans for the super bowl. john blackstone has an inside look. >> reporter: celebrating the biggest week in football, san francisco is expecting a million visitors a day. six blocks downtown has been turned into super bowl city. it's a place where football fans big and small can play interactive games. and pose for photos. but first, they will have to ne up to go through metal detectors. san francisco's police chief greg su hr. >> there will be officers in plains clothes, but a lot will be unseen to the recognize person that will just come and have a great time here. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies have been planning for this for two years. coast guard canine units are on hand to screen the crowds for explosive the. the fbi brought bomb detecting
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dozens of federal, state and local agencies have set up a joint operation center. david johnson is fbu special agent in charge in san francisco. >> really what this facility is for is to collect information, spread information, intelligence, analyze it and then get it out to the people that need to know. >> reporter: gee october fee is making security planning more divment while many events are taking place in san francisco, levi stadium is 45 miles away in santa clara. that's where 70,000 people will gather for the game next sunday. while fbi officials say there is no known credible threat of a terror attack, an individual working alone can present a clear danger. >> it's all about identifying the lone wolf before he or she acts. >> are they hard to find. >> there is no doubt about that. i think we saw that in san bernardino. >> reporter: part of the security plan depends on all these fans being watchful as well. at every opportunity, jeff, san
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the phrase if you see something, say something. is. >> glor: john blackstone, thank you. el nino continues to soak parts of california. highway 101 in ventura county was flooded today. continues at the farmer's open in la jola were very bad. some parts of the state were expecting up to three inches of rain, multiple delays at the golf tournament. that is helpful in battling drought, the rain but profoundly unhelpful in the fight against another insidious problem, cliff erosion. here's carter evans. >> reporter: relentless el nino powered waves are taking a human toll. but this kremmabling hillside south of san francisco is giving information. the nature conserve ansi has asked amateur drone operators to help capture a perspective rarely seen soo. climate scientist kirk clause mier. >> drones provide this great perspective you can't get safely any other way. where below the clouds, right
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back at the shore. >> reporter: the drones buzzing above this cliff aren't just taking dramatic pictures, they're gathering data to help create a 3d map of the eroding california coastline. what have you seen along the coastline so far. >> i've seen a lot of destruction. >> reporter: this week george kreiger flew his drone in pacifica like this apartment building teetering on the edge. >> mapping the coast during these times of high tide will give us an idea of where the high tides are going, and hopefully in the future be able to predict things like what happened here at the apartment complex. >> reporter: it's a big job. there's 1270 miles of shoreline along california. and scientists have identified several thousand homes that may be in jeopardy during this el nino winter. >> the work you do here today might make it safer for people to live here tomorrow. >> hopefully. >> that's the point of the whole thing. we can do this now, why not. >> and it could eventually help those who never intended to live
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carter evans, cbs news, pacifica. >> all three inmates who escaped a southern california jail are back behind bars. the last two fugitives who faced charges including murder and torture were thrown into jail overnight. they were captured in san francisco yesterday. a third inmate sur rendered friday. this time the men are being kement in separate cells. still ahead, accusations of racial intolerance at an elite boston high school. and an extremely rare albatross
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news continues. >> glor: a boston high school known for being at the center of diverse irrelevant and progressive politics is now at the center of a controversy after students began a social media campaign alleging racial incidents on campus. kenneth craig reports. >> every single social media. >> megie noel and kiley webster
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video, their goal was to draw attention to allegations of racism at their elite school, boston latin, which they say have been ignored. the students claim underlying racial tensions in the hallways and online ramped up when ferguson police officer carren wilson was not indicted in the shooting dt of michael brown bo. >> it made students of color feel really uncomfortable that students that they sit next to in class every day, who they see in the hallways, whose locker is next to them, they said these >> reporter: among their claims they say school officials did not reprimand students who openly used racial slurs at school. using the hashtag black at bls, they are encouraging other students to join the conversation. >> that video has now gone viral and the discussion is expanding. boston mayor marty walsh is supporting them. >> the experiences that our kids have in our schools shouldn't be racism. >> the district is now investigating. boston latin is the oldest public school in the country,
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for the ivy league, with a long list of prestigious graduates. 22 years ago roughly 23% of the student body was black. today african-american students make up less than nine percent. >> whatever happens, we're definitely going to be holding administration accountable to make sure that these things don't persist in the future. >> reporter: the school's head master has laid out a six point plan to address the issue. jeff, the conversation has taken off with students also joining the discussion from other boston schools. >> kenneth craig, thank you very much. >> up next here, what soda companies are doing to improve
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>> glor: soda sales have fizz decade. but cola companies are making moves to turn things around. in one pepsi is opening its first restaurant this week. here with more business analyst jill sha linger. in part they are fighting it by using smaller cans. >> yes, and it's working, consider it portion control. i think a lot of americans are trying to cut down on their sugar an are actually willing to pay more for a smaller size. coca cola says in the first nine months of last year small can sales were up by 15% since 2011, large sales are down by five percent. so they are actually stemming the sliding sealts with smaller containers. >> glor: marketing is a massive part of this. coke is spending $4 billion in 2016.
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it is called taste the feeling. it's aimed at both millenials and boomers. we don't know whether it will work but they're throwing a lot of money at it pepsi going old school, sponsoring the super bowl halftime show again. this really does seem to work. the combination of the nfl and pepsi. stores say they actually drive traffic, pepsi's marketing machine will drive traffic into the stores. pepsi is happy because they smell more product but they are also trying new ideas like this restaurant. >> glor: let's talk about this pepsi strawntd. >> it's not called the pepsi restaurant. it's called the kola house, and everything is around the kola nut which is the basis for the sodas. what vl funny is that when you look at some of the ingredients here, it kind of goes pretty far a field. you can get vodka infused with kola bitters. you can get your meat drizzled with kola truffle oil. i know it is a far cry from pepsi and chips and dip but maybe it will work. we'll have to wait and see. >> glor: for the next generation. thanks very much. >> thank you.
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asians today. golfer ha na jang with a hole-in-one on a par four. it is the first time that has happened in the history of the lpga. three under par san albatross or double eagle. jang was pretty excited about it, as you can see. still ahead, extremely tough sledding, even for these athletes. and some eye problems.
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>> glor: we close tonight in the frozen north with a sled dog race, it's not as long as the iditarod but it's just as cold as for those up for a challenge, just as invigorating. here's jamie yuccas. >> reporter: with a roaring cheer and a rousing dog, a 32 year old tradition is under way. the beargreas is a crueling 383 mile sled dog marathon. the route is extreme rugged terrain in the dead of a north minnesota winter. >> you have to be tough. >> you have to trust in your dog. >> preparing for the race means months of vigorous training. >> good girl. >> reporter: and no one knows that better than colleen wallin. >> they all have personalities and they're all smarter than all
6:55 pm
>> wallin has competed in beargreas 15 times. she's turned the race into a family affair. >> it's right in our own backyard. >> training usually starts in september. wallin's team of dogs runs a hundred miles each week. >> while eating 4,000 calories of meat each day. >> that meat is expensive. multiply by a dozen dogs, it's an investment. fewer and fewer mushers are willing to spend the time and money required to run long races like the beargreas. this year about 30 mushers participated in the race which is less than half than it was almost a decade ago. but for wallin and her family, it goes beyond the trail. >> it's very moving. it's very spirit all. great time to get your family outdoors and be with the dogs. >> reporter: a relationship rooted in deep tradition. now up to the future generation to stay on course. >> come on guys. >> jamie yuccas, cbs news. >> glor: that is the cbs
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and first thing tomorrow, cbs this morning.
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good night. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: the man in the gray coat with the german accent is an undercover investigator posing as the representative of a fictitious african minister who wants to bring millions in questionable funds into the u.s. >> if it's not in his name... >> yes. >> then he needs what is known as a straw man. >> kroft: it's part of a hidden camera sting operation to see how willing american lawyers might be to offer advice. >> so we have to scrub it at the beginning, if we can, or scrub it at the intermediary location that i mentioned.
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