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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we do have a front on the move startino to exit portions of south florida. we have a few leftover light rainin showers. overnight we did get some batches of heavier rain. look for morning clouds and by the afternoon, those skies to clear with some sunshine and temperature readings struggling to reach that 70 degree mark. it'soing to be a breezy and cool kind of day and then we're goingo be watching a reenforcing day on saturday to be bringinin us some showers, but temperaturewise, we're going to be very chilly, even going into sunday. some of thth forecast models going with the 40s to wake up to. 64 degrees currently in miami, 63 in fort lauderdale, about 10 degrees cooler this morning. these 60s very typical for this time of year. right now the rain chances are between 10 and 20 percent this afternoon, even going through the overnight hours. it won't be until late tonight and tomorrow when we bump up that chance for rain.
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looks decent, all though the roadways are slick, the majority of the rain has pushe off the coast. we are seeing leftover clouds. i'll be back with the complete forecast coming up in a few minutes. now at 5, another south florida teenager coming under fire in the city of miami. he was hit by bullets riding his bike and happened jt hours after a group gathered in miami calling for an end to all the violence. omar lewis is at the scene where that teen was shot. omar? >> reporter: good morning. we are here at jackson memorial hospital. the 15-year-old was riding his bike when he was shot. this morning he is in stable condition here at jackson memorial hospital. the police need your help. that shooter is still out there. yellow tape blocking off, unfortunately, a similar crime scene. another teenager shot on the streets of miami.
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avenue and 64 street in miami thursday night. you can see a bicycle and clothing on the ground inside the crime scene area. no word yet on how this evidence was related to the shooting. earlier that same day, evidence the shootings must stop. mothers of slain victims protesting in front of the state attorney's office thursday, jut raged over the shooting of children and calling for a more investigation. >> e erybody know who the killer is and tell the story how it happen and the can tell everyone else, but why not call the police an tell the police what you know. >> as a child, cousin, boy, girl, we have to have love first and tell it what's going on o. but our futur is being lost. young lives matter. >> when you have violent people killing our kids, they need to be locked up. >> reporter: late thursday this tweet.
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15-year-old child shot while riding a bike. sadly, cowardly, gun violence continues in the streets of miami. >> you say you lived in miami all yr life. have you ever seen it this bad? >> i have never seen it this bad. >> reporter: he said the shootings has to stop. >> i've seen gangsters take out gangsters and basically takinin our children. >> reporter: and so as this is a-year-old continues to recover here at jmh, still a lot of questions about this case. we're working to answer those. as soon as we have ap update we will pass it onto you. in the meantime f you know who the shooter is, pick up your phone and contact crime stoppers. that number in miami-dade county is 305-471-tips. reporting live jut side jackson memorial hospital this morning, i'm alex de armas, today in florida. now to a teenager shot andnd killed while he and a friend played with a gun.
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heartbroken mother has words of warning for them. >> he was beautiful, perfect in every way. >> reporter: charlieartin will nevada gore to high l school, never graduate and never go to college he was killed in july as they played with handgun owned by the friend's stepfather. >> it's hard, awful. >> reporter: this is one way they're coping, sharing their story with a room full or people and broward sheriff's gun safety class for kids in cooper city. >> it is a real life tragic incident. they had dropped off both of their sons at a friend's houseful they were playing for several, several hours when they guilty a phone callrom the broward sheriff's office that they had now lost their son.
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secure their guns and ask others to secure their guns before visits. >> if you don't have a gun, you don't think about it and i didn't think it about it before. i don't want it to p happen to anybody else. we miss him so much. >> reporter: and the martins say they're dealing with this every single day. as for charlie's friend, the one that pulled the trigger is facing a charge of juvenile manslaughter. in cooper city, nicole linsalata, today in florida. now onto the fight against the zika virus in florida. it's expanding as a new case pops up in broward county. >> we are prepared. there's no reason to panic. is a disease that we will be able to manageful >> ashley: doctors and health officials speaking. they're working to contain the
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treatment or re. it's spread by sexual activity as well. broward joining other counties that has r@corded cases of the virus. the governor turning to the fed for help. >> we're requesting 1,000 test kits to test pregnant and new mothers who have traveled to affected areas. >> reporter: all five cases are those who travelled to south america. here at home, they're trying to exterminate as many mosquitos as muff as possible. log onto for tips on how to take precautions against zika. and now onto the race for the white house in new hampshire. bernie sanders and hillary clinton trading political punches during a face to face debate. they fought over everything from
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>> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here, who does not have a super pack, who is not raising money for luxury or special interest. in my view, the business model of wall street is fraud. >> i have a record. have stood strong and i will be the person who stands against they will from ever wrecking the economy again. >> ashley: and the republicans still fighting over iowaful ben carson accusing ted cruz of playing a dirty trick on the caucuses. this morninglwe are hearing voice that may have helped sway the vote. one day after attacking, donald trump said he's just not interested. (inaudible) >> i think it has sububantial impact.
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1500 sites. >> i just d d't care about that. >> ashley: cruz has apologized to carson. so where do the candidates stand this morning? 7 news teaming up with the university of massachusetts poll to bring you brand-new exclusive poll numbers all week long. that's coming up at 7 o'clock. and jeff lennox packing his bags to cover the new hampshire primary. watch for his live reports on saturday 7 news. and download the voice your choice app. it's free and available. fifth. >> on the advice of council counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment. >> there you have it, martin infamous for raising the price
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percent smirking his way through the congressional hearing. out on bail facing securities fraud charges and up to 20 years behind barsful he broke his silence after the hearing tweeting hard to accept these im imbeciles represent our government. a car maker planning to pay tribute to the late david buoy at the super bowl. we have the details in the morning trend. coming up, a deadly discovery in a south florida lake.
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with a possible tragic loss. welcome back. paying tribute to david buoy with an out of this world band. >> ashley: featuring a dad and
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the super bowl is sunday. good fririy morning, south florida florida. we have big weather changes taking place for the weekend. 64 degrees in miami, 63 in fort lauderdale. we have mostly cloudy skies with a breeze at 17 miles an hour. now as far as the radar is concerned, it's startg to dry up nicely n. broward county right now, mostly dry. and in miami-dade as well, we just have to take a look at the upper keys to find some light showers that are starting to push inteel the atlantic waters bute do have some spotty activity along the overseas highway. take a look at this. we have a front that's starting to exit south orida. we're going to have a building breeze on the back end throhout today. that front extenteds all the way to the nortrtast, where we're seeing a lot of snow setting up op and some freezing rain are as well. now temperaturewise, very chilly
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28 degrees i chicago, 23 in kansas city. but here's what we can expect. it's going to be a windy day th the breeze quickly turning around from the north forth west. so today will be a cool day. tonight it will be chilly into the 50s. then tomorrow, we're going to t possibility of seeing some showers throughout today followed with another reenforcing front that will cross through. that's the one that's going to bring temperature readings overnight saturday and sunday possibly into the 40s around some locations. then throughout the next several days we will feed those sweaters and jackets. small-craft advisory in effect with north wind any where between 25 to 30 knots, seas building 5 to 13 feet. for the keys an advisory is in effect as well, with coastal waters extremely rough. 6 o'clock is next high tide in dade and broward with forecast
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the 60s. we will stick around with the clouds and should see some sunshine later. toninit, some showers return to the forecast with overnight lows in the 50s and low 60s along the coast. your extended outlook is calling for the sweater weather to returnrn to south florida all the way from saturday and possibly into thursday of the upcoming week. that's your 7 on 7. and ahead on today in florida this morning. police officer husband was ambushed and shot on dutiful now they're dealing with another problem at home.
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the lowe down. now on today in florida. a south florida officer ambushed by a gunman and living to tell the tale. (inaudible) >> his wife is talking to just one station as they face another struggle. > there's got to be something we can do. rosh lowe has nit the lowe down. >> diana: his cruiser was riddle led with bullets. >> ashley: and they're speaking to rosh lowe in this morning's edition of the lowe down. >> my husband did not survive this horrific event for me to give up.
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>> reporter: no, belinda will not quick. she maintains her faith even after her husband is shot on the job in miami gardens. and why won't she quit? she's witnessed an a miracle. >> and he said, i'veeen shot. i'm going to be okay. and i just said what? he said i've been shot. >> reporter: belinda starling and her husband miami gardens police officer, david, always had a deal. >> first thing i did once i realized i was still alive is call my wife and let her know. we always had an agreement, if i was capable and something happen to me, i call midwife and next thing i offered a word of thanks. >> reporter: we spoke to david in his hospital room days after he was shot in late january. was sitting in his patrol car writing a report when david mejia open fire. he was hit twice in the backside.
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seeing all of the people around him and his eyes open and smiled and told me thatt he loved me an i knew he was going to be okay. >> reporter: but the starlings arar struggling financiallll >> the prayer, well wishes just been beyond belief. >> reporter: her husband is now recovering at homen she took us to the source of their financial difficulty. officer david starling was working a lot of overtime. why was he working so much?? let me show you this. this was supposed to be his dream home in palm beach countiful and the story behind the story, last year they purchased this home, they wanted to do a hot of work and renovations. the contractor went bankrupt and lost most of their life savings. >> they tore everything out without a plan, dug up the floor an left all of this mess. >> reporter: this is what the
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moved in. this is the house now. >> when you look at thisnow, what goes through your pine? >> my husband and i worked very rd, you know. we've prayed about this. >> repororr: the starlings are renting elsewhere an don't have the money to finh the renovations. other contractors just don't want to touch the project because of the damage and liability. >> we still just keep the faith, putting all of this into god's hands and he'll get us through this. >> reporter: belia is now hopingng for her second miracle. in palm beach county, rosh lowe, 7 news. >>shley: since we first aired, viewers have helped raise more than $18,000. if you would like to donate, head to vin, a link there
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and car pulled from a south florida lake with two bodies inside. a man serving a life sentence for killing his
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quest for less time behind bars. two communities have come together to support basketball player's autism. >> diana: tuesday night was the most special game of his life.
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basket of the sean against one of the school's rivals. >> thinking i may not score but there's a 50/50 shot. coach told me brandon, you're going in for tj stone. when we did our motion, pound the ball and right there just right up, two easy baskets. >> diana: his team may have ended with fewer point, sean said he felt like the winner of the game. >> ashley: that's fantastic. so good to see. that's today in florida. i'i' diana diaz.
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stay with us. a car found submerged.
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