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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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temperature reading right now, 56 degrees in miami, a 52 in west kendall, to 61 in key west. now, the day planner i i going with a zero percent chance of rain in the forecast, afternoon highs in the 70s, overnight lows will start to drop down a little bit more in the upper 50s. by 8 o'clock tonight, look for a low of 65. as far as the radar and satellite picture is concerned, nice an quiet, mostly clear skies and dry weather. i'll be back with the complete weekend forecast in a few minutes. now at 5, another day, another close call for students. >> i was on the floor. >> and now fed up parents say the shootings have to stop. >> they're innocent children. somee needs to do something about it. >> calls for action when schools come urn fire. diana: south florida students
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after their school came under fire. >> ashley: it's the second shooting near miami-dade schools. elitsa bizios in the grove with the details. >> reporter: ashley, this time it was an elementary school, those little kids starting their day, shots ringing out and bullets flying through their classroom around 9:30 yesterday. parents clinging the little hands of their children as they pick them up. a full di didn't go how anyone thought thursday would go. >> my teacher turned off the lights and wee went urn the desk an we didn't turn anything on so they wouldn't hear u us. >> reporter: that was after llets from a drive-by shooting scattered the streets and tore classroom.
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througugthe glass, ricochetted off the wall and hollywood hit four student. i hugged those students. one filled with tears in his eyes not understanding what happened. >> reporter: little boy williams was one of those floor. >> they told us to get on the floor. >> reporter: parents got worse via text message and raced to the coconut grove school. >> parents need to check and see what they're doingt home. >> reporter: after bullets hit a school for the second day in a row, it's not so easy for parents. wednesday gunshots went off around carroro city high school in miami gardens. >> in this county when this happen, something is terribly broken. >> reporter: police have arrested cedric anthony a ams suspected of a hooting, a known gang member.
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children back to school an less certain about ha could happen outside theclassroom. when it comes to that miami gardens shooting, police werer able to make an arrest in less than 24 hours. police hoping that someone turns themselves in or somebody comes forward with information so they can make anrrest in this case f. you have any information, you're urged to call crime stoppers. th number 305-471-tips. for now live in coconut grove, elitsa bizios, today in florida. >> ashley: and community leaders urging residents to break silence and we'll hav much more on that coming up at 5:30. pope francis on his way to historic meeting in cuba. >> diana: thth pontiff taking off from rome early this morning to
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orthodox church. alex de armas is live in conut grove. >> reporter: the reason high this trip isxtra special and so historic is because for the first time the leader of the catholic roman church will be meeting with the leader of the russian orthodox church. on top of that, this historic meeting is happening in cuba, putting the island country in the spotlight once again. pope francis leaving italy for cuba, the pontiff making a return trip to the island with a meeting of historic proportions. he will be sitting down with the leader of the orthodox church. the patriarch already in havana greeted by castro at the airport. it'she first meeting between the two. it will also be the first meeting between pope francis an the russian church leaderful the people of cuba are so excited many working overtime to clean
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visited by the holy men. it's important that the historic moment, it's so significant that it's happening right here in our country. >> reporter: they will meet at the international airport where they will sign declaration of healing and aid. >> this is a risk that has to take in order to be globa in his image, in order to rise up unoffially, at least, to it. >> reporter: russia, the largest country in the world and the vatican, the smallest, established diplomatic relations at the end of 2009. >> they always felt that the russian church as the most numerically strong in the world has also to be in the leadership where external relations are concerned. >> reporter: this trip will
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to cuba. in just five monthth he visited last month in playing an integral role in relations between the united states and cuba. >> we want the churcho breathe with eastern an western lungs and b be united because that's what jesus's will is. and hen there's unity among christian, i think it's a bit >> reporter: and another important they think to point out, this entire meeting may also present cuba as a peacemaker, which was never known for that under the fidel castro regime. reporting life from coconut grove, i'm alex de armas, today in florida. a plantation woman sharing her story after experiencing
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surveillance video shows a man running from her house on tuesday. a get away car can be seen picking that person up. the victim said she was showeringhen the crook broke in. >> i was shocked more than frightened. i was just shocked like what's going on here? >> reporter: the thief shattered the glass of the front door to get inside and stole jewelry f. you have any information, call 954-493-tips. two armed robbers ambush a pair of appliance live thorry men in northwest miami-dade. the crooks forced their way inside the house, ordering the workers and four people inside to the ground. th stole money and cellphones. they ran out but not before ring a shot at the group. fortunately nobody was hit. the men jumped in the delivery truck like this one and took
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it has a florida tag. if you spot it, calll crime stoppers. 305-471-tips. the right tip could eastern you cash. and new this morning, the world health organization taking a backseat for the zika virus is 18 months away from large scale testing. the health emergency seems to be growing in parts of florida. someone else in miami-dade has come down with it bringing the total to 7 people here. there are two ces in broward and 18 statewide. a hand full of counties, dade and broward remain urn a health aheart. the miami-dade health department and officials met to december ss battle plans. important to note all of the cases in f florida involve victims who have been traveling. no one has caught it, who lives
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the virus has been linked to brain detects, newborns as well as muscular and nerve disorders. there is novak seen yet. in the race for the white house, the pack is thinning but tension is growing. >> diana: this as they duke it out on stage. >> the government of the democratic society has a mor responsibility to make sure everybody has decent standard of living. >> the best analysis of senator sanders plan it would increase the government by 40 percent. >> reporter: and wasn't just ob, bernie and hillary clinton pulled no p plans. >> based on analysis of people who are sympathy theft toik the
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>> yes, we can guarantee health care in a much more cost effective way. >> reporter: on the republican side, birthday wishes for jeb bush and sop here wishing jeb, not donald trump would shake things up. >> we see a guy talking about china and how other countries rip us off and we're tired. we need you to start talk about that. >> it was an interesting insight and i learned from it. >> reporter: he's got hisis brotherho will join him on the campaign trail next week. >> i thank god that george w. bush was preside of the united states instead of al gore on september 11, 2011, but jeb bush has no foreign policy experience. >> reporter: he s smmed rubio in this parody of self-help group.
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>> reporter: and debuting the action fix your. >> wt does he do? >> he pretents to be in politics. >> cruz proposed mass legalization of immigrants. >> reporter: and donald trump greeted enthusiastically in louisiana wednesday. >> once you get to a certain level, it changes. ibe changing rapped byly. >> reporter: andrump will be inial pa tonight. and band defying gravity in their music video. watch them take flight in the morning trend. and south florida police department honored as attorney
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south florida stop. welcome back. trending this morning, what do you get when you get a rock band anan see row graphty on the plane? >> ashley: i guess a pretty cool sic video. >> diana: as et turns out. the grammy award-winning band, you may remember for their famous treadmill route, pushing the boundary yet again with this new video for their song upside down and inside out. the video shot without any wires
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it was shared on the fan's facebook page yesterday and has 21 million views so far. >> diana: that would be me, hit my head. >> vivian: good morning, south florida. we are on the chilly start, and as far as the morning commute, the radar is showing dry conditions from broward, dade to the keys. 53 degree, good morning to you in coral springs, 51 in pompano, 54 in fort lauderdale and davie, including pembroke pines in miami-dade, 55 in surfside to 56 degrees at miami international airport. south miami 50 degrees, palmetto bay down to 51. as far as homestead is
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as far as the keys are concerned, a little more mild here, 61 in both marathon an key west. the winds are out of the north-northeast today any where between 5 to 7 miles an hourful and that will help gradually warm things up going into the afternoon. but from coast to coast we go, we have some snow right around the ohio river valley, parts of tennessee and kentucky getting some freezing rain an snow. but lake-effect snow will continue to develop around lake erie erie, ontario. up to a foot of snow possible. 13 in minneapolis, 19 in chicago, 41 in atlanta. so here's what we can pect. a nice and mild day. high temperatures will be back into the low 70s. on saturday and sunday, it willl stay mostly dry with the breeze picking up out of the north-northeast and a weak front crossing through unnoticed.
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should beice going into early next week with and especially on president's day will introduce a slim chance of seeing an isolated shower. we don't have any beach or boating advisories today with the winds east-northeast and near 15 knots of the coastal waters of the keys. next high tide 11:25, 12:37his afternoon in the lower keysful highs today in the low 70s with a lot of sun, tonight mostly clear skies and overnight lows in the upper 50s, low 60s for the keys. on your extended outlook, south florida, it's going to be beautiful to celebrate with that you are loved ones on sunday. going into monday and tuesday, much warmer with a chance of owers.
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we will be right back. welcome back. people across the world are coming to florida for an unusual reason and has nothing to to with the attractions. >> diana: they're looking for answers above. 7's patrick fraser has the special assignment report: spiritual journey. >> reporter: people come to florida to build future and here they come for the past. >> they may want to speak to their parent or child. a lot of people come here for
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>> reporr: casa dega is a small town. each one of the residents here have one thing in common: they're spiritualists. >> a spiritualist is a person who b bieves in communicating with the other side of life. in other words, they believe that we never die, that thats a palsy we keep on livingl just in different spiritual realm and form in the spirit form. >> repter: here they believe the spirit can still be communicated. > that they're still around, caring, it brings a lot of healing and comfort to people. >> you is have to takeare of yourself, especially your stomach.
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>> reporter: john works with us. margarita talked to him and did a reading for m. >> i have a big j, okay? a big j, so very strong. for me, this could be like a father. >> reporter: listening to spirits is not new here. in 84, george was a spirit ishl who moved here and created the community just for spiritualistsful now people come here to learn about themselves and their late loved ones. >> we have peoplq who come here from all over the world, as far away as japan even. >> reporter: don't believe you have a spirit? many people don't and laugh at the thought of someone being able to communicate with the spirit of their dead loved ones. the spiritualists have heard that from all the skeptics. >> we don't want to be seen as fortune tellers.
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casa dega has a bunch of witches. and we're not witches. we're mediums, psychic,healers. >> reporter: al dun ay's wife was hit with cancer anhe had chance to communicate with spirits an he came here to talk to her. >> and i'm going to fine out if it's the biggest farce on mankind or if it's real. if it's real, i want to contact her. >> reporter: and remember johnny sitting with margarita? >> the big j is a very strong energy. i don't know if he was military. >> reporter: the j who might be in the military who was a father? onne's father's name was john. he did national security for the u.s. government and passed away eight years ago. >> very proud of you. there is a message for you, from him.
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family story and those that walks before you. >> reporter: in casa dega there is a spiritual journey you can take for everyone. >> diana: that is very interesting. >> ashley: it really is. >> diana: johnnyny i want to talk to you later today. turns out, segment right in his predictions nearly 100 years ago. and from wal-mart to boat bash.
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we will break it down for you. that is today in florida at 5. i'm ashley jones. >> and i'm diana diaz.
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more news. community leaders. community leaders coming together. and defense hoping that new evidence will prove that a shootingng was justified. and crime on camera, police
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thief looking for fast cash outside a fast food restaurant. plus a fun-filled weekendnd for yacht lovers and art enthusists. hopefully you will find something that will float you boat. i know what will. it's friday. i'm omar lewis. >> diana: it is friday and i'm diana diaz. it is chilly out there. meteorologist vivian gonzalez is here with the forecast. >> vivian: we will need those sweaters and jackets once again. it's not as cold but waking up to the 50s. we're going to call ate cool friday with mild afternoon. high wills be back inhe 70s. and overall it will be a nice holiday weekend, especially with your loved one on sunday, with a nice breeze off of the ocean. as far as temperature readings are concerd, we are in the 50s. if you're heading out the door in miami, 56, 53 in fort


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