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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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mid and upper 70s. enjoy this quiet weather pattern while we have it,outh florida. the radar is not picking up a drop of rain and the skies have cleared out nicely. i'll be back with the complete forecast in a couple of minutes. it's the big story this morning, another major step between the u.s. and cuba. nine months after dropped from the state sponsored terrorist list, president obama is planning a trip to the island nation. it's been rumored for weeks and this morning it appears imminent. >> diana: this will be the first time a sitting president has visited the island nation in nearly 90 years. >> president obama: today america chooses t t cut loose the shackles of the past. >> reporter: president obama announcing the reknewable in diplomatic nations after the cold war.
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havana and washington, d.c. just four months later he met with raul castro face to face for the first time at the summit of americas in panama. president obama an the cuban leader shaking hands. mr. obama talking about the long and complicated relationship between the two neighs and would not be removed from the list of terror without further investigation. the cuban embassy reopened. protesters gathered across the street as dignitaries raised the flag. august, secretary of state john kerry traveled to cuba to watch as the american embassy was reopened, the flag raised over et. marco rubio said if he was president, he would only visit a free cuba. >> i want the relation between free cuba. it has to change. look what we did to burma.
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is now the majority party because our change to them was conditional on their change towards people. >> reporter: and he is not the only politician slamming the president's plan. >> you feel he's legitimized it? >> reporter: yeah, just like legitimized the nuclear agreement in iran, we're doing same with diplomatic retions. we got nothing in return. my hope is that cuba will be free one day, and that's when the president shoulbe going. >> even though president obama is telling the things are great and we have diplomatic relations and all of these pos tef changes are taking place, what do the people of cuba do? they leave cuba in record numbers. there's been an an incredible spike in number of exiles coming to the united states. >> reporter: to put it in perspective, the last presidential visit to cuba was
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the president calvin coolige. >> diana: formerresident jimmy carter visit cued baa in 2011 but he was out of office. news is reporting that president obama will be there march 21st and 22nd. and now the cuban community is reacting to the president's ans. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. we've got some mixed emotions from cuban-americans on their opinions on the president's visit to cuba. throughout the day, many people will be taking that same trip right here at miami international rpaiort. prident obama's upcoming visit to cuba, a hot topic in south florida. e announced trip expected to generate a lot of buzz at miami international airport. passenge are taking off on chartered flights to thee island
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the visits also a topic of conversation ater vsailles in little havana on wednesday. customers telling us what they think about the president's trip. >> it's about time we break those laws and united states open the doors to cuba. 50 years was long enough. it's time for a change. >> he has the right to go. he's presidentntf the united st he can do whatever he wants. but i believe being friendly with a dictatorship that violates the human rights of its citizens every day is not what somebody that believing in freedomnd human right should do. >> we think it's so great that cuba is going to be connected back with the u.s. again. we love it. >> reporter: pack at mia, travelers bzing about the resent agreement between cuba and the united states to normalize commercial flights. the agreement was signed tuesday in havana and those flights are expected to begin later this year.
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be hearing from travelers on their opinions on the flights and the president's visit. we will, of course, pass that along to you once we get that. reporting at miami international airport, i'm alex de armas, today in florida. and stay with 7 news an wsvn.oom when the president heads to cuba, so will the news station. look for extensive live coverage from the iand nation next month. lso this morning, some alarming allegations against a south florida youth pastor at a church. the judge demeed bond for the man. faces eight counts of sexual battery. at 18 years old, he became sexually involved with a 1-year-old girl. at least one of the encounters happened at church by the glades in coral springs where he had been working. in a atement, the pastors an leaders of the church of the glad were saddened to learn
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behavior on part of one of our attendes. the greatest part is healing and concern and protection of the victim and family. a bad break in the florida keys. water gushing everywhere flooding roads and causing low water pressure throughout the lower keys even throughout key west. it ruptured at u.s. 21 near mile marker 48. crews are w wking to fix it and said water service is expected to be restored the morning. to the race for the white house, a big endorsement for marco rubio. governor nikki hayley backing him. on the democratic side a new poll has bernie sanders and hillary clinton neck and neck
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nevada, 48-47, sandsers with voters under the age of 55. and don't forget to download the 7 newsoice your choice app. it's always up to de with everything happening on the campaign trail and available for apple and android devices. your time is 5:08. time to check on stories making news today. >> diana: christine cruz with a look. >> christine: the stakes are highor the idol. they're hoping to make it into the top 14. five contestant wills be sent home. one of the world's best dance groups set to takeen cter stanl. the dance company kicking off a four-day, five-performance run. this will be the only south florida stop. and your first place florida panthers are on the prowl. they host the san jose sharks tonight in sunrise.
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second in a row. the puck drops at 7:30. live in the plex, i'm christine cruz. a middle school stand out i catching the eye of the canes. he's only in 8th gre, but the u is alreadyending him offers..% >> diana: and pictures tweeted out yesterday, head coach mark and harrison flashing the u. he's tall boy.y they offered the 8th grade a scholarship. he's from georgia. this past season he helped his schoolin a georgia state title. the 6 foot 3, 175 pound qb passed fororore than 1600 yard with, rushed for 1200 and 39 toucheds in eight games. he tweeted this last night, blessed and hum to believe receive mi first off aer from the u. now, remember it's just an offer. harrison can't sign a letter of intent or any oh school for four years.
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part of the um family in 2020 playing in sun life stadium. >> ashley: 6-3n i 8th grade. >> a lot of milk in that house. coming u next, a classic arcadeame you can play on your wrist. the tiniest game of pong is trending this morning. apple said an order to hack millions of devices and the white house doesn't see it that way. we want to know how you see it in details when we discuss today in florida topic. a little cooler than yesterday so a wear those sweaters and jackets, waking up 59 and a 52 in miami. your complete forecast is next. a teen arrested for running a fake medical practice now o of jail.
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been busted for playing doctor. ans of the classic ge pong c bop the ball around on theirwatches. ke a look. of pong is what you're prably what you'rse ud to, fast pac arcad tr it moving acrohe t court racking up points. the basic app is free and 99 cent inapp lets y unlot pinning you won on won with an opponent.
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everything. a tiny game of pong is now available for download in the app storeful and we told you yesteay morning abohe back a forth between apple and th ifbi a a this morning generating a lot more conversation online. should the tech comnypa help ey will hack into anph ione belonging to one of the san bernardino attackers? comment on our facebook page or hashtag tiftopic good morning, south florida. we are waking up a little cooler than yesterdada so make sur that you're wearing a light sweater orjacket. so far theadar seps continue to show dweathe bute reayll won't introdu a chance of rn inhe t t fas t until early nexweek. y qetttern while w have it. skieie h cavared outely overt and it's 5 in fort lauderdale, 62 in miami,
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temperatures i t inla 61 hialea6 in west to 5757 in homestead with the breeze nor-nthwest 5o 10iln ho here is look at the moisture maand take look a all of th dry a in plac take aook at these shas of anorges in place around the southeast. at's iicinatg that stable r will continu across the area thas to hig pressure over the southet. so we're going to havehat strong oceanreezeui b going into thend and coming weekd elevang the risk of rip currents for swimmers ouide of a quick show. th rainhanc c will remain at less than 10 rcpeent. going intturday, look for seasonal sunine and then we will be watching our next front forr early next week. if your plans take you bchr o boating day, exercise caution ncsie we are expecngtiha tt breeze to build along the coast any wre between 15 t 20 knot, seas buildg three to six feet.
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coasl werats of theey today are at a moderate chop seas building three to five feet outside the reef. 5:5: this morning is next high tide in dade and broward, #:30 in the lower keys. otrwheise we will have sunny sky, hig ihsn the mid to upper 70s. overnight lows again on the cool side seasonal aew f upper 50s land, low 60s everye else. on your tended outlk, we will have nice andre bezy weather pattern tough sunday, a c cncef swers on monday, a chance of showersnd storms on tu that's your o 7n 7. >> a heartarming show and tellormi gdensop shot the linef duty. fiofcfr david staing paying a surprise visit oo young supporrs at coralschool. girlfrs om the embrace terschool progrgr created do zens of getellards forimrevering from a gunshot wound. he wanted his
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makes my job, all thatdo, i i n tell just from the letters th and theards that it is >>ear offic starling hop you wel thank u for prous eight-yearolice veteranan s ambn h he is using a cane t walk butxpected to make a full recovery. the shooteras been arrested. ahead on today in florida this rnmoing,florida company is worng to catch predators one cck time it's a special assignment report: high-tech hunt. a w have send in your picture pfehe #sendio7. and one sent t a
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back. and it's enough to make you sick. >>e' arrested retired accohes, unemployed tutor, all walks of online predators targeting children. butnvestigators are getting big help. a south florida non-profit joining this high-tech hu.
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th wldor has a secretly ending weapon of locating child porn and 's right here in south florida. >> ashley: we have the high-tech hu antnd adveou before it star tha you might find details in the sry disturbing. >> reporte the colored ds lighting up this wldap represent aig ea one is a computerributing lewd images of children, many shong children being abusednd hapnipeng in realtime. >> it's more than anyone would lieve. we're talking 30 to 50 milonli recocos in our system every single day worldwide. >> reporter: he is rescue child collion. it's binehdd this powerful software that scours partsf
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in 24/7 searchor child porn. >> red dots areur wayo show th e scope globallyf th o probm. >>eporr: te'sn level that the graphic levels come thisrom a target hollywood.ivual is mos lely interested in a ten-yearld female >> reporter: and in >>hisar pticula address results to miami and this someone that's been seen online verecently distributing one or more of theiles thatou see onhe screen right now. pregnant and incest. you will see enzestincest. >> reporter: the child coaln does not know who is watching or downloading the ages orxactly where they live. >> weon't have a dot on top of somebody's house sing this is where ty live. >> rep provides with the compute ipaddress.
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ey hope it's enoho make an interest >>he systems the arrestf pediatric onon gist. >> reporte and aoach was arrested after information of the coalition led them to his lauderho there they found 7 videos ofpornography. he hasleaded not guilty. >> so whether it be the data side of yourcellone, open wi-fi,ecure wi-fi, plug in the internet, 'sit allccurring on ip adessedr port >> reporter: the detective said he's using it to make arrests. >>e're going after t wor of the worse. innt, toddlers and tse being sexually abused adults. >> reporter: and lk at that over floridaful heas a message forhose playing oddsit wh police.
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>> reporter: carmel cafiero, 7 news. >> ashy: the cldhi rescue operation said the software free eth lawenforcement is sponsionable to 6500rrests rldwide. fomoreinformion, visitur web site wsvnom. > and comingp u in the next half h of new, twoomen raisingbryeows insi synagoguend this video is causing and may not nant worker badly hurt.
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causing an expsive reaction. i'm ashley jones. >> diana: and i'm diana diaz.
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news. south florida teen with a prcription for trouble. this is not theirst time the teen trying to pass himself off as something he wasn't two women asking suspicious questions at a and top furniture retailers making a generous gift. the company giving back and that constantly puts roof over the company. and new app helping parents make safe connections and getting to school on type. how this ride service is pairing bu families with reliable drivers. good morning. i'm christine cruz. >> and i'm diana diaz. we begin with a check on the forecast. meteorologist vivian gonzalez is in the plex. >> vn: good morning, south florida. so areas are waking up in the 50s and 60s along the coast. we do have low humidity in place andit's goi to fee very pleasant this afternoon with a lot of sunshine.
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it's going to feel very refreshing out t gngoi into the weekend we will introduce e high risk of rip currents for swimme.% 62 degrees in am9 in fort lauderdale and 56 ines wt kendall. the day planner is clialng for no rain today. afteoon hig in the mid to upper 70s, ovnight lows comfortable in the 60s. for now enjoy the quiet weather pattern an we really won't see rain uilnt next week. the radar showing dry conditions an skies have cleared out nicely. >> traffic reporter: we have a nice drive. northbound no congestion just yet.


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