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tv   Channel 7 News at 5PM  FOX  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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attempted caracker was accused of using one but becauau one of the victims used one to stop the crime. >> the light flashing light out the window and a went out and saw six, seven police car and a guy lying in the street. >> reporter: eduardo fernandez witnessed the after naght of of what miami beach cops call a flawed car jack attempt. and 16th enue and one 13 yeerld robber approached a aonda civic. a woman behind the wheel yelled to her passenger, hey, hey, hey, this guy at with window and has a fire arm. that the time the passenger removed his firearm and shot two times. he was afraid for his life. he was protecting himself and hirs his girlfriend. down went the 13-year-old who was rushed to rierd trauma center. three other men ran off. neither people in the honda were
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the police put it on the floor and took a picture. cop didn't s s whether the confiscated fire orm belonged to the victim or suspect who is in the miami-dade public school system it l- tem and also in the system now. he will be charged with car jack a firearm whre gets out of the hospital. first of all, what is a 13-year-old doing out after midnight. they should be in bed ready for school. >> reporter: right now that boy in a hospital bed. police say he is stable but serious condition and expected to recover thankfully. in the meantime they are look for 36 that young man's accused mates who ran off into the street. do you know where they might be? who they might be? if so pick up the phone right way and cal call crime disop%. 305-471-tips. that's the number to collect cash for the right anonymous tip
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7 news. >> >> belkeys: 7 news alert. a traffic situation involving a trurks a an accident possiy take place in mia imoor dens. that much we do know. >> craig: and lynn martinez has more from the news desk. >> lynn: and guys it's affect traffic northbound and southbound lanes. this is the problem. tract tore trailer crashed into the median n d crashed over to the other side of the turnpike so. again, northbound and southbound lanes there i i miami garden. florida turnpike affected and there is the back up. this appears to be a win wun vehicle accident. one person was transported to the hospital. fhp is on the scene. but there is the backlash there lots of traffic a affected by the crash in the the median and now it's affecting northbound and southbound at the turn bike. avoid the area if you can. we'll keep you updated.
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>> craig: and a firefight af a at a south florida apartment complex after someone there makes a big mistake. and a new view from a fir of it's kind. a sky high flight from a drone check the safe tift building of that fire was put out. lan bran done beer has more on all this for us. brandon. >> reporter: and this could of been a 1r0euded all together. investigators say it was awn unattended iron that started the fire and one of their new tools helped them get to the bottom of it. sky y rce shows the damage of a giant apartment fire in lauderhill tuesday morning leaving as many as six families without homes a.1 girl's father woke her up to get her out safely. >> i was scared. i didn't know what to do exact whrivment the first thought was to make sure no one was home. my mom was okayy thankfully my brothers were at school. >> this joyed shows how fast the
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another viewer shot this cell o phone video looking down on the roof the structure no match for the the fire. some believe it was started from an iron left unattended. the man upstairs was knock on people's doors when he realized the iron was on the bed. he left iron on t bed. didn't pay attention to the iron and that's what started the fire. karen shirley and her dog made it out safely but her apartment was damaged. the fire started on the first floor but quickly spread. crews forced to switch to a defensive strategy action checking to make sure every one got out safely. >> we went apartment by apartment. room by room. lifting up every bed and check every bath room and there was no one else up side. and fire investigators releasing this drone foot whanch they were up against. one of the first apartments in south florida to do so. mazingly thereere no injuries. now, retd cross will work with
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them safely relocated. >> >> they did a good job in getting out quick. the rest of the building is safe. >> reportfr: and now we're lookingt live picture of that apartment building thth was damaged. six units in a. that's up to 15 people who have been displaced. >> but amazingly no one was injured. fire investigators believe an unattended iron is to blame. we're live in lauderhill. wrap done buyer. 7 news ievment. >> belkeys: all right brandon, thanks. a mother continues asking for the public's help as her daughter fights to recover from the hospital. 23-year-old danielle jones has been there a coma at jackson memorial hospital since valentine's day. that's when police say she was beaten inside her apartment neither west second avenue and sten street in miami by her roommate who she met on craig's list. i want to ask people to please continue their before aer.
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right now at this point. nothing they can tell me. pgh they didn't give me any promise. it's in god's hands and we have to put our trust in god. it's our only hope right now. >> belkeys: police arrested her room may. 35-year-old byroro mitchell. remains behind bars on an attempted murder charge. a car up 234 flames in north miami. the vehicle catching fire while parked next tie pile of burning trash. front of an apartment building on northeast 149th 149th street and 18th avenue . official were able to put the blaze out quickly and no one was hurt. >> >> a live look outside our 7 news studios. gray skies and that would be rain moving in on this tuesday mornink es snecially northeast miami-dade. we can peer thear on the roof phil ferro. what is going on with this phil. >> phil: well, we're getting a little moisture head of a front better chance of rain also today during tomorrow. it will be a cloudyy night
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cloud move in with a few showers. now, by tomorrow it problg promises to be a w wednesday. more moisture head of the front. but actually i think most of the rain will move in later in the day. m!ybe passed 6:00, seven o ofnlgt and then after that front has gone through. should be a nice cool end to the week. here's the storm tracker. you can see that spot of rain mug hugging the coast here from downtown miami, all the way to the county line with broward ch we've had moderate toeavy rainfall moving quickly to the north. but this is what we're really watching. see that spirntion area of low pressure there's the front head of. it that is continuing to head our why wai and it looks like we're going to see some of that rain moving in any time between 7:00, 8:00 m. maybe even as late as midnight during the day tomorrow. so we're still looking at a warm day. front moves in with some@more rainfall.
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and then look at this for friday, zoo, and sunday. morning lows. in the0s. >> i'll have more on our chilly forecast later on. >> belkeys: new details when it cops to the spread of of zika. >> craig: major implications for controlling the virus. danielle knox in the plex to tell us more about this. danielle. >> danielle: and craig, the the disease control saying the virus maybe easily contacted first thought. the cdc is scamming 14 new possible cases in the united states spread through sevment the virus has been linked to serious birth defects. up until now, zika has primarily within s sead through bites and mosquitoes that are infected with withika. meanwhile another confirmed case in florida in seminole county. that bring the total statewide to 29. 11 in miami-dade. four in broward.
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they do include rash, fever, joint pain and red-eye there. currently is no vaccine. there is a 24 hour hot line for zika in florida to answer questions and concerns. the number you see on your screen is55-622-6735. question we alo have that posted on our web site. live in the satellite center. i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> >> craig: well, hoping to make good on a 2008 campaign plefnlgt president obama today outlined a plan to shutter the prison at guantanamo bay. >> belkeys: 7's lynn martinez with more on this. lynn. >> lynn: and the bro outlines for the administration's plans have been known for months but today's announcement had a few surprises about the strategy for em tig the facility. >> for many queers it's been clear th the detention facility at guantanamo bay does not add vabs our natioiol security.
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>> lynn: president o obama is dpoorlg the closure of the guantanamo bay detention facility. the long waited plan was delivered to congress tiews mosh oog keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it under minds our standing in the world. it it is viewed as a stain on our broird record of up holding the highest standards of rule of law. >> lynn: the blue print involves ra transferring most of those detains to other counties. the rest deemed too dangerous to move a broad would be relocated to a detention facilitytyn the iewssments the plan identifies 13 possible u.s. transfer sites including a military prison in lefn worth and the federal super max prison in florence colorado. and hillary clipton and bernie sanders offer thrirg support for the the plan. but rere action from some republican candidates have not been so positive. >> we're not going to close again tan a movement.
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expand it and let's add someew terrorist there. >> lynn: before transfers to u.s. soil could take place. legal obstacles would likely need to be over comed. administration officials say they are planning conversations with law maker but out come they say remains hazy snoo. >> lynn: and the plan does seek town $475 million to construct a new prison here in the u.s. the administration says it cost over $150 million a year to keep gitmo open. in the satellite center. lynn martinez. 7 ne. >> >> belkeys: a last minute push before a big night in nevada. voters getting ready to voice their choice in the republican presential caucus. with only five candidates remange. the steaks are high. donald trump vying for a third straight win. marco rubio and ted cruz hoping to eek out an ep upset. robbin simmons has more from the plex. robibi
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to cowng to one candidates momentum and a second and third trying to stop. it as for theemocrats, they are four days before their next pry mare right. i didn't have a spaghetti bowl growing up here. senator marar rubio's family spent six years in nevada before moving back to uth florida for good before making a pish to south florida caucus goers there he wanted to cover the bay sick. i think it's important when you leave here you need tow know which place to go tonight. which place to go to caucus tbawz can get confusion fusion. not the se place you vote on election day. we don't want our supporters confused. >> reporter: he has already left the state. his exainl sft together contest on super tuesday. after win can south carolina and all of it's delegates donald strum looking to so litfy his front runner status. senator ted cruz inis sites. >> this guy crews lies more than any human being i have ever dealt with unbelievable and he
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lies and he hold up t`e bible again and he lies. there have been continued questions about the cruz campaign ethics. the latest his communication director resigned after posting a video that claimed riewp rubio dismissed the bible. but the tex a ans say it's trump's record that deserves the greater scrutiny. i frankly don't care what position donald decides to support today or tomorw or the next day. they change every day and look, part of reason ome wn one vast a laits from position to position to position is is sthi e not start fraig core self principal and believe. >> reporter: t t democrats have a primary in south carolina disachtenator bernie sanders and hillary clinton sharpening their rhetoric a a bit as they try to peel to voters in the palmetto state and beyd. >> in the the coming weeks. we're going continue to contrast our point of view with second clinton'on a number of of issues. >> i don't think we are a sith issue country and i'm certainly
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i'm not only against bad thing and a want to stop. they waint to start good things. >> and a lot of moving parts as the republican candidacy guess smaller. the new yowrk times repporting senator rubio is work on a meeting with former govenor jeb bush who of course suspended his campaign saturday. no word on when that meeting might happen and according to political, bush is planning to thank hi donors on a conference call tomorrow afternoon. of course we'll stay tune for. that the first results in nevada are not expected until about midnight our time. reportqng live in the newsplex. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> craig: well, we'll remind you can down load the 7 news voice your choice a a. free and updated often with news from the campaign trail. lots more coming up near on 7 news including an tirn view will you see just one station jiet sister ave man whose truck plunged off i-95 and into a park calling his survival nothing showfort a miracle. we're live with with this at 6:00.
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taking the stand in the trial of a westin doctor accused of a disturbing crime. >> belkeys: police announcing a big break in the case after a teen basketball player is struck in the street. >> craig: a south florida woman acsed of hire age hit man on the the stand. what she is asking for. wewel tell you about that nay live report. >> belkeys: and new video. cameras rollilng as a pilot is forced to crash land in the middle of traffic. >> craig: also, keeping an eye on this situation which is going to affect commute. this is the turnpike in miami gardens where that tractor trailer has been involved in some sort of miss hall. don't know about the driver but we do know the traffic is all jacked up around there if you look around. so maybe 441 might be a better bet because you seek where it's backed up for a good disthafnlts is miami gardens not too far from i want to call it sun life stadium. back with more in a minute. stay tune.
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>> >> craig: new video of a call cool highway turning into a california runway when a plane land on the street jier and witnesses jumping into action and danielle knox in the plex with more on this.s. danielle. >> danielle: and that engine gave out forcing that pilot to make the split decisionut home and cars were in the ray way. the moment of impact caught on camera. a plane crash landing in t middle of a los angeles road. >> shook the ground. shook the ground. pretty cloud and intense you know. >> reporter: with l- >> danielle: with a busted wing the car slams into a car and skids toy stoop. >> first time i heaea that. first i thought quha do we do? police say he was lean in the four seert. moments later people rushing to make sure he was okay he wasn't hurt in the rough landing. >> he did a great job.
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what he did here. witnesses say the plane's engine sputtered. he dodged homes open the way down. >> he picked the best spos spot he could pick. >> but five cars were damaged ch we figure thrd would be a fire or something like that. you know. and we all just ran out with extinguishers and everything and luckily everything was fine you know. so the pilot wasn't hurt no. drivers were hurt. one of the plane's wings however was ripped off on impact. the wreckage was eventually removed from the roadway. live in the plex. i'm danielle knox 7 news oomplet. >> thank danielle. next up here from the newsplex. the hottest toif the season for more than one rfnlt another fire damaging a home. the nene twist in a 90s hit tv series being fill nmed our area and we're getting a first look. and you could be putting your self in danger every time you start your car and not even know temperature of it's our 7 news special report risky ride.
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>> now 7 weatherith crooment crm phil ferro. >> phil: all right. so we've seen mostly gray skies here across south florida. this is activity head of a front that will move in during the the day tomorrow. nasty weather right now do to that front across the gulf statements. you can see the spin right here. the front making it's way through louiana and into the gulf of mexico. we're going to be watching the tail end ofhat.
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especially late in the day. 40% chaps could go up as high as 50% after 8:00 p.m. and then as far as temperatures are concerned. with warmer now. the average low is 63. we're going to be almost ten degrees above that. and then once the front clears, temperature are going to dip into the 50s, friday, saturday and sunday morning. now, here is the very latest as far as temperatures are concerned. 70 degrees in pensacola. heading east towards the northern part of the state. 71 in tallahassee. 79 across jacksonville. and gainesville. central florida right now tempmpatures there are in the mid 70s from orlando through tampa. south florida we've seen our fair share of clouds today with dotted shower activity. smp are in the 70s. 78 in nie naples and the keys. you too have seen in and out clouds. temperature of seven in the marathonon key west 77. and the wind out of the south southeast around 10 miles per
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so hires what we v. high pressure to the east. there say front to our west. between tonight and tomorrow cloudy with a few showers. thing are going to start to change by around 8:00 m. as we're going to get thunderstorm heads of that front. it look like the the brunt of it will move over us. right at midnight. storm theafd front will then continue to push way. and once the front clears the area by thursday morning. it's going get chillll here across south florida. here's the storm tracker. we've just seen rain across north bay village. still scattered showers moving in. in through broward and that will be the pattern tonight . some on and off showers here across the mainland. all vievment a small craft exercise caution. threat of rip currents at the beach. biscayne bay with a moderate chop knox advisories for the florida keys. seas beyond the reef three to 5 feet. next high tide miami. 9:27. 9:12 in fort lauderdale.
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in and out clouds, stray showers tonight. over night lows in the low 70s. tomorrow the clouds will build. late day rain. highs in the low to mid 80s. here's your extended out look. once the front goes through. friday, satuay and sunday mornings will be on the coold cold side. that's your 7 on 7. 7 news will be right back.
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usere on 7 news at 5:00. caio caio i'm belke nerey. >> craig: i'm craig stevens of the. keane it here. the news continues now at 5:30 with lynn martinez and danielle knox next.
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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> lynn: 7 news at 5:300 begins with this developing story in miami gardens ch a big probe o lem for a big rig driver affecting thal of traffic there. good evening everybody. trouble on the the turnpike. >> danielle: that's right a. lease one personas been taken to the hospital ch 7's robbin simmons is live at the news desk with details. robbin snie. >> reporter: a serious mess in miami gar deps. let's get you back out there live. it's affect the nthbound and southbound lanes on the turnpike. you can see traffic is moving a bit. but but if you zoom in there you can seesm there a tractor trailer. sky force over the scene. a track or trailer in the median
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miami-dade fire rescue transported one person to jackson ma memorial hospital. no word on that person's condition. we don't know exactct what happened f. there was some sort of a medical emergency but this is happening just near county line road and as you take a look it is a huge mess out thrsm definitely you'll want to use an alternate if you're heading out or know someone who s.441 or u.s. 1. agn, an accident on the turnpike affecting traffic in both directions of. fhp says it is quite a mess at least three laips are blocked. for now reporting from the news desk. robbin simmons. 7 news. >> lynn: all right. now also here at 5:30, a south florida woman accused of trying to take out her husband take the the stand. police and prosecutors say that she hired a hit man. >> danielle: but she wants the charges dropped. 7's jessica holly is live a athe palm beach county courthouse with the details on this story.


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