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tv   Channel 7 News at 11PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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late afternoon going into the rush hour, so keep tha in mind, it will be a wet wednesday. conditions are going to clear out significantly and temperature readings will be taking a tumble. 75 degrees in miami, a very warm start in fort lauderdale to 75 including key west and calling for 45 percent chance of rain all day long and afternoon highs well in the 80s with the daytime heating in place, cold front on the move and for now your morning commute looks good, partly cloudy skies and mostly dry weather. i'll be back with the latest in about 15 minutes. a series of tornadoes ripping through the south with deadly results.
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behind a big mess in alabama, florida and mississippi. >> diana: omar lewis is live with the latest. >> omar: we are talking about several tornado, nearly two dozen killing few and leaving others injured. it wreaked havoc from four states and florida. the storm will continue heading east. >> i was laying in bed with my dog and heard a big rumbling sound and the whole house started shaking. i just knew that it was a tornado. >> reporter: in convent, louisiana, a possible tornado doing deadly damage. another torordo touching down in pensacola, damaging apartment building and injuring residents. at least two people killed when a storm system rolled through theugar hill rv park. 160 trailers damaged or december
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>> we have 7 critical injuries. yourly 30 plus other injuries. to what degree i don't know. people were able to walk out. >> ryan and his family gripped with fear. i ran to go to the bathroom and my mom's fiance was running to the bathroom and his pararents were and i got in the bathtub with my dog and they were praying and i was crying and i was so scared. the house would not stop shaking the whole time. >> tornado warning in this area, take shelter now. >> reporter: kennyny capturing this funnel cloud outside a new orleans suburb in louisiana. they shared damage on facebook page and keeping people updated on reports of damage and downed power lines. >> the weather picked up real hard we walked to the glass door to take a look.
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could see the top of the tornado going down like crossing the road there and the door started sucking in where we're at. the weather picked up real hard. we walked to the glass door to take a look. as soon as wed go to the door, i could see the top of the tornado coming down and looked like crossing the road there. and the door started sucking in where we were at back there. >> reporter: thousands left without power. the cleanup difficult. the rain continuing to fall in prairieville about 20 miles southeast of baton rouge. many forecasted to be affected. >> people need to be on alert for the potential of tornadoes moving through the area of louisiana, mississippi, alabama and the florida panhandle. there you have it. a tornado watch remains in effect until 6 a.m. for northeast florida.
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omar lewis, today in florida. breaking overnight, flames ripping through a south florida home. the homeowner managing to get out safely all thanks to his dog. >> diana: alex de armas is live on the scene in northwest miami-dade now with more. >> reporter: like you said, a man is lucky to be alive and has hit little chihuahua to thank. his home in northwest miami-dade was up in flames overnight. i want to get straight to video of firefighters when they were out t here busy fighting this fire. inside the home, we have severe damage, the ceiling is torn apart, the walls covered in ashes. this home here h no smoke detectors. the man woke up to his dog barking and she said he saved his life. >> i was sleeping. during the time i was sleeping, mying to sunshine she started
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i woke up an noticed the smoke and opened the door and heard loud crash and saw more smoke an closed i behind me. dialled 911 and got out of the house. >> reporter: and that man went onto say he had to climb out of a window to get out of the home. fire rescue went inside to saef his chihuahua named sunshine. no one was hurt here overnight. the fire is sti under investigation. reporting live this morning in northwest miami-dade, i'm alex de armas, today in florida. a 16-year-old recovering after surviving a late night shooting in southwest miami-dade. he was hanging out with his friends at southwest 114th avenue and 216th street when three guys on bikes rode p up and open fire. he was shot in the elbow and ran to a nearby apartment complex. he was transferred to homestead hospital.
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ose f. you know anything, call miami-dade crime stoppers. that number 305-471-tips. police have arrested a man in an attempted abduction at dadeland mall. the suspect michael guzman was found later after fleeing the scene and taken into custody and complaining of chest pains and taken to the local hospital for treatment. charges are pending for guzman. police arresting a hit-and-run driver accused of leaving a teenager in the street. he s rended to police after his father ordered him to do so. he was driving with suspended license when he hit 15-year-old
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the force of the impact threw him out of his shoes. >> he had to have a te in his lung because his lung collapse. he's doing better. they're still looking for the bleeding in the brain. >> diana: the family of the victim said he may not have a chce to play basketball again but hopes for speedy recovery and they want the suspect to face the full force of the law. famililies mourning the loss of 23 lives due to a plane crash in nepal after the wreckage of the missing plane was found. residents from a nearby village reported hearing a loud explosn after the small plane crashed into a mountain during bad weather. all passengers, including two kids, were found dead by rescuers. a death in the castro mily, ramon castro, the older brother of raul and fidel has passed awayful he was a hive
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from politics. he often got double takes from people who thought he was fidel because they look sod much. the cause of his death has not been released. now to the race for the white house, the voters getting their say voicing their choice over the republican nominee. >> ashley: and once again, a political outsider winning by a landslide. >> christine: good morning. it looks like another big win for donald trump taking him 46 percent of the vote putting him way ahead of the gop nominations. senator marco rubio with 24 percent of the vote and ted cruz in third sitting at 21 percent. dr. ben carson and ohio governor john kasich with five and four percent representatively. trump speaking out after another
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>> of course f you listen to the pundits, we weren't expecting to win too muchh and now winning,g, winning, winning the country. and soon the country's going to start winning, winning. >> history teaches us that nobody has ever won the nomination without winning one of the first three primaries. >> christine: meanwhile, democrats preparing for a big vote in south carolina saturday. bothaking the stage for a town hall meeting in columbia on tuesday. >> i'm going to work very hard to break down all of the barriers and stand in way of people achieving their dreams. those are economic barrier withes we are to do to get more jobs and get incomes rising again. >> top one tenth own as mh wealth as bottom 90 percent. here it is.
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we are going to ask profitable multicorporations and rich to start paying their fair share of taxes. >> christine: and if you haven't done so yet, now is the time to download the voice your choice p app. live in the plex, i'm christine cruz, 7 news. 5:10 is now your time. president obama presenting closing strategy for the prison at guantanamo bay. >> president obama: for many years, it's been clear that the detention fa sellty does not advance our national security. it undermines it. >> diana: the blueprint involves transferring most detainees. those too dangerous will be located to the states. there are possible site, eleven worth and super max in florence, colorado. it require ares professional
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appear highly skeptical. time to check on stories making news later today. a new twist of the south beach wine an food festival officially gets underway. for the first time it's expanding to fort lauderdale. the celebrity chef will kick off the event. it starts at 7 o'clock an the event is already sold out. your miami heat battling the best. the defending nba champs coming to town. league. the heat looking to win their fourth straight wednesdsd set for tonight. eight top ten reen maining hopefuls will have to battle it out for the last two wild c cd spotsful all new at 8 8 o'clock tonight.
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nasa looking at t possible game changer. details in the morning trend. and get the recece when we grab a bite. and, south florida, we are watching a line of severe showers and thunderstorms associated with the next front around north florida producing already severe thunderstorm warn, tornado warnings for tallahassee moving into gainesville so. what can we expect out of this?
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that after the break. welcome back.
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space exexoration. they will use spacecraft to mars in as little as three days. it requires foeton propulsion could be used for space travel. good morning, south florida. where he fololwing carefully a line of showers and thunderstorms around north florida. the local storm-tracking radar still picking up moderate to heavy rain falling any where from tallahassee moving into gagaesville. there are several advisories in effect. luckily here at home, mostly dry in broward, miami-dade, including the florida keys. so grab the umbrellas with you just in case as theront is on the move. we have the potential of seeing strong to severe-type thunderstorms.
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now, there are advisoriessn effect from jacksonville all the way through tampa. all of these areas highlighted in red under a tornado watch until 10 o'clock thi morning. parts of georgia under tornado watch until 6 o'clock this morning. # 5 inort lauderdale, 75 in miami, 75 currently in key west with the breeze picking up off the ocean keeping temperatures warm ahead of theront and flirting with records a little later. take a look at this big mess unfolding from the eastern half of the country. we have a spin producing snow, freezing rain and lots of rain moving into the mid-atlantic region. there is@ potential of seeing moderate severe weather around parts of the carolinas, washington and virginia. here at home, we have a marginal risk o of seeing strong to severe-type storms capable of
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wind gusts and an isolated tornado. the forecast is calling for gusty winds, chance of storms tonight, we clear out and tomorrow will be a putful afternoon. then wee go into friday and it will definitely be chilly. risk of rip currents for swimmers in place. use caution, use caution for the coastal waters s the keys. 9:36 is next high tide indade and broward with forecast highs ranging in the mid to upper 80s. tonight's lows in the upper 50s p inland, low 60s along the coast, much cooler, seasonal and waking up in the 50s and 40s for the upcomingweekend. that's your 7 on 7. and straight ahead on today in florida. major credit card companyny looking to use a social media trend to increase security. find out how selfies may be used to prevent fraud. and we've been asking y to send in your picture perfect morning.
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by a 7 news viewer on instagram. that's really cool. keep sending the photos.
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back. looking to impress your fam family. >> we're going to show you how to make a classic dish from the old country as we grab a bite withbelkys. . the chef, peter inside the miami resort in aventura. >> when you come here, it's mediterranean cuisine. everything is fresh from local farms. we make fresh pasta every day. >> reporter: they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and dining right on the golf course and they're taking part of the south beach wine and food festival.
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fined tailgate. >> reporter: if you come, you can taste one of the spspialties. >> it's one of those dishes that people huf here. >> reporter: start by putting a baked idaho potato out of the food mill. >> we scraped it right out of e skin. >> reporter: mill and mix with all purpose flour. >> make a hole in the center. >> reporter: add salt, eggzolk and blend until it forms. cut in strip, roll out in logs and cut into be side pieces. dust with more flour and press against the board making ridges. now for the sauce, put olive oil in a hot pan with peeled deseeded tomatoes. this should c ck here for about 30 to 45 minutes. in another hot pan, make an
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garlic, rhett pedestrianer flakes. when they get soft, braem them down and add thehe infused oil. now it's time for the pasta. put them in boiling water. when they float, they are ready. to finish, put in sauce from the pan and add it. now add pepper, butter, basil and parmesan. plate with drizzle of olive oil. i recommend this great red wine. it goes great with it. here is our meal. enjoy. >> the recipe as well as my bite blog is on if you click on online extra, the chef will share tips. i'm belkys nerey.
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>> i hike saying them. coming up next, a man who miraculously survived after the rbage truck he was in went over the edge of i-95. and mother asking for community supuprt as her
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vicious attack. that is today in florida at 5. i'm ashley jones. >> and i'm diana diaz.
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much more news. a father of three luc to be alive after his truck goes p off t t top of i-95. a woman beaten to death by a man she met on craig's list and mother hoping that prayer will help speed up recovery. and teen taking the stand acruising doctor of an alarming act inside his own home. and there could be storms today ahead of aool change. good morning, everybody. i'm christine cruz.


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