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tv   Channel 7 News at 630PM  FOX  February 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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the scene just block partd. >> lynn: that's right and it's in an area that's been no stranger to gun violence in recent week. we seem to be talking about this every day. walter more miss has the latest and more on this developing story. walter. >> reporter: that's right. police now here on scene investigating one of two separate shooting a. at this time it is still unclear if they are expected however, they did happen within minute of each other. we're here on 71 and 14th. you can see the large police press eps. premarely down there. we're told by witness those shots ringing out here just before 5:30. they say that strij then ran into this apartment complex here to our right where he collapsed. now, we're getting word that victim, a 17-year-old who was hit transported to the hospital in critical condition. knew, police are also on scene in the area of 75 fnlg and 19th where we're told a 16-year-old was shot in the leg. now, this jair just blocks way
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area has been plagued by gun violence in recent month. still early on. we don't know if they are nnected or the firkz but again, two teenagers reportedly sh here thing. we're reporting live in northwest miami-dade. walter morris. 7 news. >> >> >> lynn: and this four you fliecht the storm station keeping a close eye on the radar as a strong area of storm head to the area p. >> part of the same system that caused storm late last night in south floridada and. >> danielle: and the potential for that severe weather dow here tonight. mete meteorologist phil ferro with more on where the storm is right now. phil. >> phil: and this system i proving to be a headache to forecast this afternoon. we were tnking that by now we shoved seen some strtrg rain moving in across south florida but that line of storm has
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the potential for any strong weather continues to go down but we can't completely rule out a strong storm moving in especially as the front finally begin to move in our directions. and once it does clear, it's going to be cold. especially towards the end of the week. so here's the very latest. this lief line of strong thunderstorms that caused tornado yesterday across pensacola kept moving down. moving down. moving down and then it reached southwest florida very ferocious storm but then that's where it stayed. it hasn't moved any farther. we have seen some dotted showers especially across broward county and miami-dade. but nothing severe thank goodness. here is the line of thunderstorms s at we thought would be moving in by 6:00 p.m. but they haven't done so. now, the the strongest area of rainfall remains out in the eastern gulf of mexico.
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very soon but right now it's going to be a matter of timing. if it holds on w we could see some of that late tonight. all we can do is watch and wait. we'll have more a little later on. >> >> a trail of destruction showing after the math of wicked weather in north florida. tornadoes touching down ripping roofs off home and leaving some families with nothing. govenor rick scott touring the areas calling for a state of emergency in at least two count tee. but it wasn't just north florida getting hit. the gulf coast also feeling the brunt of the storm. 7's robbin simmons live in the plex with the latest. robbin. >> that system is still on the move there. say tnado watch for the washington dc and baltimore areas util 11:00 tonight. and the death toll is growing. three more dmild these dangerous storms. there's 57 home with significant d dage. 24 plus apartments at the
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but we'll see a we go through. govenor rick scott touring florida's panhandle. at least 100 home and apartments damageg after the tail end of of a strong storm system tore across several southern states tuesday. the survivor describing the terror of a tornado touching down. >> any moment wrr waiting for the roof to peel back like a sardine can you next and it didn't last. it doesn't seem like it lasted very long and then all of a sudden it was just quite and we're sitting there thinking okayayan we look around. we got out and started peeking out the window and wed could see a little bit of stuff on the cars and my dad opened the door to look outside and he slammed it shut. i was like you know. what happened? he opened it up and show med and show the rv lying on the top and that's the first thing we saw. i thought oh my goodness. and scott declared a state of emergency in escambia count
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in vero beach several shiefts funnel cloud. damage stretchininfrom florida back west to alabama with with ominous skies andn texas where the damage is clear from the the air and the ground. reores. the storm deadly. three killed in mississippi and louisiana. two fatalities at this rv park 750-mile west of or nowr liens. three people still miss. before it's all over 88 mill yop people could be feakd bit the storm system that left win man needed to be rescued by hi bead after an oak tree crashed nuys home in a add lan tax we were there constant contact with them the entire time since w wve been out on scene ch he was happy to be out. his wife is here with us open scene also. and take a look at the situation in virginia this. sour first look at the damage there. that is what is leflt of a laundromat. the walls literally gone. all see ar the drier and washing machine. the only thing left standing as crews try to make sense of what
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virginia state police confirmed an nald three storm relationed deaths in waiverly virginia. that now brings the death tolol to six. live in the newsplex. robin simmon. 7 news. >> danielle: and we do have new information this evening on thzee wa ca virus. official say aing a few preant woman in florida are among most infected. craig steveevelop at the news craig. >> craig: danielle, tee have tested positive with with the the virus after traveling out sisi of florida. a and they prompted scott for the centers of disease control to send 250 more zika antibody test kits to the state. test as l l people particularly pregnant woman and new mother to see if they hadthe virus. the virus making a connection to babies imorn borne unusually small heads. a defect that can signal underlining brain damage.
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of 100 available. out of 32 confirmed cases in florida. only three are still exhibiting symptom which include fever, joint pain, red-eyes and incidentally no vaccine cucuently.a 24 hour hot line to aps questions or concerns about deca. 855-323-7665. if you missed that number we have it on the web site. as ever now we don't know what county those three florida woman are frost. at the news desk. craig stevens. 7 news ooflt. all right. now to the race for rhe white house. three narrow for donald trump. the republican front runner now gearing up for super tuesday. >> mr. tru also picking up endorse ments today. this a the democratic candidates set their sites on south carolina. seven a's jes jeff lennox live in the plex with the latest from the campaign trail. jeevement laid de. donald trump solidifying his
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gop pack and marar age first for hi campaign today. check off another win for donald trump. we won with young. we won with old. we won with highly educated. we won with poorly el educated. i lot of poorly ed caw indicated . trum's winning streak continues. the gop race down to three% race. >> they keep for getting that when people dprop out, we're going to get a lot of votes. morning a after victory he micked up ep dors ments from two sitting mebsz o of congress. and the evangelical vote with pat rob with binson. we're going to be strong on voters and strong on trade. battling for second on na vatd a marco rawb riewb edging out ted cruz by 2000 votes. the majority of republican electric and voters in this country do not want donald trump to be the nominee. in his backyard cruz pick up an
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like rubio it is said cruz will pick up his attacks on trum as super tuesday gets close eemplet the the only k578 pain that has beaten donald trump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. development crats getting ready for saturday's south carolina primary. hillary clinton pulling far in the lead but bernie sander says don't write him off just yet. there are dozens of states that follow and? some of those states suspect we'll do well an win. meanwhile harry reed choosing a side. >> i think the middle class would be better served by hillary. and at a town tall tuesday night clipton responding to sanders req- that she release anscripts from paid speech she gave to big wigs on wall street. > sure, if every one does it and that includes the repupuicans. o csm still quite a we to go before the nominees are named for both par team of but govenor
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voted this week as a possible vp trick for trump ticket if he gets the not. another debate scheduled for tomorrow night as a recal cap. and thank you. and if you havav't done so yet, now is the perfect time to down load the 7 news voice your choice app tsm is free and updated all the time. and available for your smart phone or tablet. well, coming up on 7 news here at 6:30 mn's pants catching on fire at a gas station. >> lynn: you won't believe whatatas in his pocket that caused ext ploation sif
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we're coming back. >> danielle: afn explosive emergency caught on cram when an e cigarette catch fire up side a map's pant pong cet. it happened insid a gas station in kentucky. >> lynn: oh, this poor guy.
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people rushed to help put the fire out t tt was in his pants. >> it's a constant flow at shell gas station near louisville ken cep. employees say the stream of traffic never bring anything out of ordinary until saturday morning. surveillance video capturing the moment a customer stop to buy snacks and then an explosion. an e sil cigarette in hi pocket cawing the fire when the battery bust. >> he wa giving me money. he put it in hi hand in his pocket so suddenly there ways blast in his pok debt@ and then there was fire, big fire and it was burn. i was s scked. what is that? have you a bomb in your pocket? i was like that. do you have a bomb in your pocket? i was shocked e. runs outside struggling goat hi pants off. but one thinking quickly and grabbing a good continue gusherrer to dowbs you him. ways like what is going on man?
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that's when he relied he needed medical attention. ouch. the man suffered second degree burn to his legal. he is expected to on can ooflt well, at least there a slightly happy endhrg. yeah, it look painful regardless. maybe not second degree burn i guess. coming up next from the knew station. stormsn the radar. here meteorologist phil ferro. phil. >> phil: they are getting tougher and tougher to forecast. right now it appears that the lower florida keys will be seeing pockets of heavy rain and now the mod rl shifting the arrival time much later for this evening. we'll have the very latest in ju a couple mip. minutes.
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>> >> now 7 weather with chief meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: all right. good evening every one we have bp following a front since yesterday that caused a front with a tornado a across pensacola. colder in the wake of the system ch the front is sitting right about here. warmer temperatures in front of of it, cooler behind it but the front we thought we with would have of seen rain by now has hit the brakes right across southwest florida. and there it stayed. as a at matter of fact most of the rain is across the eastern gulf of mexico now the lower florida keys will seat the heavy pockets of rain moving in. but the first line of
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thought would move in by now has basically fallen apartment. what we're looking agent is this batch right here. the models are suggesting that we could get some of that now between eight and 11:00 p.m. tonight. so here what we're thinking now or at least what the model are suggesting. the front continue to lose it's punch a far as rainfall is concerned. and we can't rule out one or at least # strong thunderstorm as the front make it's way across south florida. but timing now has sthoiftd between eight and 11:00 p.m. with once the front clears. colder air will start to move n. small craft adviser retonight. threat of rip currents. biscayne bane will be choppy. for nut the florida keys, exercise caution do to the win and seas. coastal water choppy as well. next high tide dade and broward almost 10:00 p.m. 11:04 for the lower key. water temperature 74 degrees. for tonightht still mostly cloudy.
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possibility of a stray thunderstorm. over night lows in the upper 50's. low 60s. upper 60s for the the keys. tomorrow morning clouds. afternoon sunshine. mild temperatures. here your extended out look. lows in the 50s for friday. saturday and sunday. and that's your 7 on 7 forecast. phil, thank iewvment we, still head on 7 news at 6:30. chris bosh will not play tonight against the warriers. we'll update his status next in 7 sports. and later to night on deco. hair and make up. outfits or access orry. this place has got y covered head to toe for your big night onlt town. shireen is check out a one stopp glam stop tonight at 7:30.
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>> >> within the nex 24 hours chris bosh reportedly will meet with team oap ner mickey erickson and pat riley on his status of the return to the team. night the team has no comment. meanwhile the focus tonight is the doll again state war yempletz donovan campbell at aaa. hey dono. >> and you said. it the heat have a battle on their hands night the goal depp state war rer have here to play. they have been hot on the break. unbeaten. tonight the o po 234e7b9 has been scorching all sfnt currently 15 and five. the champions are on a historic
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wins in a season. >> any time you want to have a team play like that. and we're any good rhythm now. we have the right mind sevment and talking about the record. absolutely we want to break it but oh map, we need to do this so get there. and something that jusus happen and now we're right there for something we want to finish ouou >> well, living the life of a champ is good in lapt tax and teammates andre and the legal logo. team secretary cif tif jerry st dot a chance to play on every dreamerer course. the augusta national. the home of the masters. >> i'm not going to tell what you i shot but i was a bucket list ciepped of day. i'm a golf fanatic so to have, to say i played at a gust tarks
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with all these warrer fan here at the heat house. you would almost think we're in oakland. the biggest ticket in town and this is thrinl their only visit to aaa. trust me you'll want to be here night live at aaa. donovan campbell. heat highlights at ten clofnlg and adam gash are keeping busy in the confine through monday. fins focused on trying fine running back lamar plirl. miller says weants more carries if he come back. defensive end olive vee a vernon. one of the keys on the fron lines. he says le not take home town discount to resign. the group of that we have in friday agency we're working to get them back. we have to do what we can to get them back on our roster. pairntly you can't believe all the rumors on social media that tiger woods is not on the road do very cover ri after two back
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posted this video of himself swaing nine iron in a sim lay tore. still no time table for his retumplet woods has had three back surer reez on last 18 months. and first place frida panthers are off 'til you host the cies tomorrow night. cats announce a extension for the key veteran player tomorrow. that's sports. lynn and danielle back in two minutes.
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>> danielle: inside edition is is coming up next. >> lynn: here's debra way preview. >> thanknkynn and danielle. coming up the contestant w`o thought he was in a play opening a game show. how a game fame turned into a game shame and how they turned the tables on a examiner. join us tonight at 7:00 on 7. >> lynn: az this happened does it for us at 6:30, with a by si day of news. i'm lynn martinez. >> dananlle: and i'm danielle knox.
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deco and i'll see you at gang. good night everybody. >> real-time closed captioning company ouch.
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brave erin andrews. >> the testimony from her father that brought her to tears.
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>> how thehecreepy peeping tom changed her life forever. then, melania trump's first big sit-down interview. >> do i agree all the time with him? >> and it's really getting nasty. >> he's like a little baby. >> it's ted cruz comparing trump to this movie villain. >> get in my belly! >> this gay thinks he's here to win big money on a new tv game show. >> welcome to the game of fame. >> but he's about to learn the truth. >> the answer is you. >> look what's in the audience. his victims. >> how do you sleep at night? >> how game of fame turned into game of shame? >> then what khloe kardashian is saying today about e hit o.j. miniseries. >> kardashian! kardashian! plus, celine dion's dramatic return to the stage. now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody,


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