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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> >> this is 7 news at 5:30. >> danielle: and now at 53:40, a young child hity a police cruiser heading home from the hospital. good evening everybody. police say that child darted into danger on his skooter. >> lynn: and an officer could not stop his cruiser in time of sheldon fox is live at jackson
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child waved goodbye to nurses today ooflt sheldon. >> reporter: yes he d. no more hospital bevmentdz more familiar set wgz mom and h h brothers. this little guy with the the big heart is out. don't receipt letute face fool you. 6-year-old antoine lson is tough as nail and ready to go home. >> how are you feeling? >> good. >> are you feeling better. >> yes. >> reporter: does anything hurt still? >> no. >> so you're ready to go home and play. >> rorter: in good spirits with a miami heat head band and enough balloons to open a party city he wasas released from jack song on friday. >> who signed your cast? >> the nurses. >> reporter: plenty of friends in the hospital huh? >> yes. well, he can't do much but sit down and play video game. so i guess he just, he is ready
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>> the 6-year-old was placed in critical care after he was hit by a miami policeruiser on north west 5th avenue and 58th street february second. police say antoine road his scooter into the street when he s hit by a cop headed to deliver paperwork tie fellow officer. miami pd said it was investigating but didn't elaborate. antoine expected to make a full recovery. still any a body cast for six to eight weeks according to his mother. he broke a leg, his pil pelvis and injured his snreen and liver in the accident. >> i'm just glad we are going home seapped all right and i still have my child because it cod of been a whole lot worse. >> reporr: the miami police department saying that officer is still on duty on patrol. but they wouldn't comment about the still open investigation. we're live at jackson memorial hospital in miami. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> danielle: and in the news
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where as you seymour ners are paying their respects to the family of a 6-year-old boy killed in the crossfire while play playing outside his own apartment. gun violence clearly a present problem in our community. >> lynn: the mayor tataing with people there but today a group of south florida students proving there is still hope for the future. hundred ever teens getting a career and life advice to put them on a path to success. police making a third arrest after the shooting death of a little boy and tonight they are still searching for another person. >> but it is a troubling trend. a group of young role models want to see come to and he. 7's jessica holly has the story. >> it changed my life and a take pride in wearing this tie. >> reporter: one of 300 miami-dade county high schoolers proudly wearing the signature tieft 5000 role model lz of exsa lens. a project to keep them on the path to suction says. the teeth gaight peek at fraternity life during the
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conference at florida memoria university. our motto is first of all. first of all we should continue. >> a in today's society there are ways that among men can go a. >> >> reporter: and making sure they go the right with way is the mission of director paul nelson. >> and make sure our young men know their life is valued and they have options and care enough about them to help guide through those pit pals pit falls that can lead to drugs, dream r crime and even death in the streets. getting out of control. it makes no sense to me. pgh young men l lking forward tieie future's lost. >> all we're doing is evaluate datiti the statistics that we're not going to make to 18 or two 1. it's very sad. >> some people don't think. >> it's like killing our future basically. >> sphwhroo while these wrong roam models say they are in a vie crisis, they say they are
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scopg closer now. maybe things are changing now. >> and they hope to be part of that change. >> reporter: not all these young men will go to college. some may head straight into the workforce. they are blernght opportunities veilable and as r re model, their success may just help guide others down the righth path. reporting in miami gardens. jessica holly. 7 news. >> danielle: a south florida couple accused of cashing in bogus bills. francisco na no necessary and march real a perfect perez arrested for possession of fake nun hun dollar bills. they tried to use the counterfeit cash ate business in key largo but an employee spotted the fakes and called police. both remain behind bars tonight. >> and police search fork this missing man in plantation. 78-year-old nicanor ameron is 5 feet 6 inches cavment weighs 135 pounds and suffers from dementia. last seen yesterday afternoon
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west broward boulevard and southwest 44th avenue wearing sweart and kakis f. have you any information on his where bts call plantation police at 954-797-2193. >> >> lynn: also on 7 tonight the waiting per yotd yod has begun for women wanting to term he ter ma nate a pregnancy in florida. belkeys nerey live at the news desk to explain. belkeys. >> belkeys: guys, a big decision when it comes to abortion in the state of florida and both sides are speak out lood loud and clear tonight. >> i think it's great. it's a start. >> of course we're disappointed. >> belkeys: a florida appeals court ruling a state law requiring women to wait 24 hours before they can get an aboion will now be in force. >> this law has nothing to do with woman's hedge. this has everything to do with antiabortion politics. >> members of the american civil liberties union challenged the wa waiting period law that was passed by the florida
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the aclu calling the decision to up hold the law an invasion of a woman's private medical decision ooze. >> a hard decision to terminate pregnancy for health or any other reason whatsoeve is ain triewtion on her privacy and violation ofthe florida constitution. >> >> belkeys: antiabortion advocates a prawgd the ruling but say it doesn't go 234u6. >> i don't see what the big fuss is for 24 hours to give a woman a second opportunity. another opportunity to consider aliveehat she may be destroying. >> i say that it's a good ruling. it should go farther than. that and the pro abortion people are just pro murderer. that's what i call them. the aclu calling the decision by the first district court of appeals a setback. but says the fight for woman's rites is far from over. the battle for human rights. the battle for women's riessmentsz the battle for civil liberties. it is always you know, one step
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we're going to continue to figig this and frankly i'm confidence we're going to win this. >> well, at least 26 other states have a waiting period law inin effect. planned parenthood opposes it but says it's florida clinics will comply with the mandated waiting period. >> we'll keep post ond this. live at the news desk. i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news. >> danielle: and coming inff the satellites thing. danger on duty for a missouri police officer when his patrol car is suddenly side swiped. two head andndake a look at this dashcam video that captures the close call near st. louis. an 18 wheeler scraping bit officer's cruiser shortly after he got back inside. luckily he wasn't hurt but there was a lot of damage to the cars as you see there and the driver of the tractor trailer was given a ticket. >> lynn: an attempted home burglary in texas turning dangerous. firefighters responding to a home near houon ave woman got
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it took them 45 minutes to remove enough bricks to get her out. she was a crooky the way police saicht won't crook is facing trust passing charges. >>. >> danielle: a cargo plane make ankle emergency flangd guam. the flopt landing gair failing to open and come down on just the rear wheels. he held the front of plane up as long as possible before bringing it to a skidding stop. only three people on board at the time and no one was hurt. >> lynn: scary. >> danielle: uh-huh. lynn: coming up to night on 7 news. a man sus spesked driving drunk sets out to show a police he is sober with you this does not help his case. >> danielle: no, not at all. >>nd another driver try oing to lose officers leads them to church. >> lynn: and a husband now out of a job and he and his wife are now out of a home. their plea for help on just one station. jie. >> phil: all right so. cold weather lovers rejoice. we're nor a nice chilly weekend.
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next week we're back up to warm befofo cool air moves in. the entire out look in a couple minutes.
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>> >> lynn: oh boy. talk about an epic fay. a driver take a sobriety test falling face first. that had to hurt. the man crashed his car and hit a pedestrian. >> danielle: and then he was trying to prove to an officer he was not drunk and he was in no condition to drive is what officers said or even t walk. 7's craig steve develops live in the satellite center with plomplet i think the the joyed tells the for story there craig. >> craig: it does danielle. polili say after he hit someone
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wantz the crash that landed him in the hospital. >> police say he was bear will you ablg to make it through the alphabet. >> this is thomas mohan the day after still recovering from taking a nasty fall during a sobriety test. >> when they were giving him the field sobriety test from 1 foot front of other, he fell over on his face and brwke his nose. >> craig: police say that's mohan after he crashed his car and hit a pedestrian. he was rained in his hospital bed for driving nrlt influence and - la glent driving. >> a and he proceeded to go up on his hood and knock the pedestrian down 35, 40 feet. his vehicle was struck in the corner springing him in one # 20 dee degrees and then on to the curb. and the v vicle continued for another distance before strike
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ordered he be held on $50,000 bond. he is doing better than the pedestrian he is accused of hitting. the 35-year-old man thrown into the the air and is in the hospal. >> he what surgery to repair a collapsed a tore ta and lung. and. >> craig: a mohan has a long history ever driving violations and supposed sur vender his license next week. it has now been suspended. >> in the satellite center. craig stevens. >> danielle: and the final count down is forn this year's cad my ward. to celebrate the year's best and hot button issues. >> lynn:n: and a famous singer who called south florida home slengd his tant talent for a good caws cause. >> danielle: and a jacket on social media has pell seeing different core colors. we want to know what color you e. sweet us at wsvn and let usnow
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> >> hard sto believe but hollywood's biggest night is this weekend. it's the oscar. besides the fashion and wards speeches going on and on. there's another reason viewers may be tuning n. what are they wearing. >> reporter: shireen sap do evaluate in the plex with plor on the fashion sense. shireen. while many people will be tuning in to see who wins in oscar. others will be watch dog see how the academy and host chris rock handle the oscars so whriet controversy. hollywood's biggest and most glamorous night is just days away. >> i'm honored sosa liewt the expeption nal performance. while n- many focus on who win a gold statue this year. the lack of diversity and nominations will also take center taij. >> much like new year's eve.
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ends with with a lot of drunk kiss pientd people. chris rock's opening mono lodge is expected to tackle the issue head on and the cad my prop missing a diverse line up of press ors. we'll take the first picture now, in three, two, one. in the meantime all nominees gathering for the annual oscar class photo in l.a. this year the revenant is the front runner with with 12 nom naik nation. orkz include the big shore. brish british spy and motion and spotlight in one of the tais tightest races in oscar history. there are legitimately three, maybe 4:30 ten shall best picture winner. it's vair thaw cop down to tt last envelope and people don't know what will happen? the best actor category includes brian cransto for trum bovment
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and steve jobs and last year's winner eddie rainn main for the danish girl but focus is on leo dicaprio and whether his role in the ref va nant will get the six time nominee his first oscar win. so many great performances a and nomination this. will be the year he takes. it the other race has cate blanchette for carol and jennifer lawrence for joy and going up against near here for brooklyn and ram pli for 45 years and bree larson for a room. >> it feel like i'm part of this tribe. it feel so good. >> reporter: having already snag aid golden globe and ward for her performance. larson has the month men tum heading into hollywood's bgest night. >> the 88th academy award take place in los angeles sunday february 28th. live in the newsplex. shireen sandoval. 7 news.
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>> phil: let's take a look at nation here coast to coast because we are looking at mostly clear skies basically from right around the nation's mid section here, the southern end looking clear. very nice and dry. however, across the northeast and into the great lakes. still cloudiness, even snow and there's another pacific storm moving in croos the northwest. temperatures at this hour pretty nice and pleasant in l.a. temperature of 68 deechtz it's just one degree shy of our temperature here in south florida. with cold right across the mid atlantic steaks and northeast. in the 350es here. ten degrees warmer minneapolis. and rainfall, everything is looking nice and dry it r and will remain dry through the next week. temperatures across sflt broward, in the low 70s four throughout miami-dade. 69 at miami beach already. same at airport. 72 in hialeah. doral. temperature of 71. and
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upper keys.s. and down in through key west. 70 in homestead. duck key snot reporting. key west 68. agent. evening. now the coldest part of day is usually right before sunrise.e. and i think that's when we're around 50. maybe some upper 40s in the western suburb. but by saturday afternoon. that real cold air mass start to move way. should be nice. mild, maybe a little breezy. at the beach. and then by sunday. that high starts to pull way. and we begin a gradual warming process that will take us into the low 80s for highs ch maybe by wednesday or thursday of next week. small craft exercise caution. for nut florida keys, you're looking at andvisory tonight do to the wind and seas. next high tide dade and broward. 10:45. 11 a 53:00 for the keys.
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mostly clear tonightht 60 for the lower keys. 52 for the upper keys. right ong 50 along the coast and mid to upper 40s in the western suburbs. tomorrow, sunny, highs in the upper 60s to the low 70's. here's yourxtend out look. sunday, still kind of of coolish in the morning but then we start torm wawvment could reach aive 81 by the middle of next week. that's your 7 on 7 forecast ooflt. >> >> lynn: phil, thank u. now tie different phil. this phil is fabulous tooflt now to grammy a a ard singer phil collins take his talents to miami beach in support of his foundation. the second annual gai l.a. the charity concert take place on march 11th at the fillmore in miami beach. that say pretty spot. le perform that night long side the jackson brothers. de a go torres and more. >> it's very touching when i see the real or video reefl everybody we've helped.
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and proud to be part of it. little dreams provides under privileged kids with mentoring, career help and music lessons. >> that phil collins is a good egg. >> danielle: absolutelily. great, great event he is having there. coming up next from the newsplex. an unusual, reeg really unusual suspect leading police on a hot pursuit. find out how this has a fairy tale ending. >> lynn: and ankle all-star player maybe joining the miami heat. details in 7 sports.
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>> danielle: a young girl reunited her pony after her the animal caused quite the stir on the streets in california. you see how cute that pon pony is there. but that pony lead police on a
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believing in uni corns. this is juliet. she looks like something from a fairy tale more than on a farm. >> i love my pony. she likes apples and care et cetera. the horn on juliet's head make her dream come true. she peer to be a real life uni corm and make a living posing for pictures. but wednesday she had other ideas. she got afraid andnd then she pulled out of the guy's hand and >> reporter: >> danielle: peoplple driving avenue 12 in ma der o ranch called 91 is with call. >> the call came in as a uni corn rupg out on the runway. uni coshz are mitch a call. leading the highway patrol and area residence on a chase that lasted more than three hours.
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heartbreaking for jew lie et's best friend ch with the hell copper to sning the spot line. rene road in on herorse shade divment old friends of juliet. with no one hurt, a fairy tale ending for this ponyy but according to tai tum. she has explaining to do. the photographer who dresses the pony like that mitchall creature says julia is okay because she is a little sore baw she ran 5-mile. probe. >> lynn: rob probably had the time of her life. sphrie snie freedom. >> lynn: and she came back with her uni torn thing. >> danielle: sthe wouldn't take thaha off. >> lynn: thank for watching. i'm lynn martinez. >> danielle: i'm danielle knox. 7 news at 6:00 begins now. >> nowing on 7 news, another b b break in the murder of a 6-year-old and after a gut wrench week friends and family gager to say goodbye. a busy south florida highway forced to shut down. causing headaches. it will be a cold start to the weekend.
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i'll have the forecast. >> one poll showing which democratic pre canidate is shining in the sunshine state. a story turping their home d lives upside down. and they are telling 7 news, things he gone from bad to worse. >> and a wig dream come trueor a little boy in the fight of his life. as an athlete proves to be an mvp off the course. we have the low down. 8>> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> now at 6:00, another arrest days ave child is gunned down. >> karma c c quickly now a case days. >> and family and friends gathering for a final farewell ievment. >> belkeys: hello and welcome every one. a third teen behind bars in connection with the shooting death ave 6-year-old boy. >> craig: the child was not the only young victim of
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a community calling for change. jessica holly live for u u at a gut wrenching goodbye in miami. jessica. >> reporter:r:t's so true. this afternoon there has been a steady stream of people going into the church behind me ch we also have a look ifn side. just moments ago the superintendent of will al miami-dade schools alberto ca var o low has ske to the family to comfort them as he has vowed to do with every kid in miami-dade county. and the police director here with the mayor. this has been an indiana cred bli difficult week for miami-dade count three children shot and two did t survive. right now the community is saying goodbye tie 6-year-old child. prayers and tears inside friendship missionary baptist church. the church decorated to remember the loves of a slain child.


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