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tv   Channel 7 News at 6PM  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> belkeys: 7 news at 6:00 continues with this develop lg story. a police chase there. live piciures of the still very active scene. >> hello and welcome every one. this one startededn lighthouse point ended in lauderdale lakes. cops have two. lacking for two more. >> craig: and made it's way ththugh several broward communities. you saw it here on 7. ralph rayburn with the latest. ralph. >> reporter: and belkeys and craig. earlier we were talking about where we've never seen this brrp. a stolen vehicle chase ends with bailout and # suspects pear to get imai momentarily andet away from police. and then you're lacking at one of the subjects there. florida highway patrol and uderdale lakes officers there. another block way is another scene where the second vehicle that was stolen was bailed out of. blue vehicle. let's look at vidid tape. this al chase all started up in
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minutes ago now they put out a vehicle description. the vehicle fled northbound and made it to i-95 and made it as far north as northwest 48th 48th street. north of hillsborough bououvard and came southbound a. at that point the florida assistance was quvmentd theyesponded out way number of units. and one of the aviation units from broward sheriff's got involved we saw them drive throughen coming traffic and blow through stop signs more than once. and the bail jowft suspects. we sought vehicle pull into the back of a little shopping center and the driver got out with the car still in gear. we sawour people exit and go return running northbound through a wooded area and came upon an apartment complex. at least two of them did and they ran inside.
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over head. a short time later you'll seat two suspects come out of buding and get into another vehicle. this time a blue suv. they got in and appeared that they had the keys to get n. they you lacked likes they unlocked dart and got in and then police were given that information and started following in blue vehicle. theyfuled that vehicle&as it fled, as they bolted out of this parking lot of this apartment complex in the area of northwest 48 terrace and. >> and driving into on coming traffic. and very dangerous situation there. from tiew netly we didn't see any other disefnlts are there any other accidents involving this chase,. a short time later they bailed out as a second vehicle. we can look at this videotape any time there. i think they are showing us the me one. there we go and they were followed again by police including pat florida highway patrol and unmarked c ciser. the two guys bailed out. a police officer gave chase to
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witness went over several fence thrawz severalackyards before the people being pursued got the key. let's take a look at the next suspect on the next piece of videotape where he gives up and taken down by that police officer and moment later as you can see thernlings he gave up by putting himself on the hood of that vehicle there. the police officer got him to the ground andnd then with the assistance of that florida highway patrol officer, they took that one into custody and a believe we have one more videotape shoal show show you and this is the video of the two they remained cononct. with he is face down on the ground with a k9 officer and his dog there and the second officer comes up and puts that suspect in cuffs here and that happened right at northwest 48th 48th terrace and 24th 24th street. a very quiet residential ighborhood. let's go back out live to the picture.
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out here as we look at the scene here. police officer blocking the roadway right here at 48th 48th terrace and we also have police officer over here getting ready to, well, thief actually already put the suspect in the back of one of the police cars here. two in cusdy. two still at lancht a chase that lasted 35 minutes. two vehicles involved in this chase that were pursued and it appears as we said. two in cuss dis. that's the story. here in sky force hd. i'm m lph rayburn recording live. >> now at 6:00, a man accused of a dangeus drive leaving jail. the victim leaving the hospital. tonight that teem teen talking to just one station. >> i was shocked at first. i got some scars and scratches on my feet. >> about being in the path of danger. >> i a hit and run left the 15-year-old seriously injured. tonight he is talking to just one station about the moment he says changed his life for the worse.
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is live on miami beach with this exclusive. sheldon. >> >> reporter: belkeys and craig, this is the story of an unbelievable come back. one week ago, the family of javier valdez wasn't sure if he would be living. new he is back home and smiling, walking, talking, and with his family. i was in a lot of pain and i was confused. really confused ood. >> reporter: 15-year-old javier valdez is home now but for last week he has been through hell? >> my legs are sore. you can barely move them eye went first to the scene of the accident and when i got there, i saw his shoes. >> reporter: the miami slam charter sophomore basketball blier left jackson ma more yapt children's holts hospital sunday was plowed into on february 21 in the northwest miami-dade area as he and his younger brother tried to catching a county bus
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>> and my bawt water and basketball. driver of the car that hit him never stopped. the vehicle caught on surveillance fat aj near the scene. >> a day later miami-dade police arrested sem mee an boy can who tirnd himself in. >> can you tell us a ill little bit about what happened real quick? >> boy continue doesn't say a word on bonding out. he faces hit and run chahaes. on his facebook page just after the crashing. dam i blarchgd up it said. >> he didn't have to leave. just leave me on the street. since the injury javier has been sur rowrnded by those who love him. i kept celg myself. this is not his patat it is not this short. i know it. i know it. nothing else matters. he is still kale ailing from the impact which leftd him with head tra marks a collapsed lung and other injuries. but this # foot four teen is as tough as he is tawvment no doubt i'll get thaw this. >> a. >> reporter: and he plans on
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>> javier was walking with his little brother who is 14. the two of them at northwest 79th 79th street and two 25eu6 knew when that crash took place and his little brother andreas has something to say about all this. nag his take just trying to get to school had w- his older brother when his older brother is hit by a car. we'll a have that tonight on 7 news first at 10:00. we're live in miami beach. out side of the family's home. sheldon fox. 7ews. >> now 5:69, the florida primary just weeks way. candidates fighting for your vote. both republican and democrats gearing up for a sunshine state showdown. >> belkeys: well, our state is not part of tomorrow tomorrow's super tuesday. >> craig: doesn't matter because the fight for florida is still on. and we have live coverage we'll begin with nicole linsalata and how the sunshine state is a battle ground in n e race for the white house. nicole. >> reporter: well, that is for sure craig.
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coming up march 15th and so far most of our exposurto the candidates have been on television. but you can expect over next few weeks, they will be engaging in what is called retail politics. they will be here a lot. they will be trying to meet voters, excuse me oo. >> and they will be knock on door and hiding and making phone calls and trying to get out the vote. >> they make feech after speech. after rally and transforming america after rally. but on primary day what matters is getting supporters that go to the poles. >> we're not going to take anything for grant. we recognize that some people may want us to take it for granted but we're going it make sure we don't. >> pushing. >> and this is where that pushing happens in offices like this one. the hillary clinton campaigns. miami beach headquarters.
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marco rubio set up sho in west flang flagler n- county. it's critical for marco rawb riewb and turn out the vote% through phone calls made out of this office. and setting up bernie sanders. the message he is brings across the united states is genuine. not a message from the typical politicians. nald trump has rented office space in sarasota but south florida support sup ors are eager. some even knocking on the door of this fort lauderdale law ofers a. i've had those signs up sints first day he awnsed in. so we have a lot of people scom coming in and asking for t-shirts and hats scriet excited about what's going on. on the democrat siet side the voters are on the break down. and for the republicans, it's winner take ool. hill rin clinton and donald trump already far head in delegate count. but in norvetion the battle ground will be right back here. i think florida has been the most important state. i hope every one gets out and votes. i always sayay it's all about florida. the residential election will be won andlost like it has in florida many times before. but. >> reporter: but first we've
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once again it is march 15th so you'll be seeing a lot of the candidates over the next two eks. reporting live in doral. nicole linsalata a. 7 news. >> craig: some voters are already cast thrirg bat ballots in the fight for florida. live coverage continues with jessica holly in interest doral a. jessica. >> reporter: and the numbers are in for day one of early voting tavmentd more than 106 people cast their vote. they say it's fast, easy and available for 13 more days. >> >> the early birds gets to vote without pain at the polls. >> very nice. go through the machine and scan. >> veryy smafnlgt reports of smooth sailing as florida crews towards the presidential primary set for march 15th. i bring all my identification. do whrafer they ask and i'm in and out as you saw in less than five minutes. there are 14 days of early voting in miami-dade county with 20 line free locations to kick things off.
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carolina lopez is the miami-dade county super visor of election ooze. i want to remind you in florida the primaries are closed. thal means is if you're republican, you'll get republican candidates on your ballot and if you're nonpartisan this. election isn't four. we'll see you in november. same goes for broward county where early voting begins saturday a. while there were no crowds spotted thon fairs first day of early voting m. locations saw a steady stream of people ready to have their voises heard. a paish lint people are enthused about electing their candidate for press den say. that's a good thing for america. >> again, there are 13 more days of early voting in miami-dade county. for times and locations just go to our web site, reporting live in doral. jessica holly. 7 news. craig: also on 7, drivers are finally crossing the bridge
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ave nine month renovation. the venetian causeway opened today after being closed since june. there's the ribbon cutting ser many next the more than 10 million-dollar project replaced the western more most portions. we're very excited a that it's opening up. as you know traff is an innis you for all of us in s. and the biggest issue we have i i getting on and off the beet beach. the place to get to the beach safer. >> and in add togethers new bridge, the roadway on the approach was redone and features new lighting too. pieces of the old bridge were submerged to create an artificial reef. >> >> belkeys: we are still working this developing story. a car chase in broward that went through several, several cities tssments started at lighthouse point and ended in lauderdale lakes. you see four people running away from police there. well, so far police have
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car thieves but two more on the lose still. they are looking for two others. saw it unfold here and we'll have much more from ralph rayburn off the top on 7 news at # 30:00. stay tune for more on that chase and capture in bward.
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some specialt celebrationsp store those reaping nat world today. >> craig: and daniellllknox at the news desk sto show us. danielle. guys. a day that doesn't come around every year and now the families celebrate. >> what are the odds of being pretty slim. but some families are welcoming their bundle of joy on the day years. >> i didn't think i was going to have him tad at all. that's weird.
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leap year. that's like crazy. >> danielle: sha key la ferguson giving birth to jay von two weeks early at the hospital. and they also cel welcomed their board on the special day. their daughter ma continue zee born a week early at 7-pound 15 ounces and 20 inches long at memorial west in pembroke pines. we were hoping for any of the days other thanleap day but it's something that will be unique among her and her peers and friends and so excited give her a talking point when she gets older. >> danielle: normal lit chance to be born on any given day is one and 365. but for leap year babe bez eez it's four times that plus an extra day so that comes out to 1461 and tt means less than one%. world's population shares a birthday. but new parents aren't the only
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>> and i'm in good without you. happily married couples are celebrating too. sandra and all an crop mark thrirg 52 wed ankle verse ri after tying the knot on a leap year. sandra says she didn't didn't want to get married that day. and for us so i in the being a religious person, i figured well, if god thinks we should get married on leap year. i guess we're going to do it. now she is happy they did and has this to say to parents celebrating their children's birthday i think it's just great. i mean, just go with it. any. the baby will have a birthday supposedly every four years but they'll celebrate every year. i think it's really scial. >> danielle: but now, here is the big question. when do people celebrate. sandra and all an say they usually celebrate march 1st as with the new parents you saw in the piece. they say they have not decided yet.
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i'm danielle knox. 7 news. >> >> craig: you saw it unfold right here on 7 this evening. this chase and ultimately a tap capture that wound it's way through several broward communities. lauderdale lakes i believe it is where a stolen vehicle was. they were pursuing a stolen vehicle. they ditched. that got in another car and just jumped pped thiewft car and took off on foot. >> belkeys: those are the leagued car thieves interest. you see # people rung. police did capture two of those four. here's one take down. this one was in lauderdale lakes but police are still lacking for those two other suspects. we're keeping an eye on the situation over in broward on this police chase and capture. back.
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>> >> phil: and a beautiful way to start workweek. upper highs in the 70s. a trace of rain in fort lauderdale. every one reporting temperaturere in the low 70s a. the wind out of east at ten to 11 miles r hour and the humidity 55 %. it is dry across the area and it should remain dry over the next five days. maybe even in through the weekend. nothing to report here from lake okeechobee south. in through the florida keys. here's the big view.
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the northern half of the u.s. we have high pressure dominating our weather here across south florida. and as that high mes slowly to the east. the winds are going it start to usher in some warmer temperatures. we can expect highs in the low 80s here at least over the next few days. maybe even through friday. slight chance of rip currents tonight. the wind out of east. biscayne bay way lighththop. for you throughout florida keys, the wind east ten to 15 nauts. coastal waters with a moderate chop. now, next high tide for miami will be at 12 # un. 1:16 in fort lauderdale. key largo 1:44. 25 # in key west. 2:5:5 tonight partly cloudy. over night lows in the mid to upper 60's. by tomorrow looking at mostly sunny skies. should be dry. highs in the upper 70s to 81. what's average is seven #, 79 degrees. 78 degrees.
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>> time now for 7 sports with stheef poir.
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the heat wade guard you dree probably because they will pursue marcus thornton. they signed free agent joe johnson over the weekend. johnson started yesterday against the knicks. 12 points in 30 minutes. heat won the game 98 to 81. johnson said d wade convinced him to come here. he told me it wasn't just short term. and he told me about the family at misfear that they have here. at the end of the day we he made the best decision and we wanted him here and needed a player like him. >> tomorrow is leap day. that's celtics 39-year-old coach brad stens. leaps off the trampoline to durng the ball a. nerey. any ideas right interest? >> no. at 23 and five the canes basketball team moves up to no. 7 in the national polls. they play at notre dame on wednesday a. trading # get three new players over the weekend.
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forward brandon peer reevment yesterday minnesota panthers lost the second straight road game the wild eric hall la escaped thaw a few guys and beets luanne do. cats lose three to 1. they lost the first two games of this five gait game road trip.p. the first place lead is down two points over tampa. we had a few lapse like that that cost us but we're bridging it up oi offensively. i feel like we didn't get enough quality. just overall not the way we wanted to play. at win na peg tomorrow. i saw this on instagram. dolphins tight end gore jr done cameron. he tut fut out. he is in 'p gipt with the pyramids. and he throws him a pass and jordan caught it standing on a pyramid. i know what leap day is and a can promise you this. everything i do here say leap. that will do it. i'm steve shapiro iememack to craig and belkeys. >> belkeys: i'm impreed
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>> my people are on instagram swrierk jie oh he has people a. welcome back shep. >> craig:. >> belkeys: i'm belkeys nerey. 7 news at 6:30 is around the bend.
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caio caio. >> this is 7 news at 6:30. >> lynn: 7 news at 6:30 begins with this developing story. suspects makin a run for it after bailing out of not one but o cars then taking off on foot. >> danielle: and 7 skyforce is now over a second perimeter wrlt other two suspects who were in the car bailed but have yet to be caught. a good evening everybody. it really was a chaotic seen scean that you saw first on 7 from right house point all the way down to lauderdale lakes. >> lynn: and as you saw it's still not over yet. lei liz nagy is live in lauderdale lakes where the first two suspects were caught down a


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