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tv   Channel 7 News at 530PM  FOX  March 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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because the warrant alleged she stole money and so list telled bribes from the cadets. the ca deats were miami-dade county jail inmate. mostly in a boom boot rehabilitation but later includes a work release program where the cadets have jobs but must pay $10 a day as part ave supervision feet. the warrant suggest las ter would makee ca gets debts give her the wages under a guys of supervision costing. and this is las ter receiving cash in an envelope from a boot camp cadet and the subject las ter stole money from all the cadets who received wages. and these young men trying to rehabilitate themselfere told to keep quiet as the subject while ill stealing cat debts wages swore them to secrecy. prarptz kick ner all this is that the joint iestigation 20 state attorney's office and miami-dade corrections recreeld that las ter was a regular customer at the seminole hard
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gambling losses of over 38 grand. she won't be paying that debt off any time on because this co right now is an inmate. >> an iate here of tgk. booked in around lunchtime today. she stole they say $20,000 fm those cadets and faces charges of extortion. bribe require and threat. we're live at turner gilford correctional facility in west miami-dade. sheldon fox. 7 news. >> danielle: all right sheldon. thank you. police weeding out a grow house and finding at sorts of criminal activity inside. four men arrested and pa nearing a tbond court on a slew of charges ringing fr drug manufacturing to credit card fraud. officials say in addition to 16 mare yawn a- juana plants. they found evidence the group was running a cred indicate card ring out of home nonmiami lakes.
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bladder use ford stealing gas. >> lynn: deputies asking for help finding a missing student. 11-year-old eric st. louis was last seen today at paramont charter school in oakland park. he is about 5 feet tacialtion 5 feet two actually and was last en wearing a black t-shirt and hite sleeves and a blue back pafnlgt officials say he may have runway. if you have any information or know where this child maybe, call 954-764-help. and another missing person. and shy la left her home from coral springs. she is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and he was 160 pounds and has been missing for a week now. if you know why weather she s call 954-344-1800. >> >> lynn: a rude awakening for residents at a miami beach complex. a big rig wrecks right gangs their building. 7's elitsa bizios with the story.
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seat c c. i didn't know what he hit. it was so fast. >> really. >> reporter: an early morning car crash on miami beach friday sending this delivery truck full of food headed straight for thi apartment building. >> lynn: just saw that truck coming in this way and a went inside. i said that's going to hit the buildings. it happened near 71 streets and byron avenue. here's a look from boom. miami beach police say the driver of this silver suv ran a stop sign causing the collision. gore con food service represents tell 7 news, naz when the driver lost control andan into the palm trees here which luckily stopped the truck from hitting the apartment building he got me. i'll be gone. th this guy on his morning run says he narrowly escaping with killed. >> i just got off the street. before that i heard -- >> those who live in the area say it's only a matter of time before it happens.
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like two or three people hit in that corner. it's very danger yows. >> danielle: they had to shut down carlyle avenue as the 18 wheerld pulled out. and the load put on another truck to finish the delivery. the driver of the suv has been ticket oovmentd alive in miami beach a. let's business business. 7 news. >> danielle: and we have this news later four. a development in the race for the white house. >> lynn: let's go to the newsplex where alex diprato has it oomplets alex. >> reporter: we're just getting word that ben carson is dropping out of raise. we have live pictures from the cpac convention in maryland where he just said sth a few moments ago. ben carson, republican candidate for president is dropping out of race. you may remember there ways debate yesterday. he skipped that debate and he said he would make an announcement on friday today and pairntly he just said that he is
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statemenenmoments ago at the cpac convention in maryland. that leeftz gop con ten cers as donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz and kasich of ohio. so a developing story we're watching. again, ben carson dropping out of presidential race. live in the satellite center. i'm alex diprato. 7 news. >> danielle: the community coming together at a public for numb miami gardens calling for i change. city leaders joining families who lost a loved one to gun violence in the hopes of trying to find ways to reduce crime and save lives. >> you know, some of the issues facing our young people today is self respect and self value. they don't value their own life ananso we have to start with that. the ice once again brought front and center by the tragic death of king carter. six yeerld boy was shot and
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miami-dade while walk together store to buy candy. >> >> lynn: take you cross country now. a state trooper being hailed a hero after helping a woman escape a fiery crash. looct this. the woman's car catching f fe af, ave speeding car smashes into her. with the flames spreading quickly, the officer wasted no time to get to help and get the 60-year-old victim to safety. >> clied inside. undid her seat belt. asked if she was okay she said i hurt eu6789 i said i know you do but we got to get you out of here. car r ploding just seconds after the rescue. woment suffering severe injuries including a broken back but doctors say eventually she will make a full recover right. >> danielle: a teacher recovering tonight after a brutal tack by a student. tennessee. that teachcr suffering a concussion.
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charged him with aggravate assault. >> lynn: a bicyclist wearing a go pro cram already under attack e. called out the driver for being in the bike lynn. then he says the driver chased him down, got out and started throwing punch ooze i didn't know if he wou ever stop kick me you can see the bicyclist left with black eye and cuts when the driver took off. he says he regress sayinin anytytng to the driver in the first place but hopes video of the attack will help police track down that driver. >> danielle: a major plairn manufacturer seeing the light and it could mean cleaner dies in the future. boag engineers say they are testing out a new design for self cleaning baghts rooms on their jessments the system would `use uv lientsz to san na tights bath room i i just three seconds. they say there are plenty of kinks to rk out. don't expect seeing them on planes for at least a few years. >> lynn: all right, coming up tonight on 7 news.
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story at in pompano beach. be on the lookout police say for the man resembling the sketch on the left there. police say tried to to abduct a teenager walking home from school. last seen driving that car on the right. a tan suv. if you know anything about this case or where this person might be, you're urged to call 911 ierks. >> danielle: and an unholy act on hole bli grod. a camera catching a critical clue to the case. >> lynn: a boy seriously injured in the schation room and iewvment. >> danielle: and hear a famous soccer star's game plan to help science. stay with us.
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the mend after sufficient 235eurg serious injury at schooll and now his teacher in trouble. the students flame says he was being occur teous by holding the door open. >> >> danielle: whand happened next is ce mangd answers. alex deprado n- at the news dweks the story. alex. >> reporter: whatever was it an accident or intentional. whatever it was, it cost a an elementary a student 26 his fin geshz oomplet the public doesn't want to know their son's name but they want the public to know this. >> we are concerned that this never happed happens again to either our child or no sm one else's child. the first grader nearly lost two fingers when the door land vamed on his hand in hillsborough county lasas wier week. the family's lawyer sit teacher did this. we don't know if it was intentional or not. >> reporter: the teach on paid administrative leave pending outcome of the investigation.
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i'm at work and a hear this call and i didn't know what to do thai because all i here hare was them tell me there was an emergency. >eporter: an ambulance called to the school to assist with the emergency. now the family's attorney has filed a flame with the school board. >> when a mom sends her son to school, she expects him to return ho ho to home in the same way. when the door clips his finger o. that's where there is a problem. >> the teacher worked for the scoo this school district since 2011 and no complaints ever fid against her and never been under investigation are before. live in the plex. alex diprato. 7 news. >> danielle: all right alex. and famous soccer star taking pledge to support science. d she gave the 1999 woman's world cawp cup title she. will donate her brain for concussion research.
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to the massachusets space concussion legacy foundation after she dies her brain will be studied and teuted so that researches can hopefully learn more about the de againer a tiff condition cte. >> lynn: that's terrific. >> danielle: uh-huh. >> lynn: much more ahead from the news station. when you say march madness this month, it doesn't nice necessarily have to mean basketball. we'll show you all the big events going on in south florida. >> danielle: and atv series made for the silver screen and all the aion take place on a south florida beach. >> lynn: and a young girl was told call 991 in case of an emergency. wait 'til you hear what i young child considered to be a crisis. we're coming right back.
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>> danielle: a young girl whro recently learned how to dial 911 calling dispatchers for a fashion emergency. >> what one kid may consider an emergency may not warrant a call for help.
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call the officer was very pleased to handle. it can be an emergency when you don't know what to wear. shireen sandoval in the newsplex with the 911. shireen. >> reporter: this is a cute story. a 2-year-old girl need help getting dressed for the day so she called 911. she said i guess you could call it a fashion emergency. >> you're a deputy sheriff two time. and this little girl ali a was happy to see greenville county deputy martha lo lonas. >> they sang and laughed together at`ali a's home on el dorado drive where the deputy was resphiengd call. >> the grandfather comes up to the door and she comes rung up to the front with half a leg on and half falng off. >> and lonas showed up at the door front door because she called 911. grainville county 911-50-6789
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her shoes and want med to hug her andold her. i just kept stage made my day. it was the highlight of my day. she was so sweet and so out going. ali a's mom said he sent her a mej message about what happened. he said i ants door and ali a comes up and the cops help her put her pants on. soy started laugh. ali a's grandfather was watching her at the time and he no idea she called any one. let alone 911-50-6789 she brought the phone to me and i thought somebody had called. so when i answered it, nobody was there. and when i hung up, 911 called me back. he said she was watching cartoons. her mom says the fact that ali a dialed 911 was kind of surprising.. >> i showed it to her but i didn't know that she really kneg what she was doing. >> although ali a made a call for help for a nonemergency. the responding officer is thank
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okay someone said fashion police. pretty good wurchltz the deputies that deal with these situions all day say the fashion emergency call was a really nicicchange of pace. live in the newsplex. shireen sandoval. 7 news. >> lynn: that was cute. >> welt, movie lovers lins up. a couple of heavy weights are filming a new flick here in miami beach. they are filming baywatch between 72 and 73 street. the movie say remake about the iconic series call starring david hasselhoff and pamela anderson. and now 7 weather with chchf meteorologist phil ferro. >> phil: okay let's take a look here at the nation at this hour. we're still dealing with cloudiness across ts the gulf of mexico. that may stick around over the next couple of days. mostly clear croots southeast but we have plenty of clouds
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loaded with rain. much needed rain for cifornia. >> now, there is some cold air moving in across the greatakes and the northeast. 38 in chicago right now. new york 39 degrees. warmer here as we go in through texas. l.a. right now temperature of 65. it is dry for us. but over the weekend we may see a dotted shower right along the coast. only at about ten to 20% chafnlts not a lot. but we may get one moving in off the breeze. so we have the jer stream kind of dipping here croots nation's mid section there. is a front get trogd move in croots west coast. that is going to put a small dent here in the drought. they do need the rainfall. meanwhile on the west t ast cool ear cross the heartland. going to be warm ear cross the east. as a matter of fact, up and down here, the east coast temperatures will be between 15 to 30 degrees above what i typical for them. for us threat of rip currents
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biscayne bay with a moderate chop. for nut florida keys, no advisories, the wind out of northwest. seas inside the reef one to two. two to 3 feet beyond the reef. next high tide 5:25. one minute after 6"00 for the lower keys. the water temperature at 76. so for tonight. still in and out clouds eemplet night lows will be in theid to upper 50e6789s 70 for key west. and then by tomrow we're going to get movements shine. back and forth. highs will be in the upper 70s. to the low 80s. what's average is about 78, 79. and then here's your extended out look. sunday breezy. hive 81. monday and tuesday. highs in the upper 50e6789s and then we warm right back up to the low 80s from the middle of the week to the end of the week. that's your 7 on 7 forecast. >> >> danielle:ll right phil. miami gardens showing a respect of history in florora. commissioner barbara jones
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street between 27th and 37th avenue as officers on thelma hir harris way. harris was the first black state. she served 20 years with the miami-dade police department. harris' relatives joined the commissioner at the official ceremony and received a proclamation for the officer's historic achievement. >> go thel that ma. well, danielle. a familiar faij face receiving recognition for her positive role in the community. lovely danielle knox. perhaps you've heard of her honored at lauderhill chamber of commerce third annual box distinction breakfast. >> she is onef ten women being recognizes for their professional chief ments and contributions. congratulations. are you very distint. >> danlle: thank you. i was with such great company. be among them was very humbled.
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>> danielle: thank you lynn. >> lynn: you should bring wartd out here. it looks pretty. >> danielle: it is beautiful. >> and coming up next. you learned cpr and now an app to help you practice what you know for reevment our special assignment report how to save alive. and a legendary sing frert 80s is ready to get back into the recording studio. 23eu8 collins. come on down.
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>> lynn: well, a brand new app could save thousands of lives but fire officials need you to get involved. >> danielle: that's right. craig stevens has a look at how you could potentially save a rief. >> craig: two years ago pamela jose. >> o pulled her 2-year-old's lifeless body from the back.
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and began to give him is cpr. >> whenever i look at those pictures, i cry. just seeing him and the cocld lover his skin that day. it hits home. how close was to dying. >> craig: pamela had learned cpr years before but in a state of panic she almost forgot she knew how to do it. >> i came out of that car screaming for help for someone else to help me and of the people that who approved. none knew who you to perform cpr. >> craig: not surprisingly because only 30% of americans know how to do cpr which m mns having a trained officer nearby in an emergency are pretty slim. >> that's why the loud fire bent d- department has added i new toolo their ar so navment it's an app called point pulse respond. and people month who know how to do cpr ritionster themsves on
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they will get a notification. there is a person in cardiac reas within 200 feet of your area and it sells them if there's an automaticdy fib you ra to which can help restart your heart. >> and we put them in builds oosmghtz and trained rescue techniques cliewgdz the easy to learn hands only cpr. all do is take your hands apply on someone's chestnd just use compression. mayor jack siler hopes the app will save lives. we've been focused on trying make our neighbors better prepared to save lives. our neighbors better prepared to veaf respond to emergencies. >> craig: pamela says thankfully for her nephew sebastian. she knew how to save lives. >> there is something special that we're meant to give back and a know some day le fulfill that, what ever it is. >> craig: how cute he is growing up there.
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talking about is available in four different cities including miami beach. miramar, sunrise and as you saw fort lauderdale. >> if wanto get involved swrevment links for the app and training. you'll find it at in the plex. craig stevens. 7 news. >> lynn: wl, reminder we all need to take cpr or get a refresher. >> danielle: i think i learned it 20 years ampleght iem i don't know if i would remember it now. >> lynn: me too. it's been a long time. >> reporter: >> danielle: and that is seven newst five o 6:30. thanks for watchg. i'm danielle knox. >> lynn: i'm lynn martinez ncht 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. >> and now on # news at 6:00, a big break in the pick pocketer praig on the elderly. >> i'm map pi we eliminated one person that could do that. >> vandals with an unholy act and parishioners praying for an arrest. another change of plans for
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comes to cuba. heas one. wiggest voifsz the 308's. tonight a new genesis for a niew sick star. anit's the start of march `madness south florida style. >> this is 7 news at 6:00. >> now at 6:00, a man accused of pick pocketing people in south florida including an elderly veteran. tonight there's relief. and i'm glad they caught him. >> after break in the case. >> craig: good evening everybody. a croooo praig on elderly victims croots area. stole their cash and credit cards. >> belkeys: and now police say the suspect has been stopped. let's go to 7's liz nagy live in southwest miami-dade where one of those crimes happened. z. >> lynn: l- >> reporter: lirntion we spoke to this 49-year-old man when all this happened. several month months ago. he says it has been tormenting
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to this publix to shop. and tonight the person responsible for steal higz identity and wallet a dooght same thing to other people is under arrest. >> john better got a bit of good news this week head of his upcoming 59th birthday. >> i'm happy they were able to close that case. >> sir, you wererrested for grand theft in grawd fraudulent iewfs a credit card. >> dairn cope stepped before a judge friday to answer for a long laifs ciewdz crimes. >> and you're charged with petty theft. brairt on a person 65 years or older. using the identification of someone over 60a disabled o veteran or government employee or grand theft. >> john burt says that was his id. >> he got me when i wasn't paying attention. >> reporter: burt says this guy bumped into him at pinecrest ie publix.


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