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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life! shop over the edge! new details on the man who drove his big rig off of the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel and into the water. three seven-11 )s robbed just this week. and we just learned new information about who police believe is responsible for one of them good afternoon. i m kristen crowley. and i m blaine stewart. norfolk police say they now know who shot a store clerk during a robbery at a seven eleven early yesterday morning. newschannel threes stefania
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well police just released a photo of the man that s wanted in connection to the robbery and shooting that sent a clerk from this 7/11 here on chesapeake boulevard to the hospital. but they )re still trying to figure who came back here last night to try and rob the place again. police have identified this man as -38 year old kevin bristow- he is the one police say is in this surveillance video shooting a 23 year old seven eleven clerk wednesday morning during a robbery. as they start the search for him-- they are also starting investigations into 3 additional robberies that occurred less than 24 hours later in norfolk . one of the them at the same location ( that bristow is accused of robbing. for norfolk police wednesday night --it three crimes scenes within a matter of one hour. the first one happening at this seven
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on red gate avenue just before walked in with a gun -- demanded money-- got it -- and ran out. the second -- only 25 minutes later -- a robber doing the same routine at this seven eleven on colonial avenue. less than 40 minutes later -- police are back at the 7-11 here on chesapeake boulevard-- only this time they say the armed gunman ran out before getting cash police say it s too early to tell if these robberies are connected. one owner tells me employees are uncomfortable and on edge. norfolk police need you to take action and help them find bristow. call the crime line if you have any information. live in norfolk, stefania okolie,
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taking a live look now over the chesapeake bay. it )s a little cloudy out there-- but you can see some sunshine trying to peak through the clouds. let s send things over to meteorologist myles henderson to see how the rest of your thursday is shaping up. myles hendersons live vipir forecast warmer with more clouds... temperatures will be warmer throughout today with numbers mainly in the 40s this morning and highs in the mid 50s this afternoon. expect more clouds today with an isolated shower possible. the warming trend continues for thursday with highs in the mid 50s. expect mostly cloudy skies again tomorrow with an isolated shower possible.
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a norfolk state women s basketball player is fighting for her life -- athletic director marty miller confirmed today that junior amber brown is in a coma with a medical condition. they say she was found unresponsive in her dorm room on new year s day. no word yet on what her condition is now -- right now she is at sentara norfolk general hospital. norfolk state plays florida a- and-m at home this saturday. mathews county deputies are trying to figure out how a woman s body ended up in the woods. authorities began their search
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41- year-old )s husband reported her missing from her home in neighboring gloucester county. virginia state police found her body off of north river road around 8-30. we )re waiting to hear on the cause of her death. be sure to stay with newschannel three and look for updates on w-t-k-r dot-com we )re learning more about a man who was shot inside a chesapeake hotel early this morning. police tell us there was a fight between the victim and the shooter prior to the shooting. it happened early this morning at the extended stay america hotel on greenbrier circle. police have identified a person of interest-- but did not give us that information. be sure to stay with newschannel three and on w- t-k-r dot-com for updates. this just in-- we know now the name of the man who was found unconscious behind a walmart parking lot. police have identified him as 55-year-old richard winters. yesterday-- police found winters unconscious and not breathing in a parking lot on north military highway. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. right now police have not released his cause of
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on the man whose tractor trailer went off the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel. police have identified him as 33-year-old matthew killmon. killmon was driving a truck carrying soy beans for coastal a-g transport when he veered off the road and crashed into the bay. he was able to get out of the tractor trailer and floated until he was rescued. kikimon was flown to sentara norfolk general hospital to be treated for his injuries. hampton police are looking for the person who robbed two businesses last night. the first one happened at the family dollar on lasalle avenue. police say the suspect entered the store-- armed and demanded money. after getting the cash-- he ran away. 14 minutes later-- police say the same man robbed the kim )s chinese food restaurant also on lasalle avenue. and beach police are looking for two females who tried stealing from a walmart. police say the two women you see here tried stealing computer accessories and cosmetics valued at over 450 dollars. but when they attempted to leave the
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they were stopped by loss prevention. the suspects ran away without the items. if you know anything about either of these thefts-- take action and call the crime line. new at noon- linking birth control and birth defects in babies what researchers are saying now about the risks if you )re thinking about getting a new tv you might want to check out this new invention-- before you go buy a flat screen. this kitten has been through a lot already-- but now it
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taking action for your health and take birth control pills women who take oral contraceptives just before or increase their risk of birth defects. harvard researchers found the number of birth defects were consistent across all pregnant women, regardless of contraceptive use. and researchers in london say cutting the sugar content in sugar-sweetened drinks by 40 percent could prevent one and a half million overweight and
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researchers say reducing the sugar in drinks - including fruit juices - would also prevent 300-thousand cases of type 2 diabetes. and a new study finds women who enter menopause at age 40 or older have a lower risk of depression later in life. researchers in greece say older age at menopause means longer exposure to estrogen which could protect against depression. television maker l-g revealed a high-definition t-v you can roll up like a newspaper. the 18-inch display is just one concept designs l-g will be showing as it attempts to television screens. none of these t-v s will be sold this year never hit stores. l-g t-v s are meant to show off what )s possible. next at noon -- with so little snow so far this winter -- one virginia teen decided he )s
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washington county authorities are looking for an escaped prisoner -- officials say heather burton -- who s from elizabeth city -- slipped away yesterday while she was being x- rayed at washington county hospital. the sheriff says burton injured herself when she fell down a courthouse stairwell after a court appearance. he says burton stole a black chevrolet s-10 pickup truck after she ran from the hospital. burton has pending charges in pitt county -- but was in washington county court for a probation violation. all 17 miners are now safe and sound -- after being rescued from an upstate new york salt mine. the elevator in the mine shaft stopped working just before midnight at cargill salt mine in lansing. the miners were trapped overnight 900 feet below ground. officials say all 17 are in good health and no one was hurt. french authorities say a man
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officials say the man had wires protruding from his clothes and what appeared to be fake explosives. officials said the man cried out "god is great" in arabic. the northern paris neighborhood is on lockdown-- and police are investigating the incident as a potential act of 65 people were killed in a truck bombing at a police training center in the town of zliten in libya. this is east of tripoli. around 400 people, mostly police officers, were gathered for morning assembly when a truck plowed into the facility and exploded. no group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. vice president joe biden is going to the public with his support of president obama )s gun policy. on tuesday-- the president announced new gun restrictions and gun purchase regulations that he will put in place by executive actions. critics attacked the move saying president obama is going after law-biding citizens and is trying to make new laws without
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biden disagrees... in place. biden says the new background checks would have stopped the south carolina shooting carried out by dylan roof because he wouldn )t have been able to buy the guns. a henrico teen got creative and took matters into his own hands when snow didn )t fall. the 15-year-old constructed his own home-made snow maker. that )s right-- a snow maker like the one you usually see on a ski mountain. his parents were skeptical at first and needed a little convincing-- but mason craven worked all the kinks out. mason craven/built snowmaker "i )ve developed a snow maker from plans i found online. bought all the parts online and have been blowing snow since it s
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past two days." mason says since he started this project-- he )s been the most popular kid in his neighborhood. myles hendersons live vipir forecast warmer with more clouds... temperatures will be warmer throughout today with numbers mainly in the 40s this morning and highs in the mid 50s this afternoon. expect more clouds today with an isolated shower possible. the warming with highs in the mid 50s. expect mostly cloudy skies again tomorrow with an isolated shower possible. highs will warm to near 60 this weekend with rain likely saturday night and into sunday morning.
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next at noon -- fury has a home!
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the happy ending for a paralyzed kitten next. and now let s check in with newschannel three s barbara ciara for a check of today )s top stories coming up at four. sometimes people get creative these days after a meal at a restaurant, can you believe instead of giving your server a tip, some folks are leaving a bible verse? we ll share the reaction to that. and the ladies of the )talk get the people )s choice award only to get upstaged by stranger hogging the mic, guess who gave him the boot? literrally! join, laila, beverly, patrick and me on
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a paralyzed kitten in south dakota has a new family and a new lease on life. yeah-- "fury" was brought to the humane society in south dakota just before halloween. the kitten was clinging to life
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care. money was raised to buy her a custom wheelchair. now-- a family with other special-needs cats has agreed to take fury, as well. fury is even getting free chiropractic treatment while she adapts to her disability. a local chiropractor gives the little cat twice-weekly physical therapy free-of-charge. take a look at this-- it s a man made igloo, and yes it )s in the-p&middle of the street. -p&the full-p&size igloo was built by a chicago man who lives in a downtown high rise building. the man created the igloo by himself to draw attention to buildings that don t shovel their sidewalks. it took him two days using a
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