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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he )s admitted to abusing a minor -- and he )s also a pastor. tonight newschannel three has the disturbing details. plus -- the norfolk state community is coming together as one of their own fights for her life -- good evening, i m beverly kidd. and i m kurt williams -- this comes after a norfolk state university women )s basketball player was found unresponsive in her dorm room on new year s-pday. newschannel 3 s kelly rule joins us live at n-s-u with the latest. kelly? amber brown s family did not want to go into too many details about her medical condition -- but they tell us they believe it was diabetes-related -- and her teammates found her in her dorm room about a day after they believe her incident happened.
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they )re all pulling for her to make a big recovery. 55;06 she takes care of everybody and everything so team norfolk state university women s basketball head coach -- debra clark -- is talking about one of power forwards -- amber. but this week -- her teammates -- are taking care of her. 54;20 it )s tough anytime were missing a team member but times like this i think the team has come closer together 28 they for now the junior at nsu was found in her dorm room unresponsive on new years day by her teammates after she didn )t show up to practice on time -- according to her family. ambers sister -- ebony -- tells newschannel 3 they believe the incident was diabetes-related -- and happened the day before. she s currently at sentara norfolk general hospital in critical condition. 43;30 were just hoping and praying for the best and right now every second and every day counts for her right now 09;40;55 she )s known for her bubbly personality and her
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always the funny one in the crowd her loving personality -- something that clearly impacted many people. ebony describes the support from the n-s-u community for her sister -- as overwhelming. fundraisers will be held at all home basketball games this month -- and ambers teammates have worked to raise awareness about diabetes. 45;19 everyone around campus even if they didn t know her or if they had one class they have commented and supported in some type of way as her fight continues -- ambers loved ones are just asking for the support to continue as well. 45;57 we just ask everybody to keep praying keep sending love amber hears it all, we truly believe that amber will pull through and everything it s tough but we )re going to make it now ambers family has also set up a gofundme page to help pay for her medical costs and support her family who is here all the way from georgia. we have that information on our website at wtkr dot-com. newschannel 3 also spoke with amber s basketball coach here at nsu and we will have her interview coming up at 5 and 6. live in norfolk, kelly rule, newschannel.
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earlier this week we were seeing snow -- and today, if you can believe it -- people were out enjoying the milder weather at town point park -- so what s next with our swing in temperatures? chief meteorologist patrick rockey is in the live vipir forecast center - tracking warmer temps and a chance of rain for the weekend....warme r weather is moving in, just in time of the weekend, but next week, another big chill will settle in. but first, on friday, expect rather cool conditions. highs mostly cloudy skies. an isolated shower is possible, but it will be the exception and not the rule. this weekend, rain chances will be going up, especially late saturday through sunday as a weather system from the southwest moves our way. otherwise, expect a good deal of clouds here and there. high temperatures will be in the low and mid 60s this weekend.
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up will end. highs will be in the mid and upper 40s by the middle of the work week. in hampton -- we now know more about the man and woman found dead in a home on charolais char-lay run yesterday -- police say it was murder-suicide -- and it was richard garrity who killed barbara caton - then they say garrity shot and killed himself. no one else was inside the home at the time. we re -p&working to learn more about this - we )ll bring you more as it )s available. nearly 30 sex crimes. that s why police say a former suffolk pastor is behind bars. newschannel 3 s gabriella deluca is live in the newsroom with more. the details of the crimes he s
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court documents -- where the man admits to sexually abusing a minor. most details in here are too graphic to show you. anthony mcclain told a detective he let temptation get the best of him for several months last year. that )s what a transcript says he told investigators when they interviewed him about the sex crimes that he )s accused of. those accusations come from a minor. it all happened in this house -- according to the court documents. at that same home -- according to his website -- he held church services. when newschannel 3 called the cell phone number that was listed in his court paperwork -- this ( was his voicemail message. ... a stark contrast from his interview with police -- where most of what he said is too graphic to show on tv. but he did say -- the sexual relationship was consensual -- and blamed the victim for initiating it. before his arrest -- police say mcclain moved to north caorlina -- closing his church. now all that )s left at his
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mcclain is being held in jail. we asked to talk to him to hear his side of the story, but he refused. in the newsroom gabriella deluca newschannel 3. we )re learning more about a man who was shot inside a chesapeake hotel early this morning. police tell us there was a fight between the victim and the shooter prior to the shots being fired. it happened early this morning at the extended stay america hotel on greenbrier circle. police have identified a person of interest-- but did not tell us that person s name. an escaped prisoner has been found and arrested in elizabeth city -- officials say heather burton -- who s from elizabeth city -- slipped away yesterday while she was being x- rayed at washington county hospital. the sheriff says burton injured herself when she fell down a courthouse stairwell after a court appearance. police say burton then took off and stole a pickup truck. police found her this morning hiding under a bed at a home on peartree road. she is currently
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waiting to be extradited back to washington county. tonight hampton police are looking for the person who robbed two businesses. the first one happened last night at the family dollar on lasalle avenue. police say the suspect entered the store-- armed and demanded money. after getting the cash-- he ran away. 14 minutes later-- police say the same man robbed the kim s chinese food restaurant -- also on lasalle avenue. big box retailer macys is saying goodbye to three malls right here in hampton roads -- leaving a big impact on more than 250 employees and a big heartbreak to thousands of shoppers -- newschannel 3s nadeen yanes is live at chesapeake square mall - where one of the macys is closing its doors. thats right - and many of those who shop at this macys say they are wishing upon that iconic star that the store closing - wont result in the all closing as well. though she didnt want me to tell her husband - tanya jones
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about - sot - 5 times a week so this mom was both shocked and saddened by the news that macys is leaving. 23:52 i will have to go to different areas and locations and probably even different cities to shop but she wont be able to go peninusla town center in hampton or chesapeake square mall - because the macys stores are closing at those locations too. 19:38 it )s sad we want to keep it but i don )t know why they aren )t keeping it we don )t know well macys says its because of disappointing sales last year. forcing the retailer to shut down 40 stores across the country. but jones feels - if this anchor store goes - so will others. 25:20 i would like to know being that i am a resident in the area where will we be able to shop then what are they going to bring and if they are going to take out macy )s or what or what would want to come in to a mall that s losing so many high-end stores and we wanted to answer that exact question. miltary circle mall couldnt answer - just saying no comment. gpx 1 chesapeake square didnt give us a straight answer but a statement
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in part: ...they will continue- to offer shoppers a compelling mix of national and locally owned shopppers... ) gpx 2 but a spokesperson with the peninsula town center hinted the future will be bright saying in a statement that while they are disappointed: )...the former macys space has already attracted significant interest from several retailers eager to enter the expanding hampton trade area. we are working hard to select a candidate.. ) but there is a silver lining - one last big sale. the store says their final clearance sale begins monday - and will run for 12 weeks - their doors will close for good in september. live in chesapeake nadeen yanes newschannel 3. we )ve learned more about the man whose tractor trailer went off the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel -- police have identified him as 33-year-old matthew killmon. killmon was driving a truck carrying soy beans for coastal a-g transport when he veered off the road and crashed into the bay. he was able to get out of the tractor
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and floated until he was rescued. killmon was flown to sentara norfolk general hospital to be treated for his injuries. newschannel 3 is taking action and getting results -- we brought you the story yesterday of a hampton mother - who found out her 14-year-old daughter was getting picked up and dropped off by a school bus - right in front of a sex offenders home. that )s about a quarter-mile from dolores barnes home. newschannel 3 reached out to hampton city schools - and a spokeswoman did tell us the bus stop was going to change - but barnes said it was only moved one-hundred feet. today - barnes tells us she got results -- and her daughters bus stop was moved right in front of her home. hampton city schools say they do monitor sex offenders living within their city - and consider that when making bus stops. were still waiting to hear why officials were unaware of this stop until a parent called to complain. and taking out the trash in virginia beach has a whole new meaning these days. ahead -
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anything from old t-vs -- to oyster shells. and we aren t the only ones who-p&were shocked by the cold this -p&week -- how aquarium staff are dealing with hundreds of
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plenty of us got new electronics for the holidays -- but virginia beach wants you to think twice
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old stuff. todd corillo shows us a place where you can take it to find new life. linda minner -- recycling bureau manager for virginia beach -- looks out over the landfill and resource recovery center and doesn t see-p&trash -- but opportunity. the center )s been re-branded in the past few years -- with reusing and recycling taking top priority. with the holidays over -- no more evident than the pile of christmas trees stacking up -- the center is getting a lot more visits. james pettigrew dropped off old gasoline to be recycled thursday he was surprised to find a place that
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from a mountain of old oyster and clam shells that will be recycled -- to a graveyard of televisions -- virginia beach is hoping to make the process a bit easier. more than three-hundred sea turtles are recovering at the north carolina aquarium tonight -- marine biologists say the turtles are experiencing a condition they call "cold- stunned". it )s from the drop in temperature last week. the aquarium is so overwhelmed -- turtles are staying warm in
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the bathrooms. so the aquarium staff asked for all the help they could get -- from medical supplies -- to volunteers. so far -- only one of the 350 turtles has died. many of the turtles will be transported to florida to help with their recovery. it looks like we weren )t the only
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-- but i )ve heard we )re on a warming trend? tracking warmer temps and a chance of rain for the weekend....warme r weather is moving in, just in time of the weekend, but next week, another big chill will settle in. but first, on friday, expect rather cool conditions. highs will be in the mid 50s under mostly cloudy skies. an isolated shower is possible, but it will be the exception and not the rule. this weekend, rain chances will be going up, especially late saturday through sunday as a weather system from the southwest moves our way. otherwise, expect a good deal of clouds here and there. high temperatures will be in the low and mid 60s this weekend.
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highs will be in the mid and upper 40s by the middle of
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coming up -- a norfolk high school in honored by the n-f-l -- for its contribution to
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maury high school in norfolk received a pretty unique football the other day. it )s the super bowl golden football. check it out-- the n-f-l presented the school with this golden football in honor of maury alum and n-f-l
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seattle seahawks during the team )s superbowl run last year. the award recognizes high schools across the country for players on an active super bowl roster. super bowl sunday is on
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