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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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pizza lovers take note - the f-d-a has a new warning and it has nothing to do with the pies - and everything to do with the
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president obama takes his critics head-on - days after he introduced some highly- questioned gun control measures. and a handful of robberies at local convenience stores. what )s being done to keep employees - and customers safer. good evening - i )m kurt williams. and i m beverly kidd - four norfolk armed robberies and one in virginia beach. all at local convenience stores. newschannel 3 s allison mechanic spoke to customers, police and clerks today about the rash of robberies -- allison what did they have to say? well kurt/bev everyone i spoke to today said that the recent robberies have put them on high alert. from police to the clerks to even customers -- they all want to see the robberies stop and for those
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clerks who work at these three norfolk 7-elevens say they fear for their lives when they walk into work. because the person who robbed each of them yesterday -- is still on the loose. per corporate s request -- the clerks are not allowed to share their feelings on camera -- but today they said their store s plan on adding additional security features in order to keep them from being robbed again. according to norfolk police -- they were called out to four different armed robberies at three 7-elevens yesterday. one of the stores -- hit on chesapeake blvd was actually hit twice. police say that this man -- kevin bristow-- is responsible for robbing the store yesterday morning and shooting the clerk show surviellence hours later -- 7- eleven stores on redgate avenue and colonial avenue were robbed -- followed by chesapeake blvd again. the man described in those three robberies all have a matching description -- however, police have not specifically said that all three are connected. but customers have their own ideas. yohusha benyisrael 1:29:30
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the person had to be very audacious of course there had to be some planning for customers outside of the stores today -- it doesn t matter whether they are connected or not -- they have had enough of the robberies. especially with them in residential areas. j 1:36:10 this is definitely a 7-eleven that kids come to on their own not late at night but definitely during the day and while they aren t letting the robberies keep them from visiting their local stores -- they are taking necessary precautions. 1:32:25 i just know you have to watch your back and your front comply! the best advise is to do what the robbers say. try and remain calm. we understand that going through a robbery is a highly stressful, freighting, and emotional taxing. however we want you to be safe. do not be a hero! be the best witness you can be. try and remember as much as you can from what the robber said, to how they looked, and where they
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new at 11 suffolk police are looking for these two people -- they say they are serial credit card skimmers. these are surveillance pictures taken from a walmart in franklin last month. police say the group used several different stolen card numbers -- from all over hampton roads -- to buy gift cards. take a good look -- if you know anything that can help -- call the crime line. a warmup - and some rain - on the way - let s go to chief meteorologist patrick rockey now with more tracking warmer temps and a chance of rain for the weekend....warme r weather is moving in, just in time of the weekend, but next week, another big chill will settle in. but first, on friday, expect rather cool conditions. highs will be in the mid 50s under mostly cloudy skies. an isolated shower is possible, but it will be the exception and not the rule. this weekend, rain chances will be going up, especially late saturday through sunday as a weather system from the southwest moves our way.
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deal of clouds here and there. high temperatures will be in the low and mid 60s this weekend. by next week, our warm up will end. highs will be in the mid and upper 40s by the middle of the work week. breaking news
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no one was hurt we have a crew on the way and we )ll have more soon! new details tonight - president obama took on the gun debate head-on. he hosted a town hall meeting to talk about a series of executive actions he introduced earlier this week, les smith joins now in the studio with more. that town hall took place in northern virginia - the commander in chief taking an hour to talk with folks about gun control. you ll recall he announced plans tuesday to bypass congress with executive orders - those orders - among other steps -- expand background checks for gun buyers, and narrow the so- called "gun show loophole," that leaves most small and private sellers exempt from keeping formal sales records. tonight the president answered claims his actions will take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens - 20:06:41 i respect the second amendment - i respect the right to bear arms. i respect the wishes of people who want a gun for self-protection - for hunting - for
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sense to everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of those who would try to do others harm...or to do themselves harm." 20:07:09 critics say the president s executive actions do not respect second amendment rights to bear arms. others say the new rules will take rights away from law- abiding citizens. les smith, newschannel three. in norfolk the norfolk state university community is coming together for one of its women s basketball players -- who is fighting for her life. amber brown s family tells newschannel 3 -- her teammates found her unresponsive in her dorm room on new years day when she did not show up to get ready for practice. they tell us -- they believe the incident was diabetes-related. now the school is holding fundraisers to help pay for amber s medical costs at all home
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amber s sister says her teammates have also started to raise awareness about diabetes. 45;19 everyone around campus even if they didn t know her or if they had one class they have commented and supported in some type of way 54;20 it )s tough anytime were missing a team member but times like this i think the team has come closer together 28 they have a little bit more to play for now amber is currently at sentara norfolk general hospital in critical condition according to a hospital spokesman. her family has also set up a gofundme account to help pay for her medical costs. just head over to wtkr dot-com for the details. new details from hampton tonight we learned the man and woman found dead in a home on charolais char-lay run - were victims of a murder-suicide. police tell newschannel three richard garrity killed barbara caton - then they say garrity shot and killed himself. no one else was inside the home at the time. we )re working to learn more about this - we )ll bring you more as it )s available.
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we now know the name of the driver whose tractor trailer went off the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel yesterday. police have identified him as 33-year-old matthew killmon. killmon was driving a truck carrying soy beans for coastal a-g transport when, police say he veered off the road and crashed into the bay. he was able to get out of the tractor trailer and floated until he was rescued. killmon was flown to sentara norfolk general hospital to be treated for his injuries. in norfolk-- heads up if your route takes you around the downtown area. construction over the next few months will lead to some lane closures -- and possibly more traffic. this all is happening at the already busy intersection of brambleton and saint paul )s boulevard. newschannel 3 s brendan ponton has the details. if you )ve ever driven around brambleton and saint pauls boulevard in downtown norfolk-- you know -- it can be a pain -- especially around rush hour. for the next few months -- add in some construction and you could
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even more. hampton roads santitation district will be replacing sewage pipes. the pipes have been down there since the 1940 s -- so the goal is reduce risk of pipe failure. a spokesperson for the city says the work is critical. and they )ve worked with h-r-s-d to try to minimize the traffic impact. you can see in this picture the work zones that you )ll face until early march. some lanes will be blocked so you can )t turn from brambleton onto northbound saint pauls. some off duty police officers will help direct traffic. the work will mostly be done from 7 a-m
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new at 11 some big changes when it comes to titles in the navy. the navy times is reporting the military branch is now reviewing the names that include the word "man" - like "fireman" and "seaman." the paper says it could bring changes to nearly two dozen specialities. the move comes as a directive from the pentagon - as it works to move more women into combat and into the navy seals. other branches of the military have been instructed to follow suit. ahead at 11 - you got a bunch of new electronics for christmas! there s a place in virginia beach you ll want to take the old ones for new life. also - a virginia mother and son spot flames coming out of a hotel - the two things they did next - that make them heroes. and later - the scary connection between pizza boxes - and cancer! tracking warmer temps and a chance of rain for the
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moving in, just in time of the
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two suspected terrorists are under arrest tonight - one in houston - the other in sacramento. the california suspect )s name
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aws mohammed younis al-jayab. he )s 23-years old. investigators say he made false statement involving international terrorism. they want to know if he has any links to isis. according to criminal complaint -- in april of 2013 he wrote to an individual about a desire to travel to syria, )america will not isolate me from my islamic duty. only death will do us part. the second suspect - 24-year old omar faraj saeed al hardan. he )s under arrest in houston. according to the u-s attorney )s office... al hardan offered resources... training, advice and assistance to isis... then lied about it to the feds. new at 11 a weekly trip to bible study turned into something much more for a virginia mother and son, on their way - they saw flames shooting from a hotel room.... wayne covil reports - what they did next - made them heroes. sot: connie sylvester, stopped to help during fire says tc 00:00:17 "we re in the left hand
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we see all the flames." what connie and her son trevor don t see.... are any fire trucks.... sot: trevor jarvis, stopped to help during fire says tc 00:02:08 "i just saw a lot of fire come out of the doors and windows and it was just a crazy scene." their first thought.... sot: connie sylvester, stopped to help during fire says tc 23:53:43 "we need to get out and help" connie gets the car stopped.... as smoke and fire continue to shoot out of the hotel.... sot: connie sylvester, stopped to help during fire says tc 23:53:46ish "so as soon as we got out, he started running, towards the hotel and i m trying to catch up to him because i don t want him going into the hotel by himself." as the pair get closer to the burning hotel.... sot: connie sylvester, stopped to help during fire says tc 23:54:18 "people were going into rooms, making sure nobody was still in the building." then she spots an elderly woman being helped out of her room.... sot: connie sylvester, stopped to help during fire says tc 23:55:40 "as the lady was coming out, i mean the sme was just right above her head, just hovering." sot: connie sylvester, stopped to help during fire says tc 23:54:39 "trevor and i grabbed her and i said, let me take her, you keep on doing what you re doing." a few minutes later.... the 17 year old... wearing his favorite bass pro shop coat... spots a young boy.... who had been pulled from a hotel room.... sot: trevor jarvis, stopped to help during fire says tc 00:03:01 "he was wearing a short sleeve shirt and it was 44 degree )s out there and i was
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i was wearing a long sleeve shirt, so i just gave my jacket to him." sot: capt. heather marks, hopewell fire marshal says tc 11:14 "it says a lot about how that child was raised to help somebody and not think twice about it and didn t ask for his coat back and just left." the pair eventually made it bible study - a little late. trevor was worried his father would be mad that he gave his coat away, but both of his parents said they were very proud of their sons act of kindness. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. new details the mom of the so-called )affluenza ) teen returned to texas today. tonya couch was booked in a fort worth jail and is being held on a one million dollar bond. she s accused of helping her son ethan couch flee to mexico-- he s there now fighting extradition. ethan couch is accused of violating his probation after a deadly drunk driving crash. on the outer banks more than 300 sea turtles are recovering at the north carolina aquarium. the turtles are "cold-stunned" from the drop in temperature last
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newschannel three photojournalist shawn o domski takes us inside for a closer look. rosemary lucas, north carolina aquarium of roanoke island: "we ve had an influx of sea turtles here in the last two days we ve had 349 come through and get pricessed these sea turtles are here because they got what we call "cold- stunned". it )s very similary to hypothermia in people. so these turtles are required to have the environment around them be warm in order to keep their body temperature warm. because they are reptiles. unfortunately we have had kind of a warmer winter followed by a sudden cool snap. so the water dropped fairly quickly so we think that may be the reason we have so many sea turtles here. debbie massey- suffolk volunteer - we heard that they were needing some towels and buckets for all the turtles that were cold stunned and we decided to drive down today. rosemary lucas, north carolina aquarium of roanoke island: the biggest thing is keeping them warm. and we )ve got to do it slowly because just like people they can go into shock. so their
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down again and go into organ failure if they warm up too fast. it is time consuming and weve had a great team going here at the aquarium to help us out and get everything going, volunteer: every but that we care about what goes on and about what goes on at this aquarium makes a difference. late this afternoon the aquarium )s spokesperson posted they have enough towels and totes now. crews are hoping to be able to release the majority of the turtles back out into the wild sometime next week. patrick open tracking warmer temps and a chance of rain for the weekend....warme r weather is moving in, just in time of the weekend, but next week, another big chill will settle in. but first, on friday, expect rather cool conditions. highs will be in the mid 50s under mostly cloudy skies. an isolated shower is possible, not the rule. this weekend, rain chances will be going up, especially late saturday through sunday as a weather system from the southwest moves our way. otherwise, expect a good deal of clouds here and there. high temperatures will be in the low and mid 60s this weekend. end. highs will be in the mid and
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new at 11 tonight we )ve learned beyonce will be taking the stage alongside coldplay for the half time show at
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they )ll likely play some of their greatest hits. bruno mars is also expected to perform. the super bowl is february 7-th - you can catch all the action right here on newschannel three. ahead at 11 - out with the old - in with the new. a suggestion for all those old electronics you re not using - now that you got new ones for christmas. and a warning for parents - too much phone time could affect
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virginia beach wants you to think twice before tossing your old electronics out with the trash. the city )s landfill and resource recovery center might be the better option. it )s been rebranded in recent years -- and won several awards. after the holidays -- the city )s recycling bureau manager says you may be surprised by what can take on new life. you can find a full list of items accepted on our website on wtkr dot com. going once, going twice... more than 30 global airlines, including some domestic carriers, are now auctioning seat upgrades instead of just giving them away.
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each other on first- class, business- class or premium economy class seats.. right at the gate. in addition to seat upgrades.. some airlines also auction off the chance to have an empty seat next to you in coach. travelers say these auctions actually (save them money a lot of the time.. compared to what they would pay to buy one of the more desirable seats directly. newschannel three is taking action for your health distracted parenting. a new study says a parent s excessive phone time can lead to depression in their children as they grow up. researchers at u-c irvine say disrupted attention from mom and dad can deprive babies of their proper brain development. if a parent is distracted by a phone call or text message, they won )t be able to give their baby reliable and consistent ( attention. the study says that can affect babies ) emotions and contribute to mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety.
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next at 11 - a warning for pizza lovers - and it has nothing to do with the pies. it has everything
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breaking news we )re getting some new information on that house fire on sykes ave at the beach no people were hurt - but we re told a cat died. three adults and two children were forced from both sides of the duplex. no word on a cause - crews have put out the flames. new at 11 if you love pizza - take note. turns out the delivery boxes may cause cancer. the f-d-a says they could contain a toxic chemical called "per-chlo-rate." the government believes the chemical may cause birth defects and cancer. and it )s thinking of banning it. the toxin is also used in some sandwich wrappers,
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popcorn bags, and other wax paper products. stephen colbert is next -- with
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