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tv   News Channel 3 News at 11  CBS  January 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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(baby crying)molly:oh, my god. (crying continues)(gasping) nakutakia maisha mwema na fanaka. nantsingonyama! may you have a good and prosperous life. yeah. hakuna matata. molly:good job, good job. i knew you werestill awesome! james drove his rav4 hybrid, unaware death was lurking...wwhat? he was challenged by a team of lumberjacks. let's do this. he would drive them to hard knocks canyon losing limbs and slipping and dying. not helping. but death would have to wait.
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a man's gratitude... and his shirt. the all-new rav4 hybrid. how far will you take it? toyota. let's go places. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... we were belowthe 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay!
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i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. song: "that's life" song: "that's life" song: "that's life"
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mike, i'm-i'm near a tree and i'm wearing a shirt. that should really narrow it down. molly! hey! hey, over here! (chanting continues) excuse me. excuse me. hi. hey, where's the pregnant lady? oh, she's with the baby,and they're doing fine. you delivered it? well, no, but, you know, i watched, and i didn't throw up, so that's something. i'm proud of i got some great shots of these women. i mean, they're so brave-- they're just... they're fighting for something they really believe in, you know? they're beautiful. you got to live life until it's ripped out of your arms.mike: that's the spirit. see? you may end up gettingt-boned by that rhino yet. i don't get it. hey, molly, hold this for me. huh? okay. you can watch change,or you can be a part of it. i'm going in. oh, god.ha-ha! (laughs) hold this. oh, no.
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we need some sunscreen! i better hold on to these for when i have to arrest them later. okay. all right. captioning sponsored by cbs media access group at wgbh breaking news, a controversial council meeting---a portsmouth council member issued a fine. then after the meeting the mayor is stopped by
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breaking details newschannel three at 11 begins with breaking news norfolk police are on the scene of a shooting on alexander
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- that )s right off norview avenue. this is a live look right now - where one person was shot. police tell newschannel three crews took that person to the hospital -- no word on that person )s condition. and so far - no word on any suspects. we )re working to get more information - and we )ll bring it to you on air or online. it )s going to get cold tonight - but the freezing temperatures won t stick around too long. +let )s go to chief meteorologist patrick rockey with more on what we can expect overnight - fasten your seat belts, our weather roller coaster is headed down again! a fast- moving cold front will swing through the region tonight. with it we may see a stray shower or even a snowflake or two. but the skies will clear quickly and the temperatures will drop. it will be sunny, cold and windy when you wake up on wednesday morning. expect wind chill values in the teens and
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afternoon only in the upper 30s. but the roller coaster heads back up through the rest of the work week and into the weekend. we )ll climb into the lower 50s on thursday with plenty of sunshine and into the upper 50s on friday. a few showers are possible late friday and into early on saturday. it looks like we will warm up into the lower 60s on saturday before another cold front knocks us back down into
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more breaking news a wild night at the portsmouth city council meeting-- and afterwards! the city )s sheriff pulled the mayor over after the meeting and wrote him a ticket. newschannel 3 s brendan ponton joins us with the details. brendan? these two are political rivals and it took a bizarre twist. i just got off the phone with sheriff bill watson. he says he noticed a black mercedes with an expired inspection sticker. shortly after -- he realized it was the mayor s. he waited until the mayor was leaving. then the sheriff says he turned on his patrol lights. the sheriff says the mayor told him "sheriff get out of here." he briefly followed the mayor with his lights on. the sheriff says during that time -- he asked for police backup. the mayor did stop and the sheriff wrote him a
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sticker and the sheriff says the mayor signed it. we have reached out to the mayor to get his side -- but haven t heard back. you can stay with us for updates. brendan ponton newschannel 3. all this - after some more drama at the portsmouth council meeting tonight councilman bill moody says he got docked 15- hundred dollars - for a facebook post. the post had to do with a closed-session discussion about the city )s confederate monument, that discussion happened back in december. in september - council members approved changing city council rules to prohibit members from discussing closed session discussions in public. moody tells newschannel 3 he paid the fine in cash and is waiting for a receipt from mayor kenny wright. right now crews have extinguished a marsh fire in nags head. this video shows the fire at its peak. n-c highway 12 was closed for a time about two miles south of whalebone junction - it s since re-opened, the fire started on state park owned land.
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word what sparked the flames. we )re following a developing story on the military watch ten american sailors - being held in iran - expected to be released in just few hours. the sailors were taken into iranian custody after their crafts strayed into iranian territorial waters. cnn is reporting the sailors -- nine men and one woman - are expected to be released at 2-am eastern time. this is video of the type of boats the crews were on. they are riverine patrol boats. ships built for speed. their only fire power - a 50 caliber machine gun. and are often used to get close to suspicious watercraft that could pose a threat to the fleet. again they )re expected to be released at 2am. count on newschannel three to keep you updated on this story -- on our online platforms and on the air. new details a man involved in a standoff with norfolk police sunday night into yesterday morning - has
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it happened on land street - police say it started with a call that 58- year-old keith richardson barricaded himself in a house after a domestic dispute. the standoff ended with officers firing at richardson - and richardson shooting and killing a k-9 police officer. the officer who shot richardson is on desk duty during the investigation. virginia beach police need your help to find a man they say is exposing himself to children in the toy section of retail stores. we got some surveillance video of the suspect this afternoon. newschannel three s allison mechanic is live now with more now from shoppers - allison well kurt/bev shoppers here say they no longer feel safe letting their children be in the toy section of this store unsupervised. and those feelings were echoed with shoppers down the road at the barnes and noble store where the same man exposed himself to another child a few months ago. now they are just hoping
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man in this surveillance footage so that police can arrest him. this man -- seen pacing up and down the children s isle of a barnes and noble -- is wanted by virginia beach police. they say he is the man who walked up to a child and exposed himself while inside the virginia beach blvd store back in november. and according to police -- he just did it again. on saturday -- january 9th -- police say the same man walked into this dollar tree store on independence blvd. according to police, the man was in the toy section of the store, when he approached the children and exposed himself. 2:27:08 its horrible and its scary its really scary the dollar tree, everyone goes in the dollar tree. lynnette pugh lives near the shopping center and was at the dollar tree on saturday right before the man exposed himself. 2:27:26 everybody is out here on saturday. i dont understand that. wow im shocked.
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5 grandchildren with her when shopping at the dollar tree -- but after hearing what happened over the weekend-- she will no longer feel safe letting them roam while she shops. 2:27:39 i will never let my grandchildren go through the store every again by themselves. i mean i let them go to the toy isle to pick out something but no they are going to be right here by my side from here on in until they can catch him. i showed the survillence footage to multiple people here in the shopping center who say they were here over the weekend but so far no one has recognized him. if you recognize the man seen in the surveillance footage from the barnes and noble take action and call the crimeline. in virginia beach i m allison mechanic newschannel 3. in norfolk -- more layoffs could be coming to b-a-e shipyard. the company sent out a letter today to more than 500 employees -- telling them they may not have jobs come march. newschannel 3 s brendan ponton spoke to some who got that letter. joey vaughan was one of 530
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in norfolk to get a letter saying in march he may be out of a job. the shipyard announced more layoffs today. a spokesperson for b-a-e says there s just less demand for work. a lot of their business depends on the navy. recently -- ships have moved to other areas and maintenance is done in a different way than in the past. he )s right. several shipyards have made layoffs lately. in the past year -- newport news shipbuilding announced 15- hundred worker would be laid off for a two year period. general dynamics nassco said 360 would be out of jobs. b-a-e systems laid off 400 last fall and now 530 more are coming. everytime the news of layoffs comes out -- it s hard to take for
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happen in march if they find more work. until then -- many of the employees say they )re left in limbo. brendan also spoke with the head of the virginia ship repair association -- which represents several companies. bill crow told brendan he )s hopeful this will be a short term reduction and that the work will return. he )s just worried some of these employees will leave the industry -- creating a shortage when the work returns. the chief medical examiner hopes you can help solve some mysteries. today the office revealed facial models of eight unidentified people found dead in virginia between 1972 and 2014. two of them - found in hampton roads. one person )s remains were found
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road in york county. that was back in 19-72. the medical examiner has identified her as an african american woman. another person - found along the bank of the york river in james city county back in 19-76. the medical examiner believes this person was an adult man - somewhere between five foot six inches and five foot nine. officials say the photographs are in the national missing and unidentified persons file. if you know anything that could help identify these people-- take action and call the office of the chief medical examiner.. another day off school for students and employees at hilton elementary school in newport news. tonight - there s a major clean-up operation underway. they )re working to clean up lead based paint. the y closed the school today after discovering it. and crews won t re-open the school until they see a "good" air quality reading. if you participate in he newport news parks and recreation youth program-- theyill operate from 8 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. at the
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center. the powerball jackpot is growing - and so are the odds you (won )t ( win the big one! but - if you re still feeling lucky - the drawing is tomorrow! tonight - it sits at one point five (billion ( dollars! that makes it the largest-ever u-s lottery prize. people across the country are buying up a chance to win in the multi-state lottery-- including people at this wa-wa in norfolk. the winning numbers will be drawn tomorrow night at 10:59. ahead at 11 - a stabbing at a newport news gym! it all started with an argument. also - changes in who uses the bathrooms in your child s school? the proposal up for debate in richmond. and you know when you feel your cell phone vibrate - or hear it ring - and it )s not doing either?
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an arrest tonight - after a man got stabbed at the julius conn gymnasium in newport news. and they say some observant witnesses helped them nab the suspect. they say robinson stabbed the other man just after eight a-m. officers tell newschannel three there was an argument between a female friend of robinson )s and the victim. the
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reportedly walked up and stabbed the man - then ran away. witnesses helped police track him down nearby. the victim will recover. it )s the end of an era. tonight president obama delivered his final state of the union address. he looked back at his time in office - and as craig boswell reports - he also looked ahead. 36-46 craig boswell/cbs news, capitol hill suggested intro: president obama laid out his vision for america - one he says builds on the successes of his time in office. the white house referred to the presidents last state of the union speech as a quote )antidote to an avalanche of negativity from the gop this election year. cbs s craig boswell is on capitol hill. pkg: nats - sergeant at arms 21:05:40 narr-1 a decidedly optimistic president obama told the nation he s looking to the future: sot "i want to focus on e next five years, ten years, and beyond." narr-2 part of that involved looking back at e last seven. e president touted his accomplishments .... sot we )re in the middle of the longest streak of private- sector job creation in history. narr-3 he also championed the iran nuclear deal, the climate change agreement, and america s resovle against terrorism: sot when you come after americans, we go after you. it may take time, but we have long memories, and our reach has no limits. standup bridge: craig boswell/cbs news, capitol hill the president didn t lay out
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led congress, but (did say he he wants to work with lawmakers on bipartisan priorities like criminal justice reform and prescription drug abuse. narr-4 the president also lamented strained relations between the two parties: sot it s one of the few regrets of my presidency - that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. narr-5 president obama reminded americans one year from now - hell be right alongside them as a private citizen. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. #### new at 11 some state lawmakers want to restrict what bathrooms transgender students can use at schools. republican delegate mark cole from fredericksburg has introduced the bill. it
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whose anatomical sex doesn t match the gender on the restroom to use that bathroom. it a heavily-debated issue in virginia. you ll recall a transgender student in gloucester is suing the public school system because he wants to use the boys bathroom. that lawsuit is ongoing. newschannel three s les smith will be in richmond tomorrow as the legislative session gets underway. count on newschannel three for complete coverage of the 2016 legislative session- on air and on wtkr- dot-com. patrick open fasten your seat belts, our weather roller coaster is headed down again! a fast- moving cold front will swing through the region tonight.
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shower or even a snowflake or two. but the skies will clear quickly and the temperatures will drop. it will be sunny, cold and windy when you wake up on wednesday morning. expect wind chill values in the teens and high temperatures in the afternoon only in the upper 30s. but the roller coaster heads back up through the rest of the work week and into the weekend. we )ll climb into the lower 50s on thursday with plenty of sunshine and into the upper 50s on friday. a few showers are possible late friday and into early on saturday. it looks like we will warm up into the lower 60s on
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front knocks us back down into
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ahead at 11 - elizabeth city hunters collect a lot of meat - but they aren t keeping this haul. also - ever feel your phone vibrating or hear it ringing - when it really isn t doing either? now they say this is some sort of
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new at 11 something to think about - as gun enthusiasts gear up for this weekend s big show at the hampton roads convention center. tonight - state police say they arrested more people last year than in any other year - for trying to weapons at illegally at virginia gun shows. troopers busted more than 90 people at 75 gun shows on charges of possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. that )s up more than 50 percent from 2014. this is video from last weekend s gun show in norfolk. the number of people denied approval through background checks at virginia gun shows who were later arrested has dropped a bit in the past two years. a group of hunters in north carolina is taking action to help those in need. they donated hundreds of pounds of venison to the food bank in elizabeth city.
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hunters - theyre affiliated with fountain of life church. this is the second year for the program. this year they were able to donate about 14-hundred pounds of venison. 22:29:07 oh i was really excited because protein is a hard commodity to come by in the food bank world and for it to be such a lean healthy protein, that )s really great :18 - carolyn anderson along with helping feed people in need - it also helps farmers. according to organizers - deer cause an average of 30 million dollars worth of crop damage annually in north carolina. new at 11 if you )ve hit middle age - and you think that hot sports car is gonna cure your blues - stop! a new study says there )s no such thing as a mid-life crisis. in fact - the study says we re happier in our 40s than we were at 18. researchers from the university of alberta in canada say happiness continues to grow - from our teens and early twenties into middle age. and not surprising - people are most
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they re married and in good physical health. so buy the car because you (want it -- not because you think you re having a mid-life crisis! have you ever thought your cell phone was ringing or vibrating... but its not? health experts say it happens more often than you think... now there s even a name for it...."phantom vibration syndrome" or "ringxiety. " it )s when a person is so attached to his or her cell phone they )re constantly reaching for their device...only to find it )s a false alarm. a study of a georgia institute of technology professor found 90 percent felt the phantom phone sensations. experts say it s almost like hallucinations...b
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doctors say the syndrome isn t fatal but believe the sensations should serve as a warning that too much technology may be hazardous to human interaction. next at 11 - a little girl shows off her tumbling skills. wait till you see what her dog
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