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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  January 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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could we expect more transparency? tonight - virginia beach police discuss their new body cameras with the community. drivers beware. someone is propelling concrete rocks at car along a major interstate. a chilly night for folks out in downtown norfolk tonight. but after days of frigid weather can we expect a change? let s get right to meteorologist forecast center. colder....buckle up! we re in for another temperature roller coaster ride over the next several days. we )re also tracking some rain. but as we move through our thursday, we re expecting highs in the mid 50s under mostly sunny skies. clouds will increase and thicken on friday, in advance of our next weather system
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it )s an area of low pressure, which will spread rain our way late friday into early saturday morning. highs will be in the mid 50s. drier weather moves in by saturday afternoon, with highs near 60. then, we )ll start seeing our high temperatures take a big dip by sunday through next week. in fact, highs will be in the upper 30s monday and tuesday. track tonight s frigid temperatures and the change in weather with the newschannel three app. download it for free - by heading to wtkr dot
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three app. download it for free - by heading to wtkr dot com slash apps. now to virginia beach - where newschannel three s kelly rule joins live from the meyera e- oberndorf central library. tonight beach police are speaking to the public about bringing in new body cameras. kelly? now some city council members i talked to in person and over the phone say the cameras are necessary -- but they want to make sure they take the time -- to
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virginia beach councilwoman dr. ross hammond -- doesn t mind that the city is the only agency among the 7 hampton roads cities -- without police body cameras. the reason -- she wants it to be done right. 05;05 we may be the last in but it )s like saving the best for last 04;48 looking at the policies and the laws, as well as considering funding, the right resources, that takes time another necessary piece -- she says -- is getting feedback from the community. which is why -- the virginia beach police department is holding the first of two community forums tonight -- to hear what the public thinks about body cameras. 06;12 we encourage them to come out so we don t have a situation of i didn t know what-p&was happening but among the items to consider -- it )s not just a cost to the police department. a spokeswoman for the virginia beach commonwealths attorney s office says attorney s have an ethical obligation to view every minute of every video that might pertain to a
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so they d need extra attorney s -- clerks -- and paralegals. which likely means more offices -- desks and computers. 05;39 it takes funding so we re hoping that legislators looking at what we want will help us police say with the right funding and resources -- they hope to have the cameras in early 20-17 -- and dr. ross- hammond says -- they will be implemented in several phases. but that means another year -- where police may be in situations -- that the cameras would be helpful. for instance -- in the event of an officer-involved shooting. still -- dr. ross- hammond says -- it )s worth the time. 08;15 maybe that )s helping us move forward a little faster 07;36 we have a diverse population and we want things to be done the right way now we have that same question for police -- is this wait taking away from the accountability and transparency. we will be meeting with them in about the next half hour and we )ll have more information about what they say -- coming up on newschannel 3 5-30. live in vb, kr, nc3. dare county - officials say they arrested two people after
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police say they stopped a car after they received information about two people trying to bring heroin from virginia back to dare county. during the traffic stop-- police say they did find heroin. 24-year-old caitlin palmiter and 27-year-old lynn rowlen were both arrested. rowlen is charged with possession of heroin-- and palmiter is charged with possession with intent to sell heroin. both posted bond. the day millions of powerball players have been dreaming about is here! the record- setting jackpot for tonight s drawing has grown to one- and- a- half billion dollars. from new york - to l-a people are lining up to buy tickets. david begnaud is in tallahassee, florida - inside the "draw studio" where the powerball numbers will be picked. nat "tonight )s powerball is a guaranteed 40 million dollars." for more than two months... nat "355 million dollars!" ...we ve
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jackpot soar... nat "949.8 million dollars!" ...shattering records and frenzy. gfx1 in at one point last night, lottery officials reported that nearly 370- thousand tickets were being sold every tonight s drawing, they expect (eighty- five percent of the-p&possible numbers combinations -p&will have been purchased. -p&still, that leaves a (fifteen (-p&percent chance there may not even be a winner at all. gfx1 out nat colbert "late show s powerball tip number one: pick only winning numbers." jokes aside, some are counting on the (power ( of the people to increase their chances of winning. nat billy jo karger opening door "name and the amount." billy jo karger is running a lottery pool with some of her neighbors near dallas. sot billy jo karger/powerball player "our little town s gonna-p&be desolate because we )re all movin!" laughs the odds are nearly 300 million-to-one that she will actually win the jackpot. sot ron wassertein, exec. director of the american statistical association 1:09-1:13 "the increase chance
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tickets can still leave you with such a small chance of winning that it isn t worth the-p&extra money." standup close: begnaud, cbs news, tallahassee, fl 1:14-:1:26 if no one wins tonight, the jackpot could be the drawing tonight happens at10:59pm eastern time. david begnaud, cbs news, tallahassee, florida. folks here in hampton roads are also making a mad dash - to get their powerball tickets. newschannel three will have tonight at 6. lawmakers headed back to richmond - and newschannel three was there. how they plan to spend your tax dollars - ahead at 5:30. plus - we re dealing with the cold - while other parts of the country are dealing with blizzard conditions. see the big mess it s causing for many
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hookahs may be a hot trend - but did you know they are more toxic than cigarettes? that )s according to a new study released by the university of pittsburgh school of medicine. researchers say smoking hookah exposes the smoker to 125 times the smoke - 25 times the tar - nearly 3 times the nicotine and 10 times the carbon monoxide as smoking a cigarette. ahead at 5:30 - how will lawmakers spend your money this year. newschannel three heads to richmond to find out. then at 6 -- you know the mayor s
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council meeting was the first
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as virginia lawmakers begin discussions over controversial new laws and how they will spend your tax dollars this year. our les smith is there now and
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here )s a look at some of the top trending stories on the newschannel three app. a father wants justice for his 25-year-old daughter who was shot and killed while her two yong children were nearby. the upset dad spoke only to newschannel three s margaret kavaghan - and says the man accused to of murdering his daughter needs to be taken off the street. police have accuse anthony smith of kicking down dashanika sherrod s door and shooting her.
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died - court documents show she got an emergency protective order against him. if you can help police bring her accused killer to justice - take action and call the crime line. also trending - virginia beach police are looking for the man who they say exposed himself to children not once -- but twice. you can see him in surveillance video walking around the children )s section at barnes and noble near town center. this was back in november. police say he exposed himself to one child that day. over the weekend they believe it was the same man who went to the toy aisle at the dollar tree on independence boulevard and exposed himself to a group of kids there. if you know who this man is you should also call the crime line. warmer, then much colder....buckle up! we re in for another temperature roller
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next several days. we )re also tracking some rain. but as we move through our thursday, we re expecting highs in the mid 50s under mostly sunny skies. clouds will increase and thicken on friday, in advance of our next weather system southwest. it )s an area of low pressure, which will spread rain our way late friday into early saturday morning. highs will be in the mid 50s. drier weather moves in by saturday afternoon, with highs near 60. then, we )ll start seeing our high temperatures take a big dip by sunday through next week. in fact, highs will be in the upper
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snow is pounding areas near the great lakes for the second straight day, causing havoc from indiana to parts of upstate new york. some areas could see up to three feet before the storm is over. demarco morgan is near buffalo new york with more on the brutal conditions. take package that s the sound of thunder snow ( tuesday in buffalo. cold air moving behind an alberta clipper (weather system is blowing across the warmer-than- average great lakes... kicking up high winds and snow. watertown lsm
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the heavy snowfall enveloping roads. people with shovels and fighting a losing battle, too. vo wed0059 sara mckloskey is out training for her first marathon... and said she won )t be sidelined-p&by a squall.-p&wed0059 @32 "you re constantly-p&aware of traffic, getting hit by a car, falling on your --you know. i find an excuse not to do it, then i ll just build up excuses not to go." west harrison, in blizzard conditions led to a 40 vehicle pileup along interstate 74 in eastern indiana. richmond, in another pileup on eye-70 involved 13 vehicles. mos tue0301 @54 "i got hit about five different times, i got bumped around pretty good in there." vo wed0060 crash 34 in niagara county, new york... drivers had a tough time keeping it between the lines: wed0060 @40 "well apparently i couldn t see the road and i missed the turn ha ha buffalo s gotten two feet of expected to get more snow today forecasters say by the end of the week, some of upstate new york could have three ( feet ( of snow. demarco morgan, cbs news,
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a winter storm is also hitting northern new england including parts of vermont and new hampshire. a town in maine received the highest snowfall in the state - 13 and a half inches! now to north carolina -where a large tire fire - is still burning. it started yesterday morning at a tire recycling plant in pilot mountain. firefighters decided to let the tires burn . there was concern the run-off would spread potentially hazardous materials into nearby waterways. crews have been working around the clock to monitor the fire and make sure it stays under control. north carolina )s attorney general roy cooper is warning people about a new phone scam. cooper says someone claiming to be an inspector with the state treasury is calling people - and is even manipulating the caller i-d to make it look as if the state is really calling. cooper says it )s important to remember no legitimate government official will ever demand money or any personal
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new at 5:30 - the next time you are driving down interstate 95 - be careful. some drivers say concrete rocks being thrown at their cars. chelsea rarrick with our sister station in richmond- tells us the stretch of interstate where police say it s happening. it )s one of the last things you d expect while driving along i-95 someone deliberately throwing a rock at your windshield, -- putting your safety in danger. a spokesman with virginia state police says they believe that s what someone is doing between the maury street and bells road exits - near phillip morris. on friday we told you about evette delvalle and tasha brown. they were driving north on 95 around 4 am thursday, when a huge rock hit their window, -- shattering the windshield.
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thing happened to someone else that same morning - in the exact same area. a woman says she was driving southbound around 3-am, - when a rock hit her windshield. in the past year, -- state police say there have been 18-20 reported rock throwing incidents (just in that particular area. and while police don )t have any suspect information, -- they want the public to be aware, -- as safety is a top priority. police said if this happens to you pull over to a safe location - and call them immediately. next at six - ten american sailors detained by iran. theyve been released - but not before norfolk-based navy assets took action to find them. plus -- a chase in downtown
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and the
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the sun was shining -- but the wind was blowing in expect in the coming days -- plus -- norfolk- based navy operations play a role in bringing detained sailors home from iran. and the mayor with a mugshot -- the charges that have all of portsmouth talking tonight -- good evening, i m beverly kidd. and i m kurt williams a simple traffic violation turned into an out of control situation in portsmouth and now the mayor is facing a felony charge. newschannel 3s margaret kavanagh is live tonight in the newsroom margaret this case is shocking. its bizarre. the sheriff and the
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other displayed for everyone to
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