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rain is headed our way right now. newport news police - speaking double-homicide suspect. we re the latest. good afternoon. i m kristen crowley. and i m jessica larche in for blaine stewart. new details this afternoon about police shooting yesterday in newport news. officers shot (did ( fire the gun he was holding. newschannel 3s stefania okolie is live in newport news where the police chief wrapped up a
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chief richard myers laid out a timeline on the double homicide and police shooting. and among his comments - the chief thanked the community for tips that helped them locate one of the men police say murdered two people. 14:22:41:28- 14:22:54:13 "yesterday alone we responded to a double homicide, within minutes had engaged a dangerous and ruthless suspect and captured him" heres how it started - 2 men were found shot to death inside this minivan at wickham avenue and 14th street. police arrived minutes later and witnesses identified a man they saw running from the scene. then - a police sergeant spotted a man - matching the description. he
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was holding and at one point he even fired it, according to police. thats when police say the sergeant and an officer shot the man. two guns were found with the man, according to police 14:23:11:26- 14:23:25:03 "days like yesterday tax any organization but you didn )t one complaint or hesitation by our folks to dive in and do what needed to be done." and that work isnt done. police say theyre searching for a second person connected to the homicides and chief myers says overtime has been approved for extra patrols 14:23:55:23- 14:24:09:08 for us to provide some high visibility concentrated patrols in areas throughout the city and we will initiate that as early as this evening right now police are not identifying the man officers shot. theyre only saying he is facing several charges, including murder. as for the victims, all police would say is that both men are from norfolk and that one is 30 and the
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stefania okolie, newschannel 3. here )s a look at a crash involving a tractor trailer that shut down interstate 64 in newport news for almost an hour this morning. this happened around seven a-m and forced drivers on 64 to detour onto jefferson ave. state police say injuries were non-life threatening and all lanes are now open and moving. taking a live look outside now. we )re seeing a much different view over the chesapeake bay than what we saw this morning. some clouds are lingering now and -- and rain is on the way. let s send things over to meteorologist myles henderson
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live vipir forecast rain building in... we are tracking an area of low pressure over florida that will slide up the east coast today. expect sunshine this morning with clouds building in this afternoon. rain will build in from south to north starting late this afternoon. most of the rain will be tonight. some locations could see over 1 ) of rainfall. temperatures today will start a bit warmer, near 40 and we will return to the mid and upper 50s this afternoon. rain will clear out very early saturday morning and
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new at noon-- skies will clear by midday. new at noon-- a good samaritan stopped to help a teen who was struggling in the river. 18-year-old belinda falkins told officials she fell into the pasquotank river yesterday morning. that )s near the waterfront at mariner s wharf. falkins said she was just sitting and accidentally fell into the water. she told police she could not swim and began to struggle. that )s when someone saw what was happening and pulled her from the water. falkins was taken to the hospital for evaluation and has since been released. new details-- we now know the identity of the person who was found dead in a chesapeake ditch. police tell us it is 62-year-old james crawford junior. officials say his family reported him
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his body was found yesterday morning in a ditch on cedar road. right now-- suspicious at this time-- but they are still investigating. you can take action against crime in hampton. police are looking for the two people who fired shots at a couple-- and then robbed them. shell road. officials say a man and woman were sitting in their car when two men fired two shots at their car and police tell us they took money, cell phone, and took their car. police say they found the victims car on west queen street-- but have not found the two guys yet. if you know anything that could help police-- take action and call the crime line. in norfolk-- four people are facing drug charges. police say they found a possible meth lab while serving a warrant. here )s a look at three of those-p&four people charged. justin long, kyle harris and richard billups. also charged -- ashley billups. it happened just after nine last night on templar
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vice and narcotics detectives say they found meth materials inside the home. the norfolk fire marshal )s office, virginia state police and the d-e-a all responded to the home. detectives arrested all four residents on a list of charges including one count of manufacturing meth. new at noon- 108 years. that )s how long one woman has been celebrating birthdays. see how one kindergarten class made her day extra special. a power ranger -- headed to prison? the violent crime that could land a children )s t-v favorite behind bars for decades. plus-- a new warning for shift workers. how your job is
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taking action for your health if you want to keep your eyes healthy just eat some greens! a new study suggests eating more spinach, kale, and broccoli may lower your risk of glaucoma by as much as 30- percent. doctors in boston say people with chronic optic nerve damage
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green leafy vegetables. and shift work can lead to serious health problems. the major risk is the increased risk of type two diabetes, shift workers risk goes up by 42 percent. researchers believe disrupting the sleep cycle weakens insulin resistance in the body. doctors and scientists agree working odd schedules negatively impacts employees overall health. today - tim peak became the first british astronaut to perform a spacewalk. peake and u-s army colonel tim kopra went on a six-and a half hour spacewalk outside the international space station. the two worked on a voltage repair which has been out of service since last year. and while on their walk-- the astronauts snapped this photo of hurricane alex from space. what a neat view of that system. 108 years of birthdays. a kindergarten class does
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there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for.
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on the military watch-- the coast guard is searching for 12 people -- after two military choppers collided in hawaii. a marine corps spokesman says two ch-53 helicopters are
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the crash happened off the north shore of oahu late last night. witnesses in the area reported hearing a loud boom over the water and saw a big flare in the sky. officials say searchers have spotted a fire and a debris field, including an empty life raft. the virginia beach crime solvers: are taking action to honor officers and others who have helped make the community safer. their 33rd annual awards ceremony is taking place right now at broad bay country club. newschannel 3 s erica greenway is there serving as mistress of ceremonies. these are a few pictures from the event. the crime solvers program was started in virginia beach in 1982. since then -- tips called in through their crime line have resulted in more than 73-hundred arrests. he may be out of the presidential race-- but senator lindsey graham is ready to throw his support behind a candidate.
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president today. the south carolina senator race last month. according to a always been the most important issue for graham. he thinks the former florida governor should be the next republican nominee. today marks the seventh anniversary of "the miracle on the hudson" -- when a pilot and his flight crew saved everyone onboard by landing the plane in the hudson river. u-s airways flight 15-49 hit a flock of birds right after takeoff, while it was more than three-thousand feet in the air. the damage shut down both of the plane s engines. captain chesley sullenberger and his first officer were able to put the plane down safely in the water less than four minutes after the engines failed. all 155 people on board survived. a california woman turned (108 years old yesterday-- and she got some help celebrating from a fifth grade class.
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held a party for florence montrond mahn-trahn .the students gave a presentation about all the things she )s seen during the eleven decades she )s been alive. they recited important events-- including presidents that were elected, popular movies and songs this was really special for montrond. teacher into her 90 s. florence montrond/celebrati ng 108th birthday at the end of the presentations - the kids surprised her with a personalized letter from president obama and the first lady. an actor from the t-v series "power rangers" is charged with murder. ricardo medina was arrested yesterday and charged with fatally stabbing his roommate in january of last year. the two men were reportedly arguing about medina s girlfriend when the incident
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medina was the red power ranger in "power rangers samurai." he is scheduled to be arraigned next tuesday. if convicted-- medina faces up to 26 years in prison live vipir forecast rain building in... we are tracking an area of low pressure over florida that will slide up the east coast today. expect sunshine this morning with clouds building in this afternoon. rain will build in from south to north starting late this afternoon. most of the rain will be tonight.
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locations could see over 1 ) of rainfall. temperatures today will start a bit warmer, near 40 and we will return to the mid and upper 50s this afternoon. rain will clear out very early saturday morning and skies will clear by midday. highs saturday will return to the mid and upper 50s. temperatures will start to fall on sunday as a series of cold fronts move through.
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will drop into the 40s on sunday with a mix of clouds and a few scattered showers possible. sunshine returns for monday with it will be cold and windy with highs only in the
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and let s hear about some of today on newschannel three at those. jessica, we re talking about what )s trending. hashtag- deadbeats beware! a new program deadbeat dads, how social media and the internet take public shaming to a whole new level . plus, one father )s brilliant response, when his son asked him for money, i )m barbara ciara, join beverly, kurt, patrick and
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doritos is holding another contest for its super bowl commercial.
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ads for this year s super bowl are expected to cost )five million dollars. ) that s up eleven percent from last year. so if you re new to twitter-- creating a username can be difficult. because basically every name has already been taken. including "l-a rams". this is lara m. sasken.
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meant nothing until the saint louis rams decided to become the l-a rams-- now they want her twitter name. according to reports-- the rams are even
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these down to the lab.
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