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tv   News Channel 3 News at 500  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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meteorologist patrick rockey
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with the cold weather gripping hampton roads - plenty of us will be looking for ways to stay warm tonight. right now our todd corillo is in norfolk - with more on how to beat the chilly temps (and ( stay safe this evening. we )ve had a wild ride with the weather here lately -- now firefighters are asking that you take precautions tonight as you try to stay warm. winter has hit hampton roads sunday -- the story of the day was snow in williamsburg -- the colonial capital was blanketed -- students and
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they trekked through the first big taste of snow for the season. a day later -- and the story of the day was sun but the common denominator of both days -- cold. folks bundled up as they walked along the virginia beach boardwalk. with temperatures monday night expected to be bitterly cold -- the virginia beach fire department knows folks will be turning to a variety of ways to stay warm however -- they want you to stay warm safely v-dot will also be taking action tonight in the cold -- monitoring conditions on the interstates -- and ready to respond to any trouble spots -- just like they did on sunday.
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perfect night to start a fire in the fireplace -- something really basic that firefighters say people forget all the time -- make sure the flu is open before lighting that fire. track the freezing temperatures where you live with the newschannel three app. plus - you )ll get alerts and updates sent to your smartphone or tablet. download the free app now - by heading to wtkr dot com slash apps. new details - about a shooting in gloucester county. a father says he )s glad his 14 year-old is alive after being shot in the back of the head. she is one of four people shot over the weekend - one of them is died. as newschannel 3s margaret kavanagh tells us - the man who police say is responsible - is now in jail for murder. an 18 year old from hampton is in the gloucester county jail. we spoke to a man who says his daughter was one of the victims - who was shot by the suspect. 18 year old dijon whitter is accused of first degree murder among of charges. 15:39 )i hope they prosecute him to the fullest extent" john ward says his 14 year old
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people shot in a rural section of the county. he says a bullet struck the back of her head. 15:24 she has double vision the doctor said if it had been a little bit closer she would not be here. leaders at the sheriffs office say just after midnight on sunday they got calls into 911 dispatch center about a chaotic scene - and reports of gunshot victims near ditchley road and gill lane. they say one person was dead in a car and three other victims got a ride down the road to nuttalls country store - which is a little over a mile down the street. there was a big party going right now the road. doesn t want to be id 7:29 we were having a party for my birthday but there was nothing they were in affiliated with us in anyway. police also got a 911 call from a nearby neighbor who says a teenage girl came pounding their door --- saying the gunman was chasing her. she apparently ran through a wooded area and was not injured. she told the homeowner they were with the suspect - but it is unclear what led to the shooting. 17:27 i don t know how she knows
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sheriffs officials say there are likely more charges to come. they have not released the names of the victims. john says his daughter was released from the hospital yesterday. live in the studio, mk, newschannel 3 hampton roads police need you to take action against crime. in portsmouth - thieves robbed a dragon city chinese delivery driver at gun point. police say three men wearing masks approached the driver on towne point road around seven saturday night. the driver was not hurt. the men are still at large so if you have any information - take action and call the crime line. then an hour later in virginia beach - someone targeted a store at the oceanfront. police tell us someone held up the 7-eleven store on pacific avenue and 26th street saturday night. someone was taken into custody - but so far police have released few details about who that person is and what was taken. no one was hurt in this robbery. finally - a sign of relief for
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williamsburg family. today crews were out in the cold for hours - searching for an 8 year old boy - who vanished from his home without a coat early this morning. newschannel three s nadeen yanes joins us live to tell us discovered. it was an exhausting - 8 hour search for 8 year old zeb gross - who went missing from his skipwith farm home without a coat early this and where he went missing - is where he was found - his own home. sot - he is okay - he is happy - a happy ending to a frightful beginning. that led to eyes in the sky and noses on the ground -in a desperate search for zeb gross. the 8 year old boy - who parents say was missing from his beed around 7 oclock this morning. heres the first update 10:57 at this point we arent exactly sure what happened parents
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missing around 7 am they are not sure exactly how the child left the home they were thinking through a dog hatch with no coat on - and still on the ground more than 80 personel with williamsburg police - williamsburg fire—state police and the virginia department of emergency management spread out over a 2 mile radius to find him. trying to beat the sun - on this bitterly cold day. sot - marg eggeman / state search and rescue coordinator 24:48 a missing child usually illcits a large response anyway but in this situation because of the cold weather thats really starting to drive some of the urgency even random stragners - like robert hale -- who saw the report on newschannel 3 at noon -- signed up to help 6:49 i was overwhelmingly concerned like is there something i can do 6:55 because a lot of times when this happens its like in virginia beach and stuff like that not here in williamsburg so i was like oh my goodness i just got to get out there 6:59 and try to do something so 7:01 i got dressed for the weather came right over here but thankfully these guys beat the sun - finding the 8 year old boy - in a spot they checked before - underneath the crawl space of his own home.
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before the boy was under his home for 8 hours -- with no coat -- in these freezing temperatures-- - but he )s okay. now officials say it )s up to the parents to figure out -- why he left in the first place. live in williamsburg nadeen yanes newschannel 3. coming up on newschannel three at five - on a day of unity - city leaders in portsmouth are speaking about a controversy that put officialst odds. what they )re saying about the drama between the city )s mayor and the sheriff. plus - many would be out in the cold - if it wasn t for local organizations - taking action in our community. so is there a way
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newschannel three is taking
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but some good news to tell you - there aren )t any backups! this is a live look in norfolk heading to the peninsula at the h-r-b-t. many folks are likely home from work for the doctor martin luther king junior holiday. two virginia men have been arrested on terror-related charges. the department of justice says one man was taken into custody at richmond international airport. officials say he was heading to syria. a second man drove him to the airport. both have been living in woodbridge virginia. the man arrested at the airport is a u-s citizen -- and is accused of attempting to provide materials and resources to a terror organization. the other -- originally from sudan -- is charged with assisting. new at 5 - community leaders in portsmouth came together to talk about how to move forward - in despite of recent controversies between city officials. "the martin luther king junior leadership steering
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community in action" says they are concerned about how mayor kenneth wright is being treated. the mayor is now facing a felony eluding charge after being accused on taking sheriff bill watson on a chase through olde towne. it all started after a city council meeting earlier this month. today the committee they )re condemning the sheriff )s actions. some members said they will consider recalling any leaders who do not support a unified city. a 12-year-old child prodigy is sharing his gift of music at a virginia hospital. but he )s hoping his gift will do so much more. his dream is to change people s-p&minds - just like his hero did - a generation ago. shernay uh-mara learns a thing or two from the young musician - and explains where the boy draws his
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(nat ( gifts come in all shapes and sizes... some are born with gifts... and well lets just say 12-year- old dante walker opened his early. (nat ( "i like playing it makes me happy, i like also playing for other people, i also like making other people happy." so he does by volunteering his time to play at sentera martha jefferson hospital. his only trouble is trying to teach someone like me "for me i guess it just kind of came naturally once i learned the basics i remembered which each note was and it went from there." inspired by his big sister who also plays and skills sharpened by teachers suprisingly, one of his biggest inspirations isn )t a musician at all. "if dr. king hadn t done what he did i wouldn t be here, because there might still be segregation and i wouln t be able to go to some schools be with my friends or even come here and have a chance to play for all of these people." walker will honor the legacy of dr. king by performing at
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still he says there are referencing the picture he plays next to. "i see a whole bunch of people, with different jobs but then i see only one colored person, who does nothing more than clean, while save their lives." but even motivation "i think that sitting next to this painting can show that we can achieve more can do these things, by having them see that we can do it, it can change what they believe in." walker says he hopes to be an inspiration for kids like him, but until then.... he plays to touch the ears of whoever listens... (nay ( "i think that sitting next to this painting can show that we can achieve more for people who don )t think we can do these things, by having them see that we can do it, it can change what they believe in." walker says he hopes to be an inspiration for kids like him, but until then.... he plays to touch the ears of
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ahead on newschannel three - a murder mystery is brewing in virginia. it all started when a child )s body was
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for many - the cold can be quite bitter - for others it can almost be unbearable. we )re talking about those who do not have a home to warm themselves in this winter. many are seeking refuge - at local homeless shelters like the union mission. newschannel three stopped by the ministry in norfolk - as they prepare to take
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the union mission says they are always looking for people to take action. right now some are in need of warm clothing - especially winter coats. the organization says they also welcome any volunteers to help people in their time of need. ahead on newschannel three - it )s a battle of ideas - but it can effect your gun rights
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a child s body found in the attic of a virginia apartment unit. the battle over your gun rights is heating up - with a new law that effects folks who travel to commonwealth. freezing - frigid - the bitter cold! however you describe it - just know it s only going to get colder tonight. let s get right to chief meteorologist patrick rockey
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