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tv   News Channel 3 News at 530  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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the virginia general assembly is at work in its first full week of the new session. among the most contentious battles this year is over the rights of gun owners. a recent decision by virginia )s attorney general has many republicans taking dead aim. 2nd amendment battles wtvr tons 460972 12/22/15 01: if youre a virginia resident and you have a virginia permit to conceal your handgun nothing will change for you in virginia. but attorney general mark herrings announcement last month will change a lot of things for gun owners. starting
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longer recognize concealed gun permits from 25 states. the move also means virginians will no longer be able to use their concealed handgun permits in six states that require so- called reciprocity agreements. scott taylor interview 45:13 i want to keep their freedoms virginia beach delegate scott taylor is among the republicans outraged with the attorney generals decision. he is co-sponsoring a bill that would would overturn it. 45:46 im not expanding gun rights, im protecting gun rights ) 45:49 herring claims those 25 other states have laws that are too weak to meet virginias standards. wtvr tons 461012 12/22/15 :22 the general assembly has laid out certain things that disqualify you from getting a handgun permit. things like being convicted of stalking, things like being dangerously mentally ill or being convicted of assault. those are pretty reasonable things :39 but herring could not say how many people are suspected of actually coming to virginia with concealed weapons to commit crimes. some republicans have accused herring of delcaring war on the second
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this legislative session to fight back. 45:15 its not that i am giving more freedom to gun owners its that i am trying to fight for them to keep their freedoms. 45:20 the bill to overturn attorney general herring s requirement on concealed handgun permits is now in a subcommittee. it is scheduled to come up on thursday. and today gun rights supporters kicked off a rally at the state capitol. more on what they had to say - ahead on newschannel three at 6. billionaire business donald trump was on the campaign trail in lynchburg. the g-o-p presidential hopeful - stopped by liberty university this morning. one of the highlights of his speech was his method on keeping illegal immigrants out of the u-s.
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he becomes president - they would see the term "merry christmas" in department stores. meanwhile - the democratic contenders - fresh off a sometimes contentious sunday night debate - attended doctor martin luther king junior ceremonies in south carolina. here )s weijia jiang with more. track 1--beauty shots of memorial visitors reflected at the martin luther king junior memorial in the nation )s capital on monday... nat pop mlk choir track 2 while the presidential candidates channeled his legacy on the campaign trail. sot--hillary clinton--01/18/2016 11:53:22 "we should pay tribute to people who helped bring us to this point and be challenged to continue their work. sot--bernie sanders--01/18/2016 12:02:42 "what is important is that we remember his vision, the world he wanted to see the america he wanted to see." track 3 all three democratic contenders commemorated the civil rights leader on the steps of the south carolina state house in columbia... fresh off their most contentious debate yet, hosted by nbc news in charleston on sunday night. hilary clinton and bernie sanders had several heated exchanges over gun control, health care, and wall street...while martin o )malley struggled to get
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nat sot omalley: can i get 30 seconds too? sot--stand up bridge--weijia jiang/cbs news/washington with just two weeks to go before voting begins in the presidential race, the republican candidates are getting aggressive too...but many of them also took time to recognize dr. king. nat: trump waving track 5 frontrunner donald trump made a campaign stop at liberty univeristy in virginia sot: trump so well dedicate that to martin luther king , a great man track 6 and jeb bush tweeted a picture of dr. king saying he changed the nation for the better weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. there are more questions than answers into a death investigation in richmond. according to our sister station there - the body of a child was discovered in the attic of an apartment building. investigators say a maintenance worker called police after making the discovery
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a neighbor says she saw all the police there and is now considering moving. little details are being released about the child - but police sources say no one has lived in that apartment for months. killed on the dance floor. right now police are looking for the gunman who opened fire inside a virginia night club. plus - the nail polish you love so much - could be releasing harmful chemicals into your body. folks may have felt drained
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all of the holiday shopping - but sales weren t as high as expected. that )s according to the national retail federation. sales only rose 3 percent in november and december. that s slightly below the 3-point-7 percent increase the group originally forecasted. on the other hand - online sales exceeded expectations and grew by 9 percent. a new report - could prove the rich are only getting richer. ox-fam international s new study shows - the 62 richest people have as much wealth as the 3-point-6 billion people who make up the bottom half of the world s population. 6 years ago - it took nearly 400 ultra-rich individuals to own that portion of global wealth. oxfam also reports
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combined. a separate report last year from the pew research center found that poverty worldwide has fallen by nearly half over the past decade. it )s a symbol some people say reminds them of a horrible past. so will a north carolina city - ever take down its "slave market" seal? then at six -- one person is dead after a quadruple shooting in gloucester county. tonight a father tells newschannel three he is thankful his 14- year old is still alive -- after being shot in the
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here )s a look at one of the top trending stories on the newschannel three app. at least ten people were arrested - when police and federal investigators searched six chesapeake massage parlors last week. they were investigating whether the massage parlors have the right permits, whether people were living at the parlors and if people were giving inappropriate massages. news of the arrests - surprised neighboring shop owners and workers - but others suspected something else could be going on
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last summer - chesapeake )s city council put more restrictions on parlors - including strengthening the punishment for inappropriate massages. so far it s not exactly clear what charges those who were arrested could face are. a night at the club - turned deadly. police in richmond are on the hunt for the person who opened fire inside a nightclub - leaving one person dead and two others hurt. according to investigators the gunman began shooting around one this morning. he gunned down and killed one man on the dance floor - and shot the others - before running away. this all happened while police
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the surviving victims are expected to survive. along with searching for the gunman - investigators are working to find out a motive for the shooting. five americans are now free from imprisonment in iran. the prisoner swap also released seven iranians. the exchange was just the precursor to world powers lifting sanctions against tehran for its nuclear program. craig boswell is at the white house with an update. a swiss air foce plane landed in geneva carrying washington post reporter jason rezaian. rezaian was among three former iranian prisoners on board the aircraft. his brother ali is waiting for him in germany. sot: ali rezaian/brother of jason rezaian "i was able to speak to him this morning on the phone. he )s just really happy to be out. he got a good night s rest." gfx iran released five americans from its prisons over the weekend. one flew direct to boston and another stayed in iran. amir hekmati )s sister sarah wanted to help him learn what he s missed. sot: sarah hekmati/sister of jason hekmati "every new year there s a year- end review magazine and i would
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get caught up." standup: craig boswell/cbs news/the white house as the prisoners were released - the u-s and other world powers paid iran with billions of dollars in cash and sanctions relief. a reward for freezing its nuclear program. gfx before they received any compensation - iran had to first ship out more than 25-thousand pounds of atomic fuel - reduce its number of centrifuges. - and pour concrete into a plutonium reactor rendering it useless. monday - the head of the i-a-e-a - the agency tasked with monitoring iran )s nuclear program - met with iranian president hassan rouhani. sot: president obama "for decades to come, inspectors will have access to iran s entire nuclear supply chain." but shortly after the international sanctions were lifted - the white house announced its own new sanctions against 11 individuals and companies related to iran s ballistic-missile program. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. newschannel 3 is honoring our american heroes. hampton roads is full of them and we want to recognize them. but we need your help. send us a picture of your american
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their name, rank, and a little about what makes them your american hero. email it all to pics-at-w-t-k- r-dot-com -- and we ll honor them
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the average woman paints her nails once a week - that means women could be exposing themselves to several chemicals each time they polish. now new research shows - a chemical found in nail polish is not only getting on a woman s nails - but it )s also-p&getting inside her body.-p&julie -p&watts has more. nats i m gonna use yellow now from the nursery to the nail salon.... polish is popular with girls, of all ages. nats but a joint study by duke university and the environmental working group finds.. chemicals in some polishes can get inside your body. ewg s tasha stoiber says researchers tested women for signs of the common chemical flame retardant triphenyl phosphate, or tphp. every woman had elevated levels after they painted their nails. sot-tasha stoiber/environment al working group )nail polish is the only personal care product that has this chemical listed as an ingredient. the ewg estimates about half of all nail polishes have t- p-h-p which is also used as a flame retardant in some foam furniture like couches. nats and while the group says more research is needed on the effects of this chemical in humans...
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to reproductive... and developmental issues. nats thats surprising news to jenna high... who lets her kids play with nail polish. sot- jenna high/mother )i was shocked. i would say that i m pretty cautious about what i expose my kids to and nail polish is not one of the things i ever worry about. ) in a statement the group that represents nail polish manufacturers calls the research "speculative, misleading" and points out " tphp has been widely and safely used across many industries," including to prevent "electrical, automobile and furniture fires." sot-jenna high/mother )i think i will continue to let my kids use nail polish every once in a while because obviously they love it... but i will be more cautious about doing so. julie watts, cbs news, san francisco people living in a north carolina city will soon have their say
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seal. according to the fayetteville observer - fayetteville s city seal has the image of the downtown market house where slaves were once sold. now the city council is asking for help deciding on a new seal. the council there will begin public hearings about the change this week. a woman attending a gym in chesterfield - says she was asked by the employees to not breastfeeding there. now a virginia state lawmaker -- is pushing to make sure nursing women feel comfortable in the workplace. sandra jones with our sister station in richmond has more on this pivotal issue. breast-feeding. it s a controversial issue for some mothers raising babies in virginia. two weeks ago - a chesterfield mom condemned the a-c-a-c gym for it )s alleged treatment of her after she nursed her two children there without covering up. and that concerns local moms. tc: 02:23:08-14 a new bill before the 2016 general assembly would make it easier for working moms who do it.
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house bill 139 would keep employers from discriminating against women who choose lactation while on the job. the bill would also not allow an employer to fire any employee based on pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions including lactation. tc: 02:14:13-20 which is why - delegate delores mcquinn is sponsoring the bill because she says she received a number of complaints from her constituents. tc: 02:15:24-33 house bill 1-39 has been introduced and assigned to the general laws committee. but it still has to go through a few hurdles in the general assembly.
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employee fired for such action could sue and receive back pay. next on newschannel three at 6. biting windy weather expected to get even colder overnight. if you )re planni to light a fire to stay warm - we )ll take action to make sure you stay safe. and the issue of gun control in the commonwealth is back in the spotlight. today gun rights supporters rallied before the state capital -- hours before a vigil for
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two families forced out into freezing cold this morning after a major fire at their portsmouth duplex. plus -- gun control back in the spotlight in virginia. a rally for gun rights hosted just hours before a vigil for victims of gun violence. and the bitter cold you felt today will drop down to the
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