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tv   News Channel 3 News at Noon  CBS  January 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. i m kristen crowley. blaine stewart. first -- our big temperatures outside. we )re seeing sunshine-- but it is bitterly cold. we are even tracking two chances of snow. let s send things over to meteorologist myles henderson for more on what
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it )s been almost a week since the big one-point-five billion dollar powerball drawing. and in case you forgot-- someone in virginia beach bought a one million dollar ticket. stefania okolie is live at the 7- eleven in virginia beach where
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new details-- on the double homicide in newport news that lead to an officer-involved shooting. police say they arrested 33- year-old laratio dantzler. officials say he shot and killed cadre grey and quinton kelly. it happened last thursday on 14th street and wickham avenue. police got a call about an accident-- but when officers got there-- they found grey and kelly dead inside a vehicle. a little while later-- officers found someone who matched the description of a possible suspect. that )s when police say dantzler and the officer both fired their weapons. he was released from the hospital yesterday and now faces several charges. new at noon-- the man accused of shooting a mother to death stood before a newport news judge today. anthony mark smith, junior is accused of shooting and killing 25-year- old dashanika sherrod in her apartment while her children were inside. today-- we learned that smith was arrested on a list of
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he also got assigned a court appointed lawyer. he )s due back in court march 11-th. you can take action against crime in suffolk. where police are looking for the man who robbed a rite aid. it happened sunday night just after 10-30 on north main street. police say the man you see here-- entered the store-- implied he had a weapon and then demanded prescription drugs. once he got the drugs-- the man ran off. no one was hurt. if you know anything about this robbery-- take action and lock-u-up. the norfolk k-9 officer shot and killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest today. four year old officer kirjger kree-ger was killed during a seven- hour stand off by a man refusing to surrender to police. a private service for krijger kree-ger will start at two at the norfolk police k-9 range. his flag draped casket will be taken to the garden of the pines pet cemetery where krijger will receive full honors. the services are closed to the
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3 will be streaming the service online. now is a good time to download the newschannel three app. you can watch the service live and you ll get alerts and updates sent to your smartphone or tablet. download the free app now - by heading to w-t-k-r dot com slash apps. today-- the supreme court has agreed to review president obama s executive orders to change immigration policy. the plan would allow millions of illegal immigrants to apply for programs that could make them eligible for work permits in the u-s. the president revealed his plans over a year ago-- but federal courts blocked the implementation. 26 states have challenged the president )s authority in the past. the case is expected to be heard in april... and decided in june. marine searchers have found three of four life rafts deployed after a helicopter collision off the hawaiian coast. officials say two choppers smashed into each other off oahu )s north shore late thursday with 12 marines on board. they says they )ve spotted the fourth raft, but no one was on board. coast guard officials
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anyone was on board the three rafts recovered. coast guard officials said they will consult with the marines to determine how much longer the search will continue. new at noon- this man proposed to his girlfriend one hundred and fifty times . but here )s the kicker-- she didn t know about the other 149 times. we )ll tell you the reason why coming up. this is a sight you don t want miss-- all five planets together. this rare solar sighting. what floor you live on could kill you, a new study says the higher the floor the higher the risk
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taking action for your health where you live in a high-rise building can put your health at
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the weekends is good for you. researchers at the university of chicago say (catching up on sleep may help lower the risk of diabetes. they found diabetes risk jumped 16- percent for healthy young men who were sleep-deprived .. but with just their insulin levels returned to normal. and a new study suggests the high- rise building.. the (lower ( their chances of surviving cardiac arrest. building access and elevator delays were blamed. the third floor had the best chance of survival. according to a new study, women (should try to eat three pregnancy. researchers found children with mothers who ate about 17 ounces of fish a week had higher brain function at their fifth birthday. there was no sign of negative mercury effects to offset the benefits. starting tomorrow-- skywatchers will get a special treat. they )ll be able to see five
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mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all be visible for about 45 minutes before sunrise. experts say it )s the first time in more than ten years that all five of them have appeared together in the pre-dawn sky. in case you need any help knowing where to look, you can check out the u-s naval observatory s-p&webpage. police in belize say they are questioning a man who may be involved in the murder of a chicago producer. and officials are saying that s not their original reason for
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five million dollars. how much money the university of cincinnati will pay the family a man who was killed by a campus police officer. last july for not having a front license plate. the officer who killed him, said he feared being dragged under the car as dubose tried to drive away. that officer has been charged with murder, and is awaiting trial. the university reached a settlement of more than 5- million dollars with dubose s family. his 12 children will also receive free undergraduate tuition. prosecutors in texas are expected to hold a hearing today to determine whether affluenza- teen ethan couch should be tried as an adult. couch is still in mexico, but his mother has been extradited to the
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border late last year over fears he would be found to be in violation of his probation. couch killed four people in a drunk driving accident. he is currently fighting his extradition back to america. a person of interest is being held in belize-- officials say they believe he might be involved in the murder of a journalist from chicago. officials say the man is a fisherman from guatemala. he appeared in court yesterday for an unrelated charge of entering the country illegally. police in belize say they are questioning him in the death of anne swaney-- but no charges have been filed. she was strangled last week and her body was dumped in a river, near the resort where she was vacationing. the israeli army says they have arrested a person for killing a woman inside her home in the west bank. officials say the man stabbed a woman as she fought to defend her children. this happened sunday inside a jewish settlement home. police say the killing was part of a month-long wave of violence-- but is the first in a jewish community.
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said yesterday he plans to strengthen security measures in the west bank. 11 people are dead and more than 21 others are hurt in a terrorist bombing in northwest pakistan. the bomber targeted a police checkpoint in pesh-shah -wer peshawar.pakist ani police say the victims included four police and seven civilians, including two children and a local journalist. officials say the attack has been claimed by the taliban. fire officials worked to put out flames on the top floor of the ritz hotel in paris. officials say the five-star hotel is currently going through major refurbishment work. they also a-m local time. hurt in the fire. right now-- investigators are still working to determine what caused the fire. so-cal-gas says it expects to have a natural gas leak sealed by late february, if not sooner. officials say work on a relief well at the aliso canyon site is ahead of schedule. methane gas has been spewing into the atmosphere from a leak at the site since october of last year. officials also say emissions from the site have decreased by 60-percent
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and now let s hear about some of our trending stories we ll -psee today on newschannel three at four.
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live in the control room with more. let s hope this doesn t happen everyday! imagine calling 9-1-1 but nobody answers, then you find out dispatch was ordering a pizza!! the lunch that plus, a tennesee tutor is in big trouble, what lesson was was being taught is the question, after police find 3 kids in her trunk. i m barbara ciara, join laila, beverly, patrick and me today for newschannel 3
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a california woman was arrested last night after she lead police on a high speed chase with six dogs in her car.
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according to police-- the chase began when officers noticed her car on the shoulder of the freeway. officials say when they approached her-- she took off. over an hour later-- police were able to stop the woman. once she got out of her mercedes-- three dogs decided to jump out of the car and run across the freeway. officers ordered the woman to lie face down on the ground while they rescued the dogs. a man in new york proposed to his fiance nearly (150 ( times -- and she never even knew it. over the course of six months, he took these photos, holding up a card asking her to marry him. he hid them so she wouldn t see. he claimed he never showed her the pictures because he wanted to document her pregnancy and have something to show the new baby. finally on christmas-- he played her this video before popping the question face to face. they plan on marrying next year. a boy whose dying wish to become famous.. just got an incredible show of support.
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thousands of people showed up at this rhode island beach to spell out "d- strong" for 8- year-old dorian murray. he s suffering from a rare pediatric cancer that s spreading toward his brain. dorian told his parents he )d like to be famous in china before he went to heaven.. so they took to social media for help. people all over the world have joined in to send dorian
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>> chelsea: i knew it was irrational. adam travels on business all the time. [ sighs ] but we'd just gotten home from the hospital and seeing billy and victoria and the abbotts, and there were so many tears, so many goodbyes. [ sighs ] so something just felt off about the timing. it just felt like it wasn't a good time for adam to leave town. and i had this really bad feeling driving home from the hospital. so i told him. i told him to stay, and he told me that i was worrying for nothing. and he kissed -- kissed me goodbye, and he left. >> sage: and that's the last
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>> chelsea: yeah. >> sage: huh.
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