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weekend. and ice continued to be a problem for some folks this morning. so what do the roads look like now? i m kristen crowley. and i m blaine stewart. let s turn to our v-dot cameras where we can see what s going on out there. icy spots made for a
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some schools closed and others the morning. but it looks like which is good news. yeah but the snow storm definitely did some damage on the roads this weekend. virginia state police tell us the most traffic crashes happened here in hampton roads. state troopers say they responded to 570 crashes in the chesapeake division. the most disabled vehicles happened in richmond and northern virginia. take a look at this-- an ambulance in arlington got stuck in the snow! the national guard had to help pull the ambulance out. no word on ambulance at the time. but the soldiers were able to get the ambulance moving again. after a long snowy weekend, the snow is starting to melt in hampton roads. newschannel three s gabriella deluca is live in hampton where roads were icy this morning. talk about current
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package drip after drip -- whats left of this weekend s snowstorm falls from a hampton home. its near where toyvandra gibbs walks to the store every day -- with the exception of this weekend. 27:33 walkin just walk in up and down i almost feel i don t know how many times but today -- a glimmer of hope as the 29;40 comparatively, today is nicer weather. yes today is excellent weather. compared to the past couple days since friday. this is actually the best day since fridge but even though the suns shining -- there still are slick spots on some back roads -- caked with ice and snow. that from from braving the roads. much worse being from northern 31;26 i like the snow.
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i was up in woodbridge we had so much snow you couldn t go out but both share the same hope -- that warmer temps are on the way. 29;10 i hope it don )t snow no more that s just my wish. if it does mother nature in really trying to see some break. it )s going to be cold it )s the winter but all the snow just is in the way talk about dispatch saying there s no issues talk about dispatch saying there s no issues the snow canceled morning classes at the college of william and mary today. some students were out around the campus as well as some business owners opening up shops. but you can see here the snow and ice that was still out on the roads this morning. some
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just glad to see the sun and all of it start melting away. school officials say students will be back on campus this afternoon to resume the rest of today s classes. taking a live look outside with our norfolk cam. roads are starting to look more clear out there despite this weekend s mess. and we may see some nicer weather on the way. let s send things over to meteorologist myles henderson th your live vipir forecast. sunny and warming up... temperatures will start in the 20s this morning. expect ice on the roads, especially secondary roads, overpasses and underpasses. anything that was slush or a puddle yesterday is likely ice this morning. temperatures will climb above freezing by mid- morning with highs in the mid 40s this afternoon. expect plenty of sunshine today with light winds. temperatures will fall into the mid 30s by tuesday morning with highs
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and now is a good time to download the newschannel three app. you can watch live vipir radar and check the forecast -- as well as get any weather alerts. to download it -- go to w-t-k-r- dot-com-slash- apps - it s free! hampton police need you to take action against crime. they )re looking for the people involved in two separate
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the first shooting happened late last night on smiley road. officers say they found a 25-year- old man shot several times. he was rushed to the hospital and may not survive. so far -- no one has been arrested. the second shooting happened late saturday night on darnaby avenue. police say they found 42-year-old leroy garner inside of a car -- shot. he died there at the scene. police have only released a very vague description of the person they re looking for. if you know anything about either of these shootings-- take action and call the crime line. in chesapeake -- a fire forced a family of six out of their home in the dominion pines neighborhood. fire officials say a fire spread from the chimney into a nearby wall. firefighters got there around six sunday evening and had it under control in 15 minutes. no one was hurt. chesapeake fire crews also responded to an apartment building fire that forced 11 people out of their homes. it happened just after seven norfolk section of the city -- on border road. four apartments in the building were impacted.
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contain the fire. no one was hurt but the red cross was brought in to help find housing apartments. what caused the fire. new at noon- uber says they )re bending the rules to hire criminals! we ll explain their reason for the shocking change. and 8 museum workers are going on trial. what they did to a valuable artifact that got them in trouble. plus-- a warning for parents, monitor your babies care, the pain your newborn experiences in the hospital can
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taking action for your health a warning for new parents. pediatricians are asking hospitals to take extra special care with newborns. they are warning that even routine medical procedures can cause significant pain to newborns. the group is recommending that hospitals find ways to minimize the number of procedures. research shows that repeated exposure to pain
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development that last into childhood. current guidelines say screenings for colorectal cancer should start at age 50. but researchers found nearly 15- percent of patients diagnosed are under 50. they re calling for increased awareness about the warning signs of colorectal cancer like cramping and bleeding. your midlife crisis is all in your head. lifestyle scientists did a study and found that happiness does not (stall midlife. they interviewed 18 to 50 year olds... and took into account things like life experience and changes in health and employment. they suggest instead of trying to relive your youth.. find new hobbies.. instead of buying flashy things.. give yourself new life experiences.. japanese auto parts maker takata is facing more trouble. a tenth death has been linked the company s faulty airbags. u-s regulators now added five million more cars to the massive recall. takata shares plummeted (11 percent today at-p&the news. the company released a statement offering
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takata has struggled for years since its inflators were discovered to be defective. this large piece of metal washed ashore in southern thailand. coming up-- we )ll tell
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thai and malaysian officials are looking at a large piece of metal debris that washed ashore off the coast of thailand. a fisherman found it on friday in the pak pa-nang district. it was covered in algae, mussels and barnacles. officials are investigating whether it could be from missing malaysia airlines flight 370. it disappeared back in march of 20-14 as it was flying from malaysia to beijing. officials say matching panel numbers and hinges can be seen on the riveted piece of metal. in atlanta-- a man is dead after the car he was driving crashed through the wall of a mall parking garage. witnesses reported seeing the car speeding before hitting the wall last night. the car smashed through concrete and struck a hotel worker in a storage area. the worker was not seriously hurt. atlanta police say they are investigating the crash. severe turbulence aboard an american airlines flight put seven people in the hospital.
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206 was forced to make an emergency landing at saint john international airport last night. ambulances and paramedics were waiting on the tarmac with stretchers. the flight was headed from miami to milan, italy. three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to the hospital to be evaluated. and two delta jets got too close at newark airport. one plane arriving from detroit was pulling into the gate area when it struck another plane on the tarmac. the two tails hit-- but no one was hurt. passengers said they waited two hours to get off of the plane after the incident. prosecutors in egypt are putting eight museum workers on trial, for damaging king tut s burial mask. the beard of the mask was accidentally knocked off two years ago, then quickly glued back on to hide the mistake. the mask is 33- hundred years old. the museum workers are charged with "gross negligence". the mask went back on display last month, after a team of specialists removed the glue. as the snow piled up on the east coast this weekend--- so
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experts put the price tag at nearly 850 million dollars. entertainment venues took the biggest hit. but other analysts says people just stocking up on food and shovels... shopping online and renting movies and we aren t the only ones dealing with nasty winter weather. several asian countries have seen record cold temperatures. 85 people died in taiwan and tens of thousands were stranded at airports because of a cold snap. in china-- major highways were blocked by snow and sleet as the peak travel season for the lunar new year vacation kicks off. and more snow in japan...except this came as a surprise to residents in nago city. that s because this is the first time in (50 years the tropical island has seen snow. and another neighboring island has its first snowfall in 115 years. over 60 flights were canceled due to the
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sunny and warming up... temperatures will start in the 20s this morning. expect ice on the roads, especially secondary roads, overpasses and underpasses. anything that was slush or a puddle yesterday is likely ice this morning. temperatures will climb above freezing by mid- morning with highs in the mid 40s this afternoon. expect plenty of sunshine today with light winds. temperatures will fall into the mid 30s by tuesday morning with highs warming into the mid and upper 50s tomorrow afternoon. we will see a few more clouds tomorrow with isolated showers possible. rain chances will increase for wednesday and thursday. we could see some sleet mix in wednesday night as temperatures
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uber says they )re relaxing the rules to hire criminals! why are they doing this? we ll explain coming up. and let s hear about some of our top stories we )ll see today on newschannel three at four. barbara ciara is live in the control room with more. kristen, when folks join us tonight they may shake their heads over some of the trending stories. busted for doing the right thing? why a teenage boy got suspended for trying to save a class mates life.
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after finding her daughters s killer on a "hottest inmates list. how she is getting results. im barbara, join laila, beverly, laila and me tonight on
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it just got easier for convicted criminals to become "uber" drivers. the policy change will affect (california first. uber says, anyone convicted of a non-violent, non-sexual offense may now apply to become an uber driver. drivers are not (employees ( of the company... they )re actually independent contractors. uber )s chief security officer says the change in policy is to give people a second chance. there s a big shake up at twitter c-e-o jack dorsey says four of the company s
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this includes the head of engineering and the company s product chief. the move comes as twitter struggles to gain new users. dorsey, a co- founder of twitter, returned to the company as c-e-o last summer to help turn around the company. while the winter blizzard kept some people copped up inside-- others decided to get creative outdoors. yeah check this out-- a group of filmmakers went snowboarding through the streets of new york. the team set out with several cameras... a go- pro... and a drone. the highlight may have been snowboarding through times square... or being pulled over by police. the biggest game of the year is just around the corner! you can catch all the action right here on newschannel three. our very own makenzie walter will be in san francisco with full coverage of everything super bowl. be sure to follow newschannel three on twitter at
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