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tv   News Channel 3 News at 630  CBS  January 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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police have not released any information about the victims -- or who may be responsible -- if you know anything that can help police -- take action and call the crime line. we )re learning more about the man -- accused of murdering his mom yesterday. a close family friend tells newschannel 3 -- this was completely out of his character. she spoke exclusively with newschannel 3 s kelly rule -- who joins us live in the control room with the details. erica -- jacqueline hill tells me she is shawn hunter )s godmother. he )s the man norfolk police say -- murdered his own mother -- 43-year-old sonya hunter -- yesterday morning. norfolk police say they are still investigating the motive. but jacqueline tells me -- that shawn struggled with some mental issues -- but she still feels this was out of character. 10;06 he said he still suffered from hearing voices, he dont trust nobody and i asked him i said have you ever thought about getting help? jacqueline hill -- is talking about
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with her godson -- 22-year-old shawn hunter. the man norfolk police say -- murdered his mother yesterday -- 43- year-old sonya hunter. jacqueline lives in north carolina now -- so she spoke with newschannel 3 over the phone. 10;29 that is a sign of mental illness 10;44 it only gets worse as an adult if it goes untreated and it seems like it kinda grew and grew until it became this situation with him and his mother jacqueline tells newschannel 3 -- she raised her family on the same street as shawn)s mother, sonya. as a single parent with four kids -- she says sonya struggled -- so she stepped in to help often. when jacqueline moved to north carolina -- she brought shawn with her -- he was 15 at the time and lived with her for a year. she tells us -- he was a great kid and did well in school -- but often kept to himself. 05;56 he appeared to be a very distant individual, he always stood alone, he did everything by himself and i had some concerns there norfolk police say -- they were called to westcliff drive
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gunshot wounds. jacqueline believes shawn s personal struggles led to the incident -- but she s still-p&shocked. 16;13 he loved his brothers, he loved his mother, he loved his sister, he was a protector, he would do anything to protect anyone and thats why im really really surprised of what happened norfolk police say they are still investigating the motive. jacqueline is asking others to use the tragedy -- as an example. 21;31 all im asking is that anyone in a home or knows mental illness lets not let it get to this point again while shawn s godmother with some mental issues -- norfolk police have not confirmed that and say they are still investigating the motive behind this murder. police do say that he is being held at the norfolk city jail without bond. live in the control room, kelly rule, newschannel 3. now to weather -- it )s the last day of january -- and many in hampton roads were out enjoying the unseasonably warm weather! meteorologist dominic brown is
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center with a look at your local weather. tonight, we re expecting partly cloudy skies with lows in the mid and upper 40s. on monday, many areas will be in the lower 70s for highs under a mix of sun and clouds. a weak cold front slides in monday night into tuesday, which could give way to a couple of isolated showers. highs will cool into the mid and upper 50s tuesday. a higher chance of rain moves in by wednesday as a stronger cold front moves in. a couple of thunderstorms are also possible.
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in virginia beach -- a man is dead after he was shot in the chest overnight. this happened on newtown arch -- off of south newtown road. police say they got the call around 1 a-m. when they got there they found the man with a gun shot wound. he was taken to a hospital -- where he later died. the virginia beach homicide unit is investigating. state police are trying to figure out how an injured woman ended
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police say they found the woman off ramp to northampton boulevard. they say a red pick up truck was seen driving away from the woman -- but kept going. non-life threatening injuries. new details -- from hampton police tonight about a man who barricaded himself in a home for 2 hours yesterday. 44-year-old tony westry ended peacefully after they were called to the scene on leta court for a domestic assault complaint. police say when they first got to the scene they spoke with a been in the home. that )s when they saw westry -- who had a gun -- go back inside the house. hampton s swat team was called -- and negotiators spoke with westry. he )s been charged with domestic assault and assault on a police officer. th blacksburg community is in mourning after the murder of a 13-year- old- girl. police have arrested two promising virginia tech students in connection with her death. brian webb has the latest pkg vo-sun0059 police say david eisenhauer
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lovell and that natalie keepers helped him dispose of the body near a north carolina highway 90 miles from her home. sot sun0071 at :11chief anthony wilson / blacksburg police we were investigating all types of things social media included there were lots of things coming in that led us to a general area/ 18 year old eisenhauer, a virginia tech freshman engineering major and member of schools cross country team, is now charged with abduction and murder. 19 year old keepers, a sophomore engineering student is charged with improper disposal of a dead body. sot sun0010 at :30 sarah bradbury / victims friend "i didn t think that would happen to her because she was always the cutest little thing, you know? " vo-pic lovell lovells family believes she climbed out the bedroom window of her blacksburg, virginia artment wednesday after ocking her door with a esser. coles facebook page shows she s a member of at least one en dating site, but police havent said how she and eisenhauer first met. while nicole was missing, her father posted this message to facebook. sot ??? david lovell / nicoles father "nicole honey if you see this if you re out there you can come to me. i m not mad at you. m worried about you. your family is worried about u. st
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disappearance sparked a four day search that included a thousand members of virginia techs corps of cadets. police havent said how or why she was killed. brian webb for cbs news. the coast guard had to pick up passengers from a grounded ferry in the hatteras inlet last night. the n-c-dot ferry roanoke hit aground just before noon yesterday. there were 5 passengers, 3 cars and 6 crew members on board at the time. it took nearly 12 hours for the ferry to make it to hatteras on its own. officials say no one was injured and the ferry wasn )t damaged. a water main break on virginia beach boulevard is causing some problems for drivers tonight. the break happened around one this afternoon on virginia beach boulevard, between witchduck road and aragona boulevard. virginia beach public utility crews have been out there working on the water line repair for hours -- they re expected to work until 11 tonight. in the meantime -- the two eastbound lanes on virginia beach boulevard will be closed. newschannel three is helping you beat the backups --
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the midtown tunnel has reopened early! this is a live look at the tunnel now. crews closed the tunnel friday night. it )s part of a project to remove the elizabeth river trail pedestrian bridge -- which is part of a larger project to build a new midtown tunnel. crews will put a new pedestrian bridge in place before the tunnel project is complete. coming up on newschannel three -- with one day left to campaign in iowa -- trump faces off against
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investigating the death of a woman found in a hotel room -- with two live monkeys . the body of 59- year-old linda marie smith and the animals were discovered friday at a budget inn in north port. the capuchin monkeys were contained in a crate. police say there were "no obvious signs of trauma." an incoherent man, who was also in the room, received medical attention and was being questioned. the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission is taking care of the monkeys. in iowa, the final frenzy to get people to caucus is in full force -- voters will meet tomorrow night to make the first decisions in the race for the white house. the polls show a tight race in both parties and analysts say turnout will make all the difference. weijia jiang reports. pkg track 1 on the eve of the iowa
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nat sot sots—hillary clinton / d presidential candidate its starts here tomorrow night track 2 every presidential candidate has the same message. sots--marco rubio / r presidential candidate i want to ask one more time for your te. want you to caucus for me . ack 3 the first votes in the 16 election will offer more an delegates... t sot--from wj stuff--4 women aving to volunteer go hillary! they will set the tone of the race, nats omalley knocking at doorand determine which campaigns can turn support...into turn out. nat sot - marvin from weijia putting bumper sticker on - marvin miller showed up to donald trump )s headquarters in des moines to help out. he )s a registered democrat... but plans to jump ship to vote for the republican frontrunner. sot marvin miller donald trump supporter "i just like the man. everybody else. not so much." track 6 gfx in--poll in the lastest poll, trump holds a 5 point lead over ted cruz. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck within the margin of error. gfx out sot--su bridge--weijia jiang/cbs news/waukee iowa political experts say this late in the game... volunteers should not be trying to change people )s minds...but making sure already committed voters actually show up on caucus night. sot hillary clinton supporter " it )s not like you can absentee have to physically show up." nat sot--phone
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bernie sanders" track 7 colin baldwin is one of 15- thousand supporters here spreading the word on behalf of sanders. he has a-l-s...and says volunteering makes him feel alive again. sot colin baldwin bernie sanders supporter 19:39:50:29 it )s brick by brick one call at a time, knocking on one door at a time. track 8 and each campaign is fighting for one vote a time. waukee iowa. cars into high gear. the company is creating a dedicated self- driving car team that starts working tomorrow. it will be led by one of g-m )s vice presidents. its goal is to figure out a strategy to driving technology. the move shows self-driving cars are not just a concept for g-m any more -- but something that can work in the real world. tonight, we re expecting partly cloudy skies with lows in the mid and upper 40s. on monday, many areas will be in the lower 70s for highs under a mix of
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a weak cold front slides in monday night into tuesday, which could give way to a couple of isolated showers. highs will cool into the mid and upper 50s tuesday. a higher chance of rain moves in by wednesday as a stronger cold front moves in. a couple of thunderstorms are also possible.
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the super bowl is a week away -- but some fans are already soaking up the nfl experience. we ll take you to san francisco - next. plus - find out how you can win a 50 inch tv to watch the big
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the city of san francisco kicked off super bowl 50 festivities last night with a bang. today -- huge crowds of football fans from both charlotte and denver came out to see their teams off as the carolina panthers and denver broncos head to san francisco for the big game. in denver -- the mayor was on hand for the event. in charlotte -- fans lined the streets as the team bus made its way to the airport. meanwhile - some fans are already in the bay area waiting for their teams to arrive.
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cate cauguiran has the highlights. pkg: the experience started with special delivery to moscone center. nat: "the actual vince lombardi trophy for super bowl 50" 49er great, roger craig signed for the coveted trophy and with white gloves, put it on display... officially kicking off the opening of the nfl experience. mos: too quick to cg our jaws dropped. just wow! this is the greatest day of my life so far! the interactive theme park gives fans a chance to play like the pros... sot: maria brooks/monterey - can cover with vo i m really impressed with it. this is super fun, that 40 yard dash, i tried that first. that screen that they got lit. that is the coolest!dress like like team nat: i don t know about this one. it might be too big meet nfl legends in person... through virtual reality the experience also showcased fifty years of big game history sot: roger craig i ve been to a lot of nfl experiences and this is the best one!" sot: ava davi/ dublin c: are you having fun here? a: yes c:
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everything! the nfl experience was spread throughout all of moscone center... inside and out. and some told us... one day wouldn )t be enough to cover everything sot: famita alleyne/richmon d we just knew it was going to be a whole day so i )m wearing my walking shoes for a reason because we )re planning to be here for the whole day. cate standup: we asked the crowd who would win super bowl 50, the denver broncos or the carolina panthers mos family: the panthers! the broncos no the panthers texas! you know who else is going to be there? our very own makenzie walter will be live in san francisco starting this week. if you )re going too -- make sure to tweet makenzie or leave us a message on facebook and tell us how we can reach you! and don t forget, tune in for the big game right
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and if you want something to watch the big game on, we have some good news for you. watch newschannel three this morning all next week for your chance to win one of these 50- inch smart t-v s. each morning we will give you a code word to use on newschannel three s facebook page to enter. winners will be announced each morning. now leading up to the big game, we hear about a lot of friendly wagers going on around the country. in north carolina -- one town known as the "denver of the east" is getting in on the action too. denver, north carolina may not be as well known as the city in colorado that the broncos call home -- but that hasn t stopped firefighters in the little known town from issuing a challenge to their counterparts across the country.
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your next local newscast is at ten on our sister station - wgnt. then we re back here for newschannel three at eleven.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> kroft: the man in the gray coat with the german accent is an undercover investigator posing as the representative of a fictitious african minister who wants to bring millions in questionable funds into the u.s. >> if it's not in his name... >> yes. >> then he needs what is known as a straw man. >> kroft: it's part of a hidden camera sting operation to see how willing american lawyers might be to offer advice. >> so we have to scrub it at the beginning, if we can, or scrub it at the intermediary location that i mentioned. >> there is a clear pitch consistently presented in every
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