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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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fbi! clear. door. hotch...nothing could have stopped this. prentiss: guys... we've got a note from frank. 7 a.m. union station. all 8 other targets on that list are safe and accounted for. then we've missed someone or something. now that he's set a meeting-- he's going to raise the stakes. just like he did last time. he's going to make it impossible for us to not trade jane for whoever he's got.
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yeah, j.j? i think i found jane. the beat cops picked up a woman who was ranting and raving about needing to talk to the b.a.u. she, uh, assaulted one of the police officers. she's being processed as we speak. so what have we missed? frank's incapable of experiencing normal feelings. yeah, but he takes what normal people hold sacred. children. j.j., i'm going to have prentiss call you to find out where to pick up jane. we'll all meet back at the b.a.u. i'm going to wait for the crime scene unit. i heard you. he's going afterchildren now. i also need you to look at relocations, anything involving children. families that have moved into the d.c. area since the case. i'm on it. garcia: this is hopeless. we don't even know frank's surname. but we do know the only person ever to survive abduction by frank. jane. he fell in love with her.
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of emotionally bonding with anyone. yet he was prepared to risk everything to have her. amongst all those he killed there has to be one constant, one repetitious act, a break from pattern. one he's probably not even a of. oh... [agitated breathing] if they don't come soon, somebody's going to get hurt! if you don't shut the hell up, you'll get hurt. i would like to leave now! i don't want to be here. hello?! hello? excuse me! bitch, shut it. please, i don't want to be in here! shut the hell up or i'll do it for you. shut up! hey, knock it off! jane. come in here and get this mouthy bitch out of here. back off! agent prentiss, fbi. fbi? do you remember me? from nevada? [breathing hard] i asked for agent gideon.
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i told you! agent gideon's right, you know. frank, he can't feel love. he wants to, but he can't. he's coming for me, you know? he's already here. traceyelle. [beeping] hotcer. j.j.: hotch, tracey belle and her family relocated to mclean, virginia, 8 months ago. it--it's her, hotch.
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morgan: fbi! get the unit crime scene team. [indistinct police radio] that's my house. you have to let us in. my daughter's in there. you can't go in right now. where's tracey? where is she? what's important to know right now is tracey is alive, ok? your daughter's alive-- sir--sir! she's not in there. she's not in there. i promise you we will find her, and she's going toe fine. no, no, no... it's ok. no, no, n
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did i do the right thing by coming here? yes, you did the right thing. plseeasit down. is that my bag? tell us something good, reid. we have jane. that's good news. not entirely. frank hasn't hurt anyone, has he? he wouldn't do that. not while he has me. he doesn't have you. we do. he came after agent gideon. why did you leave frank? what...changed? he did. frank changed. he changed just like agent gideon said. and he was so angry with agent gideon
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and frank knows that, too. frank wants agent gideon to stop him, doesn't he? well, if anyone can, agent gideon can. not without you, jane. o you mean? considering the 3 factors of determined behavior-- bio, psycho, social... sir-- first, biology. genetics gave him the predisposition. add to that e nd factor, psychology. clearly a psychopath. ok. that's the filter through which he experiences his environment. finally, socialization-- life experiences. like all of us, he'complicated manifestation of all 3. so you put that all together and... think of frank as a living murder weapon. his genetics load the gun, his psychology aims it, e environment pulls the trigr. that's why his victims are so important. we study them. they reflect back on him. ok. he killed mostly women. since he used a trailer, their occupations, locations,
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plot out the ages. um, he killed 43 in theis, 51 in their 40s, 64 in their 30s, and 12 in their 20s. 12? is that odd? precenlls us the number of victims should rise as the age falls. so it's a break from pattern. why? he wasn't attracted to them. no, that doesn't make any sense because he doesn't feel attraction or love. no, no, no, no. you're onto something. that's great, i don't know what. who was the only victim he didn't kill? jane. she was 22 when frank first abducted her. and through the years he kept on coming back. kept visiting her, bringing her gifts, making sure she was ok. mother protects her children. in frank's case, it was vice versa. he didn't kill jane because he sees her as his mother.
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manhattan. manhattan? you sure? yes, i'm sure! he talked about it all the time. he told me where he lived and how he grew up, everything. he wanted me to know everythi. did he ever say where in manhattan? he lived with his mother. she was german. breitkopf. mary breitkopf. and frank never knew his father. so he uses his mother's name? mm-hmm. and she would take him every sunday to the fair on long island. he talked about her constantly. and they would have dinner parties, and--and frank would dress up, and he would be the barman, and he would serve all the guests... cocktails. jane, when you were with frank,
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being on the run can be very romantic, you know. did frank try to kill anyone else? is it wrong? is what wrong? loving frank? uh, you don't choose who you fall in love with. maybe you thought you could change him and you did, too, for a time. yes. until the desire to kill overwhelmed him. and you saw that, didn't you, jane? you saw it in him. yes. who did he try to kill? me. but he stopped himself. we had an argument...
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and he became so angry. and i had to run here. but as long as he's trying to find me, he won't kill again. he has already. and he's not going to stop until he gets you back. oh-- i'm sorry. [bird shrieks] [snake hisses] [mountain lion roars] got it. thanks, hotch. s meis mary breitkopf from manhattan. wait. the diner. adam and eve on a raft, sink 'em, and a strawberry shake for the gentleman at table 8. ah, finally, you walk into my life. what took you so long, handsome? honey? mind if i sit here? please. he was obsessed with facts. frk: recent record lows have sent desert floor temperatures plummeting into singleigits.
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1.5 million people inhabit manhattan. diha t i read about a woman whose body was found in her apartment... her apartment, upper east side. thas onlg he said that genuinely seemed to movhim. he was talking about his mother. mary breitkopf. he s named him fran i'm frank. germanic, third century... third century. frank and gideon: derived from the name of a type of spear. i wonder what pirations... my parents had for me. german mother, probably immigrated to this country in the fifties. if he likens jane to s mother... then she must have been in her late teens when she arrived in manhattan. i've got 3 mary breitkopfs living in upper east side during the fifties and sixties.
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a 52-year-old mary louise breitkopf. she died of cancer, 1973. tailor's assistant. mary breitkopf, nurse. ed in a traffic accident. mary breitkopf... wow. what? this mary breitkopf was arrested... 63 times. what for? solicitation. she was a hooker. is she deceased? uh, no. no death certificat uh, she's alive and living in manhattan. search for a story involving a woman found dead in her apartment-- dead for over a year. upper east side, manhattan. zip. nothing. so it never happened. frank's been hiding her existence from everyone. [cell phone rings] why? yeah? garcia, get me jason. i have someone who wants to talk to him. it's for you. yeah? girl: jason? who's this? it's tracey belle. go ahead, tracey. its ok. please, mr. gideon... you saved me onc don't you remember?
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tracey, everything's going to be all right. please, m i'sced i just want my mommy. please. please! [sing-song] jason. you son of a bitch. i swear to you i will find you and i will stop you. shh. shh, shh, shh. jason. i chose the station because i know how much you love trains. i saw the toys in your apartment. [dial tone] i-ant trace that call. it wasn't long enough, and even if it was, i--i can't triangulate it-- um, what do you want me to do? talk to me, please. tell me what i can-- call hotch. read that to him. he'll know what to do. [zipper] what are you going to do?
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anybody got eyes on the target? nothing. did gideon say where he was going? he'll be here. in what capacity? what's that supposed to mean? as an agent or an executioner? man on radio: 12 o'clock. platform 11. target. target east side.
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and i have a clear shot. over. we're about to find out. hold your fire. i repeat, hold your fire. there are civilians on the platform. let's go! go! back, all of you back off! we need you out of here! it's right is way. whoa, hey. no matter what happens this time, we don't split up, clear? crystal clear. [train whistle blows] frank. agent hotchner, we haven't had the pleasure of a formal meeting. where's tracey belle? do you have something r me? no, i don't. then you'll never see her again.
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jane. where's tracey, frank? wait here. yes, ma'am. frank: did you think i wouldn't come looking for you? jane: you killed 2 innocent wom. without you, i am lost. tracey, frank. [train whistle blows] not until we're safely away. stop it, frank. i'm not coming. it's you and me-- forever. i can't go with you. i will never be taken by these... people. and without you, i will not stop, not ever. sarah was a doctor. she was a mother of 3 boys. hello, jason. she worked and ran a treatment center
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do you know the birder's term "twitching," jason? she dedicated her life to easing the pain of others. the pursuit of a previously located rare bird. you took the lives of hundreds. [train whistle blows] all because your mother was a whore? mary louise breitkopf, single mother, german immigrant, lived on the upper east side of manhattan. she gave birth to her only son,frank breitkopf, a bright but ultimately strange boy. a boy that only a mother could love. his needs were such that even the 3 jobs she worked didn't provide for this special child. a child she would not let out near the world, not while she lived and breathed. she turned to the oldest trade in the world, and the boy witnessed every single terrible visitation. you're not a rare bird, frank. nothing special about you. you're common, pedestrian...
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jane. this world, we don't fit in it. no one understands what we are. jane, he sees you as his mother. nothing more, nothing less. have you ever been happier than when you've been with me? never. didn't we have fun? jane! so much! come with me now. it doesn't have to end here. jane! frank: i love you. i love you, too. jane, jane! jane! hotch: hang on a second. i'm walking to him. just one second. here he is. it's for you. hello?
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tracey. i just wanted to call and thank you. thank you. you're welcome. hotch: once again the team had battled a monster and won. the future of the b.a.u is not in the balance here. the residualmpact as a result of the investigations into the crimes and criminals you pursue is. every cause has its effect. you think i don't know that?
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the modern furniture, the strategically placed magazines, the framed diplomas, the art on theall, are all in conflict with your family photos. you have 3 children, but you favor the middle one, your son. what do you think you're doing? of course you love all your children, but not like your son. that's enough. the bonsai you obsessively nurture is to compensate for feelings of failure as a mother. agent hotchner, i said that is enough. my position is not in question here. as your superior, i am questioning your ability to lead your team. my team? let me ll you about my team. agent morgan fought to protect his identity from the very people who could save him-- why? because trust has to be earned, and there are very few people he truly trusts. reid's tellect is a shield which protects him from his emotions, and at the moment his shield is under repair. prentiss overcompensates because she doesn't yet feel she's a part of the team. she needn't worry. every day, agent jareau fields dozens of requests for our team. and every night she goes home hoping she's made the right choices. garcia fills her office with figurines and color
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and agent gideon, in many ways, is damned by his profound knowledge of other which is why he shares so little of himself, yet he poursis heart into every case we handle. i stand by my actions, and i stand by my team. and if you think that you can find a better person for the job, good luck. agent hotchner. how do i know you favor your son?
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i put you in the b.a.u. i knew how badly you wanted it. everyone did. you were never exactly shy about letting us know. but there were those who didn't think assigning you to the b.a.u. was a good idea. they thought you were too reckless.
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it's time to pay back the faith i had. your team is in trouble. they've lost sight of the big picture. i believe they are recess and at times out of control. it's time for agent hotchner's career to come an end. and if you wt to stay in the b.a.u., agent prentiss, you're going to help me make that happen. captioning made possible by touchstone television productions, llc and cbs


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