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tv   News Channel 3 News at 6  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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'never, he cried,' and slayed the devil with his spear." [knock on door] [door opens] look after your sister. [humming] no! no! no! no! no! no! no! no! help! aah! help me! help!
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i don't know about this. mike, will you stop being a wimp. woman: they say there's no escape. the demons will always find you. [creaking, door closes] mike. mike? [gasps] holy crap.
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the system was down. we overwork her. and i had to go into the belly of the beast, who i affectionately nickname persephone, and do some machine whispering--thank you-- which is good, because this one is a doozy. emma baker. 38, math teacher from medford, oregon. she went missing 17 days ago, and her body was found yesterday afternoon at st. baldwin's. st. baldwin's is a now defunct psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. now, that is in salem, oregon, which is 230 miles away from medford, and we've been called in for the bizarre nature of the case. observe the photos. wow. look at that dress. was she going to a renaissance fair? not with her feet bound. and missing persons report says that she was in jeans and a t-shirt. but look at how she's laid out. it's almost like it's a ceremony and she's the sacrifice. there's obvious staging going on. could it be a ritualistic killing? and cause of death is still unclear. the m.e. report shows no sign of sexual assault or mutilation except mangled and missing fingernails. you know, there were rumors of satanic rites being performed at byberry hospital in pennsylvania,
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you know, judging by all the graffiti, this place isn't exactly locked down. uh, yeah. the local p.d. said that vandals and vagrants have been breaking in. which means she could have been killed elsewhere and placed here. she had limestone under her fingernails, but limestone wouldn't have been used when this asylum was built, so she was obviously held somewhere else. well, the ttom line is, the unsub transported her hundreds of miles from her hometown for a reason. we just need to find out what that reason is. wheels up in 30. please! tell me what you want! [sobbing] [footsteps approaching] [gasping] oh! i'll do anything! [gasping] no, no. aah! [gasping]
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no! aah! no! let me out of here! aah! aah! captioning made possible by abc studios, llc and cbs, inc.
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oscar wilde. emma baker was a divorced math teacher. no children. she has a boyfriend, though, who's a drummer in a goth band. her facebook has pictures of them at the bram stoker vampire festival and slayerama, which is a celebration of all things gothic. hmm. teacher by day, elvira by night. clearly this is a woman with two different sides to her personality. yeah, the boyfriend's band pours fake blood all over themselves on stage. ok, so if these two were satanists, it wouldn't be a stretch. garcia, s the boyfriend been questioned by local p.d.? he has by phone. he's got an airtight alibi. him and his band have been on tour to asia for the last month. well, if it's not the boyfriend, the unsub could be someone in their circle. emily, you asked earlier if she was going to a renaissance fair. there's something to that. based on the dress, there could be more of a connection to history than the occult. renaissance fairs typically replicate 16th century england. they've surged in popularity since they begann the 1960s. and it's not just a bunch of nerds in costumes eating turkey legs, you guys.
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agent hotchner? detective gassner. yes, sir. of course. thanks for coming out. this is agent rossi. hi. uh...welcome to st. baldwin's. creepy, isn't it? they shut it down in '98 after a fire burned down theast wing. any idea what part of the hospital we're in now? is is the female ward. the old day room to be exact. hotch, take a look at this. the victim was laid out here, but the bed wasn't here originally. it was dragged across the floor from in there. those are the old patient rooms. these beds are heavy. this unsub went to a lot of trouble to make sure that the victim was placed right here in the middle of the room. that is significant. the unsub knows this place. could be a former patient. i'll have garcia pull up a list. we, uh, photographed all the walls, and we're running a paint analysis to find the most recent graffiti.
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or the unsub left his mark. [woman humming] my son. you've been so brave. i have no fear. you will. the wives will be stronger. it's an honor to be chosen defder. an honor and a curse for this family. regardless, it is our sacred duty. be vigilant. never let your guard down. send a warning. show them our strength.
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before they y stroy us. i will. i promise. the cause of death was nicotine poisoning. was it something in the white-face makeup? no. no, the makeup's harmless. and it was applied postmortem. but the gown that she was wearing s soaked in a nicotine-based pesticide, so it was absorbed through her skin. was that a quick death? at high doses, people can die immediately, but based on the levels in her bloodstream, she probably died in about an hour. within minutes she was probably sweating and then experiencing shortness of breath and possibly seizures. so she didn't have the wherewithal to remove the dress. well, even if she did, she couldn't. that corset was laced so tightly, it left lividity marks on her chest. plus, someone sewed the dress shut over the closure. i'm guessing she wasn't sewn in by choice. take look over here. prentiss: is that more nicotine bruising?
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see, the epidermis is thickened and s signs of abscess formations. she was submerged in water for some time before she was killed. so we were right. he held her and tortured her first. the question is, why? the unsub's not the first to do this. poisoned garments actually have an incredibly long history, going all the way back to the shirt of nessus, which killed hercules. ok, so, i double-checked, and this fabric is not manufactured for commercial sale. is it possibly something from the past that was maybe discontinued? no. i can tell you one thing, though. the fabric is a double-layer brocade. it was probably custom-made for someone, and it's very pricy. ok, now what about the dress? did anything stand out? well, it's homemade, for one. ok, how do you know that? well, the seams are uneven. whoever the seamstress is, she isn't very skilled. what makes you so sure it's a woman? well, there's some detailork in here that would require small hands. oh, and this is interesting. see, now, the stitching on this hem, it's narrow in some places and wider in others.
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let me ask you this. how old do you think someone could be and still effectively sew this? well...a pattern of this complexity, they'd have to be a teenager. ok, thanks. based on the size of the victim's body, i think only an adult male would be able to lift her and move a hospital bed, so... what, are we looking at a team here? or an unsub with a young accomplice who's being coerced. i didn't know if you'd want breakfast or lunch, so i made both. french toast and spaghetti. you're spoiling me. you saw mother again. yes. james, when can i go back to school? now i see why i'm getting the royal treatment.
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lara... i promise i'll be careful. you can drop me off and pick me up. look, we're different from other people. i never should have put you out in the world to subject you to ridicule. ridicule? your birth defect is the first thing that people see. and people can be so cruel. but they're not. i have friends at school, james. good friends. then there's pity. pity is worse than ridicule. these people think that they're doing you a favor by being nice to you, but they have no idea w special you truly are. if you let me go, i'll call yo between every class. i said no. well, at least let me have a computer. not in this house.
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look, if you need to use a computer, i can take you to the library, ok? but you know that this is for your own protection. right? you know that. maybe mother's wrong. don't you ever say that. mother's plagued with visions that she'd rather not see, but for our sake, i'm glad she does. you're hurting me. is that the next wife? yes. when will you hunt her down? when we're finished with the one that we have n. [gasping] [choking]
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ohh! ohh! ohh! ohh! [choking] [ring] fount of wisdom. penelope, how many patients were in the female ward of the asylum? uh, 32. 6 died in the fire that broke out in the kitchen next to the ward. the rest were transferred out of the facility when the hospital shut down. anyone recently released? the last female patient that got out was 5 years ago when she was 80. it was a compassionate release. thanks, garcia. hey, guys. what do yothink about this? rossi: batty. that's kind of on the nose. no, not that. rick, can you zoom in right here? emma's the name of the victim. it could also be completely unrelated to the case. what do the numbers mean? my guess--patient i.d.s. has the paint analysis come back yet?
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was written no more than a week ago. check these names against missing women in oregon. well, if this is a list of victims, it means there are more he hasn't chosen yet. [gasping]
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is she... [gasps] she's one of them. an innocent will die before the wise, but a devil's wife wi surely rise. [gasps]
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so these women aren't surrogates for anyone. but he did lay her out in the same way. she's displayed in the center of the room just like the other victim at the asylum. it's as if she's being presented. there is so much attention paid to detail. this is also satisfying some internal desire of the unsub. so, why leave bodies in an empty storefront and the asylum? good question. there should be a connection between the two. or maybe it's not about this storefront at all. a theater company performing shakespeare. the dress, the white makeup. this victim could literally be wearing a costume. what if this was the closest to the theater that the unsub could get...
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alice's sorority sisters say she wanted to be a nurse and she was active in a christian youth group. if s was into anything dark, her best friends sure didn't know about it. morgan: she was in portland collecting donations for an orphanage when she disappeared. the unsub could have approached her on the street. [cell phone rings] hey, baby rl, you're on speaker. give me the lowdown. chocolate thunder, you can have the whole kit and caboodle. just say the word. oh, and i cross-referenced the names you found on the wall with missing women in oregon and i came up with some matches. christine torres. she is a 40-year-old homemaker from eugene, oregon. after she dropped her kids off at school. any other women named emma missing? uh-uh. just the one whose body we found. same thing with alice. hey, garcia, what was the exact date christine was reported missing? february 28th. emma went missing on march 19th, alice on the 22nd. guys, i think these numbers are dates. if you reverse them and chop off the 11 at the beginning and end... that's two days after each woman went missing. it's more than that, though. look.
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march 21st is the spring equinox, and the 24th is the feast of the beast. all important holidays in the satanic calendar for sacrifices. what about the 11on the end? to many occultists 11 is symbolic of lucifer. ok, i thought we were moving away from the satanic killings. apparently we need to reconsider. there's gotta be some sort of connection to the devil here. reid, what other upcoming dates are significant to satanists? good friday, then easter eve. then preparationsbegin in mid-april for the most important holiday of all--walpurgis night on april 30th. good friday's in two days. that means he's hunting for his next victim today. we need to give the profile soon. [doorbell rings] hi! hi yourself. how are you feeling? better. thanks for asking. are you contagious? gosh, no, not at all. cool. so, remember how you sponsored me for the spring walk-a-thon, $5.00 a mile. you owe me 50 bucks.
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is everyone still going saturday? i know you like henry, but you can forget about him, because he's taking stacy to the prom. really? yeah. is this your mom? i thought you were sleeping. this is my friend chloe from school. this is my brother james. hi. it's nice to meet you. i've heard so much about-- james-- it's time for you to go. but i was hoping that lara could come out on saturday because that's when the prom is-- [door slams] why did you do that? did you invite her? no, she came on her own. she's not your friend. yes, she is. she wanted to see how i was doing. if i was still going to prom on saturday. i don't have a date or anything. a bunch of us are going as a group. so can i go? absolutely not. only get one prom in my life, and you're gonna deprive me of it? please?
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you're the best brother in the whole world. your love is a mere shadow compared to mine. and i would die for you. is that what you want? no. then don't invite unnecessary danger? i can't stay in this prison forever. you speak like a green girl, unsifted in such perilous circumstances. all right, let's do it again. it's right this way. the gowns in the photos look familiar. let's see here. oh, here. from "the merry wives of windsor." this fabric is the same. oh, and here's the other one from the same play. they're practically identical. are any costumes missing?
6:28 pm
and we don't have duplicates of these gowns. when was the last time the theater performed "the merry wives of windsor"? well, let's see here. oh, last fall. and they haven't been used for anything else or it would be marked on the label. maybe somebody in the audience saw it and made copies of the gowns. but the lel of detail suggests someone up close and personal. we'll need a list of everyone involv in the production. lara is beginning to question our mission. i can't control her anymore. she's 16, which means she's at a vulnerable stage. the devil will take notice of her now. what do i do? my poor noble james. you'll have to strike first
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based on the dresses and makeup the victims were found in, we're looking for an unsub who is living in an elaborate fantasy world. he believes he is special, perhaps acting on behalf of the devil. this unsub tortured his victims by submerging them in water for days before killing them. which means he's deliberate and patient. rgan: this guy has a vivid imagination. the costumes and makeup suggest that he's a history buff, or he may be a fan of shakespeare. reid: using nicotine as a poison is highly unusual, so he's either very well-read or under the guidance of another. his interests and delusions have caused him to become isolated socially. he can appear normal to his potential targets, and his crimes are not driven by sex or greed, but instead by his delusional belief system. although the bodies of only two victims have been recovered, there's likely a third, specifically christine torres, who disappeared in february. morgan: this unsub's exact age is difficult to determine, but he's probably in his 20s to 30s. jj: the fact that he travels so far to abduct his victims


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